The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant


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    Please open your turkish channel

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    Animales del mar

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    When are the new ant episodes coming?

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    bit of a late comment. I do use curiosity stream for a year now and I would honestly love to see al the Kurzgesagt vids posted there <3

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    Can't wait for the next vid

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    This reminds me of the game called for honor



    Wasp:*chillin* Army ants: approaches Wasp colony: Why do I hear boss music

  9. scitor

    scitor12 時間 前

    When and where did you get the impression "humans have decided that war is not a thing that they want to do a lot anymore"? Since that can't be the same humans I have on my planet here...

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    "War, war never changes."

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    то чувство когда смотришь эту охирительную анимацию и читаешь субтитры

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    i tought its a game

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    To be honest this was really interesting

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    Chimera Ant Arc

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    More episodes

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    It would have been fantastic if you all would have just given up this is stupid animation style for once, just for this series of videos, and just shown actual footage of the ants doing what they do.

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    These speachies Are more interesting than most history of the earth

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    We could learn a bit from the ant

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    When the next ant war video

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    5:57 did anyone notice the skeleton on the left of the leaf cutters colony.

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    If we are so anti war why do we keep developing more powerful and elusive weapons?

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    when is the next ep

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    You got a new subscriber my friend. I love the presentation and the information. More vids please.

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    I started respecting ants when I saw one carry a dead one. That shit hit me.

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    pls do more of these

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    If leafcutters and Pheidole Obtusospinosa hybrids emerged, they would be invincible. If those hybrids acquire the numerical superiority and military might of the army ants, we don’t stand a chance if we don’t have exterminators.

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    Please make more of these animal documentaries. This video was amazing!

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    8:22 *_Ants developing space travel beyond planet earth, 2020, colorized._*

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    yo when is part two coming... i need to know more

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    I WANT MY WORLD WAR ANT II !!!!! Please

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    PART 2

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    Why is there so many dislikes?

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    When ant war is more interesting than human war

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    Who is still waiting for part 2?

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    "Even among the same species, a constant state of conflict is pretty common." Sound familiar?

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    The ants 😡🐜

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    They don't build nests, just kill everything. So they are technically the ant world Mongols

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    Why is the title in german and the video in english? The chanel has also a german name?

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    ff in engels dan, can you please hury a bit. duurt lannnnnggg

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    Nee oprecht, ff opschieten

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    ey, als jij nou ff opschiet met die videootjes zou fijn. alvast bedankt

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    okay this is surprisingly interesting

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    Who know gi-ant mean giant ant?

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    Make a part 2

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    I would totally play an ant computer game if it had Kurzgesagt graphics 🔥🔥🔥

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    Same old story, ants killing ants

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    So this is what happening at my backyard.

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    Imagine being born lookin like a damn bobble head so you can body block an invading soldier

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    This is probably because of Call of Duty World War 2


    ASTROLINIGEN 2.02 日 前

    Bro i did the same thing ants canada did but with way more ants and a big custom tank it lasted 3 days and was epic ... I underestimated how far they'd go and all killed each other... sometimes ur not fit to be God

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    3:57 Behold, the corkhead

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    Ant war part 2 plz???

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    this is really cool

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    when is the next ant vid comming ? 8s one was great

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    War, War never changes

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    Ection Burcheli - La hormiga legionaria.

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    Colony of killer army ants: "Let's attack this colony" Some square boi: "I'm about to end this ant's whole career"

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    Everything in the world is big and there is no shortage of food. try peace ok ? XDDDDDD

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    5:33 they twerk their foes to death!

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    4:01 Thats slightly adorable

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    Where is the second part

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    this is so good