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  1. Netflix

    Netflix25 日 前

    and here's the full song by Gerard Way:

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  3. Kel T

    Kel T日 前

    DeepFriedRock fuk off

  4. DeepFriedRock

    DeepFriedRock日 前

    Y u make everyone gae

  5. Kel T

    Kel T日 前

    I loved how you actually see the way colour men and women were treated back then course i was aware of it but it’s a different thing all together when your wanting these police educated had workin people just wanting served and they nerve were aggressive back!(expect wheh Alison battered the asshole wee his foot in the door spot on 👌🏻 especially with the “Black Lives Matter”. Anywiy long story short season 2 was fuking amazing! Robert Sheehan’s hair tho 😍😍 now When’s season 3? 😂🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻☂️☂️☂️ 🙌🏻

  6. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget3 日 前

    Where’s the show Netflix it’s Friday

  7. Ilina Chiriac

    Ilina Chiriac3 時間 前

    But what's the song at 2:30

  8. DonnyB

    DonnyB3 時間 前

    just finished it, GREAT SHOW, IDC WHAT ANYONE SAYS

  9. Quo Vadis

    Quo Vadis3 時間 前

    Thank you for including a discriminatory scenes in between the series, I learned something today and I'll never forget it

  10. Lincoln Zeferino

    Lincoln Zeferino4 時間 前

    All this time waiting for me to see season 2 in one weekend! Man... I suck. Now, I will have to wait until 2084 for S3. 😭😭😭 Btw: this season was better than S1! Thanks Netflix! 🙏🏻

  11. Anaya Ahsan

    Anaya Ahsan4 時間 前

    I finished it in one day

  12. scrubbyfingerz 335

    scrubbyfingerz 3354 時間 前

    Can someone explain to me how luther is ,,super strong‘‘ yet he get his ass whopped at fights? I just dont get it.

  13. kj232009

    kj2320095 時間 前

    Looks Absolutely Amazing in Dolby Vision on my Sony 900f. Literally every scene in season is demo worthy

  14. Thekrazykidshere

    Thekrazykidshere5 時間 前

    To everyone who has finished watching season 3 [SPOILERS]: WTH just happened!? This season had to be amazing with so many different changes that made the story spectacular! Wished I could’ve seen more of AJ though. Also how did Ben stay alive? And wouldn’t they not have existed if they changed the timeline? Did Reginald get different children and not Luther, Number 5, Vanya, Allison, Diego, and Klause? I have so many questions that I could use some help on!

  15. Narciso Rivero

    Narciso Rivero6 時間 前

    Vanya still the character I like the least.

  16. Brother Mister

    Brother Mister8 時間 前

    Vanya/Ellen Page's is so predictable and annoying....but mostly Ellen page.

  17. CheeryGacha

    CheeryGacha8 時間 前

    My opinion about Dub Swap in Umbrella Academy: Five-German Klaus-Italian Alisson-Spanish Vanya-Brazilian Luther- Turkish Ben- Japanese

  18. Nilofer Banerjee

    Nilofer Banerjee8 時間 前

    Has anyone noticed that Lila's powers are quite parallel to Hindu Goddess Durga and Kali? I know she is Person of Indian Origin. Juust saying.

  19. Paul

    Paul8 時間 前

    Now we need season 3

  20. Ceez B

    Ceez B8 時間 前

    I like the general plot of both seasons but I’m definitely not a fan of the repetitive getting lost > ego is broken > hero spirals > plot twist helps hero return Especially #1 who is a bit too damn whiny for such a big dude. I mean, cries half the episodes.

  21. Chew Vee

    Chew Vee6 時間 前

    Well considering the fact that he was loyal to his father, sent him to the moon without any purpose, gave him a gorrila body which he didn't ask for. And besides he's human bruv every big dude breaks down sometime.

  22. Ufuk Hekimoğlu

    Ufuk Hekimoğlu9 時間 前

    shane dawson

  23. Henry V

    Henry V9 時間 前

    Ellen Page is killing the series. I get the propaganda Netflix is pushing but at least she could've dropped the typical dude outfits for season 2 to fit the timeline.

  24. Luke P.

    Luke P.10 時間 前

    " where am I?" Guy-" November 25th, 1963" Me-🙄🙄🙄 " omg they're 100% doing something related to JFK assassination...why else" *Later in the trailer " tHeReS a PlOt To AsSaSsInAtE tHe pReSiDeNt" 😒😒Wow.. how original..

  25. Caro Serufuli

    Caro Serufuli10 時間 前

    The whole time, I was like: don’t you all realize that changing a big event as The president’s assassination would mess up the timeline you are trying to go back to???? How did they not realize that interacting with people’s life when they weren’t even supposed to exist would change the time line ?? Five mentions so many time that he worked at the commission for years and was the Best But then again how does he keep making mistakes and overlooking things???????

  26. Caro Serufuli

    Caro Serufuli10 時間 前

    In season 2 they changed Klaus and Five’s personality I think, like wasn’t claus unable to be at peace without the drugs because of the ghosts? And in season 2 he is enjoying his life without alcohol or drugs for one year and doesn’t seem like he feels weird about it. Yet they don’t tell us if he trained to control his powers. And he is weirdly so courageous all of a sudden. And I think that the writers just forgot how Five was the supposed genius of the family but now he suddenly isn’t?

  27. Joselizi

    Joselizi10 時間 前

    The fact that people actually like Vanya (the character) actually surprises me. She’s the worst hero out of all of them.

  28. Kiki Good

    Kiki Good10 時間 前

    An incredible lump of shit sequel to an incredible lump of shit. I thought I would love both but no

  29. Freddy Krueger

    Freddy Krueger10 時間 前

    If you thought Season 1 was good, Season 2 blew it out of the water. Ngl

  30. Grimzuhl

    Grimzuhl10 時間 前

    Racism, rainbows,women oppression, and drum rolll Russia Never thought I would say this but I miss the days of cheesy 80’s one liners compared to the Hollywood cults constant boring talking points

  31. Michael G

    Michael G10 時間 前

    Hell of a show! the most fascinating thing is that they make the most unexpected music fit perfectly with the scenes... the music selection in this season was AMAZING! Hell of a job

  32. Paul Frank

    Paul Frank11 時間 前

    I didn't like the end of this season! We all back to the seson 1 | episode 1

  33. Charles Elmore

    Charles Elmore11 時間 前

    This show really found its legs this season.

  34. Chewbaccacabra

    Chewbaccacabra11 時間 前

    What kind of lazy, garbage writing is this??? Just a horrible slog that isn't even from the original source material. Eff you Netflix, ruin another property.

  35. Chewbaccacabra

    Chewbaccacabra6 時間 前

    @Chew Vee I could not disagree more, and if kissing booth is the bar which you measure good content then you need to watch better shows.

  36. Chew Vee

    Chew Vee6 時間 前

    Well it's a good show ngl. Better than kissing booth 2.

  37. Jakir Hussain

    Jakir Hussain11 時間 前

    The umbrella Academy season 1 Hindi mein kab aaega

  38. London Craney

    London Craney12 時間 前

    Am I the only one who is really attracted to Diego now with the long hair like damn. And why does none of the family like Diego Jesus

  39. London Craney

    London Craney5 時間 前

    I'm glad people agree

  40. Peanut Warrior

    Peanut Warrior12 時間 前

    Who got here after finished season 2? This season was epic.

  41. Aaiza Jibran

    Aaiza Jibran12 時間 前

    trailer after watching whole season just hitsssss different 😍😍

  42. SUB TV

    SUB TV12 時間 前

    Please let me know how many of you have already watched if so we can discuss what's next.

  43. Kurosaki Ichigo

    Kurosaki Ichigo14 時間 前

    I swear if Netflix ever decided to cancel this show imma riot!

  44. Marybeth Medeiros

    Marybeth Medeiros14 時間 前

    Just finished season 2!!'s Season 3???

  45. Lauris

    Lauris14 時間 前

    Well, i liked this one more than 1st season. Liked Diego and Lila moments, Luther wasnt anoying like in 1st season. Vanya's character useless. Five is carrying the show. Alisson useless. Klaus is klaus. Really hated that Vanya turned out to be lesbian, why cant u make movie/series where people have normal orientation.... Last 2 episodes was kinda messy and plot twist felt wierd, but overall, i think season 2 was better. It also felt shorter, one of the episodes was only like 35 min.

  46. Marc Velliano

    Marc Velliano15 時間 前

    Can’t believe this sh!t show came back. The first season was unwatchable with so many cringe moments. It only proves that Netflix has so much disposable money.

  47. Russell Westbrook

    Russell Westbrook15 時間 前

    Best Order to rewatch Season 2 (Treat this like a prequel)(ignore the last part) Season 1 Season 2(treat this like a sequel) Season 3

  48. Edgar Ohito

    Edgar Ohito13 時間 前

    🤣... 😅... 🤔... 😮... 🤯

  49. ArnoTehGamer

    ArnoTehGamer15 時間 前

    Man i'm so glad i didn't know this trailer existed before i watched the entire season

  50. Carlos Geoffrey Pagulayan

    Carlos Geoffrey Pagulayan15 時間 前

    Wait late 60’s then their father is alive right

  51. Free NetflixXD

    Free NetflixXD15 時間 前

    Wanna watch season 2 episode 1 for free! Just go to my channel and you’ll see it 😁

  52. V King

    V King16 時間 前

    i decided to skip this season because of them using the sixties and police brutality. sounds triggering. no thanks.

  53. Ass

    Ass16 時間 前

    I’ve never seen this this show before, but that dudes huge muscles make him look ridiculous.

  54. proud slytherin02

    proud slytherin0216 時間 前

    Now we know why 2020 is so screwed up. To stop the apocalypse in the 60s, they time travelled to this year and brought the apocalypse with them again. Thanks a lot guys, now you better fix this!

  55. Anand Mandal

    Anand Mandal16 時間 前

    All good, but missed Hazel & Cha-cha 🤝

  56. Lee Reon

    Lee Reon17 時間 前

    OMG I CANT WAIT FOR S3! Probably, Harlan would be a villain or part of the sparrow academy or whatever; looking forward for S3. This is my new HEROES(show that died due to bad writing) series I love to watch.

  57. Circuit

    Circuit17 時間 前

    I love tv shows like these, cant wait for s3 now

  58. caitlin dubs

    caitlin dubs18 時間 前


  59. Abhay 【Fear】

    Abhay 【Fear】19 時間 前

    Please someone tell number FIVE about corona (2020)so, he can try to save us again before the pandemic. Or he can gave us the vaccine of covid😁

  60. Leon Čarapović

    Leon Čarapović19 時間 前

    Already watched it. It was better than 1st season.

  61. Hey Foxy

    Hey Foxy19 時間 前

    A great season 8/10 Nvm 9/10 Nvm again 10/10

  62. Cesar Henriquez

    Cesar Henriquez19 時間 前

    Academia sparrow Jajajajajaja

  63. ally.

    ally.19 時間 前


  64. ally.

    ally.19 時間 前

    okAY, i've finished this in one day (i literally couldn't sleep w/o watching the whole thing) and this is literally the most intense and incredible season ever! I loved every bit of it. 🤍

  65. CakeWip

    CakeWip20 時間 前

    I just finished the second season during 3 AM today •>•

  66. James Paz

    James Paz20 時間 前

    I finished it and loved it

  67. Antonio Antonio

    Antonio Antonio22 時間 前

    I am disappointed of this, doesnt even matter what film it is, it follows the same agenda, the indoctrination continues, its sick.

  68. vdudvgdbj

    vdudvgdbj22 時間 前

    I would say this season is exactly like the first in every way....not better nor worse. But its definitely worth watching if you are a fan

  69. Nida Kazi

    Nida Kazi22 時間 前

    I just finished TUA S1! Just in time for S2🤣❤️

  70. Uncle Iroh

    Uncle Iroh22 時間 前

    Lol I’ve been looking forward to this since the show came out