Throwing a Dart at a Map and Flying Wherever it Lands...


  1. Regan Page Jones

    Regan Page Jones17 時間 前

    i promise that the rest of kansas city is better than st.joe haha! if you ever come back to missouri I would be happy to help you find some cool spots

  2. Rain L

    Rain L日 前

    Anyone else just wanna have enough money to throw a dart and go anywhere it lands. Like if I wanted to do this I’d have to throw it at the McDonald’s down the street smh

  3. kibou akiyama

    kibou akiyama日 前

    This is the first video I've ever watched from Yes Theory. Because of this video, I came along for the vast adventure that is Yes Theory; one of the best decisions of my life. I cannot be happier that I joined you all for the ride.

  4. Hailey Trombly

    Hailey Trombly日 前

    can you come to massachusetts

  5. Avery Garrett

    Avery Garrett2 日 前

    Ahhh he was so close to Kansas I leave right on the boarder

  6. Umair Rocky

    Umair Rocky4 日 前

    Why don’t you all go together all team members

  7. AdroitNGaming

    AdroitNGaming10 日 前

    its pronounced misery here


    EPIC STACK10 日 前

    This was disappointing I was hoping it was a world map and not just a map of the US

  9. Karson Scott

    Karson Scott11 日 前

    He probably just didn’t know but you aren’t supposed to record prayers but it’s just a honest mistake no hate!

  10. Fortnite montage

    Fortnite montage11 日 前

    I live in saint joseph

  11. Jamie Priestley

    Jamie Priestley12 日 前

    Muy bien hablado el espanol Matt!

  12. Evan Marquardt

    Evan Marquardt12 日 前

    is no one gonna mention the wing on the plane said howdy lmao

  13. Simplylocate

    Simplylocate16 日 前

    Some great offers and prices on places to stay on great for those last minute choices.

  14. Gerwulf

    Gerwulf16 日 前

    A perfect video to show the lack of understanding that the coasts have for the majority of country, us in the 'flyover' states. Glad you came to check us out, and see what loss of industry, and transfer of industry, such as to amazon, can do to city and it's downtown.

  15. The Tatted gamer

    The Tatted gamer17 日 前

    "We gotta start at 9am and just keep going" 9am geez boys, don't over work yourselves ha *sarcasm

  16. Atypicalsenpai

    Atypicalsenpai21 日 前

    The Bible Talk group was so lovely.

  17. Dixie Dodd

    Dixie Dodd22 日 前

    Come to flo. Alabama

  18. GoochieAdventures

    GoochieAdventures23 日 前

    Imagine living your life to the fullest

  19. luis bocanegra

    luis bocanegra23 日 前

    dang the last girls were hot. about 6 girls in total came out in the video and 4 of them were hot and 2 were not. so basic math says for every one ugly girl in st. Joseph Missouri there is 3 pretty/hot girls there.

  20. Kurt clyde Cortez

    Kurt clyde Cortez25 日 前


  21. Kendyal Gillespie

    Kendyal Gillespie26 日 前

    I love these videos! Please do more! ❤️❤️

  22. Searchingforcrosser

    Searchingforcrosser26 日 前

    Clickbait title! I thought world map not just USA

  23. Snickerdoodle

    Snickerdoodle15 日 前

    The title was "Throwing a Dart at a Map" It's not really clickbait since you inserted the word "world" before map in your head.

  24. hailey smith

    hailey smith25 日 前

    Searchingforcrosser I mean uhhh...the map in the thumbnail is a map of the us

  25. Emma Mae Gridley

    Emma Mae Gridley27 日 前

    Well they’ve always said that America is welcoming to new people, I guess that’s true

  26. Kathryn S

    Kathryn S28 日 前

    pulls up to college in june “where are all the people?” college ends in may. there probably won’t be many people there guys. 😂😂

  27. TheSophia AguilarChannel

    TheSophia AguilarChannel29 日 前

    U guys should come to philippines

  28. Camille Cooper

    Camille Cooperヶ月 前

    are you kidding me. i live 45 minutes away i’m dead

  29. Yalda Yazarlou

    Yalda Yazarlouヶ月 前

    omgg i love this!!!

  30. Titus Gardner

    Titus Gardnerヶ月 前

    Jesus is a friend of mine

  31. KelpyG Shakes

    KelpyG Shakesヶ月 前

    That night Thomas got the best head of his life

  32. Jake Thomas

    Jake Thomasヶ月 前

    are you guys christians?

  33. Macy Eisman

    Macy Eismanヶ月 前

    I live in Missouri

  34. Yonnas Wole

    Yonnas Woleヶ月 前

    i'm from st.Louis and our state has a rich history. sersiously google it. Also come to St.Louis Yes theory sometime in your life, you will not regret it.

  35. Madeline Clark

    Madeline Clarkヶ月 前

    i can’t believe they were so close to downtown kc and didn’t go! it’s so beautiful downtown

  36. Cely Natividad

    Cely Natividadヶ月 前

    A new fan here. I would say yes to your kind of adventure without knowing what it could be. :)

  37. Montse Celis

    Montse Celisヶ月 前

    okay so is Matt from France or Puerto Rico 😂? I am so confused and impress on his Spanish ! I did not expect him to speak Spanish!! this is crazy 😂

  38. Ion Solt

    Ion Solt15 日 前

    No I don't sorry.

  39. Montse Celis

    Montse Celis15 日 前

    Ion Solt oh wow ! Do you know why he was raised in France ? Lol thank you for the replied ! Haha

  40. Ion Solt

    Ion Solt15 日 前

    He was born in NY and raised in France. His father is from Puerto Rico. 😊

  41. Baxter Lee

    Baxter Leeヶ月 前

    Proceed to throw it to Syria

  42. Chigozie Ilozue

    Chigozie Ilozueヶ月 前

    Should have asked the radio guy to come

  43. Victoria Efremenko

    Victoria Efremenkoヶ月 前

    Frick... I‘m starting to ship Tom and Matt...😥😂

  44. ItsAlexツ

    ItsAlexツヶ月 前

    If it was me I would be flying to the middle of the ocean...

  45. Lemoon 135

    Lemoon 135ヶ月 前

    The mall that they went to was the mall from this video

  46. Keziah Umphress

    Keziah Umphressヶ月 前

    12:29 that’s my cousin doing the worm 😂

  47. Keziah Umphress

    Keziah Umphressヶ月 前

    I actually live in st.joseph Missouri that’s crazy

  48. Molly Walts

    Molly Waltsヶ月 前

    Niiice Worm

  49. JimmyTheWizard7

    JimmyTheWizard7ヶ月 前

    Also, the mall they went to, is the Boots and Pants mall.

  50. JimmyTheWizard7

    JimmyTheWizard7ヶ月 前

    Lmao, I'm the guy doing the worm at 12:29

  51. ONCE Geov

    ONCE Geovヶ月 前

    Please do this on Philippines

  52. Ashlin kuhn

    Ashlin kuhnヶ月 前

    You should come to ellinwood Kansas there is a hotel that is i guess hunted but it is cool

  53. Mr. Jax

    Mr. Jaxヶ月 前

    Ummm.. flying is in the title, yet... it only lasts 15 seconds. lol

  54. Munger88

    Munger88ヶ月 前

    I like how they keep referring to St. Joseph as if it's a small town when it has over 75k people. Try going to a REAL small town with like 5,000 people or less.... bet you won't be finding diverse groups or radio stations there!

  55. Will I Am

    Will I Amヶ月 前


  56. Sour Sally

    Sour Sallyヶ月 前

    I always wonder are they having money difficulty for the travel expenses😅 since it's not something cheap

  57. dweller productionz

    dweller productionzヶ月 前

    Lands in the middle of the ocean ( no island )

  58. Butterblume

    Butterblumeヶ月 前

    If I had the opportunity to go to any place that exists on this world and money wouldn't matter, I would ask my 3 year old little brother to point randomly somewhere on the globe that stands in our living room.

  59. George Cummings

    George Cummingsヶ月 前

    dude the best radio station in saint Joseph is 96.5 the Buzz

  60. George Cummings

    George Cummingsヶ月 前

    bible belt america

  61. Elitrex

    Elitrexヶ月 前

    America in a nutshell: People like to shoot guns and drive pick-up trucks here.

  62. Diana Maguicay

    Diana Maguicayヶ月 前


  63. piyush agarwal

    piyush agarwalヶ月 前

    More like seek sex

  64. Elang mahendra

    Elang mahendraヶ月 前

    wish i could love my work like you guys and stay happy while seeking discomfort

  65. Semmin S

    Semmin Sヶ月 前

    Such an inspo❤️❤️