This Fan Awesomely Reimagined The Lion King Characters


  1. A blushing skeleton Named Calibri

    A blushing skeleton Named Calibri2 時間 前

    Seeing the live action one kinda takes out how amazing the original cartoons were and it's annoying that they're taking them and putting them into an obvious bad review world

  2. Boo Aida

    Boo Aida12 時間 前

    Michelle give me a fun on Halloween tonight on November 1994

  3. Boo Aida

    Boo Aida12 時間 前

    That's new face I love it so much

  4. 。タケ

    。タケ12 時間 前


  5. Unsere Pferdewelt

    Unsere Pferdewelt日 前

    I actually loved the film haha (don‘t @me)

  6. Ky

    Ky日 前

    this is super cool but thats look is still animation and fake looking. They went for a realistic look. This is most def cool though,. kudos

  7. Lillian Ward

    Lillian Ward日 前

    ohld the fuckin moemit there both good

  8. Biskitty

    Biskitty日 前

    Personally really enjoyed the remake, the cubs were adorable

  9. Marco Smolibowski

    Marco Smolibowski日 前

    vieleicht lernt disney das die leute lieber so eine kunst sehen wollen anstatt von zu viel realistic...

  10. cuide bem do robin

    cuide bem do robin2 日 前


  11. RaccoonCity

    RaccoonCity2 日 前

    This whole subject is honestly exhausting. So many people put so much time and love into the beautiful remake and all anyone wants to do is compare it to the original. Why can't they be appreciated as seperate pieces?

  12. KayKay

    KayKay2 日 前

    I know right!

  13. Nerdy Kiwi

    Nerdy Kiwi2 日 前

    *Aslan from Narnia* That's how they should've done it. Just my thoughts

  14. Aralynn Espinoza

    Aralynn Espinoza2 日 前

    i wanted this to stayed the way it was

  15. Aralynn Espinoza

    Aralynn Espinoza2 日 前

    i hate how they changed it

  16. Tina Haskins

    Tina Haskins3 日 前

    Nalas face the fan made her face looks like the lego character face not being mean just saying

  17. Glenn Daguro

    Glenn Daguro3 日 前

    There just doing there best And the best the could

  18. Kaitlyn Fischer

    Kaitlyn Fischer4 日 前

    "original" actually kimba is the original made in 1966 when the Lion King was made later

  19. fitzdillore22

    fitzdillore224 日 前

    “... Lacked a certain something...” How about personality, expression, cleverness, hopefulness, fear, rage, and everything that made the lion king the LION KING?!?

  20. st00g3y

    st00g3y4 日 前

    Yeah I dont like the remake but these arent any better

  21. Владислав Дмитриевский

    Владислав Дмитриевский4 日 前

    Don't know about you but I don't like this edit.

  22. feral dogs

    feral dogs20 時間 前

    Владислав Дмитриевский me too what do everybody hate the new lion king movie?

  23. Venus DeMilo

    Venus DeMilo4 日 前

    Whoever did this is a genius!!!! I would have liked to see these characters for the live action rather than the ones I’ve seen in the trailer(because I haven’t ACTUALLY seen the movie).

  24. MusicFanatic

    MusicFanatic5 日 前

    This is calming my imagination.

  25. ChiquitaCandy15

    ChiquitaCandy155 日 前

    God damn I'm so grateful they chose the realistic approach for a remake and didn't do.... this 🤢 It would've just been a super weird rip off, some half assed cartoon animation mix breed, and everybody would've complained even more. You can't tell me you would've loved to see THIS weird ass animation style for the remake 😂 (whether or not a remake was necessary in the first place is a completely different question and shall NOT be part of this kind of discussion here)

  26. Mr Orc Shaman

    Mr Orc Shaman5 日 前

    Disney failed it's fans with this photo realistic bullshit

  27. Creeper

    Creeper5 日 前

    1:55 “Yellow eyes” Me: those are definitely and clearly green eyes...

  28. XxHarlekinxX 89

    XxHarlekinxX 896 日 前


  29. Charlezard

    Charlezard6 日 前

    This just makes it crappy realistic cartoons.

  30. Brian Cortez

    Brian Cortez6 日 前

    Ahhh 😯😦😧😵😑

  31. The Hancock Boys

    The Hancock Boys6 日 前

    But it’s not live action. It’s animated

  32. Galelin Martinez

    Galelin Martinez6 日 前

    Grone simba looks great



    Scar reimagined looked so cool. He looked like a villain that people would love

  34. KittiesPlayz WithWolves

    KittiesPlayz WithWolves7 日 前

    Looks worse the movie would be much better if they used these original audio.

  35. Daft Desu

    Daft Desu7 日 前

    omg this amazing !!!

  36. That White Doggo

    That White Doggo7 日 前

    These edits look terrible

  37. BlazeNinja

    BlazeNinja7 日 前

    These are scary

  38. M Y L H N

    M Y L H N7 日 前

    Who else watch this 10+ times?

  39. Emily Bahu

    Emily Bahu7 日 前

    The point was that it was supposed to look real.

  40. SheWolf Warrior

    SheWolf Warrior8 日 前

    I didn’t think the The Lion King remake was bad. I thought it was great! As great as the 1994 Lion King! I still love how this person redesigned the characters to look more like the characters from 1994, but other than that I think they did fantastic with the remake. The funny thing is that people (including me) want a remake on the Lion King 2 😂

  41. Stefan A.

    Stefan A.8 日 前

    Its horrible how he did it

  42. helr -

    helr -8 日 前

    Unpopular opinion: I REALLY disliked the Beyonce singing part in the movie. Too too much. Distasteful.

  43. Suzu The Apprentice

    Suzu The Apprentice8 日 前

    i’m sad they didn’t add all the iconic moments, like the crying after “can you feel the love tonight” and the hula. and “who are you calling a pig?” yeah those. :(

  44. foreignn. ny

    foreignn. ny8 日 前

    This how the real live movie should’ve been

  45. Disney Dog6

    Disney Dog69 日 前

    They ruined my favorite villain!!


    RODRIGO D.S9 日 前

    The last movie is disapointing


    RODRIGO D.S9 日 前

    Better than the action movie

  48. Molly Short

    Molly Short9 日 前

    If you liked the new version you're not a true fan

  49. Luc Prins

    Luc Prins9 日 前

    Molly Short why is that? You don't have to look at everything like the characters "need expressions". I think that everyone is just hating this movie because they don't want it to be better than the 1994 version

  50. Larissa to Friends

    Larissa to Friends9 日 前

    I was already ok with how they looked like in the live action

  51. Pringle. Person

    Pringle. Person9 日 前

    Why are people upset with the movie like it’s really good just people just wanna ruin it by making it worse so people hate it more. Like using realistic models/animations is way cooler because you can see what it really looks like in real life.

  52. Nova ``

    Nova ``8 日 前

    Pringle. Person The point is that the remake should’ve never have been made. It’s shit. Acting? Shit. Script? Shit. Character designs? Pretty, but still shit considering that you can’t tell the lions apart. I suggest you watch real masterpieces, like The Road to El Dorado, or better yet, watch the original Lion King.

  53. VeganMommyof2

    VeganMommyof210 日 前

    Wish he could re do the whole movie

  54. Watcher Dude

    Watcher Dude10 日 前

    I'm sorry but those remade characters look very scary. Besides what do you expect from film that was made to look like REAL animals, not animated.

  55. octagonproplex

    octagonproplex10 日 前

    The whole idea is to translate The Lion King with real animal behavior, stupid.

  56. Silvia Ducoli

    Silvia Ducoli10 日 前

    This is so stupid... It wouldn't have made sense to remake the movie in the first place if they hadn't made it realistic this time around🤷🏻‍♀️

  57. Luc Prins

    Luc Prins9 日 前

    Silvia Ducoli yup

  58. OCE Headshot

    OCE Headshot10 日 前

    Well if they looked like this it wouldnt seem live zction. But i prefer it.

  59. Benny Boi 420

    Benny Boi 42010 日 前

    Tbh i like the new movie better, even though this art is cool too.

  60. New Naturel

    New Naturel10 日 前

    You know what.... The Lion King didn't need a remake to begin with

  61. Ale garcia boy

    Ale garcia boy10 日 前

    Right i like

  62. Juuzou Suzuya

    Juuzou Suzuya10 日 前

    Tbh, when simbas dad died in the live action, no one in the cinama cried, it looks very emotionless and i disent feel as sad

  63. Heather Mitchell

    Heather Mitchell11 日 前

    It looks like the never released sonic movie... but better

  64. Cecilia Fiorini

    Cecilia Fiorini11 日 前

    I like the new lion king, the only thing that I hate is how they designed scar, i mean in the 90’ he had a lot of black hair and he was basically beautiful ahen now he is skinny and whith few hair

  65. Taysia Kaune

    Taysia Kaune11 日 前

    Someone please remake the whole live action Lion King to this, NOW! 😍