This is FaZe Clan's BIGGEST Hater... (GabeTV is back again)


  1. FaZe Apex

    FaZe Apex26 日 前

    *leave a LIKE to make me feel better cuz he hurt my feelings*

  2. Egelants

    Egelants23 日 前


  3. meme shit

    meme shit24 日 前

    FaZe Apex just report him

  4. sparky style

    sparky style24 日 前

    I subed

  5. Sean

    Sean24 日 前

    How ever will apex ever get back at him

  6. the ballistic gorilla

    the ballistic gorilla24 日 前

    GABE made another video saying he put the faze house up for sale

  7. HyperSonicX3me

    HyperSonicX3me5 時間 前

    I am also 13 but I subscribe. (: K..that dude was 15...

  8. Issac Higham

    Issac Higham7 時間 前

    This kid is cringy

  9. BMX scooter dood

    BMX scooter dood9 時間 前

    Your thinking about "its all over faze clan"

  10. Khylan Young

    Khylan Young9 時間 前

    Who came here after egg head one of his cringe dis tract vids =/

  11. These Dongs Only

    These Dongs Only15 時間 前

    bro this kid said la is town but he jersey liscense plates on the cars

  12. XxWolfplayz slime

    XxWolfplayz slime17 時間 前

    Apex make a ride track about him

  13. Jayce Mayfield

    Jayce Mayfield19 時間 前

    Xx look at me

  14. Alpha Diallo

    Alpha Diallo20 時間 前

    Justin Bieber

  15. SZonaquest_YT

    SZonaquest_YT20 時間 前

    Gods plan

  16. Trollzy YT

    Trollzy YT21 時間 前

    gabe tv more like gay tv (no homophobia)

  17. Aiden House

    Aiden House21 時間 前

    Gabetv disstrack

  18. 4K Warz

    4K Warz22 時間 前

    love u vids

  19. henry manners

    henry manners23 時間 前

    This is apex 😎 this is Gabe 😭

  20. Thunder God

    Thunder God23 時間 前

    Gabe kissed you: Like to undo

  21. Nadin NB

    Nadin NB日 前

    Man this is the worst distract

  22. CubeTube

    CubeTube日 前

    He’s flexing his moms 2006 BMW 😂

  23. SIS VS BRO

    SIS VS BRO日 前

    Gabe is ugly and mean he sucks at everything we love you apex

  24. nathan monka

    nathan monka日 前

    Apex if you think about it he probably used his mom's car

  25. Dayra Amill

    Dayra Amill日 前

    He's talking about faZe faZe faZe up

  26. Ishmeet Dhillon

    Ishmeet Dhillon日 前

    This is how many times he pulled up his shirt 👇

  27. Sern

    Sern日 前

    No wonder why his phone ia cracked.

  28. Evan McCartney

    Evan McCartney日 前

    Apexes vids are the why gabe

  29. itZModsty RainZ

    itZModsty RainZ日 前

    Bro Apex love your videos but these white boy needs to go get a life with little shit voice and tiny balls and don't talk shit about faze

  30. Leo 24101

    Leo 24101日 前

    I hate gave tv

  31. DAXSURFYxd

    DAXSURFYxd日 前

    he’s thinking of faze blaze - get loose maybe it’s a faze member

  32. iTrY Exclipz

    iTrY Exclipz日 前

    Have you guys noticed that his license plate on the BMW says "Brazzers"

  33. Gameplay by Jon

    Gameplay by Jon日 前


  34. Demetrius Thompson

    Demetrius Thompson日 前

    I'm nine in martial arts and I'm pretty big so I want to find this cringe kid just to give him two broken bones like omg

  35. USA Bradley

    USA Bradley2 日 前

    Fuck you Gabe

  36. Bengamer925 !

    Bengamer925 !2 日 前

    You are now a mutant to all like to undo/activate comments

  37. Kacper Graca

    Kacper Graca2 日 前

    Gave is stupid

  38. Smithy Boil

    Smithy Boil2 日 前

    He said that I’m just kiding in the car

  39. Blaise McDonald

    Blaise McDonald2 日 前

    YEET u are awesome and love u ❤️❤️

  40. Causemix donut

    Causemix donut2 日 前

    Gay tv

  41. Causemix donut

    Causemix donut2 日 前

    I will beat his ass let’s go gay ass kid let’s 1v1

  42. Nexus

    Nexus2 日 前

    When he had the bandanna on he looked like the guy from grown ups when his hair kept flying up

  43. ChromeHD Gamer

    ChromeHD Gamer2 日 前

    the legend says That when he makes all these videos he actually still watches faze clan 😂

  44. Anna Had mad

    Anna Had mad2 日 前

    Why does he point in his private so many times LOL

  45. 2nd death killer

    2nd death killer2 日 前

    Air yeeted

  46. Boris Bilič

    Boris Bilič2 日 前

    I love this kid its so funny why bucesues hes poor

  47. youngoat7 7

    youngoat7 72 日 前

    He copies jake Paul at the end with I'm just playing u know I love u thing jake Paul used that but not about faze... It's at the end of everyday bro

  48. Gio Fraga

    Gio Fraga2 日 前

    Bro. This kid is doing dumb stuff. U don't deserve this.

  49. Gaming Channel

    Gaming Channel3 日 前

    22 Taylor swift

  50. Mrjellyfox 247

    Mrjellyfox 2473 日 前

    Gabetv is in your bed Like two undo

  51. Enzo D'Andrea

    Enzo D'Andrea3 日 前

    Apex is strong as hell

  52. QuilYT - FoxOnTheRun016

    QuilYT - FoxOnTheRun0163 日 前

    Havana o na na

  53. MKShadow and decision

    MKShadow and decision3 日 前

    First Diss track

  54. logan pfister

    logan pfister3 日 前

    faze clans best rappers should make a diss about gabe

  55. Jaxkvx

    Jaxkvx3 日 前

    He edited on sharefactory

  56. Mr.Galaxy GamerYT

    Mr.Galaxy GamerYT3 日 前

    He rented the cars he's never going to be rich right FaZe Apex

  57. Alexis the Gamer

    Alexis the Gamer3 日 前

    Can I have a tryout to join faze

  58. Helene Stephan

    Helene Stephan3 日 前

    Fuck gabe

  59. Adriel Hernandez

    Adriel Hernandez3 日 前

    Probably rented for one minute

  60. AgentAnthony 1523

    AgentAnthony 15233 日 前

    What is gabe doing and first faze is more popular

  61. alphawolfsolo224

    alphawolfsolo2243 日 前

    Ok I love you videos you the best Gabe TV is so trash he looks like a white ksi with his bandana

  62. Lucas Pennington

    Lucas Pennington3 日 前

    Old town road

  63. Nathan Stucky

    Nathan Stucky3 日 前

    I liked and subscribed faze up🤩

  64. Fabian Caxtus

    Fabian Caxtus3 日 前

    GabeTV is gayTV


    TTV BTW ISAIAH s3 日 前

    This guy sucks at rapping

  66. Ntroop711

    Ntroop7113 日 前

    Don’t swear

  67. Oscar Blaszkowski

    Oscar Blaszkowski3 日 前

    Old town road

  68. Awoken Prime_YT

    Awoken Prime_YT3 日 前

    This is how many haters Gabe has 👇

  69. FiNeRa Xzz

    FiNeRa Xzz3 日 前


  70. Kaidan Catchpole

    Kaidan Catchpole3 日 前

    Lol I would laugh if he fall in the water

  71. The Trolling Assassin

    The Trolling Assassin3 日 前

    Buddy sound like he play roblox

  72. Wolfcub 8

    Wolfcub 84 日 前

    At the very end where he says I’m just joking faze you know I love you that is basically the same as the end of Eminem’s killshot

  73. Oskar Haver Johansen

    Oskar Haver Johansen4 日 前

    When He is in his car his car looks cheap. And he saids ur cheap well mr trash not u faze Apex the other shorty guy is a pokemon nerd

  74. BoneZzz

    BoneZzz4 日 前

    A song

  75. Le_Pious

    Le_Pious4 日 前

    Gabe tv diss trak

  76. Pamela Hamilton

    Pamela Hamilton4 日 前


  77. Dwayne Luidens

    Dwayne Luidens4 日 前

    Tour the best

  78. Dwayne Luidens

    Dwayne Luidens4 日 前

    I whant

  79. ToXic_Zo0m

    ToXic_Zo0m4 日 前

    Did he get kicked?

  80. Sanomore_

    Sanomore_4 日 前

    Gabe is at ur house like to undo 👇

  81. Khylan Young

    Khylan Young9 時間 前

    We need more likes and if he come to my house ill drown him in my bathtub 😃

  82. MusicLyrics

    MusicLyrics日 前

    Let him come, I’ll beat the fuck outta him.

  83. Abdurehman Tariq

    Abdurehman Tariq4 日 前

    Pls recruit EJ LAD

  84. Jack GAMING

    Jack GAMING4 日 前


  85. GAMER 001

    GAMER 0014 日 前

    maybe he rented the cars

  86. The best Around

    The best Around4 日 前

    Gabe looks weak

  87. Anne Engelbarts

    Anne Engelbarts4 日 前

    8:16 - 8:30 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣