This Animated Titanic Movie Is Horrendous


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    Very hypocritical

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    Omgggggg no.

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    God fucking damn it Danny.

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    weird mouse ' If it hadn't been for you I would been in someone else digestion

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    Nostalgia Critic already did that review.

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    U sound like gandalf when ur copying the old lady dhsjskska

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    Why is no one talking about "If it wasn't for you I would now be in someone else's digestives"

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    "Hey humble secretary who knows one day maybe perhaps even I can be ur Boss I don't know wonderful weather were having I'm going to take a stroll outside I'm already gone"...... lolol that's the most sloppiest conversation ever

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    6:03 - 6:011 My favorite part 😂 Another one 13:35 - 13:38 😆

  18. Tallis LeBlanc

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    17:27 when your mom leaves the room without closing the door

  19. Yuuki aka Dpadkid

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    13:47 Can someone replace this entire clip with the YOU HAVE UNO clip, please.

  20. Lorelei Carlson

    Lorelei Carlson9 時間 前

    I still don’t see how this story makes sense

  21. Kobayashi

    Kobayashi10 時間 前

    wtf at first I thought the rap scene was an edit. This is like a movie I'd be seeing in a weird ass dream

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    17:12 why he be walking like that XD

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    Danny... raid has HALF A STAR

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    Okay but like...did they find her PARENTS?? Or try??

  25. Uber Cena

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    The video still being monetized shows how little the makers of "Titanic: The Legend Goes On" care about their own movie. Now that's a movie you can trust with your time.

  26. Jasmine Alber

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    You should watch a walkabout it horrendous

  27. illu en

    illu en14 時間 前

    I just feel sad for the animators who were desperate enough to participate in this shit. The designs of characters are actually pretty good, it pains me to think about people who came up with them

  28. FrogDadd

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    Why does Will sound like Harry Styles from the Adventurous Adventures of One Direction

  29. andrea alvarez

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    Bruh the sisters also got the same color dress as Cinderella

  30. Dandim Shua

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    6:36 the eyebrows XD

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    Bro I’m watching this in school and my headphones just.. “OH HER EYES NANNY”

  32. Sophia Clement

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    The mice are just Pierce The Veil

  33. steirakas

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    Why you don't say, that there is a Octopus at the end of the movie who safe the captain?

  34. Tariku Krob

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    11:43 This had me fucking dying

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    Hey guys do I got a game for you... RAID SHADOW LEGENDS.

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    13:30 his mating call part 3

  37. Sarah Meyer

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    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that JonTron did a video of this 2ish years ago, thanks for keeping the titanic torch going danny

  38. Luis Angel Santos

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    11:54 his mating call part 2

  39. Luis Angel Santos

    Luis Angel Santos19 時間 前

    6:01 his mating call

  40. darthvein3

    darthvein320 時間 前

    Jontrons video about this movie was better. And a few years old. It would have been fine but you make a lot of the same jokes as he did, making it feel like just a copy.

  41. miles

    miles20 時間 前

    Why does the love interest guy kinda sound like salad fingers

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    I'm not sure how you got on my JPreporter but you're kinda cute and your shits funny so guess I'm a fan now cheers



    Bro....I randomly stumbled on your channel and you’re cracking me up over here 😂

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    Litteraly every JPreporter comment: № bút yē§

  47. Supercalifragilistic expialidocious

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    This movie rips off so many things lol. Cinderella (evils stepmother and sisters with barely any change in character design), 101 dalmations (animated first one, it showed two dalmatians with blue and red collars, same as pongo and perdita) and An American tale (scene with mice walking into ship, almost same design as fivel and his family) in the first like, 7 minutes, like what

  48. Anthony Janthony Crowley

    Anthony Janthony Crowley日 前

    This entire movie has made me feel like I’m having a stroke

  49. Bridget Andrade

    Bridget Andrade日 前

    How is a guy handsome, funny, and smart all in one 😩

  50. claire pols

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    5:35 I swear you deserve so much more subs 😱

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  52. FastLikeUNO

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    Off-sync lips sink ships... Wait. 😂

  53. Blue Wolf_YT

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    "he's just losing his balance for no reason" must be related to me because I'm the same way.

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    You au hab dich noch nicht so viel Spaß und wir haben dich sehr lieb das ich dir die ganze Woche wieder sehe ich hab mich schon

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    4:03 did you say..... Angelica? Angelica..... Eliza! And peggy! The Schuyler sisters! (It was a perfect opportunity sorry)

  56. Allie Hughes

    Allie Hughes日 前

    This animation and audio is just so bad



    If you think THIS movie is weird, just wait till you see the sequel!

  58. Autumn Stafford

    Autumn Stafford日 前

    16:34 evil stepmother walks in then just ruins their love.

  59. TripleA B

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  60. Jackson Dinverno

    Jackson Dinverno日 前

    Titanic is so dramatic if you agree like too this comment

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    Hi Drew



    I don’t know where she lives! It’s like she isn’t real!

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    i wonder what danny’s wife thinks of hearing him screaming random stuff all the time

  65. Grace Owen

    Grace Owen日 前

    dude this movie is real?!?!? i remember i watched it as a kid but i always thought it was like a fever dream/stroke lol

  66. April Voelkner

    April Voelkner日 前

    I had to pause the video because I was laughing so much