This Animated Titanic Movie Is Horrendous


  1. •Moon Light•

    •Moon Light•時間 前

    It would be so funny if william was actually her brother ****plot twist*****

  2. Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe

    Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe時間 前

    Did Dingo make this movie? Good Times? Maybe Bevanfield? Medusa Film? Never heard of them… I wonder if Phelous has 🤔

  3. Certified Idiot

    Certified Idiot2 時間 前

    🅱️🅾️nek🅾️ 🅱️itten

  4. Emmer

    Emmer2 時間 前

    This was posted on my birthday 🤩

  5. Void Critter

    Void Critter3 時間 前

    "I'm William-" *thE MAN BEHIND THE SLAUGHTER*

  6. Link Lighter 09

    Link Lighter 093 時間 前

    6:02 you will be my god if you make a 10 hour of this XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  7. Eddie Seybolt

    Eddie Seybolt4 時間 前

    I think I saw this as a kid and loved it all the subplots were my favorite part cause usually I can’t stay focused for a whole movie

  8. Ella Erdmann

    Ella Erdmann7 時間 前


  9. Luce Ohsure

    Luce Ohsure9 時間 前

    Why are the rap dog’s fingers... like THAT..? Does he have Grinch dna? Does he just hate me, personally?

  10. Jason Price

    Jason Price10 時間 前

    That dog is terrifying. Am I the only one who thinks that

  11. uros gaming

    uros gaming11 時間 前

    Me:Mom,can we watch Titanic Mom:we have Titanic at home Titanic at home:

  12. Le' Goose

    Le' Goose12 時間 前

    This would be like making an animated sing along of 9/11

  13. csgaiao33

    csgaiao3313 時間 前

    Im pretty sure i watched this movie as a kid at some point...

  14. Adam Playz

    Adam Playz18 時間 前

    3:13 is when the ad finish

  15. Active_Minecraft_Gamer_666

    Active_Minecraft_Gamer_66618 時間 前

    It's like Titanic+Cinderella+101 Dalmatians+Anastasia+Aristocats+Ratatouille Oh yeah and kinda American tail

  16. TemptedByArtJewelry

    TemptedByArtJewelry20 時間 前

    *I run to the animals, adopt them all and take them all home with me in my imaginary universe before the titanic in the movie sinks*

  17. Taz Bruh

    Taz Bruh20 時間 前

    Can we just talk about how bad the lip syncing is in this movie? 👁👄👁

  18. Christian Salcedo

    Christian Salcedo20 時間 前

    Do not forget to talk about the HMS Britannic

  19. Best Bird Buds

    Best Bird Buds日 前

    Sometimes I wonder how much of Danny’s screaming Laura hears

  20. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore日 前

    13:19 that grandma is using the fucking Dennis strategy. You know.... because of the implication

  21. Guido Guido

    Guido Guido日 前

    I absolutely love the thought of this movie and the 1997 Titanic Movie both happening at the same time. Like, while Jack and Rose were fucking in that car, a dog was rapping just nearby.

  22. Guido Guido

    Guido Guido日 前

    How is that her step mom, if her dad is gone as well?

  23. Julia Evelyn

    Julia Evelyn日 前

    I don't know what you're talking about man, this seems like a pretty straight forward movie to me

  24. Maureen H

    Maureen H日 前

    Ok but that rapping dog has a serious Dan Bilzerian jawline and that's weirdly distracting now.

  25. Maris Jules

    Maris Jules日 前

    I'm pretty sure I used to like this dumbass movie as a kid

  26. Alda Luin

    Alda Luin日 前

    14:16 When you try to read the quest and the NPC walks away.

  27. Sheikah Chick

    Sheikah Chick日 前

    6:02 my dog lying at my feet did the cute side head tilt thing because she had absolutely no fucking idea what kind of noise that was lmao

  28. Fennec Studios

    Fennec Studios日 前

    The AMOUNT of movies they ripped off They made the characters almost exactly as the movies they ripped off The voice overs are HORRIBLE Eliminate it.

  29. sydney nelson

    sydney nelson日 前

    idk if this helps or makes things more confusing but this movie was made by an Italian company that outsources all their work to North Korea. So this is a North Korean movie

  30. SamDoesNerf

    SamDoesNerf日 前

    Before we talk about this tragedy that literally killed almost 2000 people and made global headlines as the worst boat disaster ever, I wanna talk about our sponsor, raid shadow legends!

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  32. Olivia May

    Olivia May2 日 前

    There's another animated titanic movie where an octopus stops the sinking of the ship, and that one has sequel too!

  33. anonymous supporter

    anonymous supporter2 日 前

    13:30 hisoka

  34. Crazed Doodler

    Crazed Doodler2 日 前

    The characters look like they belong in those “100% true animated life stories”

  35. Doppio Ai

    Doppio Ai2 日 前

    i hate the art style. so much. its so weird

  36. Wolf pacifinic

    Wolf pacifinic2 日 前

    3:20 Not only did they rip off the titanic, they ripped off 101 Dalmatians.

  37. Spicy Doge 2000

    Spicy Doge 20002 日 前

    Love your vids, Danny. Mwa. Soy fresh.

  38. dragonslayer116

    dragonslayer1162 日 前

    my teacher husbandmen was almost involved in 9/11 but the flight was closed

  39. dragonslayer116

    dragonslayer1162 日 前

    i can call him lucky

  40. Abigail Despina

    Abigail Despina2 日 前

    Wait was everyone on the Titanic British irl

  41. spoon

    spoon2 日 前

    Watching this after seeing the hamilfilm is amazing. “Even though Angelica is traveling with her evil stepmother”

  42. Dxxdles xox

    Dxxdles xox2 日 前

    Don’t forget to download ✨raid shadow legends✨ 😎👍

  43. Saltaking

    Saltaking2 日 前

    At 5:59 comedy gold

  44. aestheticbangtan

    aestheticbangtan2 日 前

    *Titanic at home be like:*

  45. Kaung Satt Thar

    Kaung Satt Thar2 日 前

    Now we know that a Tank top wearing Dog invented rap

  46. cdonnak morehead

    cdonnak morehead2 日 前

    To be honest this movie should have died on the Titanic

  47. not Ella

    not Ella2 日 前

    15:40 Me trying to end a phone call

  48. Beep

    Beep2 日 前

    They ripped off 3 movies with this. The Titanic, Cinderella, and An American Tail Just think about it for a while Those mice aren't there for no reason 👁👄👁

  49. minkcs

    minkcs2 日 前

    Did anyone ever tell you that you sound like TheOdd1sout? Because I can't tell who's voice is who's 😂

  50. Catalina C.

    Catalina C.2 日 前

    There is a sequel to this , it is the same but so much worse. It is a bad movie lover test of awfulness, reallly the not good bad

  51. Basic Butter

    Basic Butter3 日 前


  52. Cailyn Holloway

    Cailyn Holloway3 日 前

    is no one going to talk about how williams hair is sometimes blonde? or is it just me?

  53. arianna

    arianna3 日 前

    Imagine nearly dying, and the person who helped you escape certain doom starts rapping about how it's party time and you're just like 👁️👄👁️

  54. Elijah Lopez

    Elijah Lopez3 日 前


  55. Gachalife,spongebob and danganronpa Fan

    Gachalife,spongebob and danganronpa Fan3 日 前

    *this movie be like* hey this tragic event was very nice and people loved it

  56. Charlotte Lake

    Charlotte Lake3 日 前

    Ngl I love this movie voice acting’s hysterical I’ve rewatched this review 10 times for sure

  57. bro this acc do be deleted tho

    bro this acc do be deleted tho3 日 前

    dear lord the lip syncing is bad too the stepsisters are even worse than the ones from cinderella 😭😭😭😭

  58. Becca’s magick corner

    Becca’s magick corner3 日 前

    7:39 Are we just going to ignore the fact that his moustache is the same colour as his skin

  59. arianna

    arianna3 日 前


  60. Jane Louise Ellis

    Jane Louise Ellis3 日 前

    something tells me this movie makes no sense in Italian either

  61. Another. Useless. Human

    Another. Useless. Human4 日 前

    When the dog started rapping I was like "Oh god why"

  62. Leon The Strange

    Leon The Strange4 日 前

    not a single comment about jontron's video on the same subject

  63. Shrek

    Shrek4 日 前

    You can see Danny really do sent care about his sponsor lol

  64. Jason Schnabel

    Jason Schnabel4 日 前

    This movie just stole the plot of Titanic, Cinderella, AND LITERALLY RATATOUILLE. 👏👁👄👁

  65. Mango. liver

    Mango. liver4 日 前

    so u just copied jontron. fun.

  66. bro this acc do be deleted tho

    bro this acc do be deleted tho3 日 前

    -fricking craig-

  67. bro this acc do be deleted tho

    bro this acc do be deleted tho3 日 前

    people,, more than one channel can react to the same movie???

  68. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna4 日 前

    Jontron did a video on this too right?

  69. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna3 日 前

    Bishy - sub to Rubii124 yeah I know I wasn’t criticizing him I was just thought it was cool that my probably two favorite channels were reacting to the same video and had the same opinions about it

  70. bro this acc do be deleted tho

    bro this acc do be deleted tho3 日 前

    well yes, but danny can react to it too

  71. Crazy Pasketti

    Crazy Pasketti4 日 前

    They really killed off a little boy.

  72. Vinnie Kleiner

    Vinnie Kleiner4 日 前

    the smooth ride guy is the iceberg

  73. l o q v a c i o u s

    l o q v a c i o u s4 日 前

    At 16:26 am I the only one that thinks that singer is her mother. Conspiracy theory????

  74. Z MAN

    Z MAN4 日 前

    Will is just that one character that in a horror movie turns out to be the murderer

  75. 찬자이언

    찬자이언4 日 前

    Haha raid shadow legends

  76. Henry Ham

    Henry Ham4 日 前

    15:18 mans turned off the sun fr doe wtf is this movie

  77. guest roblox

    guest roblox4 日 前


  78. Drift SMC

    Drift SMC4 日 前

    Dirtier:end the seen like a 2 year begging for.candy

  79. Drift SMC

    Drift SMC4 日 前

    Supa hot fire vs the rapping dog Like =supa hot fire Comment=the rapping dog

  80. Andrew Bresnan

    Andrew Bresnan4 日 前

    8:20 "pickup that can"

  81. Lexi Love

    Lexi Love5 日 前

    im so confused

  82. Haylee Ornquist

    Haylee Ornquist5 日 前

    the kid's mouth is super weird

  83. Bry64 Seifts

    Bry64 Seifts5 日 前

    The only reason you say good things about raid shadow legends is for money

  84. Natalie The Happiest

    Natalie The Happiest5 日 前

    "yo boi got a sponsor here" me: M Y B O Y .

  85. Manuel Carballo

    Manuel Carballo5 日 前

    *its not as bad as joshua and the promised land*

  86. Bethany Van Eps

    Bethany Van Eps5 日 前

    This is maybe the most ambitious movie crossover in history: -Angelica looks like anastasia -the stepmom and step sisters look just like the ones in cinderella -the mouse chef is straight out of ratatouille -the whole animal subplot has aspects of an american tail (the mouse family), oliver and company (rapping dog), the rescuers, or the great mouse detective (the general plot of animal life coexisting with human life on a miniature level)

  87. Adelaide McElroy

    Adelaide McElroy5 日 前

    Yo In the beginning all I could think was Cinderella... I forgot this was titanic for a sec. 3 mice, evil step mother, two evil step sisters, like... dude.

  88. Saint_Somnia

    Saint_Somnia5 日 前

    I need him to watch the one with the talking octopus

  89. _ Sylitiks

    _ Sylitiks5 日 前

    I want Danny to play raid just to find out how bad it is

  90. OP GUY

    OP GUY5 日 前

    Fuck raid

  91. Mattie Morrow

    Mattie Morrow5 日 前

    your outro is elite

  92. 0.

    0.5 日 前

    i litrealy chocked on my drink

  93. Joseph Kareck

    Joseph Kareck5 日 前

    Jontron?!? Is that you?

  94. Gooey Gaster

    Gooey Gaster5 日 前

    titanic except with cinderella, 101 dalmatians, american tail, ... speedy gonzalez?

  95. Miguel Romo

    Miguel Romo5 日 前

    you went to awful movies wiki right?

  96. April Voelkner

    April Voelkner6 日 前

    Danny the target worker

  97. Akemia OwO

    Akemia OwO6 日 前

    Is anybody going to talk about how the cat got smashed by that suitcase...

  98. arianna

    arianna3 日 前


  99. SweetOtakuGacha

    SweetOtakuGacha6 日 前

    8:21 pick up those pieces of China drunks?

  100. JS - 09ZZ - Harold M Brathwaite SS (2482)

    JS - 09ZZ - Harold M Brathwaite SS (2482)6 日 前

    why are his lips yellow???? wth

  101. Y u m m y

    Y u m m y6 日 前


  102. Wyatt Kittle

    Wyatt Kittle6 日 前

    danny blink at any point in this video if raid shadow legends was extremely limiting in how and when you could talk about this underwhelming game during your video but you need the money so you had to pretend to care about this annoyingly-marketed product

  103. Sara Thellen

    Sara Thellen6 日 前

    This video killed me

  104. daisyandpenny XDanimationsTV

    daisyandpenny XDanimationsTV6 日 前


  105. AwesomeDiamonds7

    AwesomeDiamonds76 日 前

    Batman : I'm Batman Groot : I am groot Danny: IamGreg

  106. Dani Luke

    Dani Luke6 日 前


  107. ッ

    6 日 前

    Wait I thought America made the titanic. What country made it again?

  108. Callie Schulte

    Callie Schulte6 日 前

    The pink step sister looks like Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter Kinda