The video I wish I watched before buying a Shelix


  1. Chris Roberts

    Chris Roberts9 時間 前

    Dewalt planner $499 retail cutter head $400 Industrial planner Shop Fox $1223. and it will probably last your life time, no matter how much you use it. Just makes more sense to me.

  2. Sir Nuggets

    Sir Nuggets20 分 前

    that dewalt is more like $600, you're right and in my opinion a cheap/used offbrand planer is gonna be better or just bite the bullet and get a shop planer

  3. Sweep Phreak

    Sweep Phreak日 前

    two comments you said you know you will have planner for a long time but you could die from a heart attack for instance how do you know you will have it for a long time? second question what does ambrosia maple look like stained?

  4. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show16 時間 前

    I almost never use stain so I wouldn't know, but I've found that even amber-tone clear finishes tend to diminish its figure somewhat.

  5. RazaXML

    RazaXML2 日 前

    my favorite feature of helix cutting heads is the tiny chips that they make.

  6. RazaXML

    RazaXML25 分 前

    @FryChicken I have their benchtop jointer as well. happened to find that practically new being sold by someone locally. got that for a steal

  7. FryChicken

    FryChicken時間 前

    @RazaXML what did you end up buying?

  8. RazaXML

    RazaXML日 前

    @MrCjswim for sure. i'm fortunate I got to learn from all the videos on youtube before purchasing. Actually I did purchase a wen planer that had flat blades, but right after buying it I realized I could get a helix planer for less than $100 more so I returned the wen. the finish even on the cheaper helix blades is still amazing.

  9. MrCjswim

    MrCjswim日 前

    Good point, better for dust collection I would think.

  10. orphan snacks

    orphan snacks2 日 前

    After reading some of your replies, your hard on for carbide is a little weird but interesting video nonetheless

  11. Liberallez

    Liberallez3 日 前

    Why not just "bite the bullet" a little harder and just back all your mods off...get the right size cutter head and sell the small one...instead of foisting your F-up off on someone else??

  12. Tzuede Off the Cuff

    Tzuede Off the Cuff3 日 前

    Makes zero sense to use carbine inserts. Wood working ain't machining. AND makes ZERO sense to purchase chunks of expensive metal or tool steel to for WOOD work. You need S2 steel and put an edge on it. Just like the impact heads for drivers for screws, bolts and nuts... That can handle a sudden shock and hold an edge. The only defect with those blades is they don't have adjustable screw contact points. Spending 20-30 bux and you can't sharpen them?

  13. KX36

    KX363 日 前

    shelix. does she?

  14. orphan snacks

    orphan snacks3 日 前

    Unfortunately no, but she makes up for it with other things😂

  15. martin poulsen

    martin poulsen4 日 前

    The DeWalt DW735 is one of the best wood planers out there. The Byrd Shelix is the best idea for the DW735 planer. Myself, I have seen these planer cutters at Wood Shows set up to do demo's, Product knowledge awesome.

  16. Master80059

    Master800595 日 前

    one solid blade is better. all you need to do is maintain the edge or replace them.... i would try to upgrade to a better blade or in a metal detector.... the carbon steel inserts are about 20-60 per blade.

  17. Matthew Camillo

    Matthew Camillo5 日 前

    I have the same snipe problem with my 735. Stock blades. No matter how shallow the cut, fast or slow, I loose some wood.

  18. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show5 日 前

    This might help.

  19. Jeremy Petix

    Jeremy Petix6 日 前

    I am amazed that wood can chip carbide.

  20. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show16 時間 前

    @Turning Point You'll notice that I put the word "cut" in quotation marks, indicating a non-literal meaning that could easily be inferred from reading the rest of the paragraph.

  21. Turning Point

    Turning Point2 日 前

    @The Snekker Show Sorry but a far harder material like diamond can't be "cut"with any steel tool or even carbide. It can be split or chipped off much like a stone mason does and then polished with wet diamond wheels, but in no way is it being cut in the conventional sense.

  22. Tzuede Off the Cuff

    Tzuede Off the Cuff3 日 前

    Carbide isn't "shock" resistant. You can't plunge carbide like a drill bit. It's for machinists and very very rigid setups with little or no slop. Considering the amount of inserts? It is just plain absurd.

  23. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show6 日 前

    Carbide is hard, but inherently brittle. Diamonds are harder, but they can still be "cut" with steel tools. There might have also been sand or dirt in the bark, which could have added additional impact to the spinning cutters.

  24. sundar iyengar

    sundar iyengar8 日 前

    Sometimes, when wood is planed against the grain, there might be some nicks. Run along the grains...

  25. sundar iyengar

    sundar iyengar6 日 前

    @rds333 ... Agreed. Thanks.

  26. rds333

    rds3336 日 前

    This isn't always possible because a lot of wood species have an irregular grain pattern. There are tricks to avoid the tear out that planers make. And the trick is secret.....

  27. Stinky Piece of Cheese

    Stinky Piece of Cheese8 日 前

    7:45 Short answer get the OEM size one if you get it.

  28. Kasper Tvergaard

    Kasper Tvergaard8 日 前

    Fusse 😂 in danish its called . Kutter slag. Roughly translated into rotations hits 😬 ish

  29. ReverendTed

    ReverendTed9 日 前

    0:00 - 7:16 - Explaining what a Shelix is and why you might want to use one. 7:17 -13:26 - What he wished he'd known before buying the Shelix. 13:27 - 14:24 The bottom-line answer. 14:25 - Demonstrations.

  30. Kjempe- Jøde!

    Kjempe- Jøde!9 日 前

    Dont ever put material with bark stil on, trough your machines.

  31. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show9 日 前

    I do it all the time. My tools, my rules.

  32. Ian Crossley

    Ian Crossley9 日 前

    Dewalt should consider selling the planer with the Shelix and save everyone the aggravation.

  33. robertnz

    robertnz10 日 前

    The alternative title - *The earmuffs I wish I had before I lost my hearing*

  34. Christo

    Christo10 日 前

    Ok algorithm, Ill check the content of this vid before I decide on a 'shelix'

  35. pjmoran42

    pjmoran4210 日 前

    Hmm. I was told to NEVER CUT BARK. Old school I guess.

  36. Kjempe- Jøde!

    Kjempe- Jøde!5 日 前

    @The Snekker Show No problem with out machine park or staff. We run digital Altendorf panel saws, Martin CNC spindle shaper and planes/jointer. NO bark NO MDF is allowed on planes and jointer in any cases.

  37. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show5 日 前

    @Kjempe- Jøde! It's certainly not a bad idea, especially with steel cutters, and if you have the tools, time, or employees to get it done.

  38. Kjempe- Jøde!

    Kjempe- Jøde!6 日 前

    @The Snekker Show I know its up to what you prefer. But myself and many others of my colleague cabinet makers and old teachers from back in school, share the same opinion regarding bark... Hell we dont even put MDF through the thickness -planer or jointer. Nice name, keep up the craftsmanship ;) Greetings from Norway.

  39. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show6 日 前

    @Rich K I never said it wasn't. How do you think debarking is done? Whether sawmills cut bark before or after sawing, they cut bark. Carbide is a wonderful thing.

  40. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show6 日 前

    @Kjempe- Jøde! I'm not sure if you read that whole page, but it doesn't say you can't cut bark. It says some of the posters prefer to debark, and some don't. To your question, the short version is that I lived in Norway for long enough that the nickname stuck.

  41. Jeff J

    Jeff J11 日 前

    Nice vid, thanks for posting. I have an older Ryobi "tabletop" planer. All metal. Unfortunately the motor is toast. I see the Dewalt is made with a lot of plastic.

  42. tom ruth

    tom ruth7 日 前

    @Jeff J Sorry to hear about your motor, they are a good unit. It's getting pretty hard to find them used anymore. I don't know what brand I would buy if I had to get a new one. I've always had good luck with Hitachi tools, maybe they make a good small planer?

  43. Jeff J

    Jeff J7 日 前

    @tom ruth Thanks Tom. Yeah, my planer looks pretty much like that picture. I took the deep cuts when it was hot outside and the motor bogged, and probably fused some of the windings. At one point I looked into a replacement motor, which was more than a new planer! Now I mostly do round work - woodturning on a large PowerMatic lathe.

  44. tom ruth

    tom ruth7 日 前

    @Jeff J Yeah, I've taken too deep a cut and broken both feed chain and sprockets on mine. Motor still works after 30 years however. If you ever see one of these, you should buy it, quite an amazing tool. They sold new for $200

  45. Jeff J

    Jeff J7 日 前

    @tom ruth Agreed. And my planer would probably still be alive if I didn't run it on hot Texas days and take too deep of cuts.

  46. tom ruth

    tom ruth8 日 前

    @Jeff J Some of the older Ryobi tools were amazing.

  47. Mark Butcher

    Mark Butcher11 日 前

    Can you put wood and epoxy chopping boards through these machines

  48. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show10 日 前

    Yes. Depending on the epoxy it will nick steel knives, but shouldn't significantly affect carbide.

  49. david howick

    david howick11 日 前

    Thanks for taking time to share info, one detail to note is with these cutter blades it does not leave the machine marks to use for cutting timber square with a hand saw.:)

  50. Lorenzo DelSanto

    Lorenzo DelSanto12 日 前

    Obviously the camera isn’t picking up the true sound, but I’ve read that this is a fair amount quieter than the stock straight blades.. what’s your take on the noise level?

  51. Lorenzo DelSanto

    Lorenzo DelSanto12 日 前

    The Snekker Show Thank you! I’m subscribing, I’ll keep my eyes open!

  52. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show12 日 前

    @Lorenzo DelSanto I think you'll be happy with the purchase. I might post a video about further reducing the noise of this planer within the next week or two, time permitting.

  53. Lorenzo DelSanto

    Lorenzo DelSanto12 日 前

    The Snekker Show Thanks for the reply, and the video! Any amount quieter than the stock is helpful 😂 I might pull the trigger on this, I love it.

  54. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show12 日 前

    It's quieter, but not quiet. I use software to lower power-tool volume when I'm processing videos.

  55. Joseph Payne

    Joseph Payne12 日 前

    Great video. Appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences with the Shelix. I have used this same set-up (small diameter) Shelix head on my DW735 for several years now. Looking back, I too wish I had gone with the OEM variation. My primary issue early on was snipe, especially if the stock infeed / outfeed tables were used. That sudden release of the added pressure on the rollers seemed to cause snipe every time even though that was never an issue with the stock knives. I was able to remedy this by building a single-piece infeed / outfeed platform out of melamine that protrudes 4 feet out of either side, and has adjustable legs on either side. I can adjust those legs higher or lower depending on the species of wood I'm planing (too much pressure on hardwoods can create a subtle bow). Does a good job of keeping even pressure on the rollers at all times, particularly when the piece is exiting the planer. I do sacrifice about 3/4" of planer height capacity, but fortunately I never really need the maximum height anyway. Seems to have taken care of the snipe in my situation. I am extremely happy with the durability of the cutters. I have put many thousands of board feet through my planer over the years, mostly yellow pines, cedar, walnut and oaks. Enough time on the planer to have to recently replace the motor brushes. During that time I have only had to replace two cutters, and still have 3 cutters to spare that came with the Shelix. I've needed to rotate maybe 5 or 6 of them due to minor chips on the edges. The 2 cutters I did have to replace are ones that broke due to particularly tough knots. Mostly my own fault, because beforehand I was contemplating putting such gnarly pieces of lumber through in the first place, and probably should have been removing less material per pass anyway. Also love how much quieter the Shelix is compared to traditional knives. I'd usually wear hearing protection with steel knives. I still wouldn't say the Shelix is quiet, but it creates about the same amount of noise as my dust collector. So that's a plus in my mind.

  56. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show12 日 前

    Great information, thanks for commenting.

  57. Robert Anderson

    Robert Anderson14 日 前

    Hi, enjoyed your video. I am a hobbyist as well, have a different brand planer. Mine came with carbon steel blades as well. I have been able to take my blades to a local saw shop for sharpening. Have done this three or four times so far and have plenty left for more sharpening. Cost a lot less and works.

  58. Peter Lawton

    Peter Lawton15 日 前

    Even after adjusting infeed and outfeed tables, I was still getting traces where the blades gouged a tiny bit when the board edges made a transition from one table to the next. My solution was to make a 2x12(?) sled the full length, with a cleat to keep it from dragging through. I gave up some vertical/thickness capacity (when using it), but have plenty to spare.

  59. sundar iyengar

    sundar iyengar6 日 前

    A dead weight roller on the outfeed table may do a trick.. The carbide tipped roller adds a burnished look too in this video...

  60. Dale Weinke

    Dale Weinke15 日 前

    Thanks you for your very informative video. I'm considering replacing cutter heads and going with shelix cutter head. One thought I had while watching your video, is with a smaller diameter would that lead to less snipe? Did you notice less snipe going from the old knifes to the smaller diameter shelix cutter head, or still the same?

  61. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show15 日 前

    The cutterhead does not significantly affect snipe, but I made another video covering all of the factors that do.

  62. Bill McKinney

    Bill McKinney16 日 前

    Enjoyed the video, but other than the consideration of “OEM” diameter Shelix vs. “undersized” Shelix head, I didn’t really learn much.

  63. Ian Crossley

    Ian Crossley9 日 前

    That one point is worth the video.

  64. Brent Schaffer

    Brent Schaffer16 日 前

    I don't have one of these yet which is why I am watching this. . . Replacement blades for the Shelix are $35 for a box of 10. So a complete planer blade replacement (4 boxes) is $140 vs. $51 OEM straight blades (DW735). I can flip the straight blades so it works out to >$25 for a "blade replacement". If I can flip the Shelix blades 4X, then It's $35 for a "blade replacement". Then you conclude . . . for $10 more I can have carbide vs. steel. Cost-wise, I'd say replacing the blades is a push! The initial investment is the hard part. Also, one needs to weigh replacing 40 blades is much more time consuming that replacing 3 blades. Having said that, I've replaced about 3 straight blades not because they are dull, but because of the knicks. You don't have to hit a nail to leave a knick. I've hit knots and knicked my steel blades. In this case, replacing 2-3 Shelix blades is $10 vs. a new, straight blade set which is $51.

  65. Austin Batchelor

    Austin Batchelor17 日 前

    So you’re telling me $1.00 for edge for a helix is cheaper than than $5 per edge for a steel blade? How about when there’s $100 edges to replace?

  66. patrick Kelly

    patrick Kelly15 日 前

    Also, I have had a helix carbide 15-inch grizzly planer, and if you are talking overall wear if it is all even maybe it breaks even have to do the math. In reality, a blade gets chipped on something, and I replace it, not a whole steel blade. That is how it works. I have had my planer for 2 years, built most of my furniture in my house, and have replaced about 8 blades so far. I have also turned all my blades twice, so I have two edges left.

  67. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show16 日 前

    To ballpark, carbide lasts 10x longer than steel, so you can use that when you're doing the math.

  68. Dylan Bennett

    Dylan Bennett17 日 前

    New to your channel and looking into getting a planer, thanks for all the info and sharing your experience! Good stuff to know! 👍🏻

  69. Dylan Bennett

    Dylan Bennett16 日 前

    @The Snekker Show Thank You Sir!!!

  70. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show17 日 前

    Thank you, and welcome to the channel.

  71. William Shakes-beer

    William Shakes-beer17 日 前

    Just bought my third planer, ur instruction is great., thanks🥃

  72. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show17 日 前

    Cheers, my friend.

  73. Mario Lombardi

    Mario Lombardi17 日 前

    Great video. Thanks

  74. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show17 日 前

    My pleasure, thanks for the feedback.

  75. Logan Abbas

    Logan Abbas17 日 前

    Why is everyone so toxic towards a man that’s just sharing his knowledge and passion about his hobby? Maybe some of us want to hear what he has to say about these things to possibly learn from it. Hearing a wise person talk while you keep your ignorant mouth shut can teach you a lot about something.

  76. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show16 日 前

    @Brian K.R. You should probably go have a Snickers bar and think about whether your approach is really going to convince people to listen to you. A lot of people learned something from this video, and I feel pretty good about that. When you insult my intelligence for sharing something that I learned, you’re insulting everyone else who learned something from this video as well. It’s probably not a productive use of your time.

  77. Diesel Ramcharger

    Diesel Ramcharger17 日 前

    because they are do nothing people. have never done shit, ever. except bitch about others efforts.

  78. Phat Phat

    Phat Phat17 日 前

    You're 100 percent right we got two ears and one mouth for a reason!

  79. chd64

    chd6417 日 前

    I can’t see how the title relates to video

  80. Brent Schaffer

    Brent Schaffer16 日 前

    You are not really a woodworker are you?

  81. rdizzy1

    rdizzy117 日 前

    What? He wish he watched a video telling him not to use the smaller cutter model prior to buying it. (He wished he knew the information that is in this video prior to buying the product) Very easy to understand.

  82. stepchild

    stepchild18 日 前

    What a bunch of shit love carbide but that's just a unnatural annoyance

  83. Phat Phat

    Phat Phat18 日 前

    Its quieter too eh?

  84. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show17 日 前

    It's not as high-pitched so it's easier on the ears, but still not quiet.

  85. Rodney Jordan

    Rodney Jordan18 日 前

    Well done video. May the parasites of a thousand Llamas infect the intestines of negative commenters. Tough to defeat negativity sometimes.

  86. Choocha Lagoocha

    Choocha Lagoocha18 日 前

    Cut to the chase ... you sure do like to babble .

  87. Juan DontWorryAboutIt

    Juan DontWorryAboutIt2 日 前

    The Snekker Show 😂 subbed learn something new everyday

  88. Lemony Snicket

    Lemony Snicket16 日 前

    You can adjust the playback speed on JPreporter to your liking rather than being a big pile of $h!t !

  89. Diesel Ramcharger

    Diesel Ramcharger17 日 前

    @The Snekker Show ZING!

  90. Großer Maik

    Großer Maik18 日 前

    @The Snekker Show OUCH!

  91. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show18 日 前

    I'd rather be the type of person who talks too much while giving free information than the type of person who complains too much while receiving free information.

  92. Joe Goodman

    Joe Goodman19 日 前

    How about "turn off the power before opening" - I know that is self evident, but in todays litigious / STUPID environment, one cannot be too safe!

  93. wayne a Caron

    wayne a Caron20 日 前

    Ive seen that cutter before. when i saw it i said "stupidest piece of shit to inflict on a wood worker!!!!! now ill watch the rest of the vid. poppy's workshop says HI

  94. iceman 55

    iceman 5520 日 前

    Good video. I own a 12 Parks planer, fortunately I also grind and hone my own knives. I looked into a shelix for it, $900 plus shipping. Not sure that’s a per inch savings in the long run. I run about a 1000-2000 bdft per year at about three knife changes, I guess you can do the math

  95. Diesel Ramcharger

    Diesel Ramcharger17 日 前

    carbide isnt as sharp as HSS. simple fact.

  96. Bad Batch

    Bad Batch20 日 前

    Great tip. I thought about it but thought it would be just a slight adjustment in the scales. Guess not. Thanks

  97. G. R.

    G. R.20 日 前

    I have that planner and love it but have the same issues on some woods. I got mine by purchasing a Sears closeout planner for $99 and bought a service agreement. The Sears was missing parts so I took it in and lo and behold it was so cheap because it was obsolete and parts were not available. They had me look through the catalog for a replacement and I chose that expecting they would say no that is 400 plus. Ir arrived at my house 5 days later, no extra charges.

  98. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show20 日 前

    Sounds like you got a great deal.

  99. Roger Dudra

    Roger Dudra20 日 前

    I own many Dewalt tools. My planer is a Rigid tool. Now I know why.

  100. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show20 日 前

    My last planer was a Ridgid. One of the blade clamps got damaged during a kickback and Ridgid had already discontinued replacement parts, so the entire planer was useless to me after that.

  101. Platoface

    Platoface21 日 前

    I bought the Lux OEM size. Very happy with the finish.i screwed up by cross threading the screw of one of the carbide squares when reassembling. Start ALL of them by hand people....

  102. Diesel Ramcharger

    Diesel Ramcharger17 日 前

    you should never tighten carbide with an electric or air tool. its very brittle and easy to crack an insert if you over tighten. those fuckers come out like bullets when they brake. i cant imagine running a carbide tool that rotates torwards you with no glass in between teh operator and the cutter head. fuck. that. shit. im a machinist, ive had inserts come out at 6k and its no bullshit. i bet this planer turns more rpm than that.

  103. Craig Wheeless

    Craig Wheeless18 日 前

    Sorry to hear that happened. Can you retap the hole? It may change the screw size but shouldn’t change the height of the blade.

  104. Samuel Jardine

    Samuel Jardine19 日 前

    Start everything that's already tapped by hand. That's mechanics 101.

  105. G. R.

    G. R.20 日 前

    My dad taught me that every time I start a screw to turn it backwards until you feel or hear a click, the screw threads are now lined up and should be no problem. "Even you shouldn't screw it up!" he would say to me.

  106. Peter Connell

    Peter Connell21 日 前

    I went through two planers with my shelix head. Worth it..

  107. Peter Connell

    Peter Connell19 日 前

    The Shift is hitting the fan...

  108. Matt Moody

    Matt Moody21 日 前

    That is an odd saw you have there!

  109. Carlos Garcia

    Carlos Garcia21 日 前

    That Shelix along is worth just as much as the Dewalt Planer. Over $400.00.

  110. MJ1834

    MJ183422 日 前

    If you didn’t work that out before buying it, that’s you’re own fault. That was some pretty simple math to figure out that it was going to change all of the machine dimensions in reference to the cutter.

  111. Brandon Maddox

    Brandon Maddox17 日 前

    @Brian K.R. you ok bro?

  112. david bondi

    david bondi17 日 前

    He didn't say it wasn't his fault. In fact, he is owning it and trying to help others not make the same mistake.

  113. Ron Haefner

    Ron Haefner22 日 前

    My Shelix head works great and have yet to rotate the inserts in 3 years. I did have to replace one due to a knot blowout on 1 insert that damaged the screw. Never go back to straight knives.

  114. Steve D

    Steve D22 日 前

    I made my own long bed for my plane... No snipe... Additionally watch grain direction before you send it through...

  115. Brian Mc Kiernan

    Brian Mc Kiernan23 日 前

    Very helpful & informative segment. Dewalt should watch this & do a redesign so that the whole cutter head can be popped in & out in less time without having to remove the carbide. Can thoses carbide cutters come loose from frequently adjusting them or is it unlikely based on your experience? Thanks for a great post. I am about to buy one of these with base and all. Starting with the regular 3 blades. . May upgrade later to the carbides. **I didn't hear you talking about snipe so not sure if you are getting any. Is it less of a problem with the helix? Cheers!

  116. made by molnar

    made by molnar16 日 前

    ​@Brian K.R. Come on mannn, we get it you dont like the video move on.... Something tells me your a trump supporter.

  117. Brian Mc Kiernan

    Brian Mc Kiernan23 日 前

    @The Snekker Show perfect!

  118. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show23 日 前

    Thanks for the feedback. It's very unlikely for one of the cutters to come loose, but I've heard a few cases of them breaking from over-tightening, improper seating, foreign objects, etc. As for snipe, this should answer your question:

  119. Physicsnerd1

    Physicsnerd124 日 前

    Excellent lesson. Thank you.

  120. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show24 日 前

    You're quite welcome.

  121. Frank Sandy

    Frank Sandy25 日 前

    Really a great video and it answers a big question for me!! Your awesome!

  122. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Show25 日 前

    Thanks, glad it was helpful.

  123. Kevin Hunt

    Kevin Hunt26 日 前

    All that and the dust collection is exceptional.

  124. Jj Superalfadogg

    Jj Superalfadogg28 日 前

    Mine works great. In addition, a big plus is the noise reduction. Haven't actually calibrated the decibels, but the best description of noise level is with factory blades, you really should wear ear protection to with the Shelix cutters you really don't have to.

  125. BIG JOE 245

    BIG JOE 24524 日 前

    That's what I was wondering. It was much quieter than my 12" Delta.

  126. gregory vangundy

    gregory vangundy28 日 前

    Thanks for the video. I’ve had the dewalt 735 for At least 10 yrs now and it has performed very well. In the last year I installed a shelix cutter on my 6” jointer . I did this first as results from the jointer were much worse than what I was getting from my planer with knives. Also it was much cheaper and sharpening/ replacing jointer knives is a pain. Very impressed with the improvement with the jointer. Having done that I was about to pull the trigger on a shelix cutter head for the dewalt planer. On reflection, I’m not sure buying cutter heads that are half or more the cost of the planer is wise, in my case one that is about 10 yrs old. Currently considering upgrade to a 15” planer with helical cutter installed.

  127. Lee Petersen

    Lee Petersenヶ月 前

    safe t moment....wear some proper footwear in yer shop!!!

  128. Vidar Fagerjord

    Vidar Fagerjord9 日 前

    He’s wearing Ho Chi Min safety boots. Nothing wrong there. Also, steel toes ruins the edge on chisels when ya drop’em and tries to save them with your foot.

  129. BIG JOE 245

    BIG JOE 24524 日 前

    @whatdaheck there's always one in every crowd.

  130. whatdaheck

    whatdaheck24 日 前

    only a dumb ass that sits in the basement thinks that way ,Lee is what's going wrong with the world. If you think proper footwear is a necessity then by all means wear proper footwear in your shop ,not everyone is so fkin clumsey that safty is a necessity,common sense to not drop sh!t on your foot goes a long way

  131. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    I picked up a blender in the kitchen today that weighed more than anything I picked up in this video, and I was wearing flip clips. Don't tell OSHA.

  132. C Mega

    C Megaヶ月 前

    shelix will take back the smaller one and send you a OEM sized one for $50 plus shipping/handling (I don't know if it was mentioned by someone else, I won't be reading 669 comments to find out.)

  133. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    Interesting, I'll have to look in to that. Several people suggested I return it, but there was nothing wrong with it from a manufacturing perspective. Thanks for the tip.

  134. David Matt

    David Mattヶ月 前

    Very informative.

  135. Bert Sheppard

    Bert Sheppardヶ月 前

    why not just change out the cutter head again with the right one rather than pass the headaches on?

  136. Jason Fernandez

    Jason Fernandez6 日 前

    @The Snekker Show I think he's asking why not swap the undersized Shelix for the OEM size Shelix instead of buying another planer.

  137. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    Because then I'd be passing on the headaches of steel knives, which would be silly since there's already an expensive helical head installed and all of the recalibration is done.

  138. jamil mehdi

    jamil mehdiヶ月 前

    A few things: First, if you want to reduce snipe, raise the outer ends if your infeed and outfeed table slightly. You don't want them dead flat with planer bed. It's not the feed rollers that cause snipe, it's the weight of the unsupported board entering and exiting the planer with only a single feed roller pushing it through or pulling it out. Raising the feed tables reduced the board's propensity to lift into the cutter at the leading and trailing edges. Second, your new carbide cutters almost certainly are not seated right if you're getting lines. Bark or hardwood isn't going to chip the carbide. You probably got some dust under some of the cutters when installing or turning them. Third. Of the sample boards you ran through, the third board was way too aggressive of a pass. I could hear the planer bogging down. The result will be a planer that gets too hot and shortens the life span of the motor and brushes. Lastly, in that piece of crotch wood, the shiny dots are most likely mineral deposits, not bark.

  139. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    I prefer to keep my tables flat, but I address both sides of the argument in this video: As for the deposits in the plum bark, enough people thought it was bird shot that I made a quick video about that too: Harder materials are usually more brittle and can be damaged by impacts from softer materials, but it wouldn't surprise me if there was some sand in the bark that chipped the cutter. My maximum possible pass with the undersized cutterhead is just under 1/16", which isn't unreasonably aggressive for soft maple, but you're right about wearing the motor faster. It seems like the motor works a little harder since I added the helical head, but the sound of the motor slowing down is also more noticeable with the quieter helical head installed. It might sound worse than it actually is, but I haven't had a chance to do a comparative measurement yet.

  140. catfishbaitface1

    catfishbaitface1ヶ月 前

    It sure runs nice and quiet compared to mine :>

  141. Oliver Taylor

    Oliver Taylorヶ月 前

    @The Snekker Show Many thanks for that, there is nothing more annoying than getting deafened every time someone switches on a power tool in these videos.

  142. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    There's less of a high-pitched whine, but I also reduce the sound of tools during video production so I don't blow people's eardrums out.

  143. Dale Peterson

    Dale Petersonヶ月 前

    Thanks for the great video, Ben. I'll be pulling the trigger on purchasing the OEM sized cutter head today.

  144. Dale Peterson

    Dale Petersonヶ月 前

    $445.00 to my door.

  145. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    Awesome, congratulations. It looks like the price dropped recently too, so good timing.

  146. Howard Swing

    Howard Swingヶ月 前

    You could have done a review in 10 min very long review.

  147. david kelly

    david kellyヶ月 前

    I agree

  148. david kelly

    david kellyヶ月 前

    I agreee

  149. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    JPreporter might not be the best fit for you. Have you tried Instagram? It's mostly pictures and short posts.

  150. bobbg

    bobbgヶ月 前

    The oak isn't as hard as the maple. Just an fiy. This also depends on type of wood becuse there is a soft maple. I can see less chatter on the maple, one two more passes it might come out perfect. 64k dollar question what about snipe, or did you even have any on the short stock to start with becuse my buddies on a 14' rough cut board will snipe its ass off. Nice deep snipe marks on the traling end unless you stick in a second board to prop up the feed rollers as the first board exits.

  151. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    I just uploaded a snipe video yesterday:

  152. bobbg

    bobbgヶ月 前

    The extra presure on the feed rollers will wear them out faster. Trust me the rubbers pushed onto the shaft then heat treated to cure the rubber it can come loose from the shaft. 132 ? Bolts removed to install it is not that big a deal. Or a few scratches in the berring pocket is not a big deal.

  153. bobbg

    bobbgヶ月 前

    Oh you can put a new edge on a used stock blade. But for other reasons I'd buy the spril cutterhead.

  154. bobbg

    bobbgヶ月 前

    Agine the saw, as you called it. The planer will be quieter run smoother, make smaller shavings and cut in a shearing motion as well as give a much cleaner cut. You almost won't have to sand everything. But with this in mind that added cost is about 300 to 500 more then the 600 you paid for the planer to start with. You won't get your money back, unless you use the planer none stop 24/7 year round. It will cut down on down time, and all the other points I've given. But you can order that machine with that already installed. And I belive its less money in the long run. Or just buy a larger grizzly like a 15" . Or buy an American made woodmaster That does a lot more jobs for the money. Yes they cost more. But you can call the factory and order replacement parts. You can't with the grizzly or dewalt they are made in Twain in the same factory.

  155. bobbg

    bobbg11 日 前

    @The Snekker Show ask them if they can build one to order. 13" 1.5 hp 120 volt system. Or find a used RIB or belsaw sevral USA made tools like that. You can always rebuild one. Or even swap out a motor to meet your power requirements. I have a belsaw with a 120 volt motor on it, as big as the motor is im thinking it can be a 120 or 240 volt version wired for 120 volt oprations. I may at some point put a dc motor on it thats 3 hp and run it off 120 volts. I got that motor out of a treadmill I scraped. The only tricky part is a power converter.

  156. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    I'm a big fan of buying made-in-USA. I just checked out the Woodmaster site and it's a shame they don't have a planer-only option. Their smallest (5HP) planer/shaper is way beyond my power and functionality requirements.

  157. bobbg

    bobbgヶ月 前

    Well, you said you have it in the saw already, I only hope you ment the dewalt thickness planer, becuse its beyond me how that would work in a saw. ??? How many other people caught that? He really must be excited.

  158. 1 New Notification

    1 New Notificationヶ月 前

    @The Snekker Show That is a tad condescending to 'little girls'. I think you've just proved my point.

  159. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    You might have read way too much in to that. I'm fine with constructive criticism, and I read, consider, and appreciate every comment, including yours. I've had people suggest that I delete negative comments and keep the favorable ones, but I'm not a big fan of censoring people's opinions on my channel unless it's spam, obscenity, or hate. I'm also not a thin-skinned little girl, so I might occasionally reply when someone offers a suggestion or throws a rock.

  160. 1 New Notification

    1 New Notificationヶ月 前

    @The Snekker Show Wow you really don't like constructive criticism do you mate? Try not to be so bitter. They will come and go but you will remain here and be a sitting duck. After a while your mental health will suffer and you will be miserable with your family and friends in real life. It is not worth it brother. You have a lot of viewers and a lot of thumbs up. Show a little class. The trolls hate that.

  161. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    Thanks for pointing that out. I kind of enjoy the irony when people draw attention to my little mistakes and make numerous spelling, grammar, and capitalization errors in the process. I count seven. Can you find them all?

  162. pc langan

    pc langanヶ月 前

    Great Job. I rarly work in wood. Steel yes. But now I want One Of table top planers. By my home one block lot filled with huge reclaimed lumber. I hear nails spikes everything hitting the one he uses when he getsa order to fill. Brainstorming by myself so I may be lost completely wrong. If so I apologize NOW in advance. Have you ever seen them run old giant ships up on to the beach? Well they hardly use any technology electric, mechanical or otherwise. Just human power and torch. Torch one torch. That I gathered from public television doc. Simple solution because no other option. Not one thing wasted. Also when I was in service long ago. Kyushu Japan. Three days to do Tanker ship float it in a bay type resivoir few at a time pump water out leaving ship on huge wood blocks tall enough off bottom to walk under, next work began scaffolding sand blasting, change orders, metal repair, replace. Blasted to are metal, covered in epoxy primer inside and out three coats of I think three outer colors . Suck and recycle sand. Inspect thenfloat away hard deadline three days. Three years done to ship I was on in San Diego, California. I miss Japan sometimes. All information in support of my point. Think like a cave person. Simple sometimes could be one way to go. I am no expert. Just little mechanical in general. Instead of re gauging all stops is it possible to use a rubber mat under wood over belt like spacer? Or thicken the belt so it make the difference in smaller diameter cutter? I think they may sell a gum rubber spray it for grip on elevated belts product slip no more. The place blade came from should know all the pros n cons. Contact them. They may discount OEspec. Cutter and take one you sampled the smaller one. I know it would bug me until I exhausted every option. Well Update any changes. Your experience is invaluable to anyone owning or planning yo own or repair their own. Thank you. Goodnight!

  163. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    There were probably a few other options, but I felt more comfortable adjusting the gauges since they didn't have a mechanical function other than to measure. Thanks for the feedback.

  164. Thomas Kirkpatrick

    Thomas Kirkpatrickヶ月 前

    I was so disappointed when I saw the Dewalt thickness planer, lots of money for a lot of plastic. That and what should be included with purchase, is considered a an accessory, for more money.

  165. Steven Walker

    Steven Walkerヶ月 前

    I'm incredibly impressed with mine, I have owned it for nearly 3 years and I would have to say its (in Australia) by far the best quality portable thickness planer on the market.

  166. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    The only plastic on mine is the decorative/protective covers for the metal mechanical parts. It wouldn't weigh 90 pounds if the mechanical parts were plastic.

  167. 4444colin

    4444colinヶ月 前

    Sometimes the journey creates a learning lesson. Don't be hard on yourself. Thanks for passing on your learning 👍

  168. Holaroznic1

    Holaroznic1ヶ月 前

    I watched it because "shelix" in the title. I thought it was a I love parodies. But I used to build furniture as a teenager, I found it very informative watch it all. I like learning about stuff I dont know.

  169. john cooper

    john cooperヶ月 前

    Wood chipping carbide....not possible. That piece of wood has high potential for rocks picked up from the soil over the years. Anytime you plane or joint stump or pieces with rot mineral pieces are a risk.

  170. bobbg

    bobbgヶ月 前

    Yes but not all wood will have mineral deposits in them and carbide cutters are becoming the norm in woodworking as they have been in machine shops for the past 40 years. Ever mill some cast iron and hit a sand poket? Same deal. We got some connecting rods in once for a locomotive, i had to drill up the center of for an oil hole, they were the worst for sand pockets I must have broke 50 18" long 3/8" hss drill bits on them, i learned real fast how to fix a busted drill bit that had shaped in 2. I had a stack of drill bits id chage out in rotation and I did this on a turret lathe. Part bolted to the chuck and drill bit in the tail stock. Spun the part and stationary drill bit. Had to be done dry. Out of that mess we had 2 scrap parts you could not get the broken drill bit out of. Cast iron can be a real bitch if the foundry screws up.

  171. jamierodg1

    jamierodg1ヶ月 前

    Bark causing a nick in your carbide knives? No way. My Minimax combo planer/jointer has the shelix head and it cuts extraordinarily smoothly. The only thing that "nicks" the blade is another metal and most likely steel/iron. A little thickness planer is not going to do well with short pieces. If you really need to do those, consider attaching them to a longer board w/double face tape or even constructing a jig to hold them.

  172. bobbg

    bobbgヶ月 前

    Yes, a knot will chip one of the orignal blades, they are very thin. A smart guy will learn how to put a new edge on one it can be done. Its not that hard if you look on JPreporter youll find it.

  173. John Courtneidge

    John Courtneidgeヶ月 前

    Very nice, thank-you!

  174. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    My pleasure

  175. Robert Dinicola

    Robert Dinicolaヶ月 前

    I havs an old ryobi, got it free. The blades are no longer available. I made a jig and sharlen them in a sander and then i finish with sandpaper on glass.

  176. Kurt C

    Kurt Cヶ月 前

    Can your dewalt do 3/4 boards? I can't seem to get mine to go lower.

  177. 1 New Notification

    1 New Notificationヶ月 前

    Check yourself before you wreck yourself…

  178. Doug Alexander

    Doug Alexanderヶ月 前

    Check your depth stop.

  179. morinojeans

    morinojeansヶ月 前

    check your lock screw on the left if you face it...

  180. TekkyTG

    TekkyTGヶ月 前

    Why did this guy randomly show up on my recommended, why does he only have 4.07k subscribers, and why does he have nearly half a million views? xD

  181. TekkyTG

    TekkyTGヶ月 前

    @The Snekker Show 😂

  182. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    Let me know if you figure out the answer to any of those.

  183. BlackLotusW3

    BlackLotusW3ヶ月 前

    should be able to get smaller roller to match the blade

  184. Riverflyswatter S

    Riverflyswatter Sヶ月 前

    Do you planer the wood ? Or do you plane the wood? 40 years ago I was corrected by a mentor He said its a plane Please help me

  185. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    You plane the wood. The machine is called a planer.

  186. Ryan B

    Ryan Bヶ月 前

    I did the same thing and completely agree, the undersized had was also $500 compared to 800$ I also feel that the extra energy used to force the boards through allows for glass cutting power in larger pieces of wood

  187. Thomas Mahoney

    Thomas Mahoneyヶ月 前

    that costs more than my planer lmao

  188. CrimeVid

    CrimeVid24 日 前

    Thomas Mahoney That is a hell of a lot more than mine did brand new, I think around £150.00. I suppose it has not had a lot of use, if I added it all up probably about 5 hours continuous running in 6-7 years. My point ? I could not justify the cost of helical cutters, just silly for a d i y er. To finish off, a steel edge will be much sharper than carbide, I am still happy with the finish I get from my original cutters.

  189. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    You're not justifying right. If you put it in your planer, the value of your planer will double, so it's like, technically making you money.

  190. Roger Bartels

    Roger Bartelsヶ月 前

    Scissors and similar cutting tools SHEAR; that is that they cut perpendicular to the material. Planers and Jointers SHAVE, that is that they cut parallel to the material.

  191. Danny Comsa

    Danny Comsaヶ月 前

    On my (2) planers the in/out rollers are pressed down with a spring - it is not a mechanical press - it is spring loaded. Pull the roller and take a look how it is put in. If there is a spring - there you go. Spring loaded is necessary to allow for the initial un-evenness of wood. It's a distance thing. The new cutters are higher so the rollers are "lower" and put different pressure on the wood because you have to lower everything to make the cutters reach the wood (smaller diameter cutter head).

  192. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    You're right about the springs. I noticed the front roller lift up while I was doing the inside filming for this video, and then verified through the parts diagram.

  193. Ian Clegg

    Ian Cleggヶ月 前

    Blimey! How long could he talk about his car?

  194. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    @Ian Clegg All good, my friend. You can see my feelings weren't hurt too badly.

  195. Ian Clegg

    Ian Cleggヶ月 前

    Sorry fella, was a cheap joke. As long as your link not Peppa or paw patrol you got another su bcriber. Even if it is😃. My mate a chippy got do a lot of laminate but am drunk. Click back when sober, all the best! Gotta stop typing a d drinking.

  196. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    Might I suggest something better suited for your attention span.

  197. Patrick Whelan

    Patrick Whelanヶ月 前

    Saw? It's a planer......I'm sure it was an oopsie...

  198. Tom Herring

    Tom Herringヶ月 前

    Those little black dots look like birdshot to me--from a shotgun...

  199. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    You're not the only person to suggest that, so I made this:

  200. Azycray

    Azycrayヶ月 前

    I bought a Shelix for my 12" Makita hand planer I'm using on a timber frame project of all oak. I haven't used it a lot yet but so far I am loving it. There is no way I wanted to be replacing knives as often as I would have to using it on oak. Time will tell how well the carbide cutters will hold up but for me, just rotating one cutter is far superior to taking out a knife and turning or replacing. The quality of the cut? Beautiful!

  201. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    I didn't know a 12" Makita hand planer existed until I looked it up just now. That's a pretty impressive machine. I can hardly believe it costs as much as a floor model thickness planer.

  202. Gary

    Garyヶ月 前

    thank you for your valuable advise. I will get the OEM next time I need blades.

  203. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    Happy to help

  204. Joe Boyd

    Joe Boydヶ月 前

    Definitely go with the OEM size, a bit more hassle on the installation and if you feel good about getting it in the first place won't be an issue. I have same setup with OEM and am happy with the purchase.

  205. T wagner

    T wagnerヶ月 前

    Those Dewalt planers are DIY, home use planers. I'm a cabinet maker and have used top of the line planers with cast iron tables and all kinds of adjustments. Also helical planers made originally with helical cutter heads perform a lot better but of course vary with the manufacturer and set up people.

  206. Harnett 2

    Harnett 2ヶ月 前

    He says up front he's a hobbyist so makes sense he has a Dewalt for what he needs.

  207. Joe Boyd

    Joe Boydヶ月 前

    Agree happy for your experience and not sure what you are adding here. Not sure why a pro like yourself is slumming in chat here.

  208. Cavrel Silvera

    Cavrel Silveraヶ月 前


  209. Joe smith

    Joe smithヶ月 前

    I'm not sure what your point is. The shop in the video looks like a DIY shop.

  210. Jim Wilkerson

    Jim Wilkersonヶ月 前

    How does the Dewalt hold up over time planing hard wood? I am torn right now of buying a bigger planer (powermatic) or switching out the knives to the Shelix head. Don't want to buy the Shelix when I have to replace the planer in a couple years. Thought?

  211. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    @jamil mehdi That encouraging news.

  212. jamil mehdi

    jamil mehdiヶ月 前

    Since I put a Shelix head in mine, I've run about 2000 board feet of 4/4 rough lumber through mine. I mill down to .775", so that's about 15 passes for each board, actually more than that for maple which I use for drawer boxes - that gets milled to .650". On average, an 8' board is probably around 5 board feet. so 2000 bf x 1.6 x 15 means I have run about 48,000 lineal feet of lumber through my DW735 in a little more than a year. I've replaced the motor brushes and I've turned the carbide cutters once since getting the Shelix. I'm milling mostly white oak, cherry, and soft maple, all of it is FAS, so I'm not dealing with knots or bad cuts. Still, 48,000 lineal feet is pretty impressive for a $600 planer and a $300 head, especially since the cutters have only had to be turned once so far

  213. Mr Brown

    Mr Brownヶ月 前

    I have an old Dewalt 734 planer the 12.5 inch one. I think I got it around 01 or 02 when I bought my Woodmizer sawmill, I have sent thousands of feet of both hardwood and softwood through. The Planer is still going strong and I like it better than my Grizzly planer. The thing that makes these planers last is good sharp blades and keep them sharp I have a power sharperner for doing wood chipper knives and sharpen my planer knives in it until they are with in a 32nds from the hold down plates. I do not recomend these spiral heads in these small Dewalt planers mine seemed to run harder with one, stay with the oem head and knives and keep them sharp and a few extra sets on hand and don't try hogging the wood and if you get int sharpening your own knives remember to run a few test pieces to reset your pointer and to get the micro filings off the knives so you don't end up with spots on a good board.

  214. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

    I'd like to give you an accurate answer, but I can only describe my experience. I've had my Dewalt planer since March 2017, and the Shelix since early 2020. I would describe myself as a heavy hobbyist because I mill my own lumber and almost all of it is hardwood. I haven't had any problems yet, but I've seen comments from other people who have. If you're going to do extended periods of planing or frequently take deep cuts in wide boards, I'd go with a floor model. I might get one eventually, but I have other higher tool priorities like a SawStop.

  215. D W

    D Wヶ月 前

    Where did you go to buy that one u have a link to it?

  216. The Snekker Show

    The Snekker Showヶ月 前

  217. Larry Lund

    Larry Lundヶ月 前

    Not the best advice to buy a tool you know nothing about and then have the nerve to complain about machine adjustments you must make to get the new toy to work. At this rate you might have about 80 hrs remaining on your little planer. It isn't the tools fault. Operator error. There will always be snipe on your long boards until you build an entry and exit table. Make it flat and parallel with adjustments. You get a failing grade on safety and shop practice.

  218. Dustin Bird

    Dustin Birdヶ月 前

    So, what are you getting at besides being insulting? Ned shares his "lesson learned" video and you take that opportunity to make snide commentary? Just saying, there's got to be a less condescending tone you could have used here to say the same thing.

  219. Robert Craig Perry

    Robert Craig Perryヶ月 前

    Please please make sure your power cord is disconnected.

  220. Robnation

    Robnationヶ月 前