1. mike brown

    mike brown20 時間 前

    I have been swimming with one ocean diving for 2 years now and it has been the the most peaceful things I think I have ever done in my life!

  2. Asian Man

    Asian Man日 前

    14:33 they didnt bleep out fuck

  3. Coby Appleton

    Coby Appleton日 前

    Think they screwed lacy

  4. Poo Bum

    Poo Bum日 前

    What happened to the 70 hours editing video?

  5. Elvis Ameb

    Elvis Ameb3 日 前

    that girl was awesome so much positivity and friendliness and to top it off so gorgeous...

  6. Jayant Xalxo

    Jayant Xalxo3 日 前

    @yes theory Sky from the top most point of Burj Khalifa.

  7. Eliter_Gamer

    Eliter_Gamer3 日 前

    She needs to come back

  8. EddyFrmEddy

    EddyFrmEddy3 日 前

    goodbye's are the worst

  9. 2Take X

    2Take X4 日 前

    I feel bad for the beautiful girl, she has to sit in the back and doesn’t join in on the JPreporter stuff because she probably doesn’t know anything about it but what’s her Instagram

  10. Lisa Love

    Lisa Love4 日 前

    They barely looked at each other. Was the a "Date"? Maybe Matt already has a special lady is my prediction.

  11. Cash Baldia

    Cash Baldia5 日 前

    Did anyone notice that he is re - downloading tinder

  12. Paaigee xo

    Paaigee xo5 日 前

    You guys need to come to New Zealand

  13. Spencer Rich

    Spencer Rich5 日 前

    Imagine how many stories they’ll be able to tell when they’re old

  14. Mathinus Wolters

    Mathinus Wolters6 日 前

    I have fallen in love with the ocean, not just the beautiful woman, but the sharks as well. Amazing to see experiences and creatures like this in the world

  15. LAURII Librandi

    LAURII Librandi6 日 前

    Subtitles plis

  16. mariana reis

    mariana reis6 日 前

    uoooooou when the coments showed running thru the page I got dizzled

  17. Bunny Nerd

    Bunny Nerd7 日 前

    sharks are my fav animal

  18. ClockLiuOG

    ClockLiuOG7 日 前

    They sell Pathwater in Oahu? :O 13:38

  19. alasexyunicorn

    alasexyunicorn7 日 前

    Watching these videos is always so inspiring and sad XD.... I'm looking for a job so that next year I could hopefully go to America. I hope I donr get kidnapped and sold on the black market

  20. maggie swan

    maggie swan11 日 前


  21. Clay Kuciemba

    Clay Kuciemba12 日 前

    Yes Theory has the seek discomfort slogan and I'd love to pursue that mentality. Give me something worth seeking and finding for myself. Dare me.

  22. Annie

    Annie15 日 前

    who is Lexi

  23. Heaa Finefeuiaki

    Heaa Finefeuiaki16 日 前

    Date Lacy 😂

  24. Damian Swope

    Damian Swope16 日 前

    Seriously guys. Y'all are incredible. Thanks for everything you do.

  25. Disappointed User

    Disappointed User16 日 前

    The sharks didn't have "FREAKING LASER BEAMS!" It could have been more dangerous...

  26. Rais Rafikov

    Rais Rafikov17 日 前

    Couldn’t u choose a prettier girl?

  27. Austin Jhaymar Sobremonte

    Austin Jhaymar Sobremonte17 日 前

    Trip to the philippines pleasee

  28. ItzAn Opinion

    ItzAn Opinion17 日 前

    While *Sharks* are *Apex Predators* ...they are NOT THE #1 Apex Predator of the ocean.... That honor goes to... drum-roll-please.... *Orcas* :-)

  29. Jasmine Williams

    Jasmine Williams18 日 前

    That is sooooo coooool!

  30. Lexi Lopez

    Lexi Lopez18 日 前

    I've seen a blue whale and dolphins

  31. Evie Wallace farrell

    Evie Wallace farrell19 日 前

    I love u guys It would legit be my biggest dream to meet you one day in Australia 🇦🇺

  32. Romie Kan

    Romie Kan19 日 前

    What happend to Matt’s girlfriend

  33. Simran Dhodi

    Simran Dhodi19 日 前

    Amar is the best third wheel ever! 🤣

  34. Juanan03

    Juanan0321 日 前

    subtitles, 4:26 lmao

  35. a_normal_boy

    a_normal_boy21 日 前

    She looks like aquaman

  36. Inbar

    Inbar21 日 前

    This makes me think about downloading Tinder.

  37. Max Koch

    Max Koch21 日 前

    Yes Theory were those subtitles intendet on 4:30????

  38. Harry Prager

    Harry Prager21 日 前

    Try offshore sailing! Its awesome!

  39. McBrn Vlog

    McBrn Vlog22 日 前

    Come to the Philippines guys

  40. Franz0 BlaBla

    Franz0 BlaBla22 日 前

    Wow guys you are so amazing! You really inspire me so much! Love you guys! ♥️

  41. Vendrix

    Vendrix22 日 前

    ocean ramsey is fucking hot

  42. Daniel Z. Zhao

    Daniel Z. Zhao22 日 前

    Lol Ammar just saying I’m an aware dominant apex predator the whole time

  43. Nathaniel Krafft

    Nathaniel Krafft23 日 前

    that was so dope

  44. Jaspreet Singh Ahuja

    Jaspreet Singh Ahuja23 日 前

    Put and read the CC(closed captions) 04:25 onwards

  45. R4imu R4

    R4imu R423 日 前

    Those youtube subtitles at 4:22

  46. Mr Derp

    Mr Derp23 日 前

    So We aren’t going to talk about the ENGLISH CAPTIONS AT 4:25? “I know we just met but would you wanna maybe come over and have an orgy with me and the boi’s?” @yestheory I’m dead add me on insta though @ben_t__

  47. sarah boddie

    sarah boddie23 日 前

    We r all like sooooo.... second date?

  48. Sharon Matongo

    Sharon Matongo24 日 前

    That Baby Shark reference at 11:58 was gold!

  49. oiL oiL Fernandez

    oiL oiL Fernandez24 日 前

    adopt me for 1 day

  50. Luke Harris

    Luke Harris24 日 前

    Did anyone read the subtitles!? They're f*cking hilarious! Watch from 4:25

  51. Robert Chan

    Robert Chan24 日 前

    Luke Harris Lmaoooo wtf nice catch, TD is wildin 😂

  52. RebeccaCannan

    RebeccaCannan25 日 前

    Please tell me they’re dating now 😍

  53. Lily Kingsley-Harrison

    Lily Kingsley-Harrison25 日 前

    Is anyone going to talk about how Matt was listening to shawn mendes?

  54. Allison

    Allison25 日 前

    ❤ for anyone having a date today. Best tip for date we all know is just think of something else but that is easier said than done right haha! Anyways what does keep my mind occupy like listen to some music you like like Delta Parole to relax and get ready. Do something you like and you will have good vibe for the date is what a friend once told me and it works!

  55. RollOut82

    RollOut8226 日 前

    Man, Yes Theory never disappoints. Always interesting, always meaningful, always fun. Almost always at end of a YesTheory I find myself smiling.

  56. CR7

    CR726 日 前

    That girl is more a man than yes theory members 😂

  57. Tyrece Thompson

    Tyrece Thompson27 日 前

    out of curiosity what happens to the tinder dates after the video,do you guys date?

  58. Disappointed User

    Disappointed User16 日 前

    They could only afford a one bed and bath hotel with no couch. *COUGH COUGH*

  59. Hex

    Hex27 日 前

    You guys should go on Omegle with “Travel” as your interest and find someone to take to their dream travel location

  60. Scott Lilly

    Scott Lilly8 時間 前


  61. Joe Andersson

    Joe Andersson5 日 前


  62. Bram Panneman

    Bram Panneman28 日 前

    One week ago after a dive in Mozambique we saw sharks hunting for fish. It were blacktips so completely harmless. Directly when we saw it we jumped in the water to see it. There were lots of them. It was amazing!

  63. Bram Panneman

    Bram Panneman28 日 前

    Do such an adventure but than with an Uber driver that picks you up to the airport!

  64. Robert Chan

    Robert Chan27 日 前

    Bram Panneman Oooh good idea, I second that

  65. Driftsイクラス

    Driftsイクラス29 日 前

    That shot of the finless sharks rolling around the ocean floor is heart breaking