The WORST Pizzas Served On Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Felix

    Felix34 分 前

    Steve looks like he is inbred

  2. Alina Marin

    Alina Marin時間 前

    Peaple has diferent taste buns

  3. Cake

    Cake時間 前

    I think that pizza is better than school pizza. At my school they just put mayo on the dough as cheese and put ketchup as pepperoni.

  4. Anu Khatri

    Anu Khatri2 時間 前

    At This point I know the entire script of the episodes

  5. Mocha Lotta Official Music

    Mocha Lotta Official Music2 時間 前

    It’s not hero 🦸‍♂️ it’s a zero 😂😂😂👏🏾

  6. Monkey Island

    Monkey Island4 時間 前

    idk what ramsey is talking about, all these dishes looked delish!

  7. Rigged Fruits

    Rigged Fruits6 時間 前

    "looks nothing like a hero" Speech 100

  8. Karina Gaming

    Karina Gaming7 時間 前

    Ok I’m so addicted to pizza even Gordon does not like it I still eat it

  9. Dr. Coomer

    Dr. Coomer11 時間 前

    DoN't RuN oF lIkE a SnAKe

  10. Dr. Coomer

    Dr. Coomer11 時間 前

    Nobody, that one sound that plays when theirs something bad going on:EEEEEEEEAA

  11. Jenga Hits

    Jenga Hits13 時間 前

    When this man asked the priest to bless his pizza I died 💀😂

  12. Chris Barton

    Chris Barton14 時間 前

    "to be honest, i tasted the pizza and it tasted good" lol um, a michelin starred chef said your pizza was dogshit

  13. Christian Reid

    Christian Reid17 時間 前

    Had me dead when he said it's not a hero it's a zero

  14. Helene Delia

    Helene Delia23 時間 前

    Shoutout to the legend Bob the fly69 at 1:40 give him some recognition R.I.P

  15. Beakknive Monkey

    Beakknive Monkey23 時間 前

    Pizza is pizza

  16. Brian DeLoach

    Brian DeLoach日 前

    I use this hot plate when I travel. I strongly recommend cooking with this.

  17. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name日 前

    When you think fast food is worse

  18. Devynn

    Devynn日 前

    who the fuck holds pizza like that, just looking for something to complain about ;-; that pizza looks fire flames and would be great with a fork and knife

  19. Jim Burrows

    Jim Burrows日 前

    I appreciate that Gordon realizes it's not the waiters or waitresses fault and doesn't take it out on them

  20. LostAnime

    LostAnime日 前

    fun facts : this ass hole does not mock my Japaneses man, he is getting insulted because of his workers

  21. Maximum Sams Anderson

    Maximum Sams Anderson日 前

    Yes chef Ramsey is a dick

  22. Jayden Breeze

    Jayden Breeze日 前

    I would really like to see Gordon try school lunches.

  23. Anime tiddies

    Anime tiddies日 前

    Me: Hey that sandwich actually looks pretty good- Gordon: Disgusting. Me: Disgusting.

  24. Marko Cvorovic Picka

    Marko Cvorovic Picka日 前

    Is it wierd that i would like to eat the first pizza i think it looks good

  25. Phoenix Likes To Eat Fire

    Phoenix Likes To Eat Fire日 前

    Me: *Sees Gordon walking into the restaurant I'm at with a cameraman behind him.* I'm ready for the insults.

  26. xSweetse

    xSweetse日 前

    I like trashy food, but all that grease on the first pizza was disgusting, i can feel my veins squeeze in disgust.

  27. xSweetse

    xSweetse日 前

    Probably because i can't afford Gordon Ramsay's top class food.

  28. Jorge Garcia

    Jorge Garcia日 前

    Im too soft too like Ramsay when he’s rude

  29. Bo Corbin

    Bo Corbin日 前

    The waitress was my favorite part

  30. Mr. Kosime

    Mr. Kosime日 前

    That pizza had so much oil it could have been a whole t-rex.

  31. Novation Nation

    Novation Nation日 前

    me: thats a good looking pizza gordon: this is horrible me: bruh

  32. W0AH

    W0AH19 時間 前

    Novation Nation That pizza looked disgusting.

  33. Dead Deidara

    Dead Deidara日 前

    1:38 Fly: shit I ain't eaten this it's doughey.

  34. Amiel

    Amiel日 前

    Honestly, I would still eat that pizza

  35. Purple Strike

    Purple Strike日 前

    That Asian guy is so thin and frail looking.

  36. Software Ethan

    Software Ethan日 前

    Even my school lunch looks more appatizing than these dishes.

  37. someasiankid

    someasiankid日 前

    i dont know why waiters squat down while serving

  38. Coreybug 2010

    Coreybug 2010日 前


  39. Jack Connelly

    Jack Connelly2 日 前

    Hi Gordon! Could you please investigate my schools lunch? I’ve seen some really NASTY things about it with the tacos and more

  40. Grim Monaco

    Grim Monaco2 日 前

    The really sad thing is that people with standards as low as mine would eat a lot of these pizzas

  41. NightRacer02

    NightRacer022 日 前

    i hate how the first guy was like "he eats all this fancy food". he said it like Gordon was some rich prick who only eats off the cleanest plates

  42. MoonLotus y'all

    MoonLotus y'all2 日 前

    I find it funny that all the waiting staff are really nice and honest and all the chefs are assholes

  43. jannis98765

    jannis987652 日 前

    How does this guy not starve? I mean if everything he eats he says its bad

  44. •Angel Bun-Bun•

    •Angel Bun-Bun•2 日 前


  45. jannis98765

    jannis987652 日 前

    I love fatty pizza

  46. Deemah Aljeldh

    Deemah Aljeldh2 日 前

    I love you so much Gordon Ramsey

  47. Shan Torrejos

    Shan Torrejos2 日 前

    I've just I don't know How to speak english?

  48. Shan Torrejos

    Shan Torrejos日 前

    @•Angel Bun-Bun• reference to the last guy hahahahaha

  49. •Angel Bun-Bun•

    •Angel Bun-Bun•2 日 前


  50. The Sharpest Robloxian

    The Sharpest Robloxian2 日 前

    Pete isn't wrong. that pizza looks fuckin DELISH. Because im 15 and ill eat anything related to pizza. And its in DENVER? Lemme get the place name. I want that.

  51. MKing Taz 1311

    MKing Taz 13112 日 前

    Ion like gordon he ah bitch

  52. dark haze

    dark haze2 日 前

    Me:that looks good Ramsey: disgusting Me: devastating

  53. Gabriel Cisneros

    Gabriel Cisneros2 日 前

    I think chef's cook their food bad because they're nervous about Gordon Ramsay rating their food

  54. •Angel Bun-Bun•

    •Angel Bun-Bun•2 日 前

    Maybe,but I think it's because they just can't cook that well

  55. Massie Aiyanna

    Massie Aiyanna2 日 前

    Mannn!! Reusing stickss?? Xjxnjsbsbx how could that be possible?

  56. Iron man

    Iron man2 日 前

    Me: "Those ribs look good." Manager: "The FaAAat" Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣😄🤣

  57. Iron man

    Iron man2 日 前

    "The FaaAAat!"

  58. Blitzus

    Blitzus2 日 前

    At least he doesn’t mistreat the Waitresses

  59. •Angel Bun-Bun•

    •Angel Bun-Bun•2 日 前

    He's a good person,and I like that.We need more of that

  60. Priti Kunder

    Priti Kunder2 日 前

    WTF so much oil I have never seen so much oil on a pizza🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮

  61. •Angel Bun-Bun•

    •Angel Bun-Bun•2 日 前


  62. Beezlie727

    Beezlie7272 日 前

    That last lady sounded like she was proving the addage "don't work with your spouse"!

  63. Devin Doss

    Devin Doss2 日 前

    Those priests probably frequent that place and enjoy the pulled pork sandwich

  64. Depressed Otaku

    Depressed Otaku2 日 前

    I’d love to work as a waitress in a restaurant and get to hear and see Gordon Ramsay insult the restaurants food ID BE HAPPYYY

  65. RATT

    RATT2 日 前

    " I'm just so frustrated" meanwhile the guy (-_-)

  66. Roblox_craft guy

    Roblox_craft guy3 日 前

    The thunmail is disgusting 😂

  67. Lily’s Hyper

    Lily’s Hyper3 日 前

    she kinda bad

  68. countryfolk kinsurvive

    countryfolk kinsurvive3 日 前

    Gordon is an idiot....EVERYONE we know and come across here in the entire tri-state of Ohio, WV, and Pa ABSOLUTELY love getting such a large pizza with thick outer crust and some meat juices bubbling on the pizza. We SIMPLY, EASILY, DELIGHTFULLY rip off the outer crust and dap up those SAVORY juices (KNOWN AS FLAVOR) before eating the pizza slice and no, we dont care if he's recognized as some perfectly amazing chef... he knows a lot and does a lot, but this is at least one thing he's probably doing just for the rating because the viewers always want to see conflict in shows and no we DO NOT agree with a pizza having dough that's not cooked through all the way

  69. tylerdurden4232

    tylerdurden42323 日 前

    Me-"Good Comment" Ramsey-"Bad Comment" Me- " Bad Comment"

  70. Adarsh .S

    Adarsh .S3 日 前

    who ever puts ranch in a pizza???

  71. Drum Limster

    Drum Limster3 日 前

    That ribs look good or I'm just hungry

  72. Xsoph

    Xsoph3 日 前


  73. jason banks

    jason banks3 日 前

    I'm so surprised how he can come into these things so optimistic

  74. Sandip Rao

    Sandip Rao3 日 前

    Frankly to be honest except his harshness..... he is very gud by heart....:-)

  75. flameking not real name

    flameking not real name3 日 前

    I'm so hungry I'll eat it

  76. its me RALF

    its me RALF3 日 前


  77. BIG ONE

    BIG ONE3 日 前

    I would fxck him up for doing that to such a good looking pizza. On the real "That's our thin crust" was 😂

  78. helen zambrana

    helen zambrana3 日 前

    I’m a total pizza lover and I would never ever eat that pizza. It looks disgusting 🤢🤢

  79. HD Exotic

    HD Exotic3 日 前

    Thin crust really said: 🍑 🎂

  80. Soul Seeker

    Soul Seeker3 日 前

    I legitimately felt bad for Akira. The make-over for the restaurant made it look amazing, brought a spark to his eye and seemed like it put everything on track to a better life...and then Sushi Ko went out of business before the episode even aired. Poor Akira, you could see how grateful he was at the end of that episode for Gordon helping him

  81. Thedjdoge 23

    Thedjdoge 233 日 前

    Me: heres some bread I bought Gordon: its to bread

  82. just a cinnamon

    just a cinnamon3 日 前

    I actually like how Gordon doesn’t get angry with the waiters/waitresses, I’ve seen people who do and I’m glad that he doesn’t. They don’t make the food, all they do is bring it to you.

  83. padre nieves

    padre nieves4 日 前

    I’m 18 and I make better pizzas at work 😭

  84. Mr.Burns-On_Acid

    Mr.Burns-On_Acid4 日 前


  85. Shadow Wolf

    Shadow Wolf4 日 前

    Anytime I watch these videos I always take chef Ramsay's side. I'm an American and even I'm appalled. Fat should not take up freaking 90% of a cut of meat, the chef in my soul is crying and pissed!

  86. Xavien Martinez

    Xavien Martinez4 日 前

    1:53 anyone who's has ever had pizza doesn't agree with that thing thats called a thin crust

  87. Antonio Scotti

    Antonio Scotti4 日 前

    Dont get me wrong, I love Ramsay, extremely skillful and talented, but he doesn't get that sometimes we just loooove shitty crappy food, its fun! oily greasy badly made pizza is just perfect on a pissed friday night, period

  88. Malte S225

    Malte S2254 日 前

    That moment when even after God's blessing your food still sucks...

  89. Jack Mccutcheon

    Jack Mccutcheon4 日 前

    I love that half of this ain’t even pizzas

  90. Bruce Kenobi Medez

    Bruce Kenobi Medez4 日 前

    Mr. Gordon: Image is the opposite of taste...

  91. This Life

    This Life4 日 前

    I LOST it when the guy blessed the pizza

  92. Pineapple

    Pineapple4 日 前

    I would eat that pizza any day! Gordon is a bitch 🙄

  93. Joseph Yang

    Joseph Yang4 日 前

    5:54 here you can really here the pain in his voice

  94. Larry David

    Larry David4 日 前

    Why did they axe it? This clip alone has 31 million views

  95. Jeriel B

    Jeriel B4 日 前

    i would eat the pizza that eats Denver when in pissed drunk

  96. Stan twice

    Stan twice4 日 前

    ramsay: gets a priest to bless his food also ramsay: oh my god

  97. Watcherman98

    Watcherman984 日 前

    If your dough on a pizza still needs to bake then that’s a yikes from me, nothing fun about biting into something chewy and raw

  98. Tyra Susanto

    Tyra Susanto4 日 前

    THERE IS A FLY ON THE PIZAAA AAaaaaaaAAAAa now i am scared to go eat pizza :,(

  99. Batteries

    Batteries4 日 前

    Okay but i feel like it might taste a bit better if he ate them like a normal human being?

  100. River Morrison

    River Morrison4 日 前

    Sushi has to be frozen to kill the worms.....

  101. Lise Travis

    Lise Travis4 日 前

    I love greasy pizza!

  102. pretend there's a name

    pretend there's a name4 日 前

    10:42 My love for this scene can't be put into words.

  103. DANRYX

    DANRYX4 日 前

    Where's the Jeff Sokol special?

  104. Fly Star1

    Fly Star14 日 前

    “It’s not a hero it’s a zero”Gordon might be mean but he makes a roast fun

  105. Shu

    Shu13 時間 前

    but he has plenty of people that loves his "meatball"

  106. Jorge Garcia

    Jorge Garcia日 前


  107. Braxton Winkle

    Braxton Winkle4 日 前

    I would NEVER eat that pizza!

  108. Balderrama 24/7 Chillin on YouTube

    Balderrama 24/7 Chillin on YouTube4 日 前

    The Dollar Pizza from NY looks and tastes more better than this one instead!

  109. ana adeva

    ana adeva5 日 前

    apex legends

  110. joe

    joe5 日 前

    Pizza is like sex! Even if it sucks, it’s still pretty good.