THIS IS CRAZYYYYY - One Piece Chapter 903 Live Reaction/Discussion


  1. king_Jab27

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    Chapter 903: How Oda Broke Brago: Part one 5:30 Part two (Oda makes Brago question life) 8:18 Part three (Oda Brings Brago back to the realm of the living) 10:20 part three A: Brago "Oda stop it" 10:25 Part Four: Oda: "what is this stop you speak of" 10:35 Part five 14:15 Last act 14:52 Brago: "......"

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    king_Jab27 you takin my job kid?

  3. Bhushan Bisen

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    Kobecca is the new thing

  4. Tariqul Islam Akash

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    Dustan is so trash

  5. Intrigued Claptrap

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    Divine Thunder

  6. Rayray

    Rayray2 年 前

    Zoro is getting a bounty of 500M anyways🙄

  7. Eamon Quinn

    Eamon Quinn2 年 前

    That Bass Drop at 10:23

  8. TheOriginalLuffy

    TheOriginalLuffy2 年 前

    *BDA Official Discord invite:* is no longer working.

  9. Darth Nihilus

    Darth Nihilus2 年 前

    Luffy has officially surpassed his brother Ace! I didnt realise that because i got cought in the hype of the chapter.

  10. Antoine Moise

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  11. Antoine Moise

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  12. Antoine Moise

    Antoine Moise2 年 前


  13. Eugen Marinescu

    Eugen Marinescu2 年 前

    This thai is annoying af

  14. Pradip Dahya

    Pradip Dahya2 年 前

    .Love the videos, but those fake ass live reactions when uve already read the spoilers 😂

  15. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace2 年 前

    Pradip Dahya hmm...why do you think that I read spoilers?

  16. Gol D Ace

    Gol D Ace2 年 前

    Ty always talks nonsense

  17. tyler holloman

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  18. chris crookham

    chris crookham2 年 前

    so for big mom to become a staw hat ally is if the homies (zeus, Prometheus, and napolean) change while being used by straw hats. zeus nami, sanji prometheus, and napolean zoro. if all them learn things about the straw hats and maybe how big mom acts when shes in her cravings and somehow get back absorbed by big mom she might learn all this. i feel like big moms ultimate form is absorbing all her personal. change weather burn down everything cut the land and sea. she kinda showed it by absorbing prometheus and being all flamy. but this means big mom becomes his buggy. pre time skip buggy followed him because of a grudge early in his pirate carrier, when luffy went to the grand line smoker (a marine chased him), and continued to chase him. big mom is the first to be set to chase him in this next section. if they meet multiple times luffy's crew could steal away her personal homies then after they get friendly we see big mom all out. im done or i would go on for ever

  19. Mo Gamer

    Mo Gamer2 年 前

    My dude blushed when he saw. Kaido. Priceless

  20. Feral Anarchy

    Feral Anarchy2 年 前

    I think Ussop will end up with the raid suit. Sanji will unlock it for him.

  21. GoodKindaGuy

    GoodKindaGuy2 年 前

    5th YONKou?? That doesn't make sense hahah

  22. Altair76

    Altair762 年 前

    Dustan is wrong with this - Luffy didn't grow in his fight with Katakuri - shit. Honestly, fam. He grew in his observation - CLEARLY to extents he hadn't pushed himself before. Katakuri mentioned that his observation haki was catching up with his. C'mon, fam. It is clearly depicted in the manga don't deliberately ignore it. Brago is right.

  23. Jakker Green

    Jakker Green2 年 前

    Brago please don't invite this Ty guy again :(

  24. Neo Xiao Long

    Neo Xiao Long2 年 前

    Thought dustan would stop being a moron i thought wrong he said luffy didnt grow even though the story says it has

  25. Brandon Arnold

    Brandon Arnold2 年 前

    With Wano coming up soon I'm really excited to see who Kaido's 7 defeats came from. And i hope there's no asterisk next to their names.

  26. DJ.VLatino

    DJ.VLatino2 年 前

    Bounty is harder to raise the bigger it is... lmao Oda is such a troll.

  27. Jacques Wilson

    Jacques Wilson2 年 前

    Coby got the same treatment that smoker got during the albastas arc. Law is the mastermind behind the rocky port incident, Coby got the credit for its.

  28. RauL

    RauL2 年 前

    We need to understand that Oda trusts us as readers to KNOW that when luffy is called the 5th emperor , it is in terms of his (perceived) INFLUENCE . Yonko by clout . not by power #LuffySpelledBackwardsIsBuggy

  29. Isaias Ruiz

    Isaias Ruiz2 年 前

    Brago D. Ace yoo bragoo I know why coby so low because off the new fleet admiral remember sakazuki might hate coby for what he did at the war and that why he keeps him captain

  30. S Migliore15

    S Migliore152 年 前

    This chapter was why I love one piece

  31. Rocks D Boat

    Rocks D Boat2 年 前

    I found Kaido's comment very interesting, he specifically questioned why Luffy was in Big Mom's territory, not why he was considered emperor or went against another yonko in a fight but highlighted going into the territory itself. My first thought went "is he wondering if Luffy went after her road poneglyph??" I mean, he must know about Big Mom also being in possession of one as a Yonko owning one himself. Also, it was during a conversation about Kaido and poneglyphs that Inuarashi said that people will start going after Nico Robin so he most likely knows that Luffy has a crewmember with this specific knowledge/ability!! To make sense of Morgans first hyping the worst generation and then release an article like this hyping only Luffy (and downplaying Bege) I think that when he said "worst generation" he meant "Luffy and Blackbeard".

  32. Superrookie Bartolomeo

    Superrookie Bartolomeo2 年 前

    Luffy senpai!!!

  33. TheMrLongmann

    TheMrLongmann2 年 前

    Luffy is way further than most of the other yonkos, because he got 2 road porneglyphs and other didn't have it.

  34. Grim-有純

    Grim-有純2 年 前

    25:00 dustin what u saying brah, luffy grew a lot during katakuri fight, specially in terms of observation haki it was clearly show cased.

  35. 1998 1988

    1998 19882 年 前

    The one reaction I wanted to see wasn't even there, I wanted to dragon so bad man😂

  36. adre boogie

    adre boogie2 年 前

    wasn't too soon for black beard, cuz he was under white beard for 30 years.

  37. pharilien paul

    pharilien paul2 年 前

    Don’t you guys find it weird the we seen croco boy, but we only seen 2 people worse gen... ?? Maybe croco boy looking for straw hats

  38. raymund usi

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  39. B.kaidou bers

    B.kaidou bers2 年 前

    As a zoro fan... this kinda hurt

  40. That Plot Armor Though

    That Plot Armor Though2 年 前

    When did Sanji choose himself over his friends in Enies Lobby? Come on Dritz you gotta be on something.

  41. That Plot Armor Though

    That Plot Armor Though2 年 前

    When did Sanji choose himself over his friends in Enies Lobby? Come on Dritz you gotta be on something.

  42. That Plot Armor Though

    That Plot Armor Though2 年 前

    When did Sanji choose himself over his friends in Enies Lobby? Come on Dritz you gotta be on something.

  43. Kenny

    Kenny2 年 前

    can't believe kaido is actually about to be a main bad guy in the story

  44. Jose Luis Garcia

    Jose Luis Garcia2 年 前

    I feel like Morgan dropped the gauntlet to the other supernovas to step up their actions cause "Luffy is causing these waves, what are you doing to match or trump it?" If the other supernovas cause more waves then he gets more news to cover and also his predictions come to fruition.

  45. Zamey A.A.A

    Zamey A.A.A2 年 前

    I think Morgans is saying that Luffy is a candidate for a Yonko position.

  46. Sudanime

    Sudanime2 年 前

    The biggest thing that played a role on his huge bounty increase is the grand fleet. If we look at it from that prespective it really fits him.

  47. the ginger prince

    the ginger prince2 年 前

    pls ban this guy that is called ty1000Ls he is ruining every stream

  48. Mezchano

    Mezchano2 年 前

    My reaction was just a grin so wide that my face was sore by the end of the chapter

  49. Chrisfragger1

    Chrisfragger12 年 前

    Zeus lives in a Phallus shaped staff that Nami slides into her cleavage... Sanji must be dying of Envy. Koby's probably being held back by Akainu, he did piss him off at the Marinford War. P.S. Imagine if Luffy became a Shichibukai at this point?

  50. Eric Blakemore

    Eric Blakemore2 年 前

    I think franky is gonna to modify sanjis raid suit by putting some strawhat logos on it lol

  51. Hunter

    Hunter2 年 前

    Garp is clearly the best trainer out there. dragon and luffy come on hes even bigging up coby ffs

  52. Mr Carew

    Mr Carew2 年 前

    Perception > reality. Morgans we see you.

  53. Kwasi Qew

    Kwasi Qew2 年 前

    Ty my dude but he came in this time and killed the vibe immediately

  54. Bg Link24

    Bg Link242 年 前

    Brago, I think this Chapter gave your brain too many error reports! XD Love your reactions!

  55. Derek Of Rivia

    Derek Of Rivia2 年 前

    Fifth Emperor isnt confimred yet. I gotta hear it from the Gorosei first, Morgans doesnt decide that shit.

  56. Chrisfragger1

    Chrisfragger12 年 前

    Sure, sure. I'm just being an asshole about it.

  57. Derek Of Rivia

    Derek Of Rivia2 年 前

    Dont take it that literally. You get what Im trying to say.

  58. Chrisfragger1

    Chrisfragger12 年 前

    Fifth Yonko is impossible. Yonko literally means Four Emperors. He's a Gokou now.

  59. Derek Of Rivia

    Derek Of Rivia2 年 前

    Nobody should be dissapoinred by Cobys rank. Everyone theorized that he would be captain when we see him and that it would be bullshit if he powered up to a VA do quickly. He is right where he should be.

  60. Mandarin General

    Mandarin General2 年 前

    First a huge congrats to Brago for the #10KSubs.......honestly Luffy has attained a Yonko level status( only in terms of influence in the Pirate World) and Yes,Blackbeard was absolutely correct about Luffy being too early for that because my boy Luffy needs the strength to back it up #GreatestChapterOfOnePiece

  61. Enoch Mensah

    Enoch Mensah2 年 前

    Don't know why people talk about luffy and only consider his strength against the other yonko's but as the shield reference he is being considered because of the number of people pirates under him just a couple of months after returning to sea and the projection is that the numbers will increase

  62. Ryokugyuu

    Ryokugyuu2 年 前

    I'm glad Luffy got this Boost but wtf is going to happen to his Bounty after Wano though? ???????

  63. Jon P.

    Jon P.2 年 前

    Amazing chapter, SO fucking hype ! I feel as if Oda is setting up Luffy for a rude awakening though; while on paper he does have a lot of allies, he's nowhere near the clout of a Yonkou.

  64. Bit 01

    Bit 012 年 前

    15:19 Brago jizzed in his pants. :D

  65. VHB Engines

    VHB Engines2 年 前

    No one outside the Yonkou beats luffy. He’s earned his spot


    DEEDSHOT R2 年 前

    Mihawk aint being taken out by luffy's fleet

  67. Ben baller did the chain

    Ben baller did the chain2 年 前

    TheMorningStar again. If it's Luffys Crew against a single admiral he will come out victorious. The point is pirates and crew. There isn't one that is an admiral in a straight crew vs crew match up that he would lose. But if u put 3 admirals + admiral crew against big Mom or such even she might take an L which brings my point okay. He definitely has a way to go to be considered shanks/kaido/big Mom level. But name me a pirate crew that isn't a yonko that u can safely say would take down luffys crew in a straight 1v1

  68. TheMorningStar

    TheMorningStar2 年 前

    The admirals beat him easy.

  69. Ben baller did the chain

    Ben baller did the chain2 年 前

    if luffys CREW showed up against either one of them. they're both going down.

  70. DonQuixoteRock

    DonQuixoteRock2 年 前

    VHB Engines There are still some pirates that Luffy can’t defeat like Mihawk and Kuma. But I’ll give you this: his prestige as a pirate in terms of accomplishments certainly reaches the levels that rival even the Yonkou