The Untold Story of a Rockstar


  1. megan

    megan日 前

    thank you...

  2. Keaton Collop

    Keaton Collop23 日 前

    This is the second artist/group that Yes Theory has introduced to me and they're both amazing. The first group was '49th Parallel'

  3. Lalunasouls

    Lalunasoulsヶ月 前

    i have skipped over watching this video for awhile and finally i just decided to watch it, and oh my gosh. i love this, i love this song. broke right through me. i needed to hear this. possibly my new favorite artist.

  4. MrJJuK

    MrJJuK2 ヶ月 前

    and there's me sitting here sipping on a can of Dark Fruits... Love these sorts of videos guys, more please. :)

  5. Richard Michael

    Richard Michael6 ヶ月 前

    Very brave of him to share and find a way to navigate past his demons

  6. Hardik Patel

    Hardik Patel8 ヶ月 前

    u just make so good video...under rated by worst title and pic 😂 this guy inspiring

  7. Lewis Crawford

    Lewis Crawford8 ヶ月 前

    At the end I started crying uncontrollably

  8. Bronwyn Morgan

    Bronwyn Morgan年 前

    Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 💪💪

  9. Sean Mahan

    Sean Mahan年 前

    This needs so many more views.

  10. Robert Kidwell

    Robert Kidwell年 前

    More views on this homies wow

  11. Mauricio

    Mauricio年 前

    How can this have 80 dislikes???

  12. Wayland C

    Wayland C年 前

    UtRB. Heck yeah. I'm glad they got some exposure with this.

  13. Gabriela Almeida

    Gabriela Almeida年 前

    Thank you, guys 😭

  14. Althur Djerah

    Althur Djerah年 前

    Thank you guys for this presentation, it is nice to listen to new artists now and than. Their sound is pretty good.

  15. Janoo KA

    Janoo KA年 前

    Im so glad someone recognising my fav band and above all their amazing new album

  16. Sümeyye Altıntaş

    Sümeyye Altıntaş年 前

    I discovered you yesterday and now i saw this video about UTRB and i am shooked they are my favourite band ever and thıs vıdeo made me love you even more

  17. Tristan Jhaye

    Tristan Jhaye年 前

    What was that song in the beginning of the video?

  18. DragonHeart

    DragonHeart年 前

    such a beautiful song o.o and there voices!

  19. Lena Probst

    Lena Probst年 前


  20. Carys Bulmer

    Carys Bulmer年 前

    I avoided watching this because it wasn't about you guys, and the thumbnail didn't look so inviting. But I finally watched it and I'm so pleased I did - beautiful message and story. The world needs more supportive people around to say, you know what, everyone has messed up at some point, and everyone needs to be loved and needs new opportunities to be their best self. I'm so pleased you told this story in such a beautiful way. You guys rock!

  21. William Ela

    William Ela年 前

    A lot of times I hear stories about bands such as this and I always think wow good job. I'm happy they made it but this is the first time I've gravitated towards the bands sound. I love them!

  22. Bryce Kaiser

    Bryce Kaiser年 前

    So good.

  23. TheDoming0

    TheDoming0年 前

    Unexpectedly poignant and touching. Heading to Spotify to check these guys out.

  24. Lady J in Lotus Pose

    Lady J in Lotus Pose年 前


  25. bubbleshoks

    bubbleshoks年 前

    Video deserves so many more views man, story is so inspiring

  26. villa

    villa年 前

    beautiful video. very inspiring ❤️

  27. exit timing

    exit timing年 前

    UTRB is pure amazement.

  28. Alfonso Budiman

    Alfonso Budiman年 前

    What song did that play? Srry for bad grammer

  29. Churro VG

    Churro VG年 前

    Ayyyyeeee fan from Wales. I hate Wales aswell, the weather is mingin

  30. Ruby Vasquez

    Ruby Vasquez年 前

    Beautiful ❤️❤️

  31. Laurence Wolski

    Laurence Wolski年 前

    Whats the song they’re playing in the end?? (Insane video)

  32. Laurence Wolski

    Laurence Wolski年 前

    Fuck it i bought the album and found out it was Meru (worth it)

  33. Unknown potato

    Unknown potato年 前

    Whats the song called? Or is it not released yet?

  34. nicknile1

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  35. Ivan Lovric

    Ivan Lovric年 前

    Just bloody Beautiful mates. Thank you for everything, you guys truly are an inspiration to me.

  36. DreadAsian

    DreadAsian年 前

    Hello! Yestheory please respond to my email I have sent recently to you. I have a humble request to you. I hope you see it please. Love you guys!

  37. J T

    J T2 年 前

    What’s the song at the end

  38. googlepedia

    googlepedia2 年 前

    favorite one yet!

  39. Poppy Ribbons

    Poppy Ribbons2 年 前

    is it just me or does he remind you of Jamie Oliver most people will probably have no clue who that is

  40. Aron 99

    Aron 992 年 前

    what's the name of the last song?

  41. Greg leo Garcia

    Greg leo Garcia2 年 前

    done every vids i watch is making so interesting every vids... every vids is makes stepping a knoch

  42. Lucre Bello

    Lucre Bello2 年 前

    Goosebumps. Their story, songs, lyrics, your editing. I'm in love

  43. Franziska Müller

    Franziska Müller2 年 前

    Would love to know how Pete felt after he shattered his fear!! His songs are so so beautiful and deep. And guys, I am so in love with what you stand for, what you do and say - it is insane! There has never been a channel/ group of people I related to that much! I am so excited to watch you evolve, I am sure, more is yet to come! Much love from Germany

  44. xSpy Senpai

    xSpy Senpai2 年 前

    Daaang .. the camera work and editing is next level :D

  45. Maroun Shibly

    Maroun Shibly2 年 前

    Do you allow me to join yes theory?plz i am ready for anything I adore everything u do and i think we could get along eventhough im 17

  46. Jetclout

    Jetclout2 年 前

    Maroun Shibly that's just not how it works.. These guys met each other when they were nothing and went through thick and thin.. Success and failure. They've been there for each other even when they had nothing. You can't just "join" a family like that

  47. Julie D'Amanda

    Julie D'Amanda2 年 前

    I fucking love this channel 😭

  48. Jacques Wolf

    Jacques Wolf2 年 前

    I miss derin

  49. roraio

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  50. Octo

    Octo2 年 前

    The last track is Meru by until the ribbon breaks and u can find it on my channel.

  51. Robert Dowling

    Robert Dowling2 年 前

    My love by until the ribbon breaks is the first track and Meru is supposedly the last track by the same guys but is not released yet

  52. Karolina Gawlik

    Karolina Gawlik2 年 前

    Your way of editing videos is perfect, love the series, very inspiring

  53. Takeaki Uemura

    Takeaki Uemura2 年 前

    Really inspirational

  54. roraio

    roraio2 年 前

    SUCH GOOD MUSIC!!! Thank you for existing!

  55. abhishek mishra

    abhishek mishra2 年 前

    Is he on soundcloud?

  56. Perry Horton

    Perry Horton2 年 前

    What is the song at 6:15?

  57. Laïla Btn

    Laïla Btn2 年 前

    I would have liked to hear his aftershow reaction But this serie is freaking amazing, thanks guys I don't understand how this channel doesn't have 10 million subscribers yet, the message you share is what the world need at the moment

  58. James Field

    James Field2 年 前

    Absolutely stunning.

  59. Brendon Moses

    Brendon Moses2 年 前

    you become emotionally attached to these profiles

  60. SuperNabiul

    SuperNabiul2 年 前

    If JPreporter gives me one option that i can keep only one channel then i will keep yes theory.You guys are doing an amazing job spreading positive vibes among people.

  61. Paul 1 Life

    Paul 1 Life2 年 前

    Great video and story. Loving the band #newfan. #yestheory your videos are very inspirational great job guys

  62. Brandon Smith

    Brandon Smith2 年 前

    I truly just want to meet thomas. so badly someday i hope i get the chance

  63. Blayco Productions

    Blayco Productions2 年 前

    Ayeeee any welsh here?

  64. 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos

    10,000 Subscribers With No Videos2 年 前

    Amazing series guys. Just incredible how these stories are being told, and the editing is just great. This is what you guys were made to do, it's really well done!