The Try Guys Try To Survive A Major Earthquake


  1. The Try Guys

    The Try Guys2 ヶ月 前

    For more information about how to prepare for earthquakes and other emergencies visit:

  2. P.J. souleater

    P.J. souleaterヶ月 前

    I live in Puerto Rico, and for the last week of December, to as of now, we've been experiencing constant chains of earthquakes. It's terrifying. Last Tuesday an 6.6 earthquake struck our little island at 4:00 in the morning. It's so terrifying to be in complete darkness, and witness everything shake violently. Then the next minute we get alerted for a tsunami, whilts being unprepared. Everybody turning on their cars and leaving for high ground, while my family had our car in the mechanic for repair. No one offered to take us with them towards safety, we just had to run, leaving our pets behind :(

  3. Corvo 75

    Corvo 75ヶ月 前

    Hmmmm, I live in Alaska. So this is just life

  4. Juls Mangia

    Juls Mangiaヶ月 前

    @Javiera Alessandri Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le

  5. Juls Mangia

    Juls Mangiaヶ月 前

    @paloma sanmartin buenas kbros el triangulo de la vida y yo sobrevivi el del 2010 bajo una meza de madera (aunque no es muy seguro) tambien lo mas seguro es ir a espacios abiertos

  6. Juls Mangia

    Juls Mangiaヶ月 前

    You fools am from Chile and lived the 2010 earthquake. Half my house fell down that time jaja

  7. Lara Adhmann

    Lara Adhmann7 時間 前

    “How to survive an earthquake” Me: Laughs in Brazilian Also me: Cries in...?? There’s literally no natural disasters whatsoever, so I guess... Cries in Favela??

  8. bloodvow333

    bloodvow333日 前

    Try guys prepare for doomsday

  9. GrifB

    GrifB日 前

    I O W A I N T E N S I F I E S

  10. jaded-wound735 fortnite

    jaded-wound735 fortnite日 前

    How to survive aerthchake (idk) Laughs in Dutch Cries in rain

  11. Anne Haussalo

    Anne Haussalo日 前

    "How to survive an earthquake " *laughs in Finland * *cries in * know what? Things ARE pretty good in here

  12. Township Vids

    Township Vids日 前

    Bro when you are that situation you cant really you know, reason cause its scary, in my country we have some often earthquakes

  13. Charlotte Beane

    Charlotte Beane日 前

    the CEO of red cross is also the CEO of THATS gonna go flying across the room

  14. Sylvester

    Sylvester日 前

    Tip 1... don't live in a country that is laying on two worlds plates thingyyy Tip 2... just live in a country that lays on top of a world plate thing xD

  15. Jenn E

    Jenn E日 前

    Omelette du fromage

  16. Michelle Choy123

    Michelle Choy123日 前

    Me:mum do we have any emergency food or water Mum:don’t be silly we don’t even have food in the fridge even though I say we do Me: oh yeah... *laughs nervously*

  17. Devilrock2 9

    Devilrock2 92 日 前

    I was visiting LA when those two big earthquakes happened... I live in Canada. But what are the chances that my first visit there ever, had the biggest earthquakes in 20 years hahaha😅it was kinda fun being on the top floor of my hotel tho 🤷🏼‍♀️thought I was gonna die for a couple seconds

  18. Said Chahud

    Said Chahud2 日 前

    Title: How to survive an earthquake. Me: *laughs in south american*

  19. addison braden

    addison braden2 日 前

    earthquakes me : laughs in canadian also me : cries in snowstorms but like also me : laughs because global warming and then : cries because global warming

  20. Mary Jane Sobel

    Mary Jane Sobel2 日 前

    Why am I watching this I live in Nebraska 😭💀

  21. President Ogaymama

    President Ogaymama2 日 前

    “How to survive in an earthquake” Laughs in Rhode Island Cries in Blizzards

  22. Jinhwan is my Ambrosia

    Jinhwan is my Ambrosia2 日 前

    I was once stuck in the middle of sleeping in school and the alarm went off. Since I was seated at the back of the room our class adviser didn't notice me and just realized I was missing after the earthquake was finished. I was only awoken by the thought of someone shaking my seat because I pulled an all nighter the night before that and was super grumpy and sleepy. *the building cracked but hey, i survived*

  23. A Fuccin Muslim

    A Fuccin Muslim2 日 前

    is hiding in my closet a good place

  24. Cosmoni YT

    Cosmoni YT2 日 前

    there was a 7.1 in alaska in november 2018 (it doesnt feel like that long ago) i slept through it.

  25. Sasha Crosier

    Sasha Crosier3 日 前

    How to survive an earthquake live in Washington state (tri cities)

  26. Sami Sloan

    Sami Sloan3 日 前

    “You’ll be injured but my posture will be impeccable” *im fucking wheezing*

  27. NixFlake

    NixFlake3 日 前


  28. Praise The Cats

    Praise The Cats3 日 前

    We had a 7.7 a month of two ago. It was nothing. The worst damage in our school were the fire hydrants, where most only had the tops pulled upwards, while a few had the front come off. There wasn't any serious damage, although there were reports of sinkholes and a tsunami waring, and nobody was hurt. Although it's a traumatic experience, it's easy to power through if you have basic safety knowledge.

  29. Alfredo Ronco

    Alfredo Ronco3 日 前

    "How to survive an earthquake" Laughs in Texan Cries in tornado 🌪️💀😥

  30. At least I try

    At least I try3 日 前

    The bathtub with a mattress on top of it is what your supposed to do in a tornado

  31. Jenifer Banda

    Jenifer Banda3 日 前

    What you should do in an earthwake is grab your phone and call your Chilean friend and ask them what to do

  32. 1123

    11233 日 前

    “How to survive an Earthquake” Me: laughs and cries in Puerto Rico.

  33. goblin man

    goblin man3 日 前

    "how to survive an earthquake" *laughs in ohio* *cries in ohio*

  34. Bre Anne

    Bre Anne3 日 前

    Who do you love, Ned? 6:10

  35. Probably Josh

    Probably Josh3 日 前

    growing up in California I thought earthquake drills were standard everywhere but I didn't learn that they weren't until highschool

  36. Xian Millar

    Xian Millar4 日 前

    I am from NZ and we had a 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

  37. that one girl

    that one girl4 日 前

    *_*Laughs in chilean*_*

  38. Chile 100

    Chile 1004 日 前

    I want a tv series with this earthquake guy, tommy coin and John of the lie detector test

  39. Julie Shultz

    Julie Shultz4 日 前

    When you live in a state with no earth quakes you don’t have to think about it. Vs When you live in a state with earth quakes you watch this ah poop I am not prepared.

  40. littlewagers

    littlewagers4 日 前

    8:55 "You'll be injured but my posture will be impeccable" literally ballet

  41. ayaan manuel

    ayaan manuel4 日 前

    “How to survive an earthquake” Laughs in arizonian

  42. Niko Rose

    Niko Rose4 日 前

    Me watching this: ah yes, I will always be prepared. Also me: Scottish

  43. Nica

    Nica4 日 前

    “How to survive earthquake” *laughs in New Yorker*

  44. PolliitoAle

    PolliitoAle4 日 前

    How to survive an earthquake? I'm chilean. Last big earthquake we literally just looked around with disinterest. When the tsunami alarm started blaring we just walk to the corner and looked to the ocean, shrugged and came back home.

  45. Ileene Vega

    Ileene Vega4 日 前

    During the Ridgecrest earthquake, I was at California Adventure. I was asleep at a table and when I woke up, I was extremely dizzy. My family was terrified because everything was shaking and they couldn’t move. Lmao I don’t know how I slept through that because I woke up after it happened.

  46. Jule Jen

    Jule Jen4 日 前

    I get being prepared and all but all this man does is cause panic

  47. swinsofthe peace

    swinsofthe peace4 日 前

    If the try guys did a sexy calendar, I would totally buy it!

  48. Sofia Sousa

    Sofia Sousa5 日 前

    "How to survive an earthquake" Me: laughs in Canadian Also me: cries in frostbite and 6 feet of snow

  49. ÅgentWeebFoxy ಥ_ಥ

    ÅgentWeebFoxy ಥ_ಥ5 日 前

    *Laughs in Earthling* *Cries in NCOV*

  50. Michelle Jaramillo

    Michelle Jaramillo5 日 前

    My God ... Am I the only Chilean in this place? well ... earthquakes are super normal in Chile ... we actually make jokes about that, I like it when people make memes about it. greetings from Chile :))) 💕💕

  51. ladodnaud

    ladodnaud5 日 前

    Uhhh our school just does earthquake drills lol

  52. Erin Hawkins

    Erin Hawkins5 日 前

    7 year old me during an earthquake: *Ralphie impression* "I'm in danger"

  53. Madison McDowell

    Madison McDowell5 日 前

    "How to survive an earthquake" Laughs in Invercargill Cries in Christchurch

  54. Htt9skom3 Ra7

    Htt9skom3 Ra75 日 前

    i know this has already been done, but... "How to survive an earthquake" *laughs in Estonian* *Sits home at safety*

  55. Kaiwe

    Kaiwe6 日 前

    I was at a convention during the earthquake. I was on the escalator and I nearly flew off-

  56. Amy Velasquez

    Amy Velasquez6 日 前

    Another! Do fire. Tornadoes. Hurricanes. Etcs

  57. Hailey Desmond

    Hailey Desmond6 日 前

    As an alaskan I find this kinda funny

  58. Keishla Cruz

    Keishla Cruz6 日 前


  59. diamond ender

    diamond ender6 日 前

    Chileans: * Valdivia, terremoto blanco, 86', 2010 and 2015 flashbacks * PD: bro no estoy segura sobre el del 80'

  60. Marion 124

    Marion 1246 日 前

    My house is a 150 year old stone building. I'm eternally grateful Scotland doesn't have earthquakes.

  61. finkplamingoes

    finkplamingoes6 日 前


  62. SessRin1778

    SessRin17787 日 前

    Eugene looking up at Zach sitting on the toilet is such a mood

  63. Anna Solano-Lopez

    Anna Solano-Lopez7 日 前

    Imagine if an earthquake happened in the middle of this video

  64. Jovan Coney

    Jovan Coney7 日 前

    "How to Survive an Earthquake: Me: laughs in South Dakota Also me: cries in South Dakota

  65. Jenna Loper

    Jenna Loper7 日 前

    It's scary to think about but so important to know what to do in that situation