This Rainbow Six Siege Video Can't Be Explained


  1. McNasty

    McNasty27 日 前

    sorry for the late comment, my mental latency got the best of me

  2. UW EX

    UW EX10 日 前

    you can stop worrying about grenades now

  3. akm2547

    akm254711 日 前

    Kowalski analysis

  4. hot thedog

    hot thedog11 日 前

    @Zaelot Vaelir ah

  5. hot thedog

    hot thedog11 日 前

    Tux when you are playing with cob,evan,or Yumi i dare you to scream at them across your rooms

  6. Kim Jongwoo

    Kim Jongwoo時間 前

    Intro:Russian badger????

  7. Bjthebossguy 1

    Bjthebossguy 111 時間 前

    You were in a Carson vlog omg

  8. Marc Gauci

    Marc Gauci14 時間 前

    The fore head

  9. Calvin Rhode

    Calvin Rhode15 時間 前

    This video is sponsored by BiRb

  10. Moon Howl

    Moon Howl20 時間 前

    I play siege im a lvl 47 [dont even touch Ranked cause of how shit i am] and when i watch you i wonder..."how does he get so good?"

  11. Itss Swift

    Itss Swift日 前

    can we get more of your childhood friend please?

  12. Zack Brown

    Zack Brown日 前


  13. Jeffrey Kollmeyer

    Jeffrey Kollmeyer2 日 前

    Tux whenever I see I see tux playing bandit or eager he never uses reinforcements or gadets ever

  14. Alex Giaccone

    Alex Giaccone2 日 前

    Wait, what the fuck?! Why is he monitized?!

  15. Avi Yadava

    Avi Yadava2 日 前

    notice how the title of each video has nothing to do with the video itself

  16. Griffin Gaming

    Griffin Gaming2 日 前

    dang I wish I could get monetized

  17. Chris Northcutt

    Chris Northcutt2 日 前

    What happened to Jay and byze

  18. Darphir

    Darphir2 日 前


  19. EpC XaNnD

    EpC XaNnD2 日 前

    How do you get this game? I’ve been going to the download but for some reason I have to fill out information instead of it going straight to the download l. I’ve tried to keep on trying over and over again but nothing works. Can someone help me with this problem please? It’s probably just my computer tho.

  20. UwU Wussian Badger

    UwU Wussian Badger2 日 前

    Please play with your childhood friend some more....along with Novakaine....please daddy tuxbird

  21. Mattias Matheus

    Mattias Matheus3 日 前

    tuxbird has a secret fetish with avacado

  22. taco Kings

    taco Kings3 日 前

    The mental latency bus gets to my school 40 minutes late

  23. Daron Highwalker

    Daron Highwalker3 日 前

    I miss my xbox

  24. Alberto Daiovander

    Alberto Daiovander3 日 前

    1:40 which theme???

  25. Shawn Dixon

    Shawn Dixon4 日 前

    Make more vidss

  26. luckythewolf luckyowo

    luckythewolf luckyowo5 日 前


  27. dodoggx

    dodoggx5 日 前

    Do more vids with your childhood friend, he is hilarious

  28. Kaden Brown

    Kaden Brown6 日 前

    WAIT!!! TUX’S NAME IS KADEN?!?!?!?

  29. carlo st-denis

    carlo st-denis6 日 前

    yumi is on cocaine dud

  30. Voltage Aries

    Voltage Aries6 日 前

    me @4:56 when i wake up and my dads back

  31. Yeetmaster Yeetmaster

    Yeetmaster Yeetmaster7 日 前


  32. Tyler

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  33. Metro

    Metro7 日 前

    Cob be succn dik

  34. Mr. Undead

    Mr. Undead7 日 前

    waiting for them Tuxbird plushies

  35. Shadow Assassain

    Shadow Assassain7 日 前

    Tux is like the cutest boi if ever seen

  36. saike

    saike7 日 前

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  37. DDA Cubing

    DDA Cubing7 日 前

    9:04 WHAT IS THAT MODE????

  38. Saturnn

    Saturnn8 日 前

    He brain lagged 3:01

  39. Ethan Denton

    Ethan Denton8 日 前

    Bro tuxbird isn’t even cute

  40. bennies fried chicken

    bennies fried chicken8 日 前

    outros: "Thanks for watching!" *i sleep* Tuxes outro: "subscribe to chanel or i sad" REAL SHIT and yall can spank me for this terrible joke

  41. TheRealStilks

    TheRealStilks8 日 前

    Even Anthony uploaded first

  42. illusionist

    illusionist8 日 前


  43. Nuggy

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  44. FluffyDough Head

    FluffyDough Head8 日 前

    How did I not know my fav JPreporterd and I have the name name

  45. Jacob Acs

    Jacob Acs8 日 前

    How did this video get ads

  46. game changers45

    game changers458 日 前

    Can someone plz tell me what the headshot sound he use

  47. Potato Chips

    Potato Chips8 日 前

    Are we gonna talk about how tux is starting to pull a ceeday?

  48. Sarmizz Am Gone

    Sarmizz Am Gone8 日 前

    *rise up gaymers*

  49. Dark Nuts

    Dark Nuts8 日 前

    Why is there a Tito the Racoon on your siege playlist?

  50. hikemanhunter gaming

    hikemanhunter gaming8 日 前

    It's been two weeks dog. When's the next video?

  51. Chris Ricciardi

    Chris Ricciardi8 日 前

    It’s 1 o’clock in the morning, I’m eating cookies and watching tuxbird

  52. Diamondcrusher22

    Diamondcrusher229 日 前

    Hi I'm a sub and I love your content I know u prob have settings and won't see this but I thought hey wouldn't it be cool to play with him so I was wondering if I could play with u guys on something I have PlayStation so it has to be a cross play game and my bday is in 5 days August 12 so I should have some money to buy a game. - a fan

  53. Rfernie 15

    Rfernie 159 日 前

    Bring bikini back

  54. N8 FRagsTV

    N8 FRagsTV9 日 前

    1:53 ultimate highlight man 😂😂

  55. TheRealStilks

    TheRealStilks9 日 前

    Dad is dead again

  56. Bop Milos

    Bop Milos9 日 前

    Upload you lazy Shi*

  57. Kaden Playz

    Kaden Playz9 日 前

    Yo we have the same name kaden

  58. Miles Merchak

    Miles Merchak9 日 前

    Tuxbird I have a avocado towel as well and I’ll love you no Homo

  59. Bacon cat98

    Bacon cat989 日 前

    Wait i thought tux was black

  60. penguin dumplings

    penguin dumplings9 日 前

    Hey tux what editing a recording software do you use

  61. Joe Allen

    Joe Allen9 日 前

    that uni-brow though...

  62. AJ Astrowolf

    AJ Astrowolf9 日 前

    I miss snake dude :(

  63. Twilight Zone Official

    Twilight Zone Official10 日 前

    Eyyyy!!! I have a penguin pillow pet!!! I've had it since I was in elementary school!!

  64. Frosty Playz

    Frosty Playz10 日 前

    What is your weird obsessions with Animals , Fruit and Veg? 😂 Tuxbird - Penguin c.o.b - Well , a cob of corn Yumi , Strawberry BikiniBodhi - A Sexy Beaver

  65. Jack Wilmann

    Jack Wilmann10 日 前

    I just watched your videos that i have already watched before, and after 2 hours they were still entertainer.

  66. Colleen Herklotz

    Colleen Herklotz10 日 前

    Uwu more like uwbomb

  67. Themine Deastroyers

    Themine Deastroyers10 日 前

    2:50 My life in a nutshell

  68. Faythin

    Faythin10 日 前

    I think I liked the previous taken out of context music more, but still great vid xD

  69. Responian

    Responian10 日 前

    Is tux dead

  70. Dankish Jerry45

    Dankish Jerry4510 日 前

    Can u make an overwatch video

  71. Dankish Jerry45

    Dankish Jerry4510 日 前


  72. Dankish Jerry45

    Dankish Jerry4510 日 前


  73. Logan Marshall

    Logan Marshall11 日 前

    Somebody control this man's god damn eyebrows

  74. Lucas Di Quinzio

    Lucas Di Quinzio11 日 前


  75. Siege Squad

    Siege Squad11 日 前

    What software do you use?

  76. Fatal Scare

    Fatal Scare11 日 前

    Bro where u been brother

  77. Gh0st

    Gh0st11 日 前

    why is your outro a kirby that is doing the sex floss?

  78. ExcitY

    ExcitY11 日 前

    I miss ap1. 😢

  79. Nodalsoup

    Nodalsoup11 日 前

    Aye don’t diss droop dog :(

  80. Snart Gaming

    Snart Gaming11 日 前

    hey buxtird, ily

  81. splasheyyy

    splasheyyy12 日 前

    am I the only one who thinks that each new tuxbird intro is just him going more and more insane?

  82. Gustavo Mendez

    Gustavo Mendez12 日 前

    Put some mincraft on here from your streams

  83. John C.A.T

    John C.A.T12 日 前

    10:45. Yo Yumi is a motherfucking savage bro.

  84. Untitled Avacado

    Untitled Avacado12 日 前

    I'm on a towel

  85. amazingblaze

    amazingblaze12 日 前

    7:37 tux sUWUcided

  86. Gage Kremer

    Gage Kremer12 日 前

    0:14 what was that noise did you step on a nail and scream or that laugh was loud and weird