1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rugヶ月 前

    Which house do you like the most?? I’M READING ALL COMMENTS

  2. Brianna Gomez

    Brianna Gomezヶ月 前


  3. Kimberly's space

    Kimberly's spaceヶ月 前

    3rd for sure just purchase it's the one

  4. Jaden R

    Jaden Rヶ月 前


  5. Amanda C

    Amanda Cヶ月 前

    The last one for sure

  6. Alex Guzman fan page xoxo

    Alex Guzman fan page xoxoヶ月 前

    Tbh I like all

  7. Jahailey Tevreden

    Jahailey Tevreden14 分 前

    3 for sure

  8. Sam321xD

    Sam321xD21 分 前

    3rd one

  9. YGMillz

    YGMillz2 時間 前

    Bro I wouldn’t mind any house

  10. Imjust Louis

    Imjust Louis2 時間 前

    I like number 3

  11. Lucid FPS

    Lucid FPS4 時間 前


  12. Jaron Henderson

    Jaron Henderson5 時間 前

    pick 3

  13. Dana Krupa

    Dana Krupa5 時間 前

    so weird in house 2 the people were in the house while he was touring it

  14. keishaaa

    keishaaa5 時間 前

    3rd one !!

  15. Harlem vlogs

    Harlem vlogs9 時間 前

    Yo you have to buy the third house like you have too

  16. Jayden Jessee

    Jayden Jessee11 時間 前

    I love the second houses

  17. EthanisDuck

    EthanisDuck12 時間 前

    I like house 3, but I think there is you are able to make better content at house 2

  18. Eva Cardoso

    Eva Cardoso15 時間 前

    “i haven’t learned how to spread butter yet but we’ll get there” dead lol

  19. Fernando Figueroa Rey

    Fernando Figueroa Rey16 時間 前


  20. Oleevia Nansen

    Oleevia Nansen17 時間 前

    You should get number three

  21. yazan geblawi

    yazan geblawi18 時間 前

    House room

  22. Renee Kuo

    Renee Kuo18 時間 前

    My favourite is the 3 one

  23. Isaias Salmoran

    Isaias Salmoran18 時間 前


  24. dejuny tweed

    dejuny tweed19 時間 前

    2 house is the best

  25. Samuel Thomas

    Samuel Thomas20 時間 前

    I like the 3 one

  26. Tre Boy

    Tre Boy21 時間 前

    1 and 3 PERIOD!!!

  27. ILuvShiro

    ILuvShiro22 時間 前


  28. DavKlie

    DavKlie23 時間 前

    3 House

  29. Live Life

    Live Life日 前

    Realtor’s ass is insane 😂😂

  30. WildSnipez

    WildSnipez日 前

    3rd one by far imagine having that tropical zen vibe everyday 😤 the only thing it’s missing is a big backyard like the 2nd one

  31. Julian Montiel

    Julian Montiel日 前


  32. LEGIT _

    LEGIT _日 前

    Move to the faze house

  33. LEGIT _

    LEGIT _日 前

    That girl from the 2nd house burgandy dress 💕

  34. Skyler Zyann Williams

    Skyler Zyann Williams日 前

    The last house 100%

  35. C J

    C J日 前


  36. somebodyiscol coool

    somebodyiscol coool日 前

    3rd house

  37. RedSauce

    RedSauce日 前

    Shes hella thic

  38. Uwais Khan

    Uwais Khan日 前

    3rd house

  39. Maile Moniz

    Maile Moniz日 前

    3rd house

  40. Mike Lou

    Mike Lou日 前

    3rd house

  41. Manmeet Dhillon

    Manmeet Dhillon日 前

    Why don't you just move into the FaZe house

  42. Tyler Thomas

    Tyler Thomas日 前

    3rd house was the best

  43. Nimo Maadey

    Nimo Maadey日 前


  44. Palfrezzy

    Palfrezzy日 前

    I love 2

  45. Will Lancaster

    Will Lancaster日 前

    the 3rd one is like a mini Faze housr

  46. Will Lancaster

    Will Lancaster日 前

    the 2nd and 3rd one, but i think you might like that the 2nd one has a homier feel

  47. Hà Trang Trần Lê

    Hà Trang Trần Lê日 前

    Imagine the 3rd house no roof thingy when it rain

  48. Greenman

    Greenman日 前

    I like basketball and I could see putting an outdoor gym on part of the b-ball court so I think house 2 for me

  49. Liam Asselstine

    Liam Asselstine日 前

    Like 1st the least and 2nd the best

  50. Julissy De La Puente

    Julissy De La Puente日 前

    The third one the third one That one is the one for all your vlogs

  51. Saim Zaheer

    Saim Zaheer日 前

    Hey rug get this one the 3rd and the final home its its incredible. Bro my rating for these houses is : 1st : its Great but 8 out of 10; 2nd : its Amazing I know that it had a huge space like the house in GTA V Story Mod Michael De Santa Had this type of huge backyard and all the fun, but it is 9 out of 10; 3rd : its incredible with all the stuff a person specially for Teens its incredible like Iron Man had his home, bro this house is ultraaaaaaa Modern, I really love it and want you to get this home, I really wanted to see you in this home and specially it has a huge Master Bedroom, bro I rate it 10 out of 10

  52. Saim Zaheer

    Saim Zaheer日 前

    Hey rug get this one the 3rd and the final home its its incredible

  53. Brxe 007

    Brxe 007日 前

    Get the one with the basketball court..your young your gonna use the basketball court everyday

  54. Jasmine Terpening

    Jasmine Terpening日 前

    The 3erd house was the best

  55. Joshua Corban-Banks

    Joshua Corban-Banks日 前

    The camera mans needs to work on his exposure so distracting