The WORST Pizzas Served On Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Keniel Díaz

    Keniel Díaz41 分 前

    God dang it now I want pizza

  2. JAVcapIhw. 61cax9w

    JAVcapIhw. 61cax9w時間 前

    You know what's funny that pizza looked good to me but I dont eat 300 dollar salads every day so idk

  3. Ramesh Gill

    Ramesh Gill時間 前

    If ever there was such a base rotten breed of vermin.........

  4. Ramesh Gill

    Ramesh Gill時間 前

    4.02 A thousand amerikan cretinous 2 legged bison walking over it.

  5. Singmusic12

    Singmusic12時間 前

    kudos to the staff in the first clip other than the dude. they were so honest and ok w criticsm

  6. Kelvin Jones

    Kelvin Jones2 時間 前

    Only saw one comment on the "people love my meatballs" gaffe...very surprising 😂😂


    ALICIA WHITE2 時間 前

    I LOVE when the servers and Gordon have the little bash session at the table 😂😂😂😂 like the servers hate working there and have the same opinion as he does. Hilarious

  8. donnychu

    donnychu2 時間 前

    Not gonna lie that sausage pizza looked pretty good

  9. Deymn ML

    Deymn ML3 時間 前

    The rib looks good though

  10. Marlon Pinto

    Marlon Pinto4 時間 前

    Not gonna lie, I probably would have ate the first pizza

  11. Gasss Dasss

    Gasss Dasss4 時間 前


  12. Gasss Dasss

    Gasss Dasss4 時間 前

    I’m starving and he’s picking apart food -.-

  13. Uvinerse

    Uvinerse4 時間 前

    Is nobody gonna tall about the fact that a priest just blessed Gordan's food

  14. MK_on_YT

    MK_on_YT4 時間 前

    He really did diss THE Gordon Ramsey. It was so bad he had to eat it with a fork

  15. Gyasi A.

    Gyasi A.4 時間 前

    Gorden: uploads this Anger from inside out: congratulations America you have officially ruined pizza!

  16. MK_on_YT

    MK_on_YT4 時間 前

    He had to eat it with a FORK

  17. Heathvibes

    Heathvibes5 時間 前

    He really asked him to bless his food,,, this man has N O chill

  18. Free China in Taiwan

    Free China in Taiwan5 時間 前

    Guess Asian food in the West is not gonna be nice huh 😂

  19. OlliOtter1004

    OlliOtter10046 時間 前

    WHO TF PUTS RANCH ON PIZZA??????? JESUS! Doesn’t take a fucking master chef to see that, FUCK!

  20. spydergs07

    spydergs076 時間 前

    That's crazy that he knows when food is frozen or fresh by how chewy it is lol

  21. EnderQuakePlayz

    EnderQuakePlayz6 時間 前

    1:54 Literal Slob. This pig.

  22. Papado

    Papado7 時間 前

    im scared that i eat this kind of food everytime i eat out and don’t understand that it’s trash

  23. lei jorielle soria

    lei jorielle soria7 時間 前

    "hasn't tasted a classic pizza" ....a pizza with raw dough and cheese falling off?? okay?

  24. Claire

    Claire9 時間 前

    god I really started hating that wife as soon as she opened her mouth

  25. Cristina

    Cristina10 時間 前

    I m Italian. And I m crying. I think that these are the competitors, I would become millionaire if I start my pizzeria there.

  26. The Beast aka The Monster

    The Beast aka The Monster8 時間 前

    Can't go wrong with starting pizza. When this Covid-19 shit is over with. I am planning to open a pizza diner myself. Been practicing so far my friends say easily better than Little Ceaser, Jets and Pizza Hut. Its a start.

  27. Shiny J.

    Shiny J.10 時間 前

    First pizza I was like hhhhhmmmmm 🍕❤️❤️❤️

  28. Charlzz 123

    Charlzz 12310 時間 前

    Maybe it’s too much cheese

  29. I Tried Don't Judge

    I Tried Don't Judge10 時間 前

    Gordon Be like Roasting the chef and be complimenting the waiters Like honestly cruel and savage :p

  30. The Beast aka The Monster

    The Beast aka The Monster8 時間 前

    The Waiters are not the problem. Also the thing with the sticks they reuse. That is a major hell no. I used to be a health inspector and I would have had that place shut down due to those violations.

  31. Blue Berry

    Blue Berry10 時間 前


  32. Blue Berry

    Blue Berry10 時間 前

    At first when you see it is very good looking but when you pick it up it drops all of the droppings off

  33. Blue Berry

    Blue Berry10 時間 前

    What the hell is that pizza

  34. Anthony Nicolucci

    Anthony Nicolucci11 時間 前

    1:40 that fly flew away because he even thinks it’s horrible

  35. thomas willett

    thomas willett11 時間 前

    ngl i kinda want to eat the first pizza

  36. Amber Skye Sobers

    Amber Skye Sobers11 時間 前

    Ok so. I know the pizza isn't great. But I'm 32 weeks pregnant, and I want it.

  37. Giulia Argano

    Giulia Argano11 時間 前

    Oh well,as an Italian I'm not surprised

  38. Sabe533 No.2

    Sabe533 No.212 時間 前

    Screwing up culinary stuff is one thing, but when you mess with the pizza, *THAT'S JUST GOING TOO FAR.*

  39. Yeet fetus

    Yeet fetus12 時間 前

    The waiters are always so embarrassed, kinda makes me feel bad for them...

  40. doge king of bread

    doge king of bread12 時間 前

    The pizza is so oily i could make a car run with it

  41. allypoo2plaz_YT

    allypoo2plaz_YT12 時間 前

    When my school pizza has more grease so we have to use our tiny napkins to remove it all or don’t eat 🤡

  42. Tyler Robblee

    Tyler Robblee13 時間 前

    Damn she just had the best shift ever hahaha

  43. Jameel Daya

    Jameel Daya16 時間 前

    Who the fuk puts potatoes on pizza?. I mean people have arguments about putting pineapple on pizza but potatoes. Potatoes r used for crips, chips, fries, mash, roast chicken, and other stuff.

  44. The true Gamer

    The true Gamer16 時間 前

    Never thought I’d have heard of anything worse than pineapple pizza but you have changed my mind

  45. It’s Jack

    It’s Jack16 時間 前

    I love how he is so nice to the waitress

  46. Caleb Retherford

    Caleb Retherford16 時間 前

    He literally doesn’t like shit unless he makes it😂 I would love that loaded potato pizza

  47. Sivanand D

    Sivanand D17 時間 前

    The first pizza waitress's reactions are so cute. The smile tells you she know it is bad and can't wait for gordon to destroy it

  48. Marsian Beatz

    Marsian Beatz17 時間 前

    senza parole

  49. D3nver

    D3nver18 時間 前

    I just love how gordon needed a priest to bless the food

  50. Speed Runner

    Speed Runner18 時間 前

    Has anybody even said anything about the wife talking trash to her husband? Then Gordon saying shut up to her it was hilarious.

  51. Sara Fox

    Sara Fox19 時間 前

    *I love the way that most of the chefs are like “I don’t know what he’s talking about lots of people love this food” but when I’m looking at these foods I wouldn’t order them in a million years lol*

  52. The Pianiolist

    The Pianiolist21 時間 前

    Hey hey hey. Now in the Bronx, we put ranch and BBQ sauce on pizza, I don’t see the problem

  53. Farzeen Motadeli

    Farzeen Motadeli21 時間 前

    “Don’t run away like a snake” 11:02 LMAOO😭😂😂😂😂

  54. Adam Bratton

    Adam Bratton21 時間 前

    not gonna lie id prolly eat most of that lol

  55. Vst56 ._.

    Vst56 ._.22 時間 前

    i live across the street from the first place lmaoo

  56. Kiyeje Assumi

    Kiyeje Assumi22 時間 前

    Imagine his kid making him pizza.

  57. Renegade Wolfhound

    Renegade Wolfhound23 時間 前

    That poor man is in an abusive relationship. Gordon only hurt from what I see in this video.

  58. Nic Digss

    Nic Digss23 時間 前

    It’s like he dissects every meal and doesn’t even eat it. Obviously you’re going to find some kind of imperfection if you do that.

  59. Matthew Barrett

    Matthew Barrett日 前

    He’s way too picky, he doesn’t know what regular food tastes or looks like

  60. XxAaryanxX_YT

    XxAaryanxX_YT日 前

    Thiccc as rias

  61. Marcelo Mendes

    Marcelo Mendes日 前


  62. Del Luna

    Del Luna日 前


  63. 김현정

    김현정日 前

    You know it's bad when there's a Priest

  64. DavidSupreme

    DavidSupreme日 前

    4:26 the sign

  65. Tracy Nazaire

    Tracy Nazaire日 前

    tehehehehe me: wondering why he eating with a forkand knife on pizza me: saying chefs these days be so picky

  66. YungDegen

    YungDegen日 前

    all that pizza looks slangin

  67. Daniel Catalan

    Daniel Catalan日 前

    Common denominator... delusional owners.

  68. Augustus Constantine

    Augustus Constantine日 前

    I would eat that first pizza any day 🤤🤤🤤

  69. FAX Night

    FAX Night日 前

    I love a nice greasy pizza, but this just looks terrible. I love chicago and New York pizza, but never combine the two. The meatball hero just looked like a meatball villain, too. The guy blaming his terrible cooking for gordon being used to GOOD food is awful, too. Edit: talking about the first clip. The loaded baked potato pizza kind of looked good, I'll shamefully admit.

  70. Emma Torode

    Emma Torode日 前

    Maybe an unpopular opinion: beef should never be on a pizza. A bit of chicken or ham ok but beef is way too heavy and doesn’t go well with all the cheese and tomato

  71. alldeeznuttz inyomouf

    alldeeznuttz inyomouf日 前

    that priest knew what he was eating lol

  72. Astronymos

    Astronymos日 前

    I would eat it

  73. Nigga CRIMSON

    Nigga CRIMSON日 前

    5:14 that waitress cute🙉

  74. Sanderson Charlie

    Sanderson Charlie日 前

    He is an asswhole hahahaha love it

  75. Ron Reviews

    Ron Reviews日 前

    We Le use them Again 😂

  76. Ron Reviews

    Ron Reviews日 前

    We Le use them Again 😂

  77. Bob Bond

    Bob Bond日 前

    I damn near fell off my chair when he got his “ Food “ blessed !! It does look like a dogs 🐶 breakfast.

  78. Kelsie Dutton

    Kelsie Dutton日 前

    Wall paper paste hahah that got me 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  79. Eliyyahu

    Eliyyahu日 前

    I think the real crime is Gordon eating pizza within a fork but 🤷🏽‍♂️

  80. Kitten_lovxe r

    Kitten_lovxe r日 前

    0:05 Dang it do be thicc doe

  81. M Yin

    M Yin日 前

    That pizza looks fine to me.

  82. Luka B

    Luka B日 前

    No matter how bad the food is he always is polite

  83. Emely GV64

    Emely GV64日 前

    What would Gordon think about Costco pizza?

  84. Summers Time Entertainment

    Summers Time Entertainment日 前

    All of those animals killed and minced together just so he can criticize how they taste. SMH #govegan

  85. T H E N U T

    T H E N U T日 前

    stfu no one cares