1. African Safari Films

    African Safari Films19 時間 前

    You guys need better cameras with better audio, rumbles are too loud and your editor makes the music too loud. Constantly having to adjust my volume

  2. Jake Webb

    Jake Webb20 時間 前

    Actually Indiana isn’t Landlocked!! We’re on Lake Michigan!!:)

  3. Jake Webb

    Jake Webb20 時間 前

    Indiana is the greatest state in the country!!!!

  4. ItsPabloYT

    ItsPabloYT22 時間 前

    Am I the only one who thinks yes theory should also be a Netflix series???

  5. sumukha sharma

    sumukha sharma日 前

  6. Dianne Concepcion

    Dianne Concepcion日 前

    been binge watching your videos and I just need Matt’s playlist hahahaha ❤️

  7. Garry Ocean

    Garry Ocean日 前

    1:40 What is that shirt brand?

  8. Lorenzo Catalan

    Lorenzo Catalan日 前

    Yeah I will never go swimming with sharks, cuz I can’t swim

  9. Fluff

    Fluff日 前

    9:52 that dolphin has been watching too much anime

  10. AndreasM8686

    AndreasM8686日 前

    ok why i am in love with ocean ramsey

  11. Chandler Gilliam

    Chandler Gilliam2 日 前


  12. Jeff Green

    Jeff Green2 日 前

    Not what I'd ask a woman to do on a date, but ok. lol

  13. John stansbury

    John stansbury2 日 前

    This is the one thing I regret not doing while I was in Oahu

  14. Michael Dahlgren

    Michael Dahlgren3 日 前

    I did this with One Ocean 6 weeks ago. You guys captured the peacefulness and serenity once you’re in the water perfectly. 👍 Amazing experience and keep up the great videos!

  15. Lucchese

    Lucchese3 日 前

    why is she sitting in the back seat? everyone knows the girl (especially one you're going on a date with) sits passenger

  16. Matt Hastings

    Matt Hastings日 前

    it do not matter

  17. anna schwirian

    anna schwirian3 日 前

    Something I’ve wanted to do . That was awesome next you should go to homestead Florida and do the experience of swimming with an Alligator then come up to my area (crystal river Florida) and swim with the manatees

  18. Someone Someone

    Someone Someone4 日 前

    2:49 Arianators:😁

  19. Bot for sure

    Bot for sure4 日 前

    Ocean Ramsey looks like my old English teacher except younger

  20. Sully M

    Sully M4 日 前

    All that and he never smashed???

  21. Lupe Medina

    Lupe Medina4 日 前

    Wait are they Bi?

  22. J B

    J B4 日 前

    Lol what an idea.

  23. Pats12Dude

    Pats12Dude4 日 前


  24. ccenk

    ccenk5 日 前

    tinder isn t created for these sharks.

  25. Jeffery Tseng

    Jeffery Tseng5 日 前

    ocean ramseys is hot af no cap

  26. samson lei

    samson lei5 日 前

    that marine biologist was thiccccccc

  27. Cenen Michael Nacorda

    Cenen Michael Nacorda5 日 前

    This channel is becoming about getting girls. Lol.

  28. Matt Mars Ryan

    Matt Mars Ryan5 日 前

    Did they smash?

  29. Matt Mars Ryan

    Matt Mars Ryan5 日 前

    She’s thicker than the sharks

  30. LaZe Creed

    LaZe Creed5 日 前

    I went to Kaui waves 12 feet tall and I am 11 years old

  31. Joseph Cummings

    Joseph Cummings5 日 前

    I would say yes to anything these guys ask me 9044140259 just text and find out! ***Yes theory***

  32. Zayaan Sallie

    Zayaan Sallie6 日 前

    Ocean Ramsey is so cool. she’s smart, kind and so pretty wth

  33. Truth is This

    Truth is This6 日 前

    come to pakistan and have a look at its beauty

  34. intotheEnd

    intotheEnd6 日 前

    This takes so much courage, seriously. My wife and I went into a cage-less pool with 2 sharks in the Dominican Republic and we were kinda feeling okay at the edge of the pool with our hands on the escape ladder....but when we let go of the ladder and started swimming to the middle of the pool, about 10 feet in, PANIC kicked in so fucking fast. The fear was so absolute, we scrambled back to the edge and I tried to climb that ladder so fast I banged my shin and it started bleeding....

  35. Nicholas Sebastian Pool González

    Nicholas Sebastian Pool González6 日 前

    did he see her again tho?

  36. sitz

    sitz6 日 前


  37. Julia R

    Julia R6 日 前

    Ok but she literally has the biggest and most beautiful smile

  38. Agnes Sunflower

    Agnes Sunflower7 日 前

    She’s super down to earth! I love her personality, she’s so beautiful!

  39. Dreina917

    Dreina9177 日 前

    I can’t swim soooo

  40. Gabo

    Gabo7 日 前

    Next part on Brazzers

  41. Trix.

    Trix.7 日 前

    OMFG I WAS THERE LAST YEAR AND AT THE START I WAS LIKE DAMNNNNN THE AT 6:33 IM THERE!! jhJahshfdb i didn’t even you you then!!

  42. N6 Xj

    N6 Xj7 日 前

    okay she is hot

  43. mary karen

    mary karen8 日 前

    I was wondering if they pay the flight ticket for her

  44. ShishKebabel Habibs

    ShishKebabel Habibs8 日 前

    Lexie kinda looks like Alicia Vikander

  45. Crank

    Crank8 日 前

    The shark study women was hot

  46. OVB Vlogs

    OVB Vlogs8 日 前

    They definitely deserve more than 4 mill

  47. Brennan Rutherford

    Brennan Rutherford8 日 前

    she want the whole crew shawty brave

  48. Daryl Dixon

    Daryl Dixon8 日 前

    I just don’t understand how Ocean Ramsey’s balls fits into her bikini 👙

  49. Eli Bush

    Eli Bush9 日 前

    What headphones does the guy have

  50. Lil Trunks

    Lil Trunks9 日 前

    Ocean is very gorgeous

  51. Zahuruddin Sheik

    Zahuruddin Sheik10 日 前

    So who gets laid generally in this daring first day contents?

  52. Leo Lotina

    Leo Lotina10 日 前

    10:39 my favourite moment:3

  53. Senpai sa

    Senpai sa11 日 前

    This is my favorite video. I’m in love with the ocean, and yet I’ve never been. I’m also land locked in Colorado and have never had the opportunity to go out to the ocean, it’s my dream to swim in the ocean much less with beautiful marine life such as sharks ❤️❤️❤️ what a wonderful video

  54. Mr. NotSoCreative

    Mr. NotSoCreative12 日 前

    I love her PSA on the shark hunting industry. Shark fin is a big food in Asia and it literally tastes like nothing. They cut the fins off and throw them back in the ocean alive

  55. Aditya dhiman

    Aditya dhiman12 日 前

    The new yes theory office was ready in july..but they showed it to us in october😂

  56. OnlineArcher

    OnlineArcher12 日 前

    I wish I had a friend group like this

  57. boyer6556

    boyer655615 日 前

    loving laceys smile :)

  58. Morgan Ezeir

    Morgan Ezeir21 日 前

    Matt is the cutest

  59. FunkyDoolittle

    FunkyDoolittle22 日 前

    who is Lexie dammuhnnnnnnn what a babe

  60. Lacey Douglass

    Lacey Douglass26 日 前

    Ayeeee finally another Lacey

  61. Zion Bovard

    Zion Bovard27 日 前

    It's crazy to know that I live on Oahu and u were there at the same time!! Im a huge fan