The YONKO SAGA ARC - Ningen#2


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  5. Nothing Special

    Nothing Specialヶ月 前

    Mad late but ive been watching hella past streams. One circular point comes to my head and idc if this dude finally stopped acting like a schizophrenic over a “look” he thought he saw. Fuck this dude Dustan especially after this

  6. Realmo1

    Realmo1ヶ月 前

    This stream was lit af 😂🔥

  7. Tovias James

    Tovias James4 ヶ月 前

    After re-watching this I realized that...... dustan and Sombra were kinda on point

  8. Nothing Special

    Nothing Specialヶ月 前

    Tovias James Yea they were really on point like when Dustan said incest isnt against the law right? Or when he tried comparing respect to disrespect when they are different meanings. Or when he tried using the analogy of One Piece (a fictional creation in which every result in that world is created by one person who draws the manga) to reality in which you cant think and create whatever you want to happen

  9. Henry Kasenburg

    Henry Kasenburg2 ヶ月 前

    about what?

  10. reshes

    reshes4 ヶ月 前

    @Brago D. Ace hands down one of you're best stream still come back to this shit and watch through. Keep up the grind

  11. Plaximus

    Plaximus5 ヶ月 前

    This guys view on the world is equivalent to how Ty sees the one piece world

  12. secretcountry

    secretcountry6 ヶ月 前

    What Dustan was trying to say about Kanye is that his influence is an "illusion" that society places upon him, and that the reality (to Dustan) is that he is an average regular person, as are all people, and in that he should be able to speak his mind freely, since again, the scrutiny of fame and the responsibilities of having influence is all an unnecessary illusion. This way of thinking is tragically out of touch with reality. The reality is Kanye has influence that society has / people have bestowed upon him (again, this is not an illusion. Kanye is talented so people look up to him, that is reality), and with this influence comes some sort of responsibility; and since he is in the public's eye/conscious, an unavoidable degree of scrutiny. Even though this fame/influence is something placed upon Kanye by society's collective conscious/decision, that does not make it not real. While I do like the idea that people shouldn't be so ready to idolize other people as they do (and in my opinion just as easily scrutinize/tear them down), in a sort of "were all just humans" kinda sentiment; to say that Kanye is a regular average person (without fame and influence, since those are just "illusions" given by society) is simply ignoring reality.

  13. Power Rangers

    Power Rangers6 ヶ月 前

    Damn this the shit right here lmao. Hella tripping lol

  14. JakeTheWildfire

    JakeTheWildfire6 ヶ月 前

    hey could yall turn yall mics up like damn i fr cant hear yall... headass

  15. Saitama

    Saitama6 ヶ月 前

    Yo whatever happened to calendar

  16. Henry Kasenburg

    Henry Kasenburg2 ヶ月 前

    he's lurking around

  17. Micah Ladu

    Micah Ladu8 ヶ月 前

    The first few hours of the stream was wild

  18. Henry Kasenburg

    Henry Kasenburg8 ヶ月 前

    the whole stream bro

  19. Henry Kasenburg

    Henry Kasenburg8 ヶ月 前

    3:28:49 oh he was wildin with this one lmfaoooooo 🤣💀💀

  20. Henry Kasenburg

    Henry Kasenburg8 ヶ月 前

    chemistry in this stream was beautiful. still a top 5 stream on this channel

  21. Artur Witt

    Artur Witt9 ヶ月 前

    Dustin right and wrong are objective, so that means you are trash!

  22. One-eye Zoro

    One-eye Zoro11 ヶ月 前

    BDA pirates and Dustan kinda goes crazy ngl

  23. Henry Kasenburg

    Henry Kasenburg年 前


  24. Henry Kasenburg

    Henry Kasenburg年 前

    This stream right here is a Top 5 stream on your channel. ATLEAST top 5

  25. D enma

    D enma年 前

    So if you watched one shonnen you've seen em all? Fuck outta here. Fuck joyboy but the marvel shit is stupid to say they're the same

  26. D enma

    D enma年 前

    The first 86 chapters of promised Neverland ate better than the first 490 chapters of one piece

  27. Prince Codes

    Prince Codes年 前

    Top 5 Stream eaaaasy

  28. Joe D. Castilleja

    Joe D. Castilleja年 前

    The incest topic was fuckin trash lol. Matt was speakin truth

  29. Teddy/DarkMugiwara

    Teddy/DarkMugiwara年 前

    Legendary stream.

  30. Zhyon

    Zhyon年 前

    6:14:19 R.I.P

  31. ParadoxAttax

    ParadoxAttax年 前

    Yo calendar the mvp of the stream HIGH KEY

  32. Tha Sensei

    Tha Sensei年 前

    when brago saw the girl with the traffy hat he was thinking mhmm id work that

  33. Eagle

    Eagle年 前

    Lmfao Stebo is a real one and Froob is the GOAT

  34. Chris the Chilled

    Chris the Chilled年 前

    Nah man, getting cheeks is like getting to the All Blue. It'll be worth it and amazing

  35. Sudanime

    Sudanime年 前

    Ethics and Morals are installed by society into us. that is FACTUAL. There is different societies right now in our world and the fact that they are DIFFERENT in views on regards to morality means society guide us threw a certain way of thinking. What we have since birth is instinct. Which is usually mixed with morality like protecting your family being gentle to kids and detest towards violence. Those are all human instinct and there is more. Factors like war and other incedents throughout the history of mankind causes us to change our moral grounds quite often to better since we are evolving, but still we are imperfect beings and whoever that think we're perfect then this is plane ignorance. Not arrogance, no one would dare say we're perfect if they have the slightest knowledge.

  36. Sudanime

    Sudanime年 前

    I can say that tekking is getting more subs than KOL because he's more dedicated and his videos ain't lackluster just like KOL, He talks about relevant shit and he opens your mind to minor details and ways to enjoy the series differently. If KOL pumps more 30 min. + videos with relevant one piece content like once a week along with minor touches to Naruto, MHA and DBs this dude might boost up to almost 1 million in a year.

  37. TheOriginalLuffy

    TheOriginalLuffy2 年 前

    *BDA Official Discord invite:* is no longer working.

  38. Tovias James

    Tovias James2 年 前

    Also don't be slandering chibi's name he don't do hentai reviews. Tekking probably but not chibi.

  39. Tovias James

    Tovias James2 年 前

    Double 4 better not be at the reverie. He don't f*ck with one piece and he finished that crap ass series fairy tail from start to finish. he's got his priorities mixed up. and forneverworld shouldn't be in it because in the past reveries its been shown that he's not going to contribute to the stream. Line up needs to be: Tekking101, rogersbase, brago,sawyer7mage, sunpatch94, Black manga critic,legend mac, dustan reacts, king of lightning, chibi reviews, joy boy theories, drizzt, mugiwara Matt, One Vision, danphan, seastonesage, TY Quanfinest1000 and Zorofanboy, I want 100% Madison but past experience with dustan shows that she wont contribute. also Code provider IS A BITCH!!! Also lost some respect for Matt cause he went on a tangent about females and then he just turned on his goddamn face cam. and I know its bull shit to say "it just happened" because it had already been 4-5 hours and right when sage comes in the stream face cam just randomly started.

  40. AnimeSabzz

    AnimeSabzz2 年 前

    Calendar had me dying the whole stream. Especially the convo with that sage girl 😂😂😂

  41. Jamal_Haki R&R

    Jamal_Haki R&R2 年 前

    Bet 500,000 dollars I watch every minute of this while I'm at work tonight!

  42. Khalil Scott

    Khalil Scott2 年 前

    40:43 Exaclty I agree just let em who cares its their opinion everybody has a opinion not everybody is going to agree of the opinion you display no need to get butthurt about it theirs disagreement come to play as long you have a evidence to support your claim or opinion and that's it no need to stop drama and all that stuff

  43. V

    V2 年 前

    JoyBoy - has a way with words, but just talks to much. Just get to the damn point MattB- Struggles to say simple shit like he doesn't understand the English Language...

  44. Don Gurrya

    Don Gurrya2 年 前

    Also the respect thing. There is difference between having respect for someone and being respectful. Also in plenty of anime and stuff there are situations where enemies are like "maybe in another lifetime we could be friends:

  45. Don Gurrya

    Don Gurrya2 年 前

    Around hour 4, you guys were discussing ethics and morals lol.

  46. Stax Francis

    Stax Francis2 年 前

    Finally finished the entire stream!! Best stream in a while!!

  47. louisb08

    louisb082 年 前

    Finally finished the stream. Dope af stream!!! Gotta say yall came a long way since i started watching you guys 3 years ago. Never bored at work because yall funny af!!! #bdapirates #bdagang

  48. Alehh

    Alehh2 年 前

    Half this video was one dude interrupting another then proceeding to talk over said other without the original statement even being herd out. Its one thing to discuss a topic or view on said topic but if your not gonna let the man talk why even discuss? This stream could have been half the length if people were to just wait a few minute for the whole statement to be brought out. Still very enjoyable tho

  49. Draco Nation

    Draco Nation4 ヶ月 前

    Bro you good? This must have been when you were new. Stream was legendary

  50. V

    V2 年 前

    30:15 Funniest shit ever... Foob- WTF IS THIS Brago- MattB talking shit

  51. Samuel Marange

    Samuel Marange2 年 前

    1:27:47, the way brago wanted matt to slander drake 😂

  52. Dustan

    Dustan2 年 前


  53. Jon P.

    Jon P.2 年 前

    BDA Pirates the Movie

  54. Plus Ultra

    Plus Ultra2 年 前

    both y'all nit picking in arguments

  55. FerroSpace

    FerroSpace2 年 前

    6:04:52 stebo lmaoo

  56. Geoffrey Connors

    Geoffrey Connors2 年 前

    Its not about numbers when you don't have any kind of weaponry. Its one thing to rebel on one plantation, but when the national guard and the military show up to put down a rebellion with cavalry and guns, its hard to be successful. It was more than just mental enslavement.

  57. Jahred Hernandez

    Jahred Hernandez2 年 前

    Yo deadass dustan is the worst

  58. Key

    Key2 年 前

    god tier stream. 10/10

  59. MasterJ

    MasterJ2 年 前

    I think people have too much pride in their personal beliefs and it’s getting in the way of having constructive conversations and getting to a common ground. Like honestly it seems a lot of people who spoke about their religion in this stream had very little faith in it. They seemed to rely more on their own speculation and just said yeah I believe and in so and so as a precaution so others couldn’t argue against their views. And honestly it’s very disappointing cause none of us are that educated to be openly speculating against the unknown. If you believe in something stay true to that. Stop trying to forge your own religion. That’s the opposite, of the meaning of life

  60. ZBoy2000

    ZBoy20002 年 前

    MasterJ202 of course they didn't have the most faith in it there just people who tlk bout one piece not scholars

  61. Sticky Loaf

    Sticky Loaf2 年 前

    I swear these people disagreeing with some stuff kanye saying are trolls

  62. Lord Grim

    Lord Grim2 年 前

    3:27:30 dustin is right our perception of most things,how we should behave,how we should speak, our values are instilled in us by society(environment we grow up in) what we consider to be acceptable now in a different period of time maybe considered taboo it's all about how you precive reality accept for a few fundamental rules everyother societial norm have nd will be charged in the future.however I strongly disagree with dustin on the insecst bullshit which he talked about later. P.s just my own openion feel free to agree or disagree with it.

  63. JOHN the Witty Dapper

    JOHN the Witty Dapper2 年 前

    is Dustan real?

  64. ZBoy2000

    ZBoy20002 年 前

    JOHN the Witty Dapper according to him nothing is

  65. Zodiac Summoner

    Zodiac Summoner2 年 前

    @3:31:00 Idk if id feel comfortable being Dustans Child after hearing this

  66. ReAlm Anime

    ReAlm Anime2 年 前

    Racism is more systematic but Just being Prejudice towards someone from a different race is what's being excercised

  67. Kodlak Corey

    Kodlak Corey2 年 前

    Froob is amazing

  68. ZBoy2000

    ZBoy20002 年 前

    Kodlak Corey troll king

  69. Boogie Boyle

    Boogie Boyle2 年 前

    From start to finish this stream has been WILD!!!!!

  70. Jor D. An

    Jor D. An2 年 前

    There should be a standard of at least 10k subs to come in the reverie. Reverie is supposed to be the "kings/royalty" of community, not for everybody

  71. Ray Worlboss

    Ray Worlboss2 年 前

    Admiral Yurameshi facts...fornever, chibi, and Tek 100 should not be there.

  72. Dabbin Fever

    Dabbin Fever2 年 前

    Free thought is basically saying whatever you want without consequences. Nobody can go around saying whatever they want.

  73. Dabbin Fever

    Dabbin Fever2 年 前

    Kanye just trying to sell albums and sell clothes .

  74. Will

    Will2 年 前

    I like how this girl came out of nowhere and started to make declarations on how Brago should invite particular female One Piece reviewers, I'm all for more females but Brago worked hard for his subscribers. If he didn't have this recognition she wanted even be talking to him in this stream. If he wanted to do something like that he could do that at his own accord.


    LEOMESHI2 年 前

    5:00:38 Froob looks really good and 5:01:47 roger and BMC feminists. lmao

  76. regularnick

    regularnick2 年 前

    Sombra I dig your way of thinking man, you always bring a perspective that no one thinks about but you should try and not be so aggressive yo, like with this whole just talking to push there narrative" arguement you use and the low key attacks of the people who disagree. Dustin just turned down your mic when your debating or push your mic further away my niggah clipping more than owls in an owl cafe. Still fuck with your conquers haki mentality.

  77. Nanashi OG

    Nanashi OG2 年 前

    mattb caught the ty virus this stream...smh

  78. RogersBase

    RogersBase2 年 前

    1:11:20 "I watch Roger" AYEE I GOT MY APPROVAL

  79. Citrine

    Citrine2 年 前

    Anyone know of the Live reaction Ty did at a construction site that they talked about?

  80. Lakanus

    Lakanus2 年 前

    Dustan vs MattB the great war

  81. jonnoi beckford

    jonnoi beckford2 年 前

    Brago your face when Dustan was talking reality

  82. Citrine

    Citrine2 年 前

    I realized that Bragos best streams are the ones where he repeatedly says "Aight Ima end this in 10"😂

  83. jonnoi beckford

    jonnoi beckford2 年 前

    Brago going to start a great War Kaido talked about

  84. Citrine

    Citrine2 年 前

    This was one of my favorite streams to listen to. The discussions varied well and everyone PoV and opinions were a nice mix

  85. maximal99334

    maximal993342 年 前

    This stream was really enjoyable :)

  86. maximal99334

    maximal993342 年 前


  87. Deshawn Casseus

    Deshawn Casseus2 年 前

    This stream is TOP 5

  88. Bigot Show TV

    Bigot Show TV2 年 前

    This was crazy but had me entertained the whole time

  89. Stax Francis

    Stax Francis2 年 前

    Dustin doesn't have enough understanding of the Bible to Debate it!!