1. Sinister Chill

    Sinister Chill日 前

    That girl has tits of steel

  2. Alexandra Padilla

    Alexandra Padilla日 前

    She do got a hickey doe. 😂

  3. Don Cristian Munoz

    Don Cristian Munoz日 前

    So second date ??

  4. Goof Ball

    Goof Ball日 前

    Freeze frame at 6:20 if you want a nightmare

  5. Oja Amelia

    Oja Amelia2 日 前

    You should go for sky diving as well. Anyway, love your video! I would love to be your date if you guys in Asia 😊😊

  6. MP-Tuners Productions

    MP-Tuners Productions2 日 前

    Ocean Ramsay. Like Gordon Ramsay but for fishes

  7. Mohd Almanasreh

    Mohd Almanasreh2 日 前

    Man i hold my brith so much watching these videos!

  8. Sunjida Afroz

    Sunjida Afroz3 日 前

    The way Matt kissed Ammar!!😍❤

  9. Tyler Traverse

    Tyler Traverse4 日 前

    So you guys are the reason my girlfriend says we never do anything... jk I don't have a girlfriend :/

  10. Reegan Hellevik

    Reegan Hellevik5 日 前

    Went to the bottom of the ocean, you went about 7ft

  11. arianne ross

    arianne ross5 日 前

    My heart is so warm every time i watch their videos !! I love these guys, never stop doing what you guys do!!

  12. Fengze Yang

    Fengze Yang6 日 前

    I think you guys healed my depression a little bit. I love you guys.

  13. Lunid Telle

    Lunid Telle6 日 前

    Im sorry but is Matt gay?

  14. chubzz

    chubzz6 日 前

    I know I’m late but I like going back and rewatching your videos

  15. chubzz

    chubzz6 日 前

    The doc dropped on my birthday😄

  16. H I Z N

    H I Z N6 日 前

    Wtf sharks are cute :,(

  17. H I Z N

    H I Z N6 日 前

    I have an awesome idea how about u guys go book ubers and ask them to fly with u guys idk if it has been done before bt it would be awesome

  18. Katherine

    Katherine6 日 前

    Awww you should have let her sit up front guys not in back seat alone.....awesome trip, love the copter!!

  19. CarpCarinthia

    CarpCarinthia6 日 前

    Wtf I live in Klagenfurt 😂😂😂

  20. Maya S

    Maya S6 日 前

    i wait for the day one of these stranger dates to become official

  21. Michele Eslick

    Michele Eslick8 日 前

    You guys should learn how to ballroom dance. Seriously. Life skill 💯

  22. eb12231

    eb122318 日 前

    job title: CEO

  23. Rishabh Parmar

    Rishabh Parmar9 日 前

    music at 11:20 is Tony Anderson - Dreamlife. Thank me later ;)

  24. pdraggy

    pdraggy9 日 前

    I thought that picture looked familiar, my bro hangs with the shark diver.

  25. A Masselink

    A Masselink10 日 前

    5:55 good song choice Matt

  26. Evangeline Donta

    Evangeline Donta10 日 前

    Try barrel racing!!

  27. bamf

    bamf11 日 前

    Diving with sharks looks so peaceful to me

  28. Peralta !

    Peralta !12 日 前

    This video is so beautiful and also I'm drunk rn!

  29. Sam Heaton

    Sam Heaton12 日 前

    They really made her sit back seat

  30. monster scream

    monster scream13 日 前

    i think people are scared of sharks is because of those movies such as jaws

  31. Donovan A

    Donovan A13 日 前

    After kobes death I was worried when they went in the helicopter

  32. StansStuff

    StansStuff13 日 前

    Then, out the corner of your eye, you spot him. 2:32 SHIA LABOEUF

  33. Nathan Granillo

    Nathan Granillo14 日 前

    Do a 2nd date

  34. Jonatan Tehelen

    Jonatan Tehelen15 日 前

    Order a uber !!! Ask the uber driver where he would like to go ! And go with him !

  35. Taruli Luli

    Taruli Luli15 日 前

    Omg of course Lexie is Thomas' gf

  36. Brandon Rosch'e

    Brandon Rosch'e15 日 前

    Yes theory goes Alaskan elk hunting.. lol next video ????

  37. Kulik 1

    Kulik 115 日 前

    Ammar is third wheeling again

  38. John Hall

    John Hall16 日 前

    Great vid

  39. Alex Barron

    Alex Barron16 日 前

    Thank you guys !!!!!!!

  40. Ida Fruitboot

    Ida Fruitboot17 日 前

    I loooveeed this

  41. catherine donoghue

    catherine donoghue17 日 前

    Those hoodies are nice

  42. TheKhammyShow

    TheKhammyShow18 日 前

    Listen I want to meet you guys so freaking bad..

  43. TheKhammyShow

    TheKhammyShow18 日 前

    Omg I was legit just at that hotel last month

  44. MadHouse

    MadHouse19 日 前

    All I care is who smashed that sweet mellow? I bet it was Matt!!! Sharks and ass on Hawaii nice!!!!!!!

  45. the_rino 456

    the_rino 45619 日 前

    1:05 he already had the app

  46. Dylan

    Dylan22 日 前

    whats her instagram

  47. Matthew Long

    Matthew Long22 日 前

    Yo Indiana represent!!!

  48. Tommy Mccoy

    Tommy Mccoy22 日 前

    “We’re not surfing, we’re swimming with the sharks. *awkward ass silence *driver-“I’m not coming”😂😂😂

  49. YOLO708

    YOLO70823 日 前

    Amar trying to get a kiss

  50. Oliver B

    Oliver B23 日 前

    These boys get to hang out with the hottest girls

  51. Lil Whiskey

    Lil Whiskey23 日 前

    Thomas face at 3:35 oh my god😂😂😂

  52. Derek Church

    Derek Church23 日 前

    The miles they get from flying must be a record

  53. salim abdalla

    salim abdalla24 日 前

    You guys should come to Kenya and try and live the suburbs of Garisa town for a day. Just a day. I dare you.

  54. Benjamin Chen

    Benjamin Chen25 日 前

    Ocean lwk kinda cute

  55. The pink Astronaut

    The pink Astronaut27 日 前

    I went swimming with nurse shark which i learned are completly innofensive (the worse they can do is moderatly suck a finger) but i also learned I had a phobia of shark so i choked the experience even though I wanted to do it very deeply inside of me. My body didn't want to tho #kindasadgang

  56. Precious Editz

    Precious Editz27 日 前

    He defo smashed

  57. Parisa Peters

    Parisa Peters28 日 前

    I love ocean Ramsey 😍 ..... omg she’s an inspiration

  58. Steven t

    Steven t28 日 前

    So this is a 3 way date?

  59. William Hadi

    William Hadi28 日 前

    Is that your new hq?

  60. Kind of a big deal

    Kind of a big deal29 日 前

    has anyone made a joke of if the guy got attacked by the sharks then it would be better than going on more dates with a woman? lol jk