THRIFT FLIP // turning ugly clothes into cute clothes


  1. sophie art music

    sophie art music2 分 前

    Please remove the pins one at a time when seeing, you can break you’re sewing needle by sewing over the pins.. 👍other than that- great video

  2. Samwhereawesome _

    Samwhereawesome _5 時間 前


  3. Sam E.

    Sam E.6 時間 前

    She really knows what she's doing . Can't relate

  4. Agent Buttercup

    Agent Buttercup9 時間 前

    Whip stitch

  5. Agent Buttercup

    Agent Buttercup9 時間 前

    Can you do a plant care video

  6. Julia's World

    Julia's World10 時間 前

    The sleeves getting cut off hurt my soul

  7. sarah alhosani

    sarah alhosani15 時間 前


  8. Danielle M Hall

    Danielle M Hall日 前

    The Bat-sleeve funeral was appropriate

  9. Grade -A- Weirdo

    Grade -A- Weirdo日 前

    Still waiting for safiya to comment on this video about the murder of those batwing sleeves lol

  10. yall got bamboozled

    yall got bamboozled日 前

    7:31 she mentions ariana grande and toddler, that dress looks like its bout to turn into her dress at jimmy fallons music genre thing idk im stupid

  11. Rhea Tan

    Rhea Tan日 前

    I'm curious i know you have a lot of clothes but exactly how do you manage your laundry? 😅

  12. nancy mai

    nancy mai日 前

    ‘More mental stability’ Me too 😂 I really need more mental stability too.

  13. batman likes pizza

    batman likes pizza日 前

    Honestly thought they were cute before, but the way you’ve altered them to suit your personal preferences look very nice.

  14. Jessica Burchell

    Jessica Burchell日 前

    "She wears her grandma's clothes. She looks incredible." ;)

  15. Fay Jan

    Fay Jan日 前

    your 21 how tf u manage budgeting so well to live alone!

  16. Nini Menardo

    Nini Menardo日 前

    We'll never hear David's voice ever again :

  17. MMN

    MMN2 日 前

    Love your channel. You’re so bubbly it’s contagious. Makes me want to be 21 again. 🙂

  18. Julio Medina

    Julio Medina2 日 前

    she’s says “pastel” so weird, someone help her

  19. Jackson Antt

    Jackson Antt2 日 前

    omg that blue dress is such aesthetic coachellla vibes like your so amazing :O

  20. Danielle

    Danielle2 日 前

    i would cut myself off if my name was “sleeves mcsleeves”

  21. Anishah Abd Wahid

    Anishah Abd Wahid2 日 前

    I really like that steps how to cropped clothes its so funny

  22. Mega

    Mega3 日 前

    U deserved 10m subsribers.

  23. Peachy

    Peachy3 日 前

    I love your earrings

  24. Amelie

    Amelie3 日 前

    Does anyone know where these cute dangly pearl earrings are from? I really couldn't find them anywhere :/

  25. JiaYi Lei

    JiaYi Lei3 日 前

    Queen of diy thrifting.🌱🌻💕

  26. Alaralpaca

    Alaralpaca3 日 前

    that guy who said "YOU'RE DOING GREAT HONEY KEEP IT UP" is truly a hero

  27. Alaralpaca

    Alaralpaca3 日 前

    i didn't know they sold medieval costumes at thrift stores !

  28. Linn K

    Linn K3 日 前

    Youre so funny and aesthetic i literally love you

  29. NegaSonicTeenage Warhead

    NegaSonicTeenage Warhead3 日 前

    confirmation from a gay dude is fashion GOALS

  30. Erica Hill

    Erica Hill4 日 前

    Other people thrift flip: Crop a top Ashley's thrift flip: Make a whole new piece of clothing Love it ❤️

  31. Juliet Salonga

    Juliet Salonga4 日 前

    The first one was to long

  32. June leaf

    June leaf4 日 前

    6:37 the reason why I can't become a model I GET sHy

  33. Paola A.

    Paola A.4 日 前

    You're doing so well that JPreporterrs are copying your video style and content (literally music, tutorials, font titles, video effects, etc). We know you're the OG tho! Love your videos! 💖

  34. Akanksha Guliani

    Akanksha Guliani4 日 前

    You're a goddess!!!!!

  35. Sarah Pryor

    Sarah Pryor4 日 前

    Cutting off the top part of that last dress physically hurt me

  36. ranpo

    ranpo5 日 前

    bust down thriftiana

  37. Kayla Mather

    Kayla Mather5 日 前

    You're a literal magician with fashion

  38. Nashita Nusaiba

    Nashita Nusaiba5 日 前

    Okay, I have a dress that looks similar to the one u are wearing in 6:47 and the colour is exactly the same

  39. sksksk rip

    sksksk rip5 日 前

    I’d actually love to see Ashley play Mushu in the new Mulan ngl

  40. Nicola Venturini

    Nicola Venturini5 日 前

    highkey tho i'd pay to see you as mushu

  41. Liz

    Liz5 日 前


  42. TM

    TM5 日 前

    Your videos are literally so good !!!

  43. Karys Munster

    Karys Munster5 日 前


  44. blink burrito

    blink burrito6 日 前

    ohmygosh yes ashley as mushu we stan

  45. jamongmongmongmong

    jamongmongmongmong6 日 前

    I actually love the first dress as it is but she is really talented

  46. Queen Green Tea

    Queen Green Tea6 日 前

    *bold of you to assume the sleeves gender*

  47. Emile Gore

    Emile Gore6 日 前

    Duuude I especially love the first one. I probably would have kept the sleeves cuz I'm a hoe for flowy sleeves. But you're right. It does look really great without them too.

  48. Lana Joy

    Lana Joy6 日 前

    "You're doing great honey" Oml i love whoever that was

  49. Charlotte Francoise Bell

    Charlotte Francoise Bell7 日 前

    please do a hair tutorial!

  50. Bảo Ngọc

    Bảo Ngọc7 日 前

    0:53 omg 😃😃😃

  51. Lala JonesMitchell

    Lala JonesMitchell7 日 前

    "I get SEW many questions.." No, no, just me? Oh and those platform shoes tho!!

  52. Cecilia Flores

    Cecilia Flores7 日 前

    Does anyone know the name of the song that starts at 8:05? Also, i love her.

  53. Paulina Marie XO

    Paulina Marie XO7 日 前

    the Pastel dress is soooo cute i was worried but its bomb

  54. Paulina Marie XO

    Paulina Marie XO7 日 前

    "the role of Mushu" hahaha dining so funny

  55. Life is so Devine

    Life is so Devine7 日 前

    You did quite a great job transforming it to a cute outfits:)

  56. Noki

    Noki7 日 前


  57. Tiffany Wiseback

    Tiffany Wiseback7 日 前

    if she ever makes mere it should just say picnic bitch across the front

  58. Amara D

    Amara D7 日 前

    LMAO "as easy as me freshman year of college" had me gasping youre so funny

  59. Maia _ H

    Maia _ H8 日 前

    I think the raw cut on the cardigan looked good tho 😁

  60. Sia

    Sia8 日 前

    the sad thing is that I can’t find something or make something that’s exactly the same as that gorgeous blue dress

  61. Mia Worsham

    Mia Worsham9 日 前

    ❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼I always love your videos, especially ones like these☺️ I've still been wanting to learn how to sew but I hope I can one day turn many clothes into my style just as good as you do into yours!!

  62. dixie probably

    dixie probably9 日 前

    5:39 n0 no nOOo

  63. Ammaarah Isaacs

    Ammaarah Isaacs9 日 前

    NOW THIS IS A THRIFT FLIP take notes you white girls that just crop the hell out of your tshirts :)

  64. Renata

    Renata10 日 前

    Fun fact: pastel is the name of a Brazilian food

  65. Maria Carter

    Maria Carter8 日 前

    Is it good? 😀

  66. Hailey Chan

    Hailey Chan10 日 前

    pAstel, or pastEL?

  67. Katrina Carlyle

    Katrina Carlyle10 日 前

    Her clothes are so cute I love her style like I can’t

  68. KatieePandaa

    KatieePandaa10 日 前

    keep double checking the video to ensure its not on speed up cause you talk and move so fast hahaha

  69. Renity 101

    Renity 10111 日 前

    It’s “Ya doin’ great huney, keep it up”

  70. Eileen Gold

    Eileen Gold11 日 前

    I want your face. How much is it? Also your legs and waist. Do you accept PayPal?

  71. Eileen Gold

    Eileen Gold11 日 前

    1 M views? get it girl, you deserve it. I love your channel! always inspires me to maybe no wear the same shirt every single day

  72. Megan Chen

    Megan Chen11 日 前

    the blue dress omg a molly goddard vibe i absolutely love it

  73. Nature Heart

    Nature Heart11 日 前

    I cried when she cut the sleeves..

  74. Rhea Cousens

    Rhea Cousens11 日 前

    For the Ariana Grande vibe dress, I would say gumdrop silhouette

  75. Rhea Cousens

    Rhea Cousens11 日 前

    Her and Safiya need to collab

  76. GrEtA!

    GrEtA!11 日 前

    Sleeves McSleeves :DD IDK WHY THAT IS SO FUNNY TO ME

  77. Terryn Clements

    Terryn Clements12 日 前

    I love how she casually said “clusterfuck”

  78. Galia de la Rosa

    Galia de la Rosa12 日 前

    Me at 5:01 'That's a pretty great idea'!' Ashley at 5:02 Awkward cut it off! Me: oh, ok...

  79. Maia Fielding

    Maia Fielding12 日 前

    These are really cute but when you know how to sew it physically hurts to see how she does it

  80. rainingsunshine

    rainingsunshine13 日 前

    im a new subscriber but excuse me maam is there NOTHING u can't do ???

  81. Sand Summerstorm

    Sand Summerstorm13 日 前

    I actually felt sorry for the sleeves