Throwing a Dart at a Map and Flying Wherever it Lands...


  1. Yash Prajapati

    Yash Prajapati3 時間 前

    It was so wholesome

  2. Jessica Pereira

    Jessica Pereira14 時間 前

    Funny how he barely spoke about the Christian meeting. If it were any other religion he would have been more open to it. This is the pattern though, people are becoming embarrassed of Christianity and it sucks. Every religion is special in its own way, including Christianity.

  3. Adam Runde

    Adam Runde20 時間 前

    I'm from Missouri and this is extremely accurate. I absolutely love that this guy didn't put any spin on this or added any bias or sugar-coated it. He could have easily edited the footage to make Missourians (especially religious Missourians) look unintelligent and trashy or could have stayed out of touch by only visiting high-class places that are not truly representative of the state. I've never heard of this channel before, but I'm absolutely subscribing. This is is one of the most open-minded people I've seen on JPreporter. Love it!

  4. -heydun -

    -heydun -日 前

    You'll never find more friendly people in America than in Missouri

  5. Mcrayfish

    Mcrayfish日 前

    No one: Christians in Missouri: **loads gun with religious intent**

  6. amy salmon

    amy salmon日 前

    I’ve been trying to reach you guys please get in touch with me

  7. Makaveli Gordon

    Makaveli Gordon日 前

    U make this challenge seems so fun ....i love it😎😎😎

  8. Aanchal

    Aanchal2 日 前

    I really love what you guys are doing, and it's great and everything but cmon... you're cis white males of course you think "oh there are more good people on the planet than there are bad people" it's easy for you to preach about seeking discomfort and meeting new people you have the privilege to not be as terrified of doing that. Sorry I just needed to point that out and maybe that should be something you acknowledge on your channel too? I would love to go take a walk at 2 am too but oh wait no, some homeless dude might spit on me and tell me to go back to my home country (i'm not kidding, that has happened)

  9. matcha is being lazy ;-;

    matcha is being lazy ;-;3 日 前

    0:27 me: **just watched frozen 2** _”unknown destination..”_ me: into the unkNOWWNNNN

  10. Crazy Skippy

    Crazy Skippy4 日 前

    Binge watching these videos then at the end, I will do something crazy.

  11. Munna Maz

    Munna Maz4 日 前

    What if you throw at barmunda triangle?🤔😂

  12. Joe Mills

    Joe Mills5 日 前

    St. Joe is the birthplace of Eminem and the death place of Jesse James.

  13. myotheraccount57

    myotheraccount575 日 前

    ok very random question that will not be answered but anyone know/recognize where the sweaters they are wearing might be from?? Especially Matt's

  14. Varsha Guruprasad

    Varsha Guruprasad6 日 前

    Great video guys but Matt, just a little concern...don't say u dont look 17 or anything. It might hurt their feelings


    W H OMEGALUL6 日 前

    imagine if they landed the dart on venice lol

  16. Isabel Lane

    Isabel Lane6 日 前

    A minute in and I had to stop because “Can you see anything?” “No just dartness”

  17. Alex the Default

    Alex the Default6 日 前

    Why not come to Maryville and meet me

  18. Red-rose Kelly

    Red-rose Kelly6 日 前

    Everyone throws it at the us...I think since you guys do challenges in the us all the time and you guys probably have enough money, you should do the world

  19. Pippin Covington

    Pippin Covington6 日 前

    LMAO the camera turned off so quick after they met those girls

  20. Ndella Brown

    Ndella Brown7 日 前

    I wish you went to Kansas City because that is where I live

  21. Ashley Cummings

    Ashley Cummings7 日 前

    Bruh I fucking live here

  22. Abigail Perrin

    Abigail Perrin7 日 前

    Thomas: decides to throw a dart to a random place in the us and have no control of where they are going Also Thomas: scared to go to a lady’s bibletalk

  23. Abigail Perrin

    Abigail Perrin7 日 前

    Thomas: decides to throw a dart to a random place in the us and have no control of where they are going Also Thomas: scared to go to a lady’s bibletalk

  24. hana shoman

    hana shoman8 日 前

    Omgggggggg it will be hilarious to Come to memphis, Tennessee it’s very interesting 😂😂😂😂

  25. Ryan Atherton

    Ryan Atherton8 日 前

    The boys must not be a slim shady fans. That’s where the GOAT was born.

  26. zc 1235832

    zc 123583210 日 前

    When thomas has over 100 friends and im out here with 3

  27. lilG

    lilG10 日 前

    how is it that these people fly to the most random places and ALWAYS make friends and get invited to things in like the first day. like i get to a random town and people probably would just ignore me lol

  28. michellaacc

    michellaacc10 日 前

    It's crazy how easily they get along with most people they meet in every video

  29. Mae Cornes

    Mae Cornes11 日 前

    I love how you are living you lives, guys! ❤

  30. Isolation Movement - SJR Fitness

    Isolation Movement - SJR Fitness11 日 前

    That LOTR cut 👌

  31. Nawab Pals

    Nawab Pals11 日 前


  32. Me rcy

    Me rcy11 日 前

    *throws at ocean* time to invite some atlantians for a party

  33. Luke Gertken

    Luke Gertken11 日 前

    Finally Missouri is recognized

  34. Wannurizadfarhan 123

    Wannurizadfarhan 12311 日 前

    I want to do this with my friend but the funny thing is i dont have enough money! HAHAHAHAHA😂

  35. Dorthea Berthelsen

    Dorthea Berthelsen12 日 前

    this is wonderful - hilariouso

  36. Dreamer

    Dreamer12 日 前

    This is crazy ! Matt was so right no way you'd ever find this without that

  37. J Ret

    J Ret12 日 前

    let me join y’all on a trip pleaseeee

  38. Carly Koerner

    Carly Koerner13 日 前

    BRO im watching this now and i live there AHHHHHHHHHH

  39. Civil Engineer

    Civil Engineer14 日 前

    10:15 😂

  40. Kyron Neves

    Kyron Neves14 日 前

    Yo he got defs got a root of one of those birds at the end