The Try Guys Try Ballet


  1. Leah Ramini

    Leah Ramini23 分 前

    Honestly they danced way better than I thought they would. I’m actually pretty impressed.

  2. Aly M

    Aly M時間 前

    I may not be a ballerina......but I can play all of these pieces on the flute 😏🎼💕 Also I think the guys did beautifully 👏👏👏

  3. Gabriel Nara

    Gabriel Nara8 時間 前

    You know ballet is hard when Ned an actual football(soccer if your american) player got leg cramps multiple time

  4. Arooj Kazmi

    Arooj Kazmi日 前


  5. Genesis Ramirez

    Genesis Ramirez日 前

    Eugene is sooo graceful

  6. Maya Amos

    Maya Amos日 前

    is no one gonna talk about how good Eugene is at ballet?!

  7. Sarah Crowle

    Sarah Crowle日 前

    I remember doing walz of the flowers haha 😄

  8. Captain Chay

    Captain Chay2 日 前

    Why is Eugene amazing at everything 😅

  9. Chibi-Arcade 0.1

    Chibi-Arcade 0.12 日 前

    I am a pointe dancer and yes toe nails do fall of- had to learn that the hard way

  10. Eboni Dodd

    Eboni Dodd2 日 前

    As a ballerina, this was painful to watch in the most funniest way possible 😂

  11. Lisel VonTrapp

    Lisel VonTrapp4 日 前

    you guys should try rock climbing!!

  12. Syeda Maheen Jahan

    Syeda Maheen Jahan4 日 前

    “Hey, bendy how’d you get that tutu to fit? 6:43

  13. Ava ._.

    Ava ._.4 日 前

    5:54 am i the only one who heard zach say “don’t worry it’s not covid” after he sneezed because this was made 3 years ago

  14. Marlou596

    Marlou5962 日 前

    "I told you..I told you it was coming."

  15. Tatiana Mashkova

    Tatiana Mashkova4 日 前

    Eugene is actually pretty good (even if i know a nine year old that is better)

  16. Aika Tungol

    Aika Tungol4 日 前

    6:27 HAHAHA

  17. Ashley OwO

    Ashley OwO4 日 前

    Them: *Panting after dancing* vs Me: *holding my panting while forcing a smile* now I'm just jealous......

  18. Stef Alexandra

    Stef Alexandra4 日 前

    "Now straighten your knee" "what you talking about"

  19. Madison Piekielniak

    Madison Piekielniak5 日 前

  20. Pink Alligator

    Pink Alligator6 日 前

    ballet is like defying everything your body ever wants to do, Nothing comes naturally about it, you just have to beat it into yourself with sheer tenacity

  21. Blue is bae

    Blue is bae6 日 前

    When you have been a jazz tap and ballet dancer since 3 and you know the struggle 😂😂😂

  22. Frostbite_Playz

    Frostbite_Playz6 日 前


  23. V L

    V L7 日 前

    When someone asks me what ballet is like, Imma show them this video. Also, Eugene is doing pretty darn good. Edit: No, really, he is.

  24. DripDreamy

    DripDreamy7 日 前

    I actually do ballet 🩰 I appreciate you saying it’s hard 😂😂

  25. Sandi Wood

    Sandi Wood7 日 前

    LOL I wonder how bad Leslie felt after hearing Zach say IT'S ALL YOU'RE FAULT!!

  26. Dana W.

    Dana W.7 日 前

    Eugene is SO elegant - loooved the little musical head bop at 12:49 😂

  27. Rebecca Goates

    Rebecca Goates7 日 前

    Okay wait that was actually really good!! Great job guys!!

  28. Van Pang

    Van Pang7 日 前

    "Beautiful Dance Mutants" HAHHA Eugene's the best

  29. Amelia Stokes

    Amelia Stokes7 日 前

    It was probably a bad decision to put them on pointe on their first day 0-0

  30. Anna Scott

    Anna Scott8 日 前

    I love the fact that four full grown men are as excited to put on tutus as 10 year old ballerinas ❤️❤️

  31. Michele Smith

    Michele Smith8 日 前

    bro, I'm a legit ballerina and let me tell u watching this was friggin hilarious!

  32. Chandra Wagner

    Chandra Wagner8 日 前

    I'm not a ballerina, I've seen this video multiple times, I cant stop yelling at them to just point their toes!

  33. Jenica Kim

    Jenica Kim9 日 前

    Eugene would be the handsomest ballerina ever.

  34. Jessica W

    Jessica W9 日 前

    I think they nailed it 👌

  35. Charlotte Green

    Charlotte Green9 日 前

    Can you guys please try riding? You could like train with a Grand Prix rider

  36. Nadia

    Nadia10 日 前

    "Now straighten your knee"... "What are you talking about" 😂😂

  37. Adeline Nikhila

    Adeline Nikhila10 日 前

    This is gold 😂

  38. Cake_pop621*

    Cake_pop621*11 日 前

    I’ve been dancing for 8 years and my favorite part is the nutcracker which we’re not gonna get to do this year so hearing the music made me so emotional

  39. Margauz Roth

    Margauz Roth12 日 前

    I would pay just to watch this in actual theater.

  40. Elīna Zaikovska

    Elīna Zaikovska12 日 前

    I’ve watched this like 12 times in these two years. This just makes me so happyyyy 😌❤️😁

  41. Cartier Wishes, Faberge Dreams

    Cartier Wishes, Faberge Dreams12 日 前

    Three years later, this is still my absolute favorite Try Guys video. "And Keith is a gangly giant klutz..."

  42. Jean Luo

    Jean Luo13 日 前

    Eugene tho-

  43. Jean Luo

    Jean Luo13 日 前

    Wow tho That's actually really good idk I love to see them be ale to do that!!!!

  44. Jean Luo

    Jean Luo13 日 前

    Those kids are making me mad Be thankful dude Bwats

  45. Haley Martin

    Haley Martin14 日 前

    I've done point before and watching this makes me want to correct so many things they are doing wrong

  46. baby bat

    baby bat14 日 前

    i took a 20 minute ballet workshop after like 6 years of not taking ballet (but still being in dance) and istg i was so sore for the next week. however i took it at an event that i did help work and set up

  47. Jessica Mahon

    Jessica Mahon14 日 前

    This is one of my favorite videos of you guys!! Xx

  48. K And S Stigger

    K And S Stigger15 日 前

    I want to see hip hop

  49. EARTH

    EARTH15 日 前

    I love the ending !

  50. Eden Gaines

    Eden Gaines15 日 前

    Me a black person when she said I don’t like fried chicken whhhhhhhhhaat I will pray for you 😞🙏😖😖😦😔

  51. aishani Saini

    aishani Saini16 日 前

    Who else wants Eugene to get ballet training \(ϋ)/♩

  52. Leia Banaszkiewicz

    Leia Banaszkiewicz16 日 前

    I wanna see them do Irish dancing

  53. Stormi Nightz

    Stormi Nightz17 日 前

    Eugene isn't actually that bad!! I have been doing ballet almost all my life so take it from me. I think he did it the best

  54. Ÿêmí MGR _いぇみ

    Ÿêmí MGR _いぇみ17 日 前


  55. Camila Samaniego

    Camila Samaniego18 日 前

    I need the try wives doing this too 🤣🤣

  56. Shala Best

    Shala Best19 日 前

    Why aren’t they pointing there toes ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  57. Jennifer M Davis

    Jennifer M Davis19 日 前

    That wasn’t that bad. I was a ballet dancer for 10 years and a figure skater for 15 years and you guys were not horrible 😀

  58. Ade Amalia

    Ade Amalia20 日 前

    i got ankle sprain by watching this video

  59. Lily Grace

    Lily Grace20 日 前

    I’ve been Dancing for eight years and they’re better than 😂😂😂😂

  60. Helena Prince

    Helena Prince20 日 前

    If a group of guys above 25 can learn ballet dance and nail it, then I can learn and nail it too!

  61. Aleck Sandra Sariola

    Aleck Sandra Sariola20 日 前

    Don't Blame Leslie!! LOL

  62. Aleck Sandra Sariola

    Aleck Sandra Sariola20 日 前

    Don't blame us if we requested you to do ballet LOL!

  63. Why are you here?

    Why are you here?21 日 前

    part 9,298 of thing eugene can do good on first try

  64. Carol Vidotti

    Carol Vidotti21 日 前

    Ned: how do your toenails not fall off??? Bianca: they do The try guys: 👁️👄👁️ 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  65. Nick Yao

    Nick Yao21 日 前

    Eugene is actually not at all bad at ballet

  66. skelington

    skelington22 日 前

    i just started ballet at 16. i’m so excited.

  67. Wilma

    Wilma22 日 前

    Keith in a bun is the cutest and funniest thing ever😂☺️💕

  68. Shooting Stars

    Shooting Stars22 日 前

    Can you guys do horse riding next

  69. I'malibrocubicularist

    I'malibrocubicularist23 日 前

    This is before Eugine came out as gay? Bruh how did no one suspect anything, look at that graceful Eugine!

  70. Bobby Smith

    Bobby Smith23 日 前

    I think the end product was actually pretty good

  71. mxxnlight

    mxxnlight23 日 前

    Can I trade this dance teacher with my dance teacher, please? Thank you.

  72. Harpreet Khaira

    Harpreet Khaira24 日 前

    Lol... just lol

  73. Desiree Strickland

    Desiree Strickland25 日 前

    All I can think about is Alfalfa and Spanky in their ballerina costumes lol.

  74. LaLa R

    LaLa R25 日 前

    "I thought I was in shape, but I'm not". Me trying to go on a walk.

  75. Lil Kitten

    Lil Kitten25 日 前

    Imagine Abby Lee Miller seeing this XD

  76. simone wallace

    simone wallace25 日 前

    Go to a hip-hop girl and you ballerina

  77. simone wallace

    simone wallace25 日 前

    I want you to go to school and do nothing

  78. Amani Bakit

    Amani Bakit26 日 前

    Wow you are ok

  79. Noémie Claire

    Noémie Claire26 日 前

    All French and Russian trained dancers right now : *confused at the super wide first position and foot floating three inches away from her knee in that passé*

  80. ASMR Alchemy

    ASMR Alchemy26 日 前

    Don't know how watching flesh and bone brought me to this but the guys final tutu dance was actually good

  81. Jillian Remeikas

    Jillian Remeikas27 日 前

    I now really want to see them try to do contemporary or lyrical dancing 😂😂😂😂

  82. elysiañ

    elysiañ27 日 前

    okay actually they are better than me lol okay forget what I say ;-;

  83. bbaly123 Whalley

    bbaly123 Whalley28 日 前

    Zach: terrible Ned: terrible Keith: OK Eugene: PERFECT. SPOT ON. AMAZING....... per usual. 😑

  84. Heidi-Liz

    Heidi-Liz28 日 前

    Ok, but actually, you guys did really well!! From rehearsal to the performance, you all improved exponentially! My mouth was agape during the Russian Dance, y'all were crushing it, well done!!

  85. beadpoet

    beadpoet28 日 前

    Keith reminds me of my ex. He, too, was a tall, large, awkward mass of human. :)

  86. beadpoet

    beadpoet28 日 前

    It's so unfair for Zach, Ned and Keith, Eugene is gay, so he's obviously better at everything. It's just how it is.

  87. just a girl that likes GACHA

    just a girl that likes GACHA28 日 前

    ............................................................... Beautiful*throws roses*🌹🌹🌹🌹

  88. Sarah Lisa Illner

    Sarah Lisa Illner29 日 前

    Eugene did a great job there :D

  89. Zoe Pearson

    Zoe Pearsonヶ月 前

    Please do contemporary dancing please



    You guys did well not much but you tried your best. Have a great day!

  91. Blah Blah

    Blah Blahヶ月 前

    OMG Eugene nailed this

  92. Addison Luette

    Addison Luetteヶ月 前

    Do gymnastics next!!

  93. Blessed Kyia

    Blessed Kyiaヶ月 前

    Eugene is great at everything

  94. Cindy Tesoro

    Cindy Tesoroヶ月 前

    I love you guys. This has got to be on my Top Ten List! You did awesome!! 🥰🥰

  95. queen bee

    queen beeヶ月 前

    Try gyes should they to make juice

  96. Via M.

    Via M.ヶ月 前

    i love for eugines sotes

  97. Amelia Joy

    Amelia Joyヶ月 前

    I'm so distracted by the dancer slipping in and out of her American/Australian hybrid accent

  98. Stacey McGill

    Stacey McGillヶ月 前

    me as a ballerina: i cant--

  99. JJGeorgeG GJ

    JJGeorgeG GJヶ月 前

    Have u did roblox? If u haven't pls do it

  100. edgeofthemoon

    edgeofthemoonヶ月 前

    Eugene: And Keith is a gangly giant klutz... Keith: Awkwardly flapping arms around like a chicken in the background

  101. Jess Grundke

    Jess Grundkeヶ月 前

    Straight up I would watch these guys acting as ballerinas like in the end bit