The WORST Pizzas Served On Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Sebastian Picht

    Sebastian Picht時間 前

    Asking a priest to pray over your food is the most badass move ever.

  2. General kenobi

    General kenobi時間 前

    Me: that looks pretty good Gordon: it looks terrible Me: yeah he’s right it looks terrible

  3. sayonara NIGGA !

    sayonara NIGGA !時間 前

    The WORST Served Pizzas On Kitchen Nightmares

  4. Gabriel Lorenzana

    Gabriel Lorenzana3 時間 前

    That lady at the end thought she'd be on Gordon's side by humiliating her own husband, but I was so glad to see him shut her up. I felt bad for the Asian man. His own wife put him on blast on national TV. Ain't that a bitch.

  5. Guybrush Threepwood

    Guybrush Threepwood5 時間 前

    the jokes in this comment section are repeating

  6. Dusty Bun

    Dusty Bun5 時間 前

    I thought he was gonna say “ITS RAW”

  7. Jack 'The Lad' Stevens

    Jack 'The Lad' Stevens6 時間 前

    If the food is so gd then why bother applying for Kitchen Nightmares & why is their restaurant making v little profit! ?

  8. Kolourui Dangxa

    Kolourui Dangxa6 時間 前

    No matter what it looks like If it taste good then its ok. U sucks fuuuuuccck u die sonn gordon

  9. Kolourui Dangxa

    Kolourui Dangxa6 時間 前

    Fuuuccccckk pizza is pizza!! It would not like a smooth chololate

  10. a ‘ kaila mallory .

    a ‘ kaila mallory .7 時間 前

    pete is on something , and the fact that he treats his workers like trash and not hearing what they have to say is exactly why he has no customers 👎🏽 .

  11. Dilun Wu

    Dilun Wu9 時間 前

    serving good food and gordon ramsay doesnt like it Me in school lunch i pay 25 dollar for: 😢😢😢 i pay 25 dollar and i get 2 slice of bread no cheese no ham 1 small cup of oatmeal beans and a small coke and yes i pay 25 dollar everyday just for that lunch

  12. HEY IT's A FaMilY sHoW

    HEY IT's A FaMilY sHoW9 時間 前

    People say he is rude but i think he is just brutally honest

  13. Sean Simpson

    Sean Simpson10 時間 前

    And I’m meant to be having something from Pizza Hut tonight!

  14. I’m Amara the The gacha maker hoomans

    I’m Amara the The gacha maker hoomans11 時間 前

    A five year old could make better pizza

  15. N I G E R U N D A Y O

    N I G E R U N D A Y O12 時間 前

    I love how gordon says it's disgusting and when the owners taste it they say "I tried it and it doesn't taste that bad,I don't know what is he on about."

  16. Color Artz

    Color Artz12 時間 前

    0:50 why does that actually good to me??

  17. orkutfinance

    orkutfinance12 時間 前

    It takes a special kind of idiot to screw up a pizza. That's like burning water

  18. Spruce Roots

    Spruce Roots13 時間 前

    the dude at j willys with the mustache is literally mood

  19. shrinivas swami

    shrinivas swami14 時間 前

    Do you think this is right? Lisa: Ahmmmmmmmmmm

  20. Pluto B

    Pluto B16 時間 前

    * Mom brings food * Ramsay - It's fuckin RAW! Ramsay's Mom - What did you just say? Ramsay - It's BLOODY DELICIOUS!

  21. Teh Noob Army

    Teh Noob Army16 時間 前

    Even my mom can cook better pepperoni pizza with mozzarella cheese

  22. Kent Donnelly

    Kent Donnelly17 時間 前

    Permission to vomit?

  23. Trin S.

    Trin S.18 時間 前

    “After saving the priests from an ungodly meal” I-

  24. Nx Doyle

    Nx Doyle18 時間 前

    My favorite moment here is G-Ram asking the priest to bless his food, which the priest duly does. Then Gordon says "cross fingers". Neither of these 'safeguards' would save you from food poisoning, but crossing your fingers is quicker and doesn't require any belief in imaginary friends.

  25. John Douglas

    John Douglas18 時間 前

    I don’t know what the restaurants expect getting Gordon Ramsay to come and eat their food. He is going to find something bad about it.

  26. Daft 909

    Daft 90919 時間 前


  27. Jeremiah Satterlee

    Jeremiah Satterlee20 時間 前

    If that pizza at the beginning of the video was the best pizza in Denver then pizza in Denver is shit

  28. qman vlogs

    qman vlogs21 時間 前

    I feel bad for the waiters

  29. Ozen

    Ozen21 時間 前

    It was really awkward when gordon took the priest's food away at the end he was like 'bruh wtf do i eat now'

  30. 1mnmfan

    1mnmfan21 時間 前

    chef gordan ramsey is the jillian michaels when it comes to food

  31. Basic mat

    Basic mat22 時間 前

    Ramsay actualy polite and thankfull to all the waiter that served him Happy gru noise

  32. leah finch

    leah finch22 時間 前


  33. Naggot Figger

    Naggot Figger22 時間 前

    I’d creampie that waitress in the first clip she’s hella cute and her voice is to die for.

  34. Silver Storm

    Silver Storm日 前

    When he asked someone to bless the food that made me laugh 😂

  35. Puff Puff

    Puff Puff日 前

    What a piece of shit, Ramsey, to use a priest to "pray over" your food because you're being an asshole.

  36. Ultra Instinct Shaggy

    Ultra Instinct Shaggy日 前

    That last restaurant is an example of why the US should’ve nuked japan harder.

  37. creepypasta jeff

    creepypasta jeff日 前

    the man esting pizza is from hells kitchen

  38. Tyler Leyden

    Tyler Leyden日 前

    Typical stubborn old fart

  39. heathway

    heathway日 前

    Knowing my fat ass, I'd still eat the pizza and like it.

  40. Chris Taylor

    Chris Taylor日 前

    Iv'e never seen oil like that on a Pizza ever, but my wife likes them that way, on saying that she is a big woman, and was not born, but she was launched.

  41. Leonardo Cucchiara

    Leonardo Cucchiara日 前

    "He been eaten all fancy pizzas". Right. I hate those fancy pizzas where the dough is cooked evenly...

  42. smiley anime fan

    smiley anime fan日 前

    When you use a fork and knife to eat pizza 😄

  43. Mason McNeely

    Mason McNeely日 前

    bro am i the only one who thinks that first pizza looks bomb

  44. Chiisai

    Chiisai日 前

    I'm sorry but who in their right MIND puts ranch on pizza without consent of the customer? Like... Not EVERYONE likes ranch. And I really doubt it was on the menu counting his reaction.

  45. Diana Mojica

    Diana Mojica日 前

    Rude ass Gordon is a tide ass

  46. Diana Mojica

    Diana Mojica日 前

    Rude ass

  47. The real SMKEXLUSV

    The real SMKEXLUSV日 前


  48. XXTeen_MekazaXX

    XXTeen_MekazaXX日 前

    Me:It looks so good, I would eat that pizza Gordon: Disgusting! Me: Disgusting, nasty, 🤮

  49. Dalilah Holloman

    Dalilah Holloman日 前

    That’s how black people like their pizza they eatin’ good



    3:06"i am very proud of my meat balls" 😂😂

  51. NerdLifePro Otaku

    NerdLifePro Otaku日 前

    I can’t be the only one feeling bad for the Asian man at the end. He just looks so lost and his wife is a huge bitch to him and he’s really trying to find something to say and he can’t he’s just so precious🥺

  52. Bubble Cup!

    Bubble Cup!日 前

    How can you mess up pizza I’m kid and i can. make pizza like dude😑

  53. ii-Lilly-ii

    ii-Lilly-ii日 前

    Me: Omg.. It looks so good.. Him: It’s so gross. Me: I-It’s.. SO AMAZING WHOOP.

  54. Southern Bass UK

    Southern Bass UK日 前

    To be honest I would eat the first pizza like if you agree

  55. Tyler Brown

    Tyler Brown日 前

    The turtle is so undercook it's still looking for it's 3 brothers to fight shredder

  56. MarvelCinematicUniverseFan115

    MarvelCinematicUniverseFan115日 前

    Surprised he didn’t wip out a fort and knife for the soup

  57. Sergeant Argubright

    Sergeant Argubright日 前

    Nobody: Gorden Ramsey: *eats pizza with a fork*

  58. Sergeant Argubright

    Sergeant Argubright2 時間 前

    @Sebstian Derflingher Ajuria Fuck you. You dont deserve to live

  59. Sebstian Derflingher Ajuria

    Sebstian Derflingher Ajuria2 時間 前

    I actually do too

  60. Brian Fortiz

    Brian Fortiz日 前

    Ramsey: "I'll have the water with extra ice." Server: "Right away, Chef." *Brings out water with ice* Ramsey: "WAS THE ICE FROZEN!?" Server: "Of course." Ramsey: "BLOODY CHRIST! AND IT'S FUCKING RAW!"

  61. AppleBottemGs

    AppleBottemGs日 前

    4:35 yess

  62. Trinady Gacha Girl

    Trinady Gacha Girl日 前