The Villain Pub - Palpatine's Quarantine


  1. How It Should Have Ended

    How It Should Have Endedヶ月 前

    How's your cabin fever going?


    HAZIQ RAHIM8 日 前

    Fun but depressing

  3. k-o kick combo creater

    k-o kick combo creater14 日 前

    Its cool But I wish I could go outside but I’m glad the lockdown hasn’t affected your work that much

  4. Derek Jacob Jularbal

    Derek Jacob Jularbal28 日 前

    Very bad and boring

  5. Shadowstriker The dragon trainer

    Shadowstriker The dragon trainerヶ月 前

    Do y’all have a httyd 3 should have ended planed

  6. DaDerpy BatMane

    DaDerpy BatManeヶ月 前

    I've been training for this moment since 2015.

  7. Anonymous News

    Anonymous News54 分 前

    So he survived. Oh well. Before The Dark Times.Before Disney.

  8. SuperBeefJerkey [SBJ]

    SuperBeefJerkey [SBJ]10 時間 前

    The face mask, spray bottle and cleaning cloth were the clickbait for me (I work at a store, so I can relate).

  9. Brady Defelice

    Brady Defelice19 時間 前

    How about Batman doing a self quarantine in the bat cave 🤔

  10. Zom Talks About Minecraft

    Zom Talks About Minecraft日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="123">2:03</a> What Palpatine does when vader does his missions

  11. Solaiman Sohan

    Solaiman Sohan日 前

    Red Skull has biggest Quarantine.Alone in a whole planet

  12. BrianFXW

    BrianFXW日 前


  13. Elenor Minarik

    Elenor Minarik2 日 前

    Did you base the villain pub theme song on the puzzles theme song from how i met your mother?

  14. Thanks Hermione

    Thanks Hermione2 日 前

    You could do a sequel to this where The Emperor is so lonely that he contacts his granddaughter through Skype or FaceTime.

  15. Rachel Braddell

    Rachel Braddell2 日 前

    Love Villian Pub and love watching it with my 9 year old. Funny stuff!

  16. Ed&Ellie-Gaming

    Ed&Ellie-Gaming2 日 前

    This is the best thing to come out of quarantine

  17. Semaj Cheatham

    Semaj Cheatham3 日 前

    You gotta do a superhero quarantine one

  18. Indiana the 3rd TV

    Indiana the 3rd TV4 日 前

    I've watched this before, I just came back for the intro song

  19. Indiana the 3rd TV

    Indiana the 3rd TV4 日 前

    I've watched this before, I just came back for the intro song

  20. Qigzzus46

    Qigzzus464 日 前

    Bruh my name is hal 😂

  21. Nikolas Mason

    Nikolas Mason4 日 前

    I jut realized that this song is from cheers and my nan has been watching it this whole month and I haven’t known

  22. Jared Gonzalez

    Jared Gonzalez4 日 前

    Palpatine: I’M BORREDD me: I feel your pain

  23. Brain Zombie

    Brain Zombie5 日 前

    Some of them can travel with magic instead of going outside. Can't Palps invite them?

  24. Ahsoka Granger66

    Ahsoka Granger665 日 前

    When Palps can do more push-ups than you - 😞😯😂

  25. Because I’m BATMAN !!!!

    Because I’m BATMAN !!!!5 日 前

    Be safe bats keep up with the latest HISHES stay home ,stay safe ..I’ll return in the next cafe ..because I’m BATMAN!!!!

  26. Sage Turmelle

    Sage Turmelle5 日 前

    If it was Klaue showing up at the door to be let in, he'd just use his vibranium arm to blast open the door because in this series's continuity he would still be alive and keep his vibranium arm unlike his fate in the MCU.

  27. Fictional Asshole

    Fictional Asshole6 日 前

    I'd honestly prefer to go to a place where everybody hates my face, rather than take another day of quarantine!!!!

  28. Danny Dowd

    Danny Dowd6 日 前

    Thank you for this awesome video. 👍🏻 🤜🏻 🤛🏼 Air bond it.

  29. blueberry vlogs

    blueberry vlogs6 日 前

    Bright burn how it should have ended

  30. Janna Smith

    Janna Smith6 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="144">2:24</a> killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  31. JP Sar

    JP Sar6 日 前

    “and four…and…five…and six. Huh, okay that’s good, I think we can just stop there.” I see what you did there!

  32. anime sayain

    anime sayain6 日 前

    He is Darth Vader right

  33. Simon cowell

    Simon cowell3 日 前

    have you even watched starwars?

  34. anime sayain

    anime sayain6 日 前

    It's region restricted

  35. Elijah Jose Quiambao

    Elijah Jose Quiambao7 日 前

    Damn this songs makes me relax

  36. Nikolas Chester

    Nikolas Chester7 日 前

    I think Covid is the shiteist thang ever.

  37. Metal 1974

    Metal 19746 日 前

    Spanish flu.

  38. O-Topia

    O-Topia7 日 前

    Im will not stay at home and i will not be infected because im batman.🙂🙂

  39. Kever 18

    Kever 187 日 前

    U did!! Y'all always make me laugh

  40. Kana Beats

    Kana Beats7 日 前

    of course voldemort doesn't believe it lol

  41. Richard Bernhardt

    Richard Bernhardt8 日 前

    Favorite line was well this is.a pathway to abilities even I consider unnaturual

  42. Damian Damian

    Damian Damian9 日 前

    where i king Ghidorah?on pub


    CASH MOWERY9 日 前

    Omg I love the Villain Pub theme song! 😂

  44. Madeline C

    Madeline C9 日 前

    Papa palps owned a pub???

  45. Caroline Readowl

    Caroline Readowl9 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a> those pale skiny legs... I'm dying

  46. Nick

    Nick10 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="252">4:12</a> If only palps could know about the update...

  47. Brady Defelice

    Brady Defelice10 日 前

    When the next Villain Pub comes out those guys should apologize to Palpatine for not being more careful during this time.

  48. Hello There

    Hello There10 日 前

    Palps: Hal! Hal: Yes Emperor Palatine. Palps: Execute order 2! Hal: I’m afraid I can’t. Palps: DEW IT!

  49. Sara N

    Sara N11 日 前

    I totally called that it was only 2 hours!!! Really enjoyed this. I'm dealing with cabin fever by catching up on my JPreporter vids! ;)

  50. Bennygamer 890

    Bennygamer 89011 日 前

    Order new toilett paper! Im afraid i cant DO IT! that got me so hard🤣🤣🤣

  51. Poop Pooper

    Poop Pooper11 日 前

    “I build Death Stars faster then this!”

  52. Odysseyman the astroknight

    Odysseyman the astroknight11 日 前

    can you guys make the song palpatine is a real song?

  53. Chad Rowin

    Chad Rowin12 日 前

    Considering Zod is a Kryptonian, Loki an Asgardian, and Thanos a Mutant Eternal from Titan .. he could have let in his non human clients, they are not likely effected by a human virus.

  54. Chad Rowin

    Chad Rowin12 日 前

    Correction, Loki is a runt Frost Giant from Jotunheim raised as an Asgardian.

  55. jonah stirbis

    jonah stirbis12 日 前

    Terminator phone

  56. Emma Locher

    Emma Locher12 日 前

    Petition to make all of the Jedi (dead and alive) be zooming with each other

  57. Cool Kids Don’t Sleep

    Cool Kids Don’t Sleep12 日 前

    Seren: look’ mar 15-June1st 2021

  58. Giorgio Brescianini

    Giorgio Brescianini12 日 前

    Villain pub is awesome

  59. Omar Hamdan

    Omar Hamdan12 日 前

    I think Palps is scarier thsn any villain because he does not fare about anyone, unlike Thanos. Palps murdered his family, but Thanos wanted to save the galaxy from hunger.

  60. Rudra Mazumder

    Rudra Mazumder13 日 前

    Can we have a part two with Palpatine doing online meeting with the gang? That would be awesome.

  61. Rohitt Saraogii

    Rohitt Saraogii13 日 前

    if cap and tony would go to the of 2012 hank pyms lab and would not take a risk to go to thor ragnarok or before and take the tesaract

  62. Logan Brennan

    Logan Brennan13 日 前

    The only ones that are safe from this pandemic or Vader and Deadpool and Wolverine then Batman well because he's Batman

  63. Han Lem

    Han Lem13 日 前

    The theme song is so funny 😆

  64. Sidd Sharma

    Sidd Sharma13 日 前

    Epic props to u hahhaha

  65. Akshay Nuthanapati

    Akshay Nuthanapati13 日 前

    Best part was Palpatine singing in the tune to Great Balls Of Fire.

  66. Bear C

    Bear C14 日 前

    Hishe plz plz plz add darthmaul to one of the six seats up front or just have one episode with him in it

  67. TheDerp

    TheDerp14 日 前

    If any of you guys are wonder the theme song is from Cheers from 1981, like if this helped you.

  68. Miracle PUBG

    Miracle PUBG14 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">1:43</a> ahhh you missed the John Wick 3 , “deconsecrated” joke there !!

  69. Amayonnaise

    Amayonnaise14 日 前

    this is just brilliant.

  70. JKGOD

    JKGOD15 日 前

    Execute order Toilet Paper

  71. Observer675

    Observer67515 日 前

    I can imagine these guys then doing a skype group or something, and Voldemort has a minor issue, to which Loki tells him he can fixing it by pressing the red icon, tricking voldy into exiting the call. Meanwhile zods playing with filters and Joker's loving the chaos

  72. NK Tube

    NK Tube15 日 前

    Yeah after Palps all heroes got inspired

  73. Nain Martinez

    Nain Martinez15 日 前

    Thank you China

  74. Red Neck

    Red Neck15 日 前

    BS. I go to town all the time. If you wanna suffer and starve to death, you go right ahead.

  75. Mclain Willison

    Mclain Willison15 日 前

    someone need to make a 10 hour version of that song

  76. Mclain Willison

    Mclain Willison15 日 前

    do do do do do do do do do

  77. Capuron FN-2187 66

    Capuron FN-2187 6616 日 前

    The singing in the beginning is amazing

  78. SaltedLemon

    SaltedLemon16 日 前

    HAL remains me of an Alexa or a Siri

  79. Stephen Gill

    Stephen Gill16 日 前

    Next tile Loki's sport is banned! How is should have ended

  80. Hippos Don’t Bounce

    Hippos Don’t Bounce16 日 前

    “🎶 I’m just a lonely Palpitine🎵”

  81. Crasher

    Crasher16 日 前

    Me when I win a video game and the second player is groaning. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="149">2:29</a>

  82. ikbal :P

    ikbal :P16 日 前

    We are going to be crazy in this quarantine 😂😂

  83. Vexan

    Vexan16 日 前

    when are we gonna get vader on here

  84. Vexan

    Vexan16 日 前

    @King of the ice we got batman and he's not even a villian :(

  85. King of the ice

    King of the ice16 日 前

    Vexan he became a Jedi at the end of return of the Jedi

  86. James De Leon

    James De Leon16 日 前

    Palpatine should Zoom everyone!!!

  87. Astrovite

    Astrovite17 日 前

    Having him playing Fallen Order is hilarious.

  88. Michał XD

    Michał XD17 日 前

    Palpatine: What am i supposed to do? Use the force? Hal: I suppose so sir. Palpatine: Well this is a pathway to an ability even i consider to be unnatural

  89. foldabotZ

    foldabotZ17 日 前

    I just realized, you guys are using the Villain Pub and Palpatine as PSA for CoVid. That's how bad it is, if even the villains are concerned.

  90. Aastha Jaiswal

    Aastha Jaiswal17 日 前

    Oh Palpie!

  91. Thomas _

    Thomas _17 日 前

    I was waiting for a doctor who reference (power of three)