The Verve Pipe - The Freshmen (Official Video)


  1. Jeff Guevara

    Jeff Guevara8 時間 前

    I remembered my High School days while listening to this song😢 2 months before 2020, who still remember this song?

  2. Corrine Gonzalez

    Corrine Gonzalez21 時間 前

    It’s sad reading these comments.. makes you realize how sad we all really are and how bad we want to go back in time. 😞

  3. Adam Dutch

    Adam Dutch22 時間 前

    I have this still on cassette single. Remember when I bought it and played it, a friend said "this song puts me to sleep". Good! Amazing song.

  4. Snow Anaya

    Snow Anaya日 前

    I remember hearing this song as a teen and not getting it fully. Now as a 31 year old I get it and it brings a tear to my eye the things I thought I was able to die for the over dramatic shit, the dumb shit, the simple shit. I see my daughter at 11 with that same mind "i know everything now" and it's like my parents told me you don't know till your old enough to realize the mistake and the regret of it. Damn, 90's I miss you.

  5. Brian Haley

    Brian Haley2 日 前

    A girl once asked me what a "punkarelly" was while this song was playing.... I still don't know.

  6. linksoldier1

    linksoldier12 日 前

    So glad i found this song. A good teacher who recently passed away played this at the beginning of class while everyone arrived and took thier seats. Every day a different song some repeatedly played through the year. This song will always remind me of that amazing, great, teacher, mentor, friend.

  7. Terry Leskow

    Terry Leskow4 日 前

    For the life of me😏

  8. Ed Green

    Ed Green4 日 前

    We have to go back to performance over look to make our country and jobs great. Its not merely looking like u can do it. You expect it from music expect it in all occupations.

  9. Ed Green

    Ed Green4 日 前

    What staits said but im 57. Excellent music with quality musicians!!!

  10. Noah         bederdan psycogiggles

    Noah bederdan psycogiggles5 日 前

    For the life of me, I can not remember, what made us think that we were Wise, and we'd never compromise. If only I knew then, what I know now.

  11. fondaE Spirit

    fondaE Spirit5 日 前

    Almost midnight here, doing 90's nonstop playlist.. *sigh, Nostalgic is real 😪

  12. DreamStreet

    DreamStreet2 日 前

    Nostalgia = The pain that is felt when remembering the past.

  13. Midorima Shintaro

    Midorima Shintaro5 日 前

    He looks like Billy Ray Cyrus in a depressed mode.

  14. Johnny Kim

    Johnny Kim6 日 前

    Still reminds me of her..

  15. Kris B

    Kris B7 日 前

    How do we make today feel as good as the "good old days"? Love to go back but I want to feel that way about the now. How is a memory better than the present?

  16. Richard Henningsen

    Richard Henningsen7 日 前

    Although this is a hell of a good song. Photograph is still my favorite song by these guys!!

  17. Edith Recinos

    Edith Recinos8 日 前

    Aaron Carter changed genre I suppose

  18. Shay Kline

    Shay Kline9 日 前

    I'm obsessed with this song!

  19. Thomas Daddio

    Thomas Daddio10 日 前

    How long has it been ? Where are the music videos? What's reality TV? Where's MTV and VH1 ? Who are the Kardashians? How long have I been asleep? What do u mean the verve pipe broke up!!!?

  20. Matthew Anacleto

    Matthew Anacleto11 日 前

    This song evokes memories of the Young Justice comic of the 90s

  21. Marios world Mario & Jose

    Marios world Mario & Jose12 日 前

    I’m proud to say I was a freshmen in high school when this song was jamming the Airways

  22. KnicksNYanks84

    KnicksNYanks8412 日 前

    what is this song about?

  23. Nocturnal Recluse

    Nocturnal Recluse12 日 前

    I was a freshman when that song came out. I'll never forget 1996.

  24. writerspen010

    writerspen01012 日 前

    There's so much romanticizing of the 90s in these comments ^^""

  25. Paul Devers

    Paul Devers8 日 前

    Everyone’s remember the good times and the bad times back when everything was simpler...

  26. speshul

    speshul13 日 前

    Love your song

  27. Sarahj Jacobs

    Sarahj Jacobs13 日 前

    Brings back so many amazing memories, song has such a powerful impact every time I hear it, always has.

  28. Joe Wiedmeier

    Joe Wiedmeier13 日 前

    High school break ups thanks homies. 👌for the life of me ❤️ freshman

  29. DahliasDarkside

    DahliasDarkside14 日 前

    This takes me back to feelings I didnt think I could have anymore. If I close my eyes it almost feels like it did when I was a teenager.

  30. Dej merp

    Dej merp14 日 前

    one of my favorite songs

  31. Joseph Justice

    Joseph Justice15 日 前

    How do 4,500 people dislike this song? Screw you all.

  32. Brandon Morgan

    Brandon Morgan15 日 前

    This song is about psychological projection lol

  33. Ted Staf

    Ted Staf16 日 前

    To all those reading this. I hope you are doing great. Everything that has ever happened in your life has led you to this moment. You made it.

  34. Gary

    Gary18 日 前

    The lead singer wrote this song about his girlfriend getting a abortion and how they felt afterwards.

  35. Jennifer Halliwell

    Jennifer Halliwell14 日 前

    Sounds like shine down 45

  36. Andre De Villa

    Andre De Villa18 日 前

    best prom ever!! Thanks himym♡

  37. Lenny

    Lenny19 日 前

    My wife and I have now been together longer than we were alive without each other...

  38. The Corn Syrup Bin

    The Corn Syrup Bin9 日 前


  39. Connor Haley

    Connor Haley12 日 前

    Lenny congratulations!!!

  40. Joys important Videos

    Joys important Videos19 日 前

    The 80s and 90s were the best I will never be able to feel the vibe that I felt back then and it really kind of bums me because now the way the Earth is in the way people are it is so different it's nothing like it was back then I really miss the 80s and 90s the music the people The Vibes everything we'll just wish I could go back in time

  41. michael lee

    michael lee20 日 前

    Can you just make a conveyer belt with blades and cut the fetuses into chili sauce?

  42. Mrs. Bartlett

    Mrs. Bartlett21 日 前

    I didn't realize back then how good musc was until now

  43. Jhun San Gabriel

    Jhun San Gabriel21 日 前


  44. Blake Matthew

    Blake Matthew21 日 前

    Its cool but bittersweet reading all these comments about the 90s but also nice to know im not the only one that listens to songs like this and thinks about there own memories and what they were doing in this era whether it be good or bad. Im only 34 but I'd give alot to go back to these times and start over on alot of things

  45. charlesinne taala

    charlesinne taala21 日 前

    what does freshman stands for? hmmm first? anew? pioneer (ing)? beginer? new born? hahaha bag ong nataw d i...

  46. Mandi Norman

    Mandi Norman22 日 前

    This life is short, so live it to the fullest with no regrets. I should've been more relentless and selfish. I deserve to live how I want with who I want. 🖤🖤🖤

  47. Jake Garcia

    Jake Garcia24 日 前

    Anyone here from American Pie: American Reunion?

  48. John Wayne

    John Wayne24 日 前

    Kind of sounds like the lead singer from fuel

  49. Bryan Chordash

    Bryan Chordash24 日 前

    I listened to this song about 10 times today

  50. alien messiah da guru god

    alien messiah da guru god24 日 前

    wint be held responsible

  51. Jack Straw

    Jack Straw24 日 前

    Anyone listing in 2031??

  52. AquA riuS

    AquA riuS27 日 前

    Uh...nostalgia binging😳👀🔥

  53. Jarod Schultz

    Jarod Schultz28 日 前

    When this song was a hit back in 1997, I was a freshman in high school at the time, and I was playing freshman football. We were on a losing streak during our first 5 games. But we finally got our act together and started winning. When I hear this song, it reminds me of that time in my life. "I was merely a freshman".

  54. Nanda Rox

    Nanda Rox7 日 前

    I was a Freshman when this came out as well. Class of 2000.

  55. Kevin The realist

    Kevin The realist28 日 前

    my father always told me 2 things the first was " save your money and dont grow old kid" and the other was " we only have 5 minutes on earth make sure you live it "

  56. irvin kennedy III

    irvin kennedy III29 日 前

    People talking bout the 90s... . i grew up in da 80s/ 90s didnt think about it . dam i must be getting old , cause it seems like it was only yesterday ...

  57. Paradox

    Paradox29 日 前

    A classic for sure

  58. Brandon Reekie

    Brandon Reekieヶ月 前

    Damn this song is just... sigh.. idk... it’s just that good n right

  59. Christina Provo

    Christina Provoヶ月 前

    I never had forty cents - we were merely freshmen

  60. FC Schaeffer

    FC Schaefferヶ月 前

    The 90's and early 2000's were a Golden Age for songwriters, who gave us songs like this with lyrics we can never forget. Don't get started on what's out there today.

  61. texasdawn123

    texasdawn123ヶ月 前

    Music actually meant something then.

  62. Kim Linthicum

    Kim Linthicumヶ月 前

    .....we were clueless

  63. Christian Tolliver

    Christian Tolliverヶ月 前

    The meaning behind this song is actually so heartbreaking 😥

  64. HDMI1 1044

    HDMI1 1044ヶ月 前

    Fock man

  65. Steve Muskovic

    Steve Muskovicヶ月 前

    This song got me through some hard times ... miss those days

  66. john Appleseed

    john Appleseedヶ月 前

    Not depressed JPreporter , stupid ass advertisements . I just love music , all genres .. get it right , geez .