This is FaZe Clan's BIGGEST Hater... (GabeTV is back again)


  1. FaZe Apex

    FaZe Apex4 ヶ月 前

    *leave a LIKE to make me feel better cuz he hurt my feelings*

  2. vlogger sam

    vlogger sam2 ヶ月 前


  3. Paul Morse

    Paul Morse2 ヶ月 前

    He looks like mini jack

  4. ZacherZacherr

    ZacherZacherr3 ヶ月 前

    FaZe Apex o


    JOHN RUSSELL3 ヶ月 前

    Piss of gabe

  6. Minh Phan

    Minh Phan3 ヶ月 前

    1 like one ouch to gabe

  7. PinManPlayz MC

    PinManPlayz MC分 前

    Lmao 6:55 hes somehow rapping while his mouth is barely moving

  8. slurp king

    slurp king13 分 前


  9. Trent Rosenberg

    Trent Rosenberg28 分 前

    Love all of you faze members Faze up !!!

  10. Destiny_ Zoom101

    Destiny_ Zoom101時間 前

    The kids song or nope

  11. imbriglio

    imbriglio4 時間 前

    go fuck your self little cizzors

  12. PIXEL 75

    PIXEL 755 時間 前

    Gabe said hes going to eat my a** b.t.w i did the stars and gabe is more like gayster

  13. Fortnite Ddk

    Fortnite Ddk10 時間 前

    Gabe is crazy AF

  14. Harrison Foster

    Harrison Foster16 時間 前

    I like ur vidios

  15. Adel Ahmed

    Adel Ahmed16 時間 前

    *iam just joking faze , you know i love you* , like wtf ?!

  16. Please give me a name

    Please give me a name19 時間 前

    GabeTv more like *GayeTv*

  17. TragiicCris

    TragiicCris19 時間 前

    We gon ignore he copied eminem at the end?

  18. DH- World

    DH- World21 時間 前

    FaZe up :3

  19. Amr Khawaldeh

    Amr Khawaldeh日 前

    That kid is being the dumbest kid ever

  20. supreme over wave

    supreme over wave日 前

    Bruh if he hirts me i will hit him with my bat 🚫🧢

  21. Ellie Olson

    Ellie Olson日 前

    supreme over wave no cap

  22. monica sanchez

    monica sanchez2 日 前

    He is toxic bro

  23. Asmus Lyck

    Asmus Lyck2 日 前

    #apex is tall

  24. Zale Zilla

    Zale Zilla2 日 前


  25. Swoggy

    Swoggy3 日 前

    Embarrassing eeeekkkkkkk nowonder the girls where turning around they were probably saying to themselves what if my parents see it oh no not that but I want to be popular in class meanwhile the boy is like yayaya yas queen after he says that he starts mumble rapping😂



    He said in the end of the diss track, sike I love u faze apex

  27. Tuna Noodle

    Tuna Noodle3 日 前

    Call me charizard 😂

  28. George Pretalia

    George Pretalia3 日 前

    From the beat rice gum use in the song

  29. George Pretalia

    George Pretalia3 日 前

    Gabe is a copycat

  30. Mohamed Yousef

    Mohamed Yousef3 日 前

    he sucks

  31. SasBro Official

    SasBro Official3 日 前

    Imagine what the people around him thought....

  32. Carsten Lauritzen

    Carsten Lauritzen3 日 前

    Fuck you gabe your a asshole

  33. Lloyd Avery A

    Lloyd Avery A3 日 前

    I will make him dream with stars ⭐️ if he keeps talking shit

  34. IlbyPlayz- YT

    IlbyPlayz- YT4 日 前


  35. Francisco Maximiliano

    Francisco Maximiliano4 日 前

    I got u bro

  36. FraucScar

    FraucScar4 日 前

    My last couple of brain cells have dissapeared

  37. leon carr

    leon carr4 日 前

    Gabe jioned faze clan like to undo

  38. Aidan Wenzler

    Aidan Wenzler4 日 前

    Rap god

  39. Sarjent Sloter

    Sarjent Sloter4 日 前

    This kid says he's 15 bro he looks like he's in third grade

  40. Rhyan Griffiths

    Rhyan Griffiths4 日 前

    you should make a dis track about gabe tv.

  41. Rhyan Griffiths

    Rhyan Griffiths4 日 前

    the only reason why you have 2.7k dislikes is because they are all fake accounts made by him.

  42. Royalty Family is the best

    Royalty Family is the best4 日 前

    Gube TV diss track I’m right

  43. Esteban Munoz

    Esteban Munoz5 日 前

    Gabe is on ur bed like to undo 👇🏻



    Everybody gets high (Missio)

  45. Jason Mata

    Jason Mata5 日 前


  46. Mike Utumapu

    Mike Utumapu5 日 前

    Gabes diss track u r thinking of