The Ultimate ''The Lion King'' Recap Cartoon


  1. Sir Bloxy

    Sir Bloxy3 時間 前

    When mufassa said Simba. *i felt that*

  2. Anthony Delfino

    Anthony Delfino3 時間 前


  3. Красная Хаски Крисс

    Красная Хаски Крисс3 時間 前


  4. Miguel Maldonado

    Miguel Maldonado6 時間 前

    Simmba !!!!

  5. Samuel Elandi

    Samuel Elandi10 時間 前

    Ooh cute Simba has too much weed...

  6. Strelitzia The Keyblade Welder

    Strelitzia The Keyblade Welder13 時間 前

    I don't have anything to say

  7. Malak Playz Ayesh

    Malak Playz Ayesh20 時間 前

    Can you feel the love tonight:BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

  8. Gavin Otto

    Gavin Otto20 時間 前

    Mufasa fell from a high place

  9. Conner Matthews

    Conner Matthews21 時間 前

    Only if this was the actual movie

  10. Deena Hardin

    Deena Hardin22 時間 前

    0:25 Hyenas:Venasaurs Nala:Eevee Simba:Pikachu Mufasa:MEWTWO

  11. Thijmen

    Thijmen22 時間 前

    When mufasa said “S I M B A”, I felt that

  12. Dyspo Hétero

    Dyspo Hétero23 時間 前


  13. Puppy fan :D love candy

    Puppy fan :D love candy23 時間 前

    S I M BA

  14. Abigail Trout

    Abigail Trout日 前

    No matter how hard I try, everytime I watch this video, I am dead crying by the time it's over

  15. WolfPhoenixRBLX

    WolfPhoenixRBLX日 前

    when you eat some candy at school 0:42. when you get a sugar rush 0:22.

  16. Itz_ GachaMelody

    Itz_ GachaMelody日 前

    1:39 now that is the best part yet •(in my opinion)•

  17. кира слайм

    кира слайм日 前


  18. Jarel amazing yt Pro player

    Jarel amazing yt Pro player日 前

    The fuck

  19. ItsOnlyJoey

    ItsOnlyJoey日 前

    Me: **pulls something good out of my lunch** *THAT. ONE. KID:* 1:10

  20. Super Mario Logan Fan

    Super Mario Logan Fan日 前

    1:10 Me entering Smash Ultimate

  21. Soggy llama !!!

    Soggy llama !!!日 前

    1:23 poor guy

  22. Sophia Hernandez

    Sophia Hernandez日 前


  23. Imma Mess

    Imma Mess日 前

    This is the funniest vid I've ever seen

  24. Harlee Butterflycat27

    Harlee Butterflycat272 日 前

    *S I M B A*

  25. -_AOX-_DRON_ -

    -_AOX-_DRON_ -2 日 前

    Am..nice meme pro^_^




  27. XxyolowolfSFMxX

    XxyolowolfSFMxX2 日 前

    Simba simba simba SIMBA

  28. Galaxy Dark fox

    Galaxy Dark fox2 日 前

    Guys guys look my baby is gonna say his first word Cmon *SIMBA*

  29. Music2.0h

    Music2.0h2 日 前

    *S I M B A*

  30. AzureinkVI

    AzureinkVI2 日 前

    Better than the "live action" Disney remake.

  31. Raz 16

    Raz 162 日 前

    Lol it fast 1:09

  32. Дени Мусаев

    Дени Мусаев2 日 前

    1:28 :0

  33. Zalina Dzhandigova

    Zalina Dzhandigova2 日 前


  34. ashley roehl

    ashley roehl2 日 前

    Me trying to get past life My three mental illnesses: 0:25

  35. amazing willow

    amazing willow2 日 前

    0:41 when I'm at school and the bell ring to go home

  36. dimand monkey Fernandez

    dimand monkey Fernandez2 日 前

    Just how I remembered it. ಥ‿ಥ

  37. Goku GamesBr

    Goku GamesBr2 日 前


  38. dan vizzion

    dan vizzion2 日 前

    that face bruh xD 1:18

  39. TheLightingBolt

    TheLightingBolt2 日 前

    Do you Care to explain

  40. mochi

    mochi2 日 前

    Kira: SIMBA

  41. mr. nobody

    mr. nobody2 日 前


  42. Noodu - AshleyRaven

    Noodu - AshleyRaven3 日 前

    Its pretty accurate

  43. Abigail Bruscato

    Abigail Bruscato3 日 前

    I like the part with the lion cub.

  44. Vincent Chen

    Vincent Chen3 日 前

    Sim a and nana sex

  45. Themidnight Wolf

    Themidnight Wolf3 日 前

    Scar:puts simba down. Scar:walks away

  46. AG king

    AG king3 日 前

    I’m laughing so hard go to 1:11🤣

  47. Unikitty YT

    Unikitty YT3 日 前


  48. iam lulya

    iam lulya3 日 前


  49. Jesse Riker

    Jesse Riker3 日 前

    I'm dead XD

  50. Пушистые Зверьки

    Пушистые Зверьки3 日 前


  51. D4RK PR1NC3

    D4RK PR1NC33 日 前

    I question why no one is talking about Cas' eyes not reflecting right. His eyes are red in the puddle in the beginning.

  52. Random Guy

    Random Guy3 日 前

    What's funny is that this is more like lion king than the "live action" version of it.

  53. Curious Whasian

    Curious Whasian3 日 前

    My Brother: “Takes my ramen noodles from the microwave Me: 1:10

  54. Amanda Southard

    Amanda Southard4 日 前

    Oh my god timone

  55. Храмков Никита

    Храмков Никита4 日 前

    Hahaha xexex

  56. Храмков Никита

    Храмков Никита4 日 前



    JOEY MAHAN4 日 前

    who noticed scar has no scar

  58. Johan Mena

    Johan Mena4 日 前

    No mames mae está pichuda

  59. Fluffy

    Fluffy4 日 前

    *When I Walk In I See My Parents Doing This..* 1:22

  60. Samuel Bonifacio

    Samuel Bonifacio4 日 前


  61. Sydrinn

    Sydrinn4 日 前

    I wish that how the lion king movie turned out 😩😭