Thomas Rhett - Remember You Young


  1. Wolf 1004

    Wolf 10044 時間 前

    I feel asleep watching Country music tv and woke up to this song , now I’m hooked

  2. SteVo TheRealSte-phan[EZ] Davis

    SteVo TheRealSte-phan[EZ] Davis14 時間 前 Please follow my lincs i am Stephan Dick Tator Destiny deserves

  3. nettaha81

    nettaha8116 時間 前

    Seriously Rhett!!! So in other words...“Life sucks (Marry Me) ..and then you die (Rem. You Young)”

  4. Sinister BB

    Sinister BB日 前

    Post Malone needs to do a cover of this!!!

  5. Deedee S

    Deedee S日 前

    Deirdre Sheehan Should world that song Special Night My Dreams My Summer)

  6. Sebas Howdy

    Sebas Howdy日 前

    Hi y’all! I totally butchered one of my favorite country music songs. If you could check it out below haha

  7. Donna Tays

    Donna Tays日 前

    Love the song that stirs all my emotions...smiles n tears

  8. Ilhaney 95

    Ilhaney 95日 前

    From East Africa. Loving Thomas Rhett more each day. I love country music so much.💖

  9. daynastroupe

    daynastroupe日 前

    Dang Thomas rhett why ya gotta make me cry

  10. Bhekumuzi Ndou

    Bhekumuzi Ndou日 前

    lovely song

  11. Andrew Walker

    Andrew Walker2 日 前

    Anyone know the names of the actors who play the couple when they are young?

  12. Haley McGrady

    Haley McGrady2 日 前

    This song makes me cry



    Such a beautiful song... ❤ 💜❤

  14. GrantSmithMusic

    GrantSmithMusic2 日 前

    Love it

  15. Miro DeLuca

    Miro DeLuca3 日 前

    I’m just sitting here crying no big deal Thomas Rhett just ripped my heart out.

  16. Esmaeil mashhadi

    Esmaeil mashhadi3 日 前

    beautiful meaningful music video unlike so many singers ......... i love it

  17. Robert Lunsford

    Robert Lunsford3 日 前

    Thomas Rhetts song Remember me young is Jack and Tims song. Yhr luvky ones with different words

  18. ちゃんねる5325

    ちゃんねる53253 日 前

    Remember you young Hey, buddies that I grew up with All straight-laced and married up now You ain't foolin' me, wasn't long ago We tore the roof off that one red light town And hey, darlin', sippin' that red wine All classy, kicked back on the couch You smile and I see ya shootin' tequila Us shuttin' them college bars down And no matter how much time goes by And no matter how much we grow up For worse or for better, from now 'til forever I'll always remember you young And hey, babies, crawlin’ on the carpet No, you won’t be that little for long One day, you’ll move away, but you’re still gonna stay This innocent after you’re gone 'Cause no matter how much time goes by And no matter how much you grow up For worse or for better, from now 'til forever I'll always remember you young Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh, oh, oh Yeah, I hope when we get to Heaven He looks at us all like we're kids Shameless and painless and perfect and ageless Forgives all the wrong that we did And no matter how much time goes by I hope we never have to grow up We'll say for worse or for better, from now 'til forever I'll always remember you young Whoa-oh-oh, oh I'll always remember you young

  19. teddy xx

    teddy xx3 日 前

    who else want to know what is their name or instagram ? anyone ?

  20. oomuhh that bxtch

    oomuhh that bxtch4 日 前

    Ok but I’M SOBBING

  21. oomuhh that bxtch

    oomuhh that bxtch4 日 前

    “we tore the roof off that one red light town” That line really makes my heart happy and appreciative of the fact that I’m growing up in a no red light town and its the best place in the world🥰

  22. oomuhh that bxtch

    oomuhh that bxtch4 日 前

    I feel this song has gotten me through some shit I didn’t even know I was going through...good music will do that to ya😌💞

  23. shreyank surve

    shreyank surve4 日 前

    Aahhh the end 😟😟

  24. Jorge Calderon

    Jorge Calderon4 日 前

    Love this music video, country music has the best music videos now a days, they actually have a meaning and touch your soul.

  25. Ally Andrade

    Ally Andrade4 日 前

    i loved that they used Sam and Ellie!!!

  26. John Deere fan

    John Deere fan4 日 前

    I love the same girl from marry me

  27. Rayne Sutherland

    Rayne Sutherland4 日 前

    i cry every time i hear this song

  28. Brandon Green

    Brandon Green5 日 前

    I think thomas Rhett could be the next George Strait. I mean it seems like he makes ever song better than the last. And I'd say this song he out done himself. This song gets to me on so many levels 😐

  29. Ilhaney 95

    Ilhaney 95日 前

    George Strait king of country. Troubadour will always be my fav song of his

  30. Monnie Flowers

    Monnie Flowers5 日 前

    Closure at it's finest...

  31. Максут Кадырбаев

    Максут Кадырбаев5 日 前

    thats fuc***d up :(

  32. nanubill

    nanubill5 日 前

    11.10.2019 - 2,880,355 views. The song is very soul touching, we can cry and not be shame of that because this is life.

  33. Anthony DeAngelo

    Anthony DeAngelo6 日 前

    Can you do a duet with brett young

  34. Maz Mc

    Maz Mc6 日 前

    This song was played at my cousins funeral, and now im listening to it. I miss you Cody ;(

  35. HELENGRACE 6059991

    HELENGRACE 60599916 日 前

    i wanna cry so beautiful

  36. Kevin Jacobsen

    Kevin Jacobsen6 日 前

    I surely hear a Billy Joel within the piano

  37. G3N

    G3N7 日 前

    While others felt relief from that couple from "Marry Me", am I the only one whose heart broke into pieces after watching this video 😭😭😭

  38. Danika Blais

    Danika Blais7 日 前

    brb crying

  39. Barrett M107

    Barrett M1077 日 前

    Think back on that "One" true love you ever had...

  40. Sheryl Goering

    Sheryl Goering7 日 前

    You have blessed me... as the tears flowed.

  41. Emily Fatherree

    Emily Fatherree7 日 前

    You did NOT have to make me cry that hard... but I still thank you for this beautiful video 😩🙌🏼

  42. Jennifer Dimon

    Jennifer Dimon7 日 前

    finally got to see part 2 of "Marry Me". That video left me hanging... great job Thomas!!! love the creativity.

  43. Lindsey Robison

    Lindsey Robison7 日 前

    Why do I watch these type of videos? Just WHY?

  44. Dion Curphey

    Dion Curphey7 日 前

    wow that was amazing song was not long enough lucky there is replay

  45. Ore-Gasm

    Ore-Gasm8 日 前

    i’m getting married to this song fuck it

  46. Rebecca Fleming

    Rebecca Fleming8 日 前

    Just beautiful

  47. Unknown Creature

    Unknown Creature8 日 前

    This is so beautiful... The story with the same couple... can't help but riverly cry.

  48. HELENGRACE 6059991

    HELENGRACE 60599916 日 前

    yes me too

  49. Maple Lehmeh

    Maple Lehmeh8 日 前

    who know the couple from this song?I mean the young couple..they are so cute and I would like to follow them on instagram

  50. ally Bausman

    ally Bausman9 日 前

    I love this song

  51. amanda seeman

    amanda seeman9 日 前

    Who is the young girl in these 2 videos?

  52. corrie holt

    corrie holt9 日 前

    I love that u can make such a great song with purpose and have it be a hit and touch hearts!!

  53. Duane Gonsalves

    Duane Gonsalves9 日 前

    This song gives a nostalgic feel like 7 years

  54. HELENGRACE 6059991

    HELENGRACE 60599916 日 前


  55. Joann O'Halloran

    Joann O'Halloran9 日 前

    A beautiful song and video. We should all watch this from time to time, when we take the people we love for granted. Thanks

  56. Stunner 808

    Stunner 8089 日 前

    The sequel!!

  57. Kaylei Prim

    Kaylei Prim9 日 前


  58. cholak

    cholak10 日 前

    Is it me, or does the song seem to go by so fast? I wish it cycled forever. It's so thought evoking and sentimental, I just want it to continuously play forever.

  59. SprayzZ

    SprayzZ10 日 前

    This song is to amazing

  60. Steven Pitts

    Steven Pitts10 日 前

    Well thank You for the swift kick to the groin! Also for reminding me how short life is.

  61. Caroline Spero

    Caroline Spero10 日 前

    my aunt and my best friend started crying after watching this video it’s crazy how he can put feeling and real human life into his videos he’s just amazing💛

  62. Alex Nhkum

    Alex Nhkum10 日 前

    very nice song

  63. Claire Pagaden

    Claire Pagaden11 日 前