The Try Guys Try Pottery


  1. Tanner TamejGames

    Tanner TamejGames31 分 前

    Eugene wasn’t here bc he would be too good

  2. Robert Weaver

    Robert Weaver2 時間 前

    if Eugene was in this he’d go home and show Pesto 😂

  3. Takahashi Katsumi

    Takahashi Katsumi7 時間 前

    I love how supportive their wives are lmao realistically some people would just look at it in disgust

  4. Kiara Etsuko

    Kiara Etsuko16 時間 前

    It all turned out actually really good which is something I did not expect lmao, good job seriously, all the bowls look amazing.

  5. Shalom Yemane

    Shalom Yemane16 時間 前

    Too cuttte

  6. JR051297

    JR051297日 前


  7. Maureen Wong

    Maureen Wong日 前

    All the Try Wives/Girlfriend are so beautiful and sweet 🥺🥺🥰

  8. Melancholy Zhane

    Melancholy Zhane2 日 前

    17:02 let me watch it just one more time

  9. Pokémon Nerd 1657

    Pokémon Nerd 16572 日 前

    Zach is a boob man no doubt about it, dude likes some tit

  10. Anna Armfield

    Anna Armfield2 日 前

    all of the Ghost references are so beautiful 😂

  11. Nikita Brake

    Nikita Brake2 日 前

    I’m in my 3D art class and my teacher told me to look up videos on how to throw the clay before I get started on the wheel so here I am watching the try guys😂

  12. surabhi saha

    surabhi saha2 日 前

    I lovee Zach's attitude 😂❤️

  13. Joanne

    Joanne2 日 前

    21:23 saving this timestamp of Maggie, Becky and Ariel's reactions for when i need wholesome content

  14. Radio b

    Radio b3 日 前

    I love Ariel's and neds reletionship so much

  15. ?_Clueless_ Yøongi_?

    ?_Clueless_ Yøongi_?3 日 前

    *imma name him hamilton* *sprinkle dinkle*

  16. Dawn Bryan

    Dawn Bryan3 日 前

    That black lady though lolz

  17. Emma Gunter

    Emma Gunter3 日 前

    If I had a penny, every time I said "that's what she said", I would be a millionaire!

  18. KaLiyah West-Gore

    KaLiyah West-Gore3 日 前

    Showing the bowls to their wives and girlfriend made me smile! Its was so cute!!!!!

  19. javier valdez

    javier valdez3 日 前

    5:53 his face when he is stroking the clay😂💀

  20. Nevaeh Ramos

    Nevaeh Ramos4 日 前

    I one time told my great grandpa I wanted to do pottery stuff and he legit said “...well, I mean, you might wanna do something that’ll get you somewhere.” The next day, this video came out and I was so mad, lol.

  21. Melanie Marquez

    Melanie Marquez4 日 前

    Brooooo I live for Keith’s laugh😂it makes me so happy haha

  22. Angela

    Angela4 日 前

    I love how all of the try wives were basically cooing over the bowls and were so proud 😂. they did really good on their bowls.

  23. Lena Rae

    Lena Rae4 日 前

    6:46 her reaction oml

  24. Jenna Balmer

    Jenna Balmer4 日 前

    When will Squeeze That Wall be on Spotify?!

  25. Mia Darlington

    Mia Darlington4 日 前

    I feel like I would find this more entertaining if my mum wasn’t a potter/ceramic artist, and if I hadn’t made pots when I was like five years old.

  26. Caitlynne Haworth

    Caitlynne Haworth4 日 前

    Eugene would have made a dog bowl or something, i guarantee it

  27. It’s Hannah

    It’s Hannah5 日 前

    Trying to figure out whether the girl’s accent is American or Australian is stressing me out😂

  28. Tomn8r 555

    Tomn8r 5555 日 前

    1:00 she definitely says autistic

  29. Kaitlin rodden

    Kaitlin rodden5 日 前

    You should try to make slime

  30. vjc_02

    vjc_026 日 前

    imagine handing your phone to someone at 20:32 and they just see the try guys adoring random bowls

  31. Fatima ._.

    Fatima ._.7 日 前

    Honestly olives are disgusting 😭

  32. Kendra _walker05

    Kendra _walker057 日 前

    I loved how wholesome this wassssd

  33. Kawaii Squishy

    Kawaii Squishy7 日 前

    Just replaying 11:11

  34. Leah Burns

    Leah Burns7 日 前

    Becky: Yo that looks sick! Ariel: it’s amazing! Maggie: you made this?

  35. Krishanu Ghosh

    Krishanu Ghosh7 日 前

    Ned's pot is practical and beautiful to colour... Zach's pot though not practical but extremely artistic loved it... Keith's pot has really good design...

  36. Lucky boots

    Lucky boots8 日 前

    Its cute how Zach looks like Steve Jobs

  37. Mary CHAN [08Q2]

    Mary CHAN [08Q2]8 日 前

    I love how they are all so accepting with eugene being gay, this is true friendship.

  38. Samantha Extraordinaire

    Samantha Extraordinaire8 日 前

    Keith could have said he bough some bowls 'For Becky', but nooo... He had to say 'For my wife'. Dear God, help us all- Keith is becoming NED!!!

  39. Natalie Akins

    Natalie Akins10 日 前

    I really like these artistic videos (this one and the drawing one). It shows how fun art can be even for adults. Especially when the expert is fun too

  40. Fay

    Fay10 日 前

    their girlfriends are so fucking pretty what the fuck

  41. Anjy Masmil

    Anjy Masmil11 日 前

    There you go little mound! 😂😂😂😂😂

  42. gaming with diamond

    gaming with diamond13 日 前

    Why is nobody talking about how interesting it would be with Eugene

  43. Missy p

    Missy p13 日 前

    Ariel Becky and Maggie were so proud I love it

  44. Missy p

    Missy p13 日 前

    olives are delicious in a bowl!?

  45. rini ang

    rini ang13 日 前

    Zach's bowl look like is a hat

  46. Eliza Rene

    Eliza Rene13 日 前

    LOVVEEE this !!! They well all beautiful!!! And the reactions were so sweet.

  47. 041516 20

    041516 2014 日 前


  48. Jacinta Julal

    Jacinta Julal14 日 前

    Their pottery is amazing, their jokes and humor is amazing and Zach was made for wearing turtlenecks.

  49. Elissa Gibson

    Elissa Gibson15 日 前

    Wait you named your lump Borris....Borris Johnson?

  50. Yvette Wong

    Yvette Wong15 日 前

    This is one of the cutest video I've seen! 💗💗💗

  51. unknown user

    unknown user16 日 前

    13:09 ned now officially has a dad bod

  52. Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda16 日 前

    okay little guy just gonna give you a little bath...sprinkle dinkle i love my lump, im gonna name him....borus

  53. Amanda Newman

    Amanda Newman16 日 前

    Starts crying when Ned gives his bowl to Ariel Goddamn pms

  54. Cheuk lam Li

    Cheuk lam Li16 日 前

    Lol I can just imagine the intro being: Keith, Zach, Ned: TRY GUYS LOVERS TALK! Zach: _without Eugene_

  55. Kitty Cat Luna

    Kitty Cat Luna17 日 前

    6:47 The Lady!!!! I'm laughing so hard!

  56. DisNixx4321

    DisNixx432118 日 前

    What's the title of the song from 19:18?

  57. Name

    Name19 日 前

    my first thought when i saw neds finished bowl KIWI

  58. lola cruz

    lola cruz19 日 前

    All the bowls came out very beautiful . I want to do this so bad

  59. Adnane Berrada

    Adnane Berrada19 日 前

    They should change the title to:the try guys try to satisfy their partners

  60. Gacha Lemon Chan

    Gacha Lemon Chan19 日 前

    18:30 (Zacks Future child be like what !)