The Try Guys Watch Animal Births For The First Time


  1. The Try Guys

    The Try Guysヶ月 前

    What other wild things should we react to next?

  2. Maria Alzate

    Maria Alzate11 時間 前


  3. Bella DeMarco

    Bella DeMarco4 日 前

    Identity Crisis it’s so weird that they actually did that

  4. Maja Larsson

    Maja Larsson6 日 前

    Wild animals hunting and eating pray 🤣

  5. Faith Jones

    Faith Jones10 日 前

    Troom troom

  6. Kirsten Chloe Porta

    Kirsten Chloe Porta12 日 前

    Identity Crisis now your comment is featured here and they made a video about it...PERIODT

  7. Kawaii Chan

    Kawaii Chan時間 前

    Them: **censors elephant birth** Me: Oh please, it's nothing I haven't seen before 😎 Note: ik they were censoring it for sensitive people. Also if you're wondering how I've seen it, it's because my mom works at a zoo and she brought me to the birth of an elephant 💀

  8. Lorh Cayetano

    Lorh Cayetano2 時間 前

    “Elizabeth you’re born now! Get up we gotta go”! 😂😂😂💯💯

  9. Toni Silkwood

    Toni Silkwood日 前

    They need to watch a hyena birth... now that shit is freaky 😳

  10. Ya like JAAAZZZ

    Ya like JAAAZZZ日 前

    I’m convinced that Keith was birthed exactly like that giraffe

  11. Fiona Griffith

    Fiona Griffith2 日 前

    Human women used to give birth squatting because it was quicker just letting gravity do its thing with less effort on moms part. It has only developed to us doing it lying down for the convenience of the doctors and hospital staff. Not in moms better interest

  12. Avery Ream

    Avery Ream2 日 前

    Don't forget triplets and quads

  13. martha pastel

    martha pastel2 日 前

    I mean I’m gay but eugene just looks so hot lmao

  14. Mari Bakaric

    Mari Bakaric3 日 前

    Now I want to watch the Baby Mine scene from Dumbo with all the baby animals.

  15. It’s Tiff

    It’s Tiff3 日 前

    he rlly said "cameeya cabaya"

  16. Saroni Macaroni

    Saroni Macaroni3 日 前

    @The Try Guys Not all snakes lay eggs, some give live birth like garter snakes and only a few snake species actually eat eggs for food, like the african egg eating snake.

  17. Healing Wa-Wa

    Healing Wa-Wa4 日 前

    “Elizabeth get up! You’re born now! We gotta go!” 😂😭

  18. T J

    T J4 日 前

    nobody: ... ned: i have a spork and I’m not afraid to use it

  19. Awptiq VN

    Awptiq VN4 日 前

    2:31 “A gooie balloon “ -by try guys

  20. Cadie Blanchard

    Cadie Blanchard4 日 前

    Bro, the only really gross one was the kangaroo. especially the gorilla one, it just looked like,,, cleaner than human births tbh.

  21. Olivia Barcroft

    Olivia Barcroft4 日 前

    the Kim Possible references from Zach and Eugene though 😂😂

  22. Ya boi ME

    Ya boi ME4 日 前

    15 January 2020: watch animal birth 16 January 2020: HUMAN BIRTH

  23. Liam Chia

    Liam Chia5 日 前

    ...where do y’all find these videos...What has the internet become...

  24. itsGloomstar

    itsGloomstar5 日 前

    I'm surprised this didn't get demonetized because even though they blurred it you can still tell what's happening

  25. Kyla Jae

    Kyla Jae5 日 前

    Keith turned into a murloc at 10:15

  26. Mali Sargent

    Mali Sargent5 日 前

    “you ever just look at a horse and think...i’m so ugly?” -eugene 2020

  27. Tru Luna

    Tru Luna5 日 前

    This was so much funnier than I thought it was going to be😂

  28. Gloomy dark

    Gloomy dark5 日 前

    Fact Tigers *do* have striped skin

  29. Cover Girl

    Cover Girl6 日 前

    5:22 now men know what it’s like on ur period...

  30. mandaflys

    mandaflys6 日 前

    They keep talking about babies coming out of butts, which makes me concerned that they don’t know where babies come from

  31. Amelie Says Hola

    Amelie Says Hola6 日 前

    Do they not know what an amniotic sac is? 😂

  32. Gengar-94

    Gengar-947 日 前

    Honestly, I thought eggs were fertilized like that.

  33. Rylee Yancy

    Rylee Yancy7 日 前

    Keith: You know what’s CRA---ZY Ned:................... Keith: SnAkEs LaY eGgS aNd SnAkEs EaT eGgS

  34. nisa rojas

    nisa rojas7 日 前

    Tigers have striped on their skin

  35. Headlines3

    Headlines37 日 前

    Them: were going to watch animal births Me: oh...(continues to eat chips)

  36. Lemur Lover

    Lemur Lover7 日 前

    I think if that much blood came out of the elephant that there may be a tear in her internal organs that requires veterinary attention. Cervix, uterus, vagina and close by organs all can tear and hemorrhage can happen. I want to know if that elephant hemorrhaged to death. Did she? Stitches can stop an hemorrhage from childbirth.

  37. Ingerid Helene

    Ingerid Helene7 日 前

    yes tigers do have stripy skin!!!

  38. ShanVlogs

    ShanVlogs7 日 前

    Yes tigers have stripes on their skin same with leopards and cheaters they have spots on their skin

  39. Keana Dianne

    Keana Dianne8 日 前

    I didn’t realize how many animal births I’ve seen until they all said they’ve seen none and I found myself thinking “I’ve seen this one... oh I’ve seen this one too... oh they aren’t gonna show cats?... oh, seahorses, yeah I’ve seen this too...” Maybe I should spend less time online.

  40. M Mendoza

    M Mendoza8 日 前

    I can't even watch a human birth....why am I here..... 😭

  41. blue irish

    blue irish9 日 前

    im late but tigers keep their stripes when they’re naked 💃

  42. itsabeff

    itsabeff9 日 前

    I feel like the Try Guys are lacking in some basic understanding of labor and delivery for all mammals (including humans). 🤔

  43. axkii

    axkii9 日 前

    I bursted at this: „And PoOpeD tHe BaBy OuT“😂😂😂😂

  44. Linden B

    Linden B10 日 前

    Let’s just take a moment to appreciation all these animal moms!! Good job guys!!!

  45. trivia seesaw outsold

    trivia seesaw outsold11 日 前

    why did i watch this after eating omg

  46. Bri Bango

    Bri Bango11 日 前

    I knew a dog where humans pulled the baby out of the mom and then open their eyes now. They have f***** up back legs and f***** up eyes.

  47. Bri Bango

    Bri Bango11 日 前

    Why is that lady intervening in the horse giving birth? Can they just let them be?

  48. Kelly Gardner

    Kelly Gardner11 日 前

    Why did I just spend 12 minutes of my life watching this? 😂

  49. Strawberry Pine

    Strawberry Pine11 日 前

    Me: *sees notification* COME AGAIN?!?

  50. Jordan Berke

    Jordan Berke11 日 前

    hahah love ya'll

  51. Kristen Elizabeth

    Kristen Elizabeth12 日 前


  52. Rachel Dyson Hrpcek

    Rachel Dyson Hrpcek12 日 前

    Should have watched a Suriname toad birth 🤣

  53. Faith

    Faith12 日 前

    “It looked like it was erupting blood out of its genitals” I mean, me too

  54. M. Gammon

    M. Gammon12 日 前


  55. Caleb Barnes

    Caleb Barnes12 日 前

    tf did watch this for

  56. Stellice

    Stellice12 日 前

    „How do you taste, Zach?“ Excuse me. There are multiple videos to prove you already know that, Eugene.

  57. Shalom Yemane

    Shalom Yemane12 日 前

    Blurs out animal vaginas

  58. nunu smooth

    nunu smooth12 日 前

    You are meat, and you eat meat

  59. Sillysally Sillysally

    Sillysally Sillysally13 日 前

    If you shaved a tiger it would still have stripes

  60. Cheuk lam Li

    Cheuk lam Li13 日 前

    A rare clip of the breed Keith giving birth

  61. deviant ology

    deviant ology13 日 前

    10:32 Ur welcome

  62. Emmanuelle Beaudry

    Emmanuelle Beaudry14 日 前

    Oof. Only the Try Guys could make me enjoy something like this

  63. Landon Ritzler

    Landon Ritzler14 日 前

    "Snakes lay eggs, and snakes eat eggs" Humans give birth and eat animals that give birth so I don't see why that is so crazy

  64. crunch evo

    crunch evo14 日 前

    Fin fact humans experience a lot of pain because we have narrow waists so we can stand up straight. So through evolution only "people" that birthed their kids are a lot less developed. They still have another trimester to go through to be actually you know... Solid and able to like not be super delicate and breakable. Four legged creatures effectively like... Give birth to toddlers.

  65. Krispy and Krunchy BORITO

    Krispy and Krunchy BORITO14 日 前

    Keith: Snakes lay eggs, snakes eat eggs. How could they be so heartless Me: Human have babies, we eat other animals' babies. How could we be so heartless