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    Sophia Rodriguera IKR

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    larray, i feel that you should do a Roblox video playing bad girls club. Lol, in that game you can fight people, literally. Btw, i love ur vids

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    Loved this sm❤🎆

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    ummm idk2 時間 前

    camila and shawn kissing larri: "in front of my chipotle"

  10. Lexi Rose

    Lexi Rose2 時間 前

    LARRAY : So now I have the big ass green screen now what do I do with it?? Me : if it's big pass it on sister give it and u don't know how to use it u can use it as a toilet so everybody can see LOL

  11. Maddie Patty

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    He never none that COVID was here. I want to go outside to

  12. Maddie Patty

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    But I can not

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    (1:23) him saying he wasn't able to leave his house as much in 2019 but now in 2020 we all be stuck in quarantine tho 😂

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    Lmao you think we can go out in 2020

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    me sitting here in July 2020 like: good luck going anywhere

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    I laugh so hard when Larry had did thAt to Donald that was to funny love y'all larry

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    "How can I make 2020 the year of me going out and doing stuff" - Larray. Uhh sweetie I have some news for you...

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    I swear to god I love you, ur hella funny I can’t😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Larray is like “2020 is gonna be my year, you know cause a bitch stay home” me: *laughs in future

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    Damn he really thought he was gonna go out more corona said no❤️

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    I’m watching this in June 2020 and him saying it’s his year and the year of going out ummm..... about that

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    When larray said 2019 I didn’t leave my home a lot bc of social anxiety like 2020 you stayed home for 3 months straight

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    POV: you sing along to the intro

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