THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 2 Ending Explained + Season 3 Theories!


  1. Think Story

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  2. SimmonAU

    SimmonAU23 日 前

    Didn't they get caught out having horse meat in their meatballs?

  3. syphiccthegamerweeb

    syphiccthegamerweeb24 日 前

    Grace JeanPierre lol

  4. Tbreezy T

    Tbreezy T24 日 前

    My guess for next season is as a result of meeting them with distaste regi said fuck them kids and went for new ones + Ben (he didn’t meet him) he probably picked up Lila young self around the time and OG Lila is somewhere in the same time period(just theory that there will b 2 versions)and it’s probably named sparrow academy because somewhere down the line he met Harlan and probably took inspiration from the toy he was manipulating-Just theory

  5. Kevin Vu

    Kevin Vu27 日 前

    So us there a reason why you pronoince Vanya that way?

  6. Nigel Xiong

    Nigel Xiong29 日 前

    How can you not pronounce Vanya’a name, you should have watched the show therefore you should know how to pronounce it

  7. Bridget Smay

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  8. diego lucio

    diego lucio13 時間 前

    i hate all of them they all useless family even thou i watch the whole episode

  9. RourkeA.NotFound.

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    My fav characters are five-pogo-diego

  10. Brian Abel

    Brian Abel日 前

    It's pronounced Vah-nyah not Van-yah.

  11. GaGe JOn

    GaGe JOn日 前

    Last scene is very very wrong. If you time travelled back in time from 2019 to 1963 then to 2019. Everyone should have still died since they never solved the first problem with Vanya. But if you are thinking that everything was rewritten because Vanya was able to control herself then that should have meant that their age continued FROM 1963 to 2019 so if they were all 31 then add 56 =87 years old. But because they never aged and all of them used the briefcase, it means they jumped from 1963 to 2019 but the problem is, they are originally from 2019 which means nothing should have been changed. Everything should have been all the same. And the fact that they travelled after the day Vanya blew the world, it should have been the same. Just like how Five went to the future seeing everything was gone.

  12. Callmericegod

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    Oml I missed that scene when the aliens left that planet HOW COULD I MISSED IT

  13. maninthebox0

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    The way this guy is pronouncing Vanya’s name is really triggering me 😖

  14. Toby From HR

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    Bro it’s *VAHN-YA*

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  16. RKG•Rosie

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    Where the hell is pogo

  17. TERESA T

    TERESA T3 日 前

    What about when that guy with the glasses said to reginald that your interests I’m the dark side of the moon will be protected what does this mean and is this why he sent Luther to the moon ?

  18. Your Average Memer

    Your Average Memer3 日 前

    I don’t think Hazel and The Handler will be in season three because they are commission and even if they are in a different dimension they travel through different time lines so for them If they die they die.

  19. Anthony L

    Anthony L3 日 前

    This show is pretty mediocre, only 5 keeps me watching to just finish the season.

  20. Raii baee

    Raii baee3 日 前

    finally a video that talks about diego stopping the bullets

  21. wombat_ pickle

    wombat_ pickle3 日 前

    ok hear me out, now we know reginald is from a different planet. meaning if they came to earth there could be thousands of them (unless only a couple hundred went to earth and the rest somewhere else). possibly meaning the mothers had kids with the aliens (possibly the sparrow academy if that's not a different timeline but that's complicated), meaning there are more aliens. so now that Harlem has power still he cold has kids, spreading the powers to who knows how many (I doubt many if any). so now we know if they stayed in the same timeline the sparrows could be one of harlems kids or some of the 35( or more we don't know about). this means next season there could be even more kids (this isn't much but for me It alot

  22. Darien Darkhouse

    Darien Darkhouse3 日 前

    Will you please just call Vanya White Violin? How do you say arigato and gracias? I'm sorry, it's just like nails on a chalkboard.

  23. Ana Aleksishvili

    Ana Aleksishvili4 日 前

    what about grace?? i have so many questionss!

  24. GrowDan

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    Dude good video but your pronunciation of Vanya is all wrong. It’s pronounced “Vahn ya”. Please don’t say “Van Ya”. It’s insulting to anyone with that name.

  25. d4ng3r

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    why does he say vanya like that

  26. Pickels the Guinea pig 123

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    Her name is not venya it’s vanya

  27. Alicia

    Alicia5 日 前

    But whyyy do you say Vanya like that!? 😂

  28. Semolous Van Dess

    Semolous Van Dess5 日 前

    Wouldn't it be awesome if the final season had all 43 kids teaming up against some big universe ending threat much like Endgame?

  29. Loser _

    Loser _6 日 前

    3:07 where is the umbrella can someone tell me im so confused

  30. Malea White

    Malea White6 日 前

    Lila may be able to take Five’s powers but he is still stronger and we all know that.

  31. Starkiller Ren

    Starkiller Ren6 日 前

    What if the orbs gave the moms pregnant

  32. Adam Schutz

    Adam Schutz6 日 前

    Vanya dude! (vahn:ya}!

  33. Melissa Lopez

    Melissa Lopez6 日 前

    Did anyone like the fighting scene with Diego and the swedes when "I was made for loving you" by Kiss? That was so exciting

  34. casuallysana

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    how does he pronounce öga for öga better than he pronounces vanya

  35. casuallysana

    casuallysana7 日 前

    did you just say van yuh

  36. casuallysana

    casuallysana7 日 前

    when klaus was possessed by ben: i cried. when ben said “i’ve missed you all. so much.”: i cried. when ben died for real: i cried. when ben literally moves: i cry

  37. Sakidi Sapupu

    Sakidi Sapupu7 日 前

    *When Reginald kill the Majestic 11. We witness hes not human when he unmasked himself.*



    Vanyas name is pronounced von-ya (I know you didn’t ask but there you go)

  39. Stephanie Gail

    Stephanie Gail7 日 前

    if you heard the name Vanya pronounced a certain way in the show, why would you say it wrong?

  40. Eric Dexter

    Eric Dexter7 日 前

    I'm so confused as to how they didn't expect the timeline to be different! They all were scattered across different years and affected many lives. They ended up involving themselves in the assassination of JFK. They interacted too much with Reggie, which creates problems like not having the mom or Pogo around. I don't get how they literally messed with the timeline and expected it to be the same when they came back.

  41. KalyRose

    KalyRose7 日 前

    I swear to god if the handler is still alive I'm going to throw some hands..

  42. KalyRose

    KalyRose7 日 前

    Bruh, Vanya is pronounced like von ya, not van ya.

  43. Nate

    Nate8 日 前

    Vanya. Say it with me, "Vah-nee-yuh". They literally say it in the show countless times and you are still saying it wrong

  44. Tarzan Tay Vlogs

    Tarzan Tay Vlogs8 日 前

    What if because in 1963 the umbrella academy siblings had already been gone from 2019 timeline what if being that they were gone for whoever knows for how , Reginald never seen those seven in the first place but only Ben ! being Ben wasn’t alive to travel in time with others so that’s why he’s alive and maybe those other children were possibly 6 others he found beside then if they weren’t around!!

  45. Matthew Marulli

    Matthew Marulli8 日 前

    There is a character named Klaus...and a Goldfish. American Dad

  46. CAE Plays

    CAE Plays9 日 前

    I was really shocked and hyped when Diego stopped all of those bullets.

  47. Caden Chisena

    Caden Chisena9 日 前

    Instead of pogo, there is a talking dolphin

  48. Kimberly Reed

    Kimberly Reed9 日 前

    “The Americans think this was an attack by the Russians and retaliate”..... Me: Realizes Vanya is Russian so technically it was an attack by one singular russian & omg why do I nitpick things like this

  49. Joana Rodriguez

    Joana Rodriguez9 日 前

    When is the new season coming out?

  50. The Butcher

    The Butcher10 日 前

    Bru y you saying Vanneya

  51. Gaurav sharma

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    Just finished

  52. Narnia Dici

    Narnia Dici10 日 前

    Can we talk about the aliens?????

  53. Dillon 48

    Dillon 4811 日 前

    Ok two things, it is pronounced VARNYA and why is nobody talking about the killer soundtrack...its awesome

  54. This Random Boy ;P

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  55. This Random Boy ;P

    This Random Boy ;P11 日 前

    “Join Destiny’s Children”

  56. Paige Brown

    Paige Brown11 日 前

    The way he says vanya annoys me

  57. Yaseen Lmao

    Yaseen Lmao11 日 前

    i know i’m not the only one else that cried when AJ died

  58. Ethyn Leung

    Ethyn Leung11 日 前

    It’s not Venya it’s Vanya!

  59. Madhouse Beatz

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    Van ya ?

  60. Jose Bustamante

    Jose Bustamante12 日 前

    I never liked vanya especially season 2

  61. sᴀᴋᴜʀᴀ sᴄᴀʀʟᴇᴛᴛᴇ

    sᴀᴋᴜʀᴀ sᴄᴀʀʟᴇᴛᴛᴇ12 日 前

    2:38 hahaha my favorite scene...."Allison"

  62. Jei Madrona

    Jei Madrona12 日 前

    The talking fish reminds me of the midnight gospel character and Vanya's psychedelic trip with the have a good trip scene being inside a musical instrument.

  63. Kane kun

    Kane kun12 日 前

    Harlan was holding a sparrow in the end of the season, maybe it somehow connected.

  64. Jelly Draws

    Jelly Draws13 日 前

    4:53 maybe it’ll bring the older Ben back? (Don’t know how but just maybe)

  65. Nsg Jax

    Nsg Jax13 日 前

    It’s pronounced VONYA not VAANYA

  66. Juston Jenkins

    Juston Jenkins13 日 前

    You spent allot of time stating the obvious

  67. Juston Jenkins

    Juston Jenkins13 日 前

    I hate how you keep saying vanya wrong

  68. Julian Chapman

    Julian Chapman15 日 前

    umm, its "VON-ya" not "VAN-ya"

  69. Daniel Arbona

    Daniel Arbona15 日 前

    Umbrella academy is the best

  70. ALLways YT

    ALLways YT15 日 前

    Maybe Those RocketShips Will Go To Different Parallel universe Of Our Earth and Found. 7 Children With SuperPowers Also and make different academies so in their time line He Found Them As The Umbrella Academy And in other parallel universe The Other SuperPower Kids Were found. Like There Are 43 of them so there is 7 in each parallel academy accept for one which has 8 kids. Thats my Prediction But Idk What Will Really Happen On Next Seasons And Episodes.

  71. Mr. Digging's channel

    Mr. Digging's channel15 日 前

    the intros of the series are clever

  72. Luke Seamons

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  73. Abdulkadir Bukhari

    Abdulkadir Bukhari15 日 前

    both season the best character is Number 5 he us just aowsem then all character....

  74. Kenya Butler

    Kenya Butler15 日 前

    The ending of season two cliffhanger got messed up 👁👄👁 like whatttttttttr I want to know what happened 😣😔

  75. Tlxtr

    Tlxtr15 日 前

    The second Season Was fking AMAZING

  76. demi katechis

    demi katechis15 日 前

    omg i just noticed something kinda weird... in a clip, harland is playing with a bird toy in the car... a sparrow maybe???

  77. Helmi Caster

    Helmi Caster16 日 前

    I wonder people who does videos like this obviously have watched the series in detail to come up with a review like this but the fact that he still couldn't pronounce the name right triggers me. It's Vanya not Venya

  78. Noel Elivera

    Noel Elivera16 日 前

    Herb looks like big ed but smaller and thinner

  79. Molly

    Molly16 日 前

    Does anyone else get mad how they say vanya's name wrong? They say it like van-ya it's pronounced like von-ya

  80. Somuch Hussle

    Somuch Hussle16 日 前

    Good show but I watched it on 1.5x speed. Sort of frustrating show. They are stupid

  81. The Shrimpy Tomato

    The Shrimpy Tomato16 日 前

    Ah yes, they’re stupid, of course.

  82. Dylan Lambe

    Dylan Lambe16 日 前

    I heard a rumour u liked the video

  83. Chris DeRosa

    Chris DeRosa16 日 前

    Lila is Diego and her own granddaughter. Lila is pregnant with her and Diego's child, a son. She gives the child up for adoption. He grows up to meet Lilas mother who gives birth to Lila. Classic bootstrap paradox. The picture at the beginning of season 2 episode 4 when Lilas parents are murdered is the key. Lilas father in that photo looks like Diego. This is why her powers are so strong. They have doubled over on themselves.

  84. Tianna Spencer

    Tianna Spencer16 日 前

    Could the cube be like a grace of sorts? Cuz imagine birthing a freaking sharp ass giant glowing cube

  85. Tianna Spencer

    Tianna Spencer16 日 前

    @The Shrimpy Tomato his names Christopher? I love it. Do you think he grew as a box baby or just popped out like that, one minute not being pregnant next birthing a god dam alien cube is a villain origin story in its own XD

  86. The Shrimpy Tomato

    The Shrimpy Tomato16 日 前

    No, he’s one of the kids and his name is Christopher.

  87. Hannah Weisinger

    Hannah Weisinger16 日 前

    So they save the world TWICE, but they can’t stop coronavirus?!?!

  88. YxungFireFly

    YxungFireFly16 日 前

    When Reggie put Diego in check and Diego Starts To Studder... I felt so bad. *reggie will pay with his life*

  89. Casey Ayn

    Casey Ayn16 日 前

    I can't get past you are saying Vanya wrong.

  90. Emma Gardner

    Emma Gardner17 日 前

    I already want season 3 😩

  91. L G

    L G17 日 前

    Why are you pronouncing number 7s name wrong?? It’s like you haven’t watched or listened. It’s v-on-yá

  92. Two trench coats in a kid

    Two trench coats in a kid17 日 前

    IT'S. VANYA. YON YA gufhodgayilasudogivyzds

  93. Sh4rks Tooth

    Sh4rks Tooth17 日 前

    Klaus needs his super hero moment bro

  94. Jesse Sol

    Jesse Sol17 日 前

    Personally, I thought they threw in way too much in the last two episodes, which potentially ruined the season and the show as a whole. I’ll need a great season 3 to get back on it. And I hope they don’t just do another apocalypse.

  95. MotoTacular Life

    MotoTacular Life17 日 前

    Say her name wrong One more time

  96. Muhammad Huzaima

    Muhammad Huzaima17 日 前

    Will there be a season 3

  97. The Shrimpy Tomato

    The Shrimpy Tomato16 日 前

    We don’t know yet, but I would assume so.

  98. Mathew Kurian

    Mathew Kurian17 日 前

    carl treats her like a monster cause shesplet with his wife and plans to run away with his wife and kid forever

  99. Puneet Chari

    Puneet Chari17 日 前

    New timeline is all on five and Reginald. Actually it's on all of them. They shouldn't have met their father. Since they meet, he knows how the future will be. In turn, he will start recruiting other 7 children and teach them better than these 7 children. You can see at the end they are all United unlike the old team who were scattered at the beginning of the show. With this new children, old children in the present timeline are scattered and don't know each other.

  100. オミさん

    オミさん17 日 前

    I cringe every time he says VENYA rather then VAN-YA

  101. Cyberoptiq

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  102. Gacha_Moon_ 123

    Gacha_Moon_ 12317 日 前

    ... 0:14 right hand corner

  103. Hi im Alt

    Hi im Alt18 日 前

    one thing i lofe about this show is whenever something is going on you can just see ben sitting somewhere

  104. derp

    derp18 日 前

    My theory is that there's no explanation, and they pulled a JJ Abrams by writing themselves into a corner just to see if they could write themselves out again, in the process introducing mysteries they have no intention of paying off.

  105. The Shrimpy Tomato

    The Shrimpy Tomato16 日 前

    There is an explanation, just because you can’t think of one doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

  106. Jake Kayden

    Jake Kayden18 日 前

    I hate how you say vanyas name

  107. Swapnil Verma

    Swapnil Verma18 日 前

    Where did Lila go towards ending?

  108. D Bai

    D Bai18 日 前

    I HATED watching the last episode! I need more! They need longer seasons! With STUPID COVID there’s no telling when Season 3 will come. 😔

  109. Evie Mews

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  110. ChaCha

    ChaCha18 日 前

    BEN deserve better 🥰