Things TikTok made me buy from AMAZON!!


  1. Yoatzi

    Yoatzi24 日 前

    Congratulations again to the winner @marria._ 💗 more giveaways coming soon 🥳

  2. Juli Ortiz

    Juli Ortiz20 日 前

    The miniature washer machine can be use for your eyelashes, and can be use to wash your makeup eye brushes without closing the lid I belive. You should try that 💕☺️

  3. Yadira Medel

    Yadira Medel24 日 前

    Love you! God Bless!

  4. Brady Robertson

    Brady Robertson17 時間 前

    Cardi y Lol

  5. DJ_wolfyyy lover

    DJ_wolfyyy lover日 前

    Qe is iso?

  6. DJ_wolfyyy lover

    DJ_wolfyyy lover日 前

    Dyana Garcia for coming soon

  7. Michael Manquero

    Michael Manquero2 日 前

    That singing tho 👌🏻

  8. Jasmen Casillas

    Jasmen Casillas2 日 前

    There is actually a lot for the diamond painting I have done a diamond painting of a cabin, stitch and I am currently doing a Mickey one and the kit has helped to do it faster but it is more fun just to do it one diamond at a time.

  9. Kayla Rogers

    Kayla Rogers4 日 前

    The hand movements are very irritating. I’m 21 secs in... 😒

  10. Lazaro Ayala

    Lazaro Ayala5 日 前

    the 2 item she did is so amazing to do i have done though before and there really fun to do

  11. Carmin Chavez

    Carmin Chavez6 日 前

    I really hope I win because my sister’s birthday is coming up I don’t have any money so if I win I will give you the things Love you thank you for being so generous this is my Instagram carmin1509 I hope I win

  12. Tu_papichulo Dorozco241

    Tu_papichulo Dorozco2417 日 前

    Im soooo late 😭😭😭@dorozco241. But I still love u

  13. sebastian ochoa

    sebastian ochoa8 日 前

    Hi I'm subscribed to JPreporter channel and I want to win one and I'm following you Instagram

  14. lisette Rosales

    lisette Rosales9 日 前

    I loved the moon light @lisetteguadalupee

  15. Ruby Delacruz

    Ruby Delacruz10 日 前

    @rubydelacruz12 I never get something I promise

  16. Wendy Loera

    Wendy Loera11 日 前

    There was battery's on the window

  17. Kiera Keeling

    Kiera Keeling11 日 前

    that one strand of long hair..... 😂😂

  18. Jayleen Medina

    Jayleen Medina11 日 前

    You need to put more water in the machine lol 🤣

  19. Kery Manapsal

    Kery Manapsal13 日 前

    Omg I want the puzzle !!! It’s so therapeutic to me I love puzzles to distract me from thinking😂😂 you Fr know how to make your videos funny haha IG: queenkeryy

  20. Deysi Chávez

    Deysi Chávez13 日 前

    You really look good with short hair.

  21. Jungkook BTS

    Jungkook BTS13 日 前

    Yoatzi looks so pretty with short hair 😍

  22. Rebecca Dutra

    Rebecca Dutra14 日 前

    @Rebecdutra :)

  23. Jennifer Jimenez

    Jennifer Jimenez16 日 前

    IG name: itsjehn.xo 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤

  24. Alejandra Chacon

    Alejandra Chacon16 日 前

    "I have a drill, I have a drill?! I hAvE tO dO CONSTRUCTION?!

  25. Briana Hernandez

    Briana Hernandez17 日 前

    You still look cute both ways

  26. Ig : Ybndestiny_5.0

    Ig : Ybndestiny_5.017 日 前

    i loved this video it made me laugh so much😭😭

  27. Maria

    Maria17 日 前

    No one: Literally no one: Yoatzi with her beautiful voice

  28. Anjadie Neriz

    Anjadie Neriz17 日 前

    i was about to go to the bathroom and then she was like “wait wait don’t go anywhere wait wait”or something like that and i literally sat back down and waited until she was done i almost peed myself

  29. Eleyni Rodriguez

    Eleyni Rodriguez17 日 前

    Alexa hermosa!! Ig=stoney_eleyni💙

  30. daisy martinez

    daisy martinez18 日 前

    Lol I freakin love you 😅😂😂 your so funny 💛😂

  31. Stephania Miranda

    Stephania Miranda18 日 前

    And my favorite was the tortilla blanket and I love your singing.

  32. Stephania Miranda

    Stephania Miranda18 日 前

    By the way I love you Yoatzi you and Louie are my favorite youtubers!

  33. Stephania Miranda

    Stephania Miranda18 日 前

    My instagram is @stephaniamiranda58

  34. Monica Ramirez

    Monica Ramirez18 日 前

    Definitely the tortilla blanket was my fave😩😂😍 IG: monixramirex 🦋

  35. Tino Aguire

    Tino Aguire18 日 前

    @iveth_aguirree.0522 💋💋😍

  36. Get your head out of your ass Songs

    Get your head out of your ass Songs19 日 前

    Edna’s glow up 😍😭

  37. Vivyanna Castillo

    Vivyanna Castillo19 日 前

    Yoatzi is a Karen

  38. Liz 01

    Liz 0119 日 前

    When you make good amount of money so you buy useless shit omgg, wish I didn't have priorities lol

  39. Alyssa Sepulveda

    Alyssa Sepulveda20 日 前


  40. karina

    karina20 日 前

    the color changing light YES MAAAAMMM @moonxleight

  41. Sunset Shawty

    Sunset Shawty21 日 前

    You are wayyyy too fuckin gorgeous wow 😍 I’m addicted to amazon shopping now. Well, window shopping because I’m broke but it is so addicting!! Lol @sunsetshawtyy is my instagram

  42. lazy as a potato -_-

    lazy as a potato -_-21 日 前

    She’s meeeeee wasting money....... oh wait I’m broke {buzy_bee_here}

  43. Mindy Oliver

    Mindy Oliver21 日 前

    I’m hooked on amazon too!!😭😂. @Mindy.oliver

  44. Beatrice Reyes

    Beatrice Reyes21 日 前


  45. Roxana Montoya

    Roxana Montoya21 日 前


  46. EseJoseph Vlogsss

    EseJoseph Vlogsss21 日 前

    Pleaseeeeee do a cover you have an amazing voice😭‼️‼️

  47. Isabel Escanuela

    Isabel Escanuela21 日 前

    omg im dead when she was telling you how to twerk and the moon light and the amazon echo were my favorite my ig is i.issabell

  48. Yahaira

    Yahaira21 日 前

    I like your hair short

  49. Rosa Parra

    Rosa Parra21 日 前

    I’m following you in insta and JPreporter and TikTok Love you bb I’m a girl 10 year old love you have a good day

  50. KC

    KC22 日 前

    I don’t understand how someone with a degree acts and talks so dumb. You are really trying too hard to be funny and fit into a crowd. Stop acting like your brother because it looks dumb on you🙄🤷🏻‍♀️

  51. Mitzi De Los Santos

    Mitzi De Los Santos20 日 前

    Are you okay in life? Looks like you got personal problem dude /:

  52. Mariana’s Vlogs

    Mariana’s Vlogs22 日 前

    IG: sassyjat This video made me go buy unnecessary things from amazon!


    D MARTINEZ22 日 前

    I liked the video because of Angel baby!

  54. Evarely Hernandez

    Evarely Hernandez22 日 前

    Fucking queennn🤪💗 @evarely.h I loved everythingggg

  55. Renee Lopez

    Renee Lopez22 日 前


  56. Ana Antonio

    Ana Antonio22 日 前

    Eco dot 🔊😇 @_aannaa.45 🦋

  57. raquel mendoza

    raquel mendoza22 日 前

    i’ve always wanted to do one of those little diamond puzzles, it seems so relaxing ❤️ @raqu3l_c

  58. Jessica Reyes Damian

    Jessica Reyes Damian22 日 前

    ECHO DOT 🤩 ooo she a baddie love u yoatzi😌 @jessica.rdamian

  59. Yare’s vlog’s Channel

    Yare’s vlog’s Channel22 日 前

    Omg I love the video so much that my favorite thing was the Tortia blanket love you oh and this my Instagram yare_and_bestie

  60. Alexis E Vills

    Alexis E Vills22 日 前


  61. Crystal linares

    Crystal linares23 日 前

    you’re such a kind person!! @crystal.linares_

  62. Stephanye Gonzalez

    Stephanye Gonzalez23 日 前

    Omg your body looks amazing😍🥺 ig:Stephaaanye

  63. Johanna G

    Johanna G23 日 前

    okay but yoatziii can singgggggg