The Weeknd - "Blinding Lights" (Live On Jimmy Kimmel Live! / 2020)


  1. Lucas Morais

    Lucas Morais3 分 前

    1:24 "Hey hey hey," ... I really like this.. his voice is incredible

  2. Peter Scholz

    Peter Scholz3 時間 前


  3. unleashed316

    unleashed3165 時間 前

    After decades of music made, you thought you heard it all...not!

  4. Antonio Henrique

    Antonio Henrique9 時間 前

    Please somebody tell me that the new album will be full like 80’s vibe, this is so fucking awesome man

  5. Emilia Tesfaye

    Emilia Tesfaye9 時間 前


  6. Emilia Tesfaye

    Emilia Tesfaye9 時間 前


  7. springday 23

    springday 239 時間 前

    My love great at singing 💙😍

  8. Bruno Silva

    Bruno Silva11 時間 前

    His best live performance ever

  9. AndreasH900

    AndreasH90012 時間 前

    ive listen to this song over 10 times in a row

  10. Aslı Aktaş

    Aslı Aktaş13 時間 前


  11. Asmi Chanda Rapunzel

    Asmi Chanda Rapunzel16 時間 前

    Just wow

  12. WLW WRESTLING 101 Jared Justice

    WLW WRESTLING 101 Jared Justice16 時間 前

    Mj thriller vibes

  13. cocotaemin

    cocotaemin17 時間 前

    I seriously can't wait to see him live in concert🥺😭🙏🏼

  14. Sergey Gladkov

    Sergey Gladkov18 時間 前

    very well

  15. Gilbert Mana

    Gilbert Mana20 時間 前

    The Weeknd makes everyday feel like Friday.

  16. Pablo j

    Pablo j20 時間 前

    He's the goat.

  17. Jan  Som

    Jan Som20 時間 前

    M Dam dude. This guy weren't even born in the 80s. N he is dropping flashback 80s beats n rocking it in 2020. Love it!

  18. X0 Kyle

    X0 Kyle21 時間 前

    XO Till We Overdose!!!! 3/20/20

  19. Kankeinai

    Kankeinai22 時間 前

    It's Live Wtf, it's like a clip. Praise the cameraman, that's some good shit. And the voice. Waow.

  20. Rebekah Aldrich

    Rebekah Aldrich23 時間 前

    Ugh! I’m in love with his voice ♥️

  21. Eko Jar

    Eko Jar23 時間 前

    He is the best vocalist on the radio that I have heard possibly of all time. The parts on the chorus where he does the higher harmony of Oooo im... is soo technical and smooth as butter and perfectly on key. It is so hard to sing a melody then the harmony. Let alone the harmony then into the melody with a walk between the two. Really fast . Vocal master here. This was live too with mild back tracks to fill it out. Just amazing.

  22. Alex DelReal

    Alex DelReal日 前

    From the album cover of him all bloodied and beaten, I really wanna know if there's some story from the album

  23. Mumma RissY

    Mumma RissY日 前

    I haven’t had a favorite singer that I’ve absolutely loved since the 90s. I love this man so much. Does he ever make a bad song? No. I’ll always love Trilogy the best but I’m really feeling this shit right hurr.

  24. Amanda Amori

    Amanda Amori日 前


  25. therealsaditty

    therealsaditty日 前

    i love him 🥺

  26. Pounded Yam

    Pounded Yam日 前

    Camera Man: Can’t see him just yet 0:35

  27. tirazara tiho

    tirazara tiho日 前


  28. amat irène

    amat irène日 前

    gods sometimes shows down there;0)

  29. Giuseppe Neri Alo

    Giuseppe Neri Alo日 前

    The best

  30. C Me

    C Me日 前

    All the clapping ends when he took off his shades and the audience was like... Ummm... Should we call him an ambulance?

  31. Antonio Candido

    Antonio Candido日 前

    This voice is great! I love The weeknd's musics. 😍

  32. amat irène

    amat irène日 前

    you and your band are coming from the sky guys!!!! are you martians????

  33. KMCL

    KMCL日 前

    I love this performance so much and this song as well! I think he took some inspiration from Alphaville, their style and the sound of their music, absolutely love it !!! Sounds a bit a like Dance With Me

  34. Liliana vergara

    Liliana vergara日 前

    If you like this then listening to 80s music tears for fears, a-ha etc he basically samples the sounds which is probably why I like this

  35. Luzik Arbuzik

    Luzik Arbuzik日 前

    Super music

  36. Elam Mpengesi

    Elam Mpengesi日 前

    Can't wait till March 20th broo🔥

  37. Moyliodas

    Moyliodas日 前

    1:43 Daammmmnnn

  38. Suresh S Boy

    Suresh S Boy日 前

    Wrestlemania 36 Official Theme song😎

  39. Patrick Labadia

    Patrick Labadia日 前

    It’s so nice to see that shawn porter have a beautiful voice

  40. Anna c

    Anna c日 前

    Bee gees and Michael Jackson had a lovechild with 80s synth.

  41. Noah Drums Official

    Noah Drums Official日 前


  42. troyrblb44

    troyrblb44日 前

    So what’s the deal with him? Does he beat the shit out of himself before each show?

  43. Steven R

    Steven R日 前

    the “ Los Angelessssssss” hit hard

  44. Majo Bieber

    Majo Bieber日 前


  45. Kevin Wight

    Kevin Wight日 前

    Ive never followed the weekend like bigtime but damn this song is effing amazing i love the vibe .. The rhythem..the 80s feel it makes u feel it inside .

  46. Soulja Abe

    Soulja Abe2 日 前

    This gives me waking up in the middle of the night as a kid and watching those commercials of the cd collection vibes

  47. Matt Hudson

    Matt Hudson2 日 前

    Very reminiscent of the cure.

  48. Matt Hudson

    Matt Hudson2 日 前

    This song is so awesome

  49. Usman S

    Usman S2 日 前

    Am I the only one getting MJ Thriller vibes from this vid?

  50. Cmd 12

    Cmd 122 日 前

    no autotune or anything??? omg I‘m blown away by his voice



    What a track!

  52. muthafuka jones

    muthafuka jones2 日 前

    I'm Watching it at 360p for a better experience

  53. Jorge De Armas

    Jorge De Armas2 日 前

    So let's just say that he made a video for his song with this show as a background. He's got even more likes for this!

  54. aurelen

    aurelen2 日 前

    la razón por la que siempre me gustó su música es porque es uno de los pocos artistas que no tienen que hacer autotune o no le hacen efectos a sus voces para que en los audios se escuchen bien. the weeknd no lo necesita.

  55. Mike Mccauley

    Mike Mccauley2 日 前

    Feels like stranger things lol

  56. Florian MADON

    Florian MADON2 日 前

    La France t'aime, ta performance est juste délirante, bordel j'en est les poile redressé

  57. PidgeStudios

    PidgeStudios2 日 前

    I can’t believe someone done this to him just before his performance! I hope they find who done it!!!

  58. FIFA 20

    FIFA 202 日 前

    Billy left his home with a dollar in his pocket

  59. saida

    saida2 日 前

    try playing it in 360p it gives it that 80s vibe

  60. Oehnder Larue

    Oehnder Larue2 日 前

    It's like demon crazi