1. Felix Turnbull

    Felix Turnbull11 時間 前

    The toilet is all around you lol

  2. Nina Guthrie

    Nina Guthrie11 時間 前

    Three weeks

  3. Karlea Wingo

    Karlea Wingo21 時間 前

    Ob have a girlfriend?

  4. Karlea Wingo

    Karlea Wingo21 時間 前

    On you have a girl friend ?

  5. kk Wilson

    kk Wilson日 前

    i tried to do this and i literliy cried

  6. Kaylenn Velazquez

    Kaylenn Velazquez日 前

    Azzyland is a good youtuber

  7. huntereviews

    huntereviews日 前

    Somebody gives these 2 nothing 1 day later A NEW UNIVERSE IS BUILT!

  8. huntereviews

    huntereviews日 前

    This is how many years it took them to make this 👇🏻

  9. Ha D

    Ha D日 前

    This is 1000 In Roman numerals M

  10. Jason Paranate

    Jason Paranate日 前

    This is how strong the hut is 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

  11. PandaGirlPlayz Gamez

    PandaGirlPlayz Gamez14 時間 前

    it must be strong

  12. Jessica Chance

    Jessica Chance2 日 前

    What if the still live their

  13. Amy Amer

    Amy Amer2 日 前

    This is how you live in the wild.

  14. Muji 500

    Muji 5002 日 前

    Thy good

  15. Martin brothers Jett and liam

    Martin brothers Jett and liam2 日 前

    lets freinds on fortnite my name is リアムリユ

  16. Martin brothers Jett and liam

    Martin brothers Jett and liam2 日 前


  17. 許雨涵

    許雨涵2 日 前

    Is it clay or mud

  18. nothing

    nothing3 日 前

    How did build the camara

  19. Nicci Van vliet

    Nicci Van vliet3 日 前

    This is how many days this took to build Edit: on 3:20 there was an notification right side of the screan and on 6:55 too😂🤣😂 👇❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  20. Hp-boy

    Hp-boy日 前

    Nicci Van vliet that’s because he is watching the video

  21. Jim Mcdonagh

    Jim Mcdonagh3 日 前

    Ya no way 😁

  22. Viv Sonuga

    Viv Sonuga3 日 前

    Asked me to come to your house

  23. Theogullunge Playz

    Theogullunge Playz3 日 前

    They could be workers for Donald trumps Wall 🤣

  24. Flap Jack

    Flap Jack4 日 前

    I Would Love To Be Like A Caveman I Forgot The Word... But Yh 🤣🤣

  25. Stacey Chesser

    Stacey Chesser4 日 前

    I've seen this one

  26. Tai Kingi haimona

    Tai Kingi haimona4 日 前


  27. Silas Jonsson

    Silas Jonsson5 日 前

    Go build for tump

  28. Ethan Sinchuke

    Ethan Sinchuke5 日 前

    Calus or INFINITE mad3 a video about this

  29. Njdon 367

    Njdon 3675 日 前

    Donald Trump is gonna be jealous

  30. Laurie Timmins

    Laurie Timmins5 日 前


  31. Gabriel Letko

    Gabriel Letko5 日 前

    ummmm how is this secret? Its in clear daylight lmao

  32. Lil Butter

    Lil Butter5 日 前


  33. Lil Butter

    Lil Butter5 日 前


  34. Lil Butter

    Lil Butter5 日 前

    For JPreporter

  35. Daniel Figuerora

    Daniel Figuerora6 日 前

    He has 4 more

  36. Liliana Agudelo

    Liliana Agudelo6 日 前


  37. Minijdplayz

    Minijdplayz6 日 前

    This people should be hired if they are old cuz they are such a good builders and they know alot of things that they know like a builder

  38. Gaming Pizza

    Gaming Pizza6 日 前

    "You'll fall if u eat too many hamburgers!" Them: wut the heck is a hamburger

  39. Ha D

    Ha D日 前

    A hamburger is a burger dummy

  40. Ethan Sinchuke

    Ethan Sinchuke5 日 前


  41. James Novo

    James Novo6 日 前


  42. Dominick Gallagher

    Dominick Gallagher6 日 前

    The thingy glue

  43. Jemiela James

    Jemiela James6 日 前

    i think ur right it IS clay

  44. Ethan Sinchuke

    Ethan Sinchuke5 日 前

    I think its clay to

  45. Bboys Production

    Bboys Production6 日 前

    It's clay


    BELZY GIRL7 日 前


  47. Maizie B

    Maizie B7 日 前


  48. nate Adams

    nate Adams7 日 前

    If it's secret then way is it on you tube

  49. Roblox Gamin

    Roblox Gamin7 日 前

    If this is how they did it back in the day how do they have technology?

  50. Jennifer Peters

    Jennifer Peters8 日 前

    The only thing that would like a JPreporter

  51. Jose Sanchez

    Jose Sanchez8 日 前


  52. Spy Squad

    Spy Squad8 日 前

    Wow 😮. 😁

  53. Sour PineApple

    Sour PineApple8 日 前

    Editor's making the water in the pools look amazing cos the water that is actually there is so dirty

  54. Alex Reinoso

    Alex Reinoso9 日 前

    This is how many hours this house and pool took | |

  55. Mediocre Commentary

    Mediocre Commentary7 日 前


  56. Toxicloak

    Toxicloak7 日 前


  57. Roblox Gamin

    Roblox Gamin7 日 前

    4 Hours

  58. Chase Richmond

    Chase Richmond9 日 前


  59. bob henry

    bob henry9 日 前

    your name sounds like the n word

  60. bob henry

    bob henry9 日 前

    btw the n word is nigerian

  61. bokie channel mabunga

    bokie channel mabunga9 日 前

    I know that

  62. shadow lord

    shadow lord9 日 前

    The thingy glue😂😂😂😂 they use mud usually 😂😂

  63. shadow lord

    shadow lord9 日 前

    OMG these black people are amazing😂😂😂😂

  64. Regression

    Regression9 日 前

    Kwebblekop would you live in here for a week with what ever you want

  65. Regression

    Regression9 日 前

    It’s not secret

  66. Marwan

    Marwan9 日 前

    Waar woon je in NL

  67. Vito De Asis

    Vito De Asis9 日 前

    The home looks smoll

  68. kurt daven Velasco

    kurt daven Velasco9 日 前

    I watch that so thx for the vid and I used code kops in my fortnite account

  69. My pictures Lxam2009

    My pictures Lxam20099 日 前