I Gave 1,000,000 Meals To People In Need


  1. MrBeast

    MrBeast11 時間 前

    This was one of the biggest and most impactful videos we have ever done and I’m very happy with it :))))))

  2. Nguyen Kathy

    Nguyen Kathy11 時間 前

    Haiiiiii 😚❤️😊

  3. Rebeca Carbajal

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    You should do toilet paper if you can next

  4. Isaiah Rivera

    Isaiah Rivera11 時間 前

    Mrbeast for president

  5. Joshua Myers

    Joshua Myers11 時間 前

    Me: Eating cereal. MrBeast: Ending world hunger.

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    Mr Beast where is the viking???

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    Vegans don't watch

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  11. Vincent Zheng

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    MrBeast: Social distancing Also MrBeast: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="423">7:03</a>

  12. Rene Martinez194

    Rene Martinez19411 時間 前

    Do yall at least have food for yall selfs

  13. Tristan Redcliff

    Tristan Redcliff11 時間 前

    What ur doing is a very good thing. My family used to have to go to food banks, so all you people that do, I know how u feel. Good luck MrBeast.

  14. Nathan Hudson

    Nathan Hudson11 時間 前

    Jimmy for president whenever hes over 35

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    Bro Mr.Beast Deserves a Noble Prize already mahn!

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    25minit 8.3k comment 😥😥😥😥🤧🤧🤧🤧

  20. Sharukh Khan

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    This man is the most helpful and unselfish youtuber. I have great respect for him. Keep up the work sir.👍🏻

  21. Khader Wise

    Khader Wise11 時間 前

    U are the best

  22. Brayden Wihongi

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    I wouldn't be surprised if I saw this on the news🤦🏽‍♂️👍

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    Absolute Legend

  24. Flower power Gaming

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    Omg 23 mins ago

  25. ZayDripp

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    Mr beast 2120: *I gave a homeless man a planet*

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    Good job I followed

  27. Charles H

    Charles H11 時間 前

    good guy MrBeast.

  28. Sherlyn Argueta

    Sherlyn Argueta11 時間 前

    K can some tell me when the guys were playing with the green thing the kicked the same leg up in the air at the same time

  29. Hannah Standley

    Hannah Standley11 時間 前

    I love how kind u are :-)

  30. Just Passing Through

    Just Passing Through11 時間 前

    Alright boys. We’ve done 20mil. 1mil is an easy dub. Let’s get it.

  31. Mason Harper

    Mason Harper11 時間 前

    That super kind of you and your team to do that mrbeast you rock bro keep making people happy especially during these rough times dude! :)

  32. Mr. Slappy Papi

    Mr. Slappy Papi11 時間 前

    Everybody gangsta until MrBeast become the new president

  33. Manny Peralta

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    Mr. Beast nah Mr. Universe

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    What ab me I’m hungry

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    Mrbeast you rock dude!!

  36. enginemagician

    enginemagician11 時間 前

    Thank you for your charity. Im physically disabled and the only way I get food is EBT and a local food bank. No disability payments of any kind.Have spent 17 months now trying to get help from Gov. Just get the runaround. Any advise on how to make money without using my back (ruptured disc),shoulders and hands would be greatly appreciated. Arthritis in hands so bad I can barely type or use a mouse.

  37. Tornado man Distroy

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    Thank u me beast for the hot dog

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    Donated $5

  39. Kim Brown

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    You have been doing this before the crisis. I'm proud of you.

  40. Vincent Jolliff

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    He about to trigger vegans

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    Mr beast should be president

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    25 mins 500k views

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    btw.... where TF is Chandler?

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    You are a gift from god

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    Mr beast you are the sweetest person I know you always make my day because your always so kind and generous

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    Fucking worth it, invest in beast guys!


    TSELVIN11 時間 前

    You did a lot of good man.👍

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    "Thank you btw"

  50. Mario C

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    Hi jimmy

  51. Trooper Gaming 3737

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    You should go up to people and ask them if they have a car and if they don't buy them one

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    Everybody spam no Corona for beast

  53. Chloe C

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    Mr beast is genuinely so humble he always gives back

  54. ME FamCorner

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    Remember the time Mr.beast bought 4 million toilet paper rolls......now we missing 4 million toilet paper rolls

  55. sophia ariana

    sophia ariana11 時間 前

    You guys are honestly the best. For you, you care about social distancing, but you care more about the people in need who actually need help. You are so blessed and making people be blessed. 💕💕

  56. chrystian s

    chrystian s11 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="584">9:44</a> how were they so in sync when they fell?! Hahaha

  57. Adnan Chowdhury

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    *Petition for Mr beast to be president of the world*

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    If there were a Mr. Beast in every country the world would be a better place

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    This is incredible❤️

  60. EatYourCereal

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    Mrbeast in 2045:”donating planets to homeless aliens”

  61. Chicken Boy

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    Glad he did this because today is the last day until shut down in North Carliona in some counties

  62. Jaxon Jones

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    Me beast rent a hotel

  63. Mateo Cullen

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    Faith in humanity slowly being restored.

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  65. MINUTE

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    Government : Stay home Mrbeast : Nah I can't Stop Donation Dude 😂

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    Dude honestly? Fucking respect bro

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    I think the truck lady said your welcome that's what we do

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    Oh no I'm late

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    Team trees 2.0

  70. Benitez Matthew

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    We also need food and your taking it away

  71. Andhay

    Andhay11 時間 前

    I love that you keep doing this type of things and just helping people out really makes the world a better place, Keep it up 👍🏻

  72. Lizzeth Gonzalez

    Lizzeth Gonzalez11 時間 前

    Is it me or does Mr.Beast do more than the government

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    Thank you Mr. Beast. Thank you.

  74. EatYourCereal

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    Mrbeast in 2045:”donating planets to homeless aliens”

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    mr beast is such an amazing person omg. his videos make me so happy. this man is the best human I've ever seen in my life I would love to meet him ❤

  76. Toma the N00B.

    Toma the N00B.11 時間 前

    Thank you Mr Beast for helping the people in need. God bless you 🙏😇

  77. Rebecca Meyer

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    Do the same with toilett paper. XD And cough/cold medicine.

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    Give toilet paper to people

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    our hero

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    Can I get 5,000

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    Would u cry if MrBeast died?

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    MrBeast is the Best

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    Mr Beast no Mr Best yes

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    Does Chris Moisturize?

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    thx u for what u do