1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug4 ヶ月 前

    Which house do you like the most?? I’M READING ALL COMMENTS

  2. Robert Smith

    Robert Smith2 ヶ月 前


  3. Angel Cartagena

    Angel Cartagena3 ヶ月 前

    The third

  4. Brianna Gomez

    Brianna Gomez4 ヶ月 前


  5. Kimberly Zaragoza

    Kimberly Zaragoza4 ヶ月 前

    3rd for sure just purchase it's the one

  6. jåđēñ

    jåđēñ4 ヶ月 前


  7. Golden Glory

    Golden Glory15 時間 前


  8. Daniel Pascarella

    Daniel Pascarella2 日 前

    I want him to buy the third one

  9. Mr. βου

    Mr. βου2 日 前


  10. Leslie nava

    Leslie nava2 日 前

    But get what you think is better for you

  11. Leslie nava

    Leslie nava2 日 前


  12. Drip Bou

    Drip Bou3 日 前

    Real estate agent website?

  13. Suhail the boss Bro

    Suhail the boss Bro3 日 前

    either 2 or 3

  14. Xx_5LA 5H_xX

    Xx_5LA 5H_xX4 日 前

    Rug, you should buy definetly buy house 3😁

  15. anant singh

    anant singh4 日 前

    What about furniture when it rains 3rd house

  16. lela Lopeti

    lela Lopeti7 日 前

    You lair you didn’t move I seen your newest videos.

  17. Dėde P

    Dėde P8 日 前

    1:45 "They move upwards" FaZe: Oh no way

  18. Matthew Robinson

    Matthew Robinson8 日 前

    House 3

  19. YT_ToXiiNe

    YT_ToXiiNe9 日 前

    3 2 1

  20. YT_ToXiiNe

    YT_ToXiiNe9 日 前

    House 3

  21. corny unger

    corny unger9 日 前

    I would say the 3th one.

  22. Christian Violago

    Christian Violago9 日 前

    Number 2

  23. Z Dominion

    Z Dominion9 日 前

    Who doesn't know how to spread butter LOL 😂

  24. James Victor

    James Victor10 日 前

    The third offcourse

  25. Julie Seel

    Julie Seel10 日 前

    The three

  26. Jett Kool

    Jett Kool10 日 前

    The third house is the best

  27. Omer Basher

    Omer Basher11 日 前

    Bro 3

  28. Jacobs FIFA

    Jacobs FIFA11 日 前

    House 3 house 3

  29. Isaac Polk

    Isaac Polk11 日 前


  30. Driss Kabouh

    Driss Kabouh12 日 前

    House number 3 its beatiful

  31. Max Webster Rocks

    Max Webster Rocks13 日 前

    One year later, doesn’t have new home

  32. Drew Platt

    Drew Platt8 日 前

    Max Webster Rocks bud it’s been 4 months. He wants to move to LA by 2020 summer

  33. Alban Gashi

    Alban Gashi16 日 前


  34. Karl Shorjian

    Karl Shorjian17 日 前

    The second 100%

  35. Swazzy Tubeee

    Swazzy Tubeee17 日 前

    Watch they going to add also this outdated furniture like they did to their old house if you would called the mansion that

  36. Brayden Roellich

    Brayden Roellich18 日 前


  37. Brayden Roellich

    Brayden Roellich18 日 前

    1 8-10 2 9-10 3 50-10

  38. Volume Aced

    Volume Aced18 日 前

    rug buy the 3rd one

  39. Sahara Tackett

    Sahara Tackett19 日 前

    house 3 bro

  40. nourchahin 117

    nourchahin 11720 日 前

    Definitely 3rd house

  41. V3nom N0izy

    V3nom N0izy21 日 前


  42. GOGGOhalk

    GOGGOhalk22 日 前

    The house 3 was best

  43. agatha ambrogio

    agatha ambrogio22 日 前

    buy house number 3

  44. Tyo Gamer

    Tyo Gamer22 日 前

    Okay this is a hard choice I really love house number 3 that is a very nice take you time don’t rush and make wise choices

  45. Tyo Gamer

    Tyo Gamer22 日 前

    3rd hose is already nice backyard extremely nice movie theater is nice auto lights nice is more than likely everywhere nice office view looks strait out back master is nice balcony is enormous shower is big all hail Faze rug

  46. Tyo Gamer

    Tyo Gamer22 日 前

    First house has big Dining room

  47. Tyo Gamer

    Tyo Gamer22 日 前

    Nice bath on second house .

  48. Tyo Gamer

    Tyo Gamer22 日 前

    Love chefs kitchen . The back yard is open even that basketball court Bawadis would come over all the time still would need more space for your cars unless you park them outside

  49. Tyo Gamer

    Tyo Gamer22 日 前

    I like the first one it is very nice and open love the kitchen and the cabins.The garage was an size but you may need more room .nice backyard nice bathroom master has nice view and is big love the bathroom and the walk in closet

  50. cynthia cudog-ramos

    cynthia cudog-ramos24 日 前

    House #3💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  51. Angel C

    Angel C25 日 前

    Rating houses First/8 Second/7 3/lit 900,000,000,000,000,000

  52. Davonta Burdine

    Davonta Burdine25 日 前

    I love house 3 it was amazing

  53. Susan Freitas-Jaques

    Susan Freitas-Jaques25 日 前


  54. Home Remedies

    Home Remedies25 日 前

    Keep positive

  55. Home Remedies

    Home Remedies25 日 前

    Your the best you tuber Iv seen goof luck man

  56. Gotcha Squad

    Gotcha Squad26 日 前


  57. Sangsanga Lalruatsanga

    Sangsanga Lalruatsanga26 日 前

    Buy house🏫3

  58. TT Nguyễn

    TT Nguyễn27 日 前

    I love basketball and sport but the cinema is so lovely to watch Faze Rug/))) 1:79 2:91 3: 111

  59. eva tanglao

    eva tanglao27 日 前

    1st House : 5/10! 2nd House : 9/10!! 3rd House : 17/10!!!

  60. Youssef Nada

    Youssef Nada27 日 前

    Ya still didn’t buy anyth and didn’t give us any updates

  61. ruth kiama

    ruth kiama28 日 前

    Faze number 3 for sure...

  62. Fitness Secrets

    Fitness Secrets28 日 前

    i watched this video and felt motivated. my friends saw this video and felt motivated. my neighbors saw this and were motivated. we rent a projector in a big field and my village people saw this and felt motivated. thank you so much for this video

  63. Fitness Secrets

    Fitness Secrets28 日 前

    I can see alot of balls missing over the fence on the second house 😂

  64. Kaian Radwan

    Kaian Radwan28 日 前

    get the 3rd house it is like heaven

  65. Kaleb Joseph-Ollivierre

    Kaleb Joseph-Ollivierre29 日 前

    Buy the third one

  66. Louana Rose

    Louana Rose29 日 前

    3rd! It’s the best one!

  67. xFiZzeQ xd

    xFiZzeQ xdヶ月 前


  68. Evelyn Cruz

    Evelyn Cruzヶ月 前

    You should buy the 3 house