This Fan Awesomely Reimagined The Lion King Characters


  1. MinebloxTMR The Mining Roblox

    MinebloxTMR The Mining Roblox2 時間 前

    The scar looks wayyyyyyy better

  2. erol Daner

    erol Daner10 時間 前

    That's how should of the movie be from the beginning

  3. Swiftfur _

    Swiftfur _10 時間 前

    I think the people who complain about the animals being not expressive enough don’t pay attention to the details. I love all the traits, little and suddle things and the body language of the animals. They actually took time to make them act realistic. Making it look similiat to the original movie would’ve been much easier, and I think we should respect the work put into the movie more.

  4. Peterstoric269

    Peterstoric26920 時間 前

    Big improvement, you ca actually see emotions in a movie where that is very important

  5. James

    James日 前

    1:33 take that back, it’s not true lmao

  6. Daan Braun

    Daan Braun日 前

    Yes, bit its looks less real now.

  7. Alexis Simon

    Alexis Simon日 前

    Scar looked great in his live action black and burgundy color new drawing. Then they changed him to a mangy color and gross. I liked the original and the first live action drawi Nd

  8. AnimeWatchers

    AnimeWatchers2 日 前

    I mean, I'd rather see the original models used in the movie than these reimagined ones. They just look very disturbing to me

  9. Simon48

    Simon482 日 前

    This looks way worse than the actual 2019 remake

  10. xxx Polaroid

    xxx Polaroid2 日 前

    I like how people dont like this movie only cause of the animation I mean its pretty much the same movie but realistic with a few tweaks. Would it be better if they added eyebrows like in the original? Or gave them unrealistically bright colors?

  11. breyer fever

    breyer fever3 日 前

    this is so stupid in my opinion. of course i believe that nothing beats the original..however, it’s called the live action version for a reason. the characters need to look like they can be among us not something so “cartoony”. the whole point of creating a live action movie is to see what the characters may look like in real life...not how they may look like if lions were made into cartoons.

  12. I'm just some Canadian guy and I say

    I'm just some Canadian guy and I say3 日 前

    The decision to go for realism vs a sense of fantasy with the animation is what killed the movie.

  13. BbMicroshoter

    BbMicroshoter3 日 前

    I like the animated version of The Lion King. The best live action of Disney has to be Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast.

  14. Erin Boc

    Erin Boc3 日 前

    Dude the lion king remake is literally my favorite movie ever

  15. I. Reid

    I. Reid3 日 前

    Damn you want the lions to look like Europeans too huh???

  16. toledosan

    toledosan3 日 前

    Don't get me wrong, the graphics and quality were GREAT, but the voice acting was as dead as Mufasa after the wildebeest scene...

  17. Crapet

    Crapet3 日 前

    Okay that's just terrifying...


    THAT CHURRO5 日 前

    Okay but maybe scars mad cuz he looks like he’s balding

  19. Curt Andrews Jr.

    Curt Andrews Jr.5 日 前

    Someone needs to put these in EbSynth

  20. Julie England

    Julie England5 日 前

    I like this guys version better.

  21. Pend0

    Pend06 日 前

    R u kidding me! The lion King remake is one of the most visually stunning and just In general one of the best movies I've ever seen

  22. Assassine Almoris

    Assassine Almoris6 日 前

    The lion king is perfect As it is!

  23. Sam Malone

    Sam Malone6 日 前

    That looks terrifying.

  24. SHIMMER The wolf

    SHIMMER The wolf6 日 前

    Yeah it’s good photoshopping but it’s called realistic or live action for a reason.

  25. svampen

    svampen6 日 前

    imagine if Disney had brains KEKW

  26. Jackie Mokari

    Jackie Mokari7 日 前

    Love lionking

  27. Diana Haines

    Diana Haines7 日 前

    OMG. I am on love again. :) Could he do the whole movie? I would buy it.

  28. Aufa R Cahyadi

    Aufa R Cahyadi7 日 前

    Wtf more worse lmao

  29. Ariella Ablang

    Ariella Ablang7 日 前

    I hated the live action remake. It just lacked the soul and heart that was put into the original film - I really tried to like this version but it just fell short to me. Disney films for me used to be about taking me into another world, introducing me to exciting, vibrant characters and new places I've never seen before. I've liked a couple of their remakes before, but this one just doesn't do justice to the original. It felt dead. Boring. Instead of meeting the characters again as an adult, I was left disappointed with the lack of creativity and spark that made disney so memorable. Thats my opinion on this remake, however. And these retouchables look great but they just give off a 'wrong' vibe about them, nothing against the artist though.

  30. Zan Niño

    Zan Niño8 日 前


  31. Amber Martinez

    Amber Martinez8 日 前


  32. CanCallMeArtistCanCallMeGidle 99

    CanCallMeArtistCanCallMeGidle 998 日 前

    What they should’ve done was release a few shots of the final animation style they decided to do and release it to the public as a teaser to test the waters and see what the audience felt about the animation style and then change it up based on the reviews they got on the teaser images released

  33. Jayesh Naik

    Jayesh Naik9 日 前

    Shut your stupid mouth, because this movie is absolutely amazing, respect the work behind ‘ALL’ cgi shorts. The characters are so believable and really brilliant work. I love this movie don’t listen to this video

  34. person personhood

    person personhood10 日 前

    THIS IS WHAT IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN! Don't get me twisted: as a study in CGI wildlife replication, the remake was BEAUTIFUL. But the lack of emotiveness (what even would be the correct word here? Someone help a bitch out here lol) seemed to take away from the original subject matter. It just... Wasn't good. It was weird and unsettling to watch. AND ANOTHER THING. I have had cats my entire life, and I CAN PROMISE YOU THEY DO IN FACT EMOTE WITH THEIR FACES. They can show shame/embarrassment, joy, satisfaction, sadness, loneliness, confusion, fear, anger... Like... Wtf. The lack of emotive movement in the faces of the lions is pure laziness. Get yourselves a few cats. Smart ones that will judge you for making stupid decisions, the way one of mine does. "Aren't you on a diet? You uh...sure you wanna eat that, chief?"

  35. RQV3N

    RQV3N10 日 前

    He made it look better than the movie the movie was like a documentary

  36. Fun ways to Save the environment

    Fun ways to Save the environment10 日 前

    Honestly I loved the lion king remake, this looks creepy.

  37. Assassine Almoris

    Assassine Almoris6 日 前

    Fun ways to Save the environment Finally someone who thinks like me

  38. David Vitrano

    David Vitrano12 日 前

    Gee whiz, show this to Disney will ya?

  39. TheMichaelCW

    TheMichaelCW12 日 前

    Although I was disappointed with some parts (still wanted the original voice actors - Whoopi, Jeremy irons) it was still a visually stunning, amazing movie

  40. Marceus Williams

    Marceus Williams12 日 前

    I love lion king movie

  41. Artemis Sonar

    Artemis Sonar12 日 前

    I dont know if its just me but some of the "re-imagined" characters look uncanny at first from the Photoshop. Maybe its because the live action was too realistic and when trying to add some of the cartoonish aspects back in, it just messed up how the characters look.

  42. Marko Dejanovic

    Marko Dejanovic13 日 前

    The Film was perfekt like it was in the cinema that what this Artist is doing is shit

  43. Claire Wiley

    Claire Wiley13 日 前

    Do you idiots know what live action means? They’re not supposed to look like the animated movie, kinda the point.

  44. Fun ways to Save the environment

    Fun ways to Save the environment10 日 前

    Claire Wiley ikr

  45. TheReal_Tarzann

    TheReal_Tarzann13 日 前

    He should’ve did Shenzi with the 3 hairs hanging down her head and I wish they wouldn’t have changed Banzai’s and Ed’s name to “ Kamari “ and “ Ezeeze “

  46. Salma Siddiq

    Salma Siddiq13 日 前

    The characters look way better now Like if agree

  47. KAY

    KAY14 日 前

    Then it wouldnt be live action

  48. StanX Hawkins

    StanX Hawkins15 日 前

    I wouldn't like this because it would look to similar to the original

  49. Klarrkuuwws

    Klarrkuuwws15 日 前

    Srsly? Yes, those are great but do they look real? No. Live action means that they need to look real. So Disney did amazing job with this. Ugh am I the only one who thinks this way?!

  50. NorthStar Coyote

    NorthStar Coyote15 日 前

    They didn’t really ‘remake’ the characters. They just made the eyes bigger and creepier. If they did this it wouldn’t really be realistic enough. Honestly I like the 2019 version how it is. If you look hard enough you can find some expressions in Simba, especially the final battle.

  51. Maddysen Williams

    Maddysen Williams15 日 前

    I like he new one better, the photo shopped one looks awful, so yea, the new one was better, my opinion

  52. bariah waheed

    bariah waheed15 日 前

    i didnt even like the voice acting of scar

  53. Kobe Lambert

    Kobe Lambert15 日 前

    Nah realistic one is better, but still beautifully done by artist fan however, if the film were like that it would probably be really weird and creepy.

  54. Alexis Pheonix

    Alexis Pheonix15 日 前


  55. VeronicaEquestrian

    VeronicaEquestrian16 日 前

    This is terrifying. Imma stick with this beautiful “live action” we have here. I get why ppl might dislike it but ahh.... I think ppl who bully the new LK r over reacting a bit...

  56. Meliss a

    Meliss a16 日 前

    I like both, but the real version is nicer and more emotional. If you have already seen the film from 1994 you will understand better

  57. Everty Muyoba

    Everty Muyoba16 日 前

    He should've just made the whole movie!

  58. Vivian Allison

    Vivian Allison17 日 前

    Bro I don’t give a fuck what y’all say all the National Geographic shit , like it look BEAUTIFUL 😭 . They tried to make it real a not fake . Be happy they at least remade the whole movie 😌 !

  59. Andre Perez

    Andre Perez17 日 前

    The way this artist recreated it probably would work

  60. Klarrkuuwws

    Klarrkuuwws15 日 前

    Andre Perez no youre not. I got your point but I just shared my opinion. Far away from being stupid

  61. Andre Perez

    Andre Perez15 日 前

    You got a point there and I’m being stupid 😁

  62. Klarrkuuwws

    Klarrkuuwws15 日 前

    Andre Perez but they don’t look real. What kind of a lion live action has unrealistic looking lions?

  63. Cole -

    Cole -17 日 前

    it's live action... this reanimation is stupid

  64. Simmie Hoofard

    Simmie Hoofard17 日 前

    Also, I've been woundering... Will they make a live action remake of Lilo & Stitch??

  65. Simmie Hoofard

    Simmie Hoofard17 日 前