The Try Guys Make Sushi Rolls


  1. NellietheAlicia 3

    NellietheAlicia 319 時間 前

    I can confirm that asians do spank their children with that😂

  2. Minnie O'Rourke

    Minnie O'Rourke日 前

    while i was watching this with my dog she went infront of my laptop and started watching the video

  3. Eddy

    Eddy日 前

    Asians use bamboo poles

  4. lynndec22

    lynndec22日 前

    Eugene on Zack: "Don't laugh at me as if I'm Zack!" Zack on Zack: "Come on, Zack -- you rolled things in college!"

  5. Lariah Thomas

    Lariah Thomas日 前

    I love nigiri

  6. Elle'

    Elle'2 日 前

    kieth- “He said one grain? How about ten” idk y died😂😂

  7. ashton oliver

    ashton oliver2 日 前

    "they use it for spanking asian children" felt that in my fucking bones

  8. Lucky_ Day

    Lucky_ Day2 日 前

    zach: Beauty recognizes beauty me: no wonder i think everyone is ugly

  9. Nica D

    Nica D3 日 前

    I was wondering why chef Frank looks familiar... he also stars in Epicurious videos..

  10. Hello There

    Hello There3 日 前

    I cleanse this house 😂

  11. Kaitlin Pankake

    Kaitlin Pankake3 日 前

    Ned and Eugene need to always be together 😂😂😂

  12. Keegan Pitre

    Keegan Pitre3 日 前

    Is Ned and Eugene Drunk?

  13. GM Simon

    GM Simon3 日 前

    Oh hey, it's Frank! Lv3 vs Lv0 chef

  14. IDK VIDS

    IDK VIDS4 日 前

    8:18 I think the kid in back is recording them

  15. A.M.K. Kirschner

    A.M.K. Kirschner4 日 前

    Eugene was definitely drunk during this lmao. Either that or just so fucking happy ,which would be amazing

  16. Saelin Jordan

    Saelin Jordan4 日 前

    wait I think I saw that sushi teacher on a different show. WAIT HOLD UP

  17. XxGamerFlarxX 1

    XxGamerFlarxX 14 日 前

    Frank from epicurios!!!!

  18. sadok lajmi

    sadok lajmi4 日 前

    3:37 Yessssss 😂 I stan

  19. Pandeee

    Pandeee5 日 前

    eugene is right we do get hit but not with a rice paddle.

  20. Max

    Max5 日 前

    Try guys should make sushi without a recipe to see how much they remember!

  21. sunshine 77

    sunshine 775 日 前

    this is the most chaotic eugene that i’ve ever seen and i love it😂😍

  22. TTimTyphoon

    TTimTyphoon6 日 前

    Woah a lvl 3 chef

  23. Nhuy Vy

    Nhuy Vy6 日 前

    Is true u get spank by that cause I’m AsIan

  24. Crazepiggo

    Crazepiggo6 日 前

    who else saw the guy from the epicurious hamburger vid?

  25. milica rutalj

    milica rutalj6 日 前

    "come on zach you rolled stuff in collage" wtf

  26. Ben Warner

    Ben Warner6 日 前

    Ariana Grande could have been blown up in Manchester

  27. Lauren Wiles

    Lauren Wiles6 日 前

    Ned seems drunk and sleep deprived 😆

  28. elle ee

    elle ee5 日 前

    probably bc he’s w eugene lol

  29. Evalynn Scott

    Evalynn Scott7 日 前

    when you're white and have been spanked with a rice paddle anyway...

  30. Horatio Johnson

    Horatio Johnson7 日 前

    bruh my boy frank the level 3 chef lookin good

  31. Horatio Johnson

    Horatio Johnson7 日 前

    bruh thats the place where they get them lvl 3 chefs everybody

  32. craters_of_callisto

    craters_of_callisto8 日 前

    6:03 ... did...... did eugene just call ned 'dad'

  33. Jesus God

    Jesus God8 日 前

    Ok, I actually watched this after watching epicurious and seeing him

  34. Chloe Byrnes

    Chloe Byrnes8 日 前

    nobody: absolutely nobody: eugene: *i cleanse this house*

  35. Chiara Smith

    Chiara Smith8 日 前

    17:44 … and that was the Moment ned realised that he just had to do something basic to win 😂

  36. Mangoflame Streams

    Mangoflame Streams9 日 前


  37. Dayana P.T

    Dayana P.T9 日 前

    Who is here on Feb 2020? *hands up*

  38. Phuson Nguyen

    Phuson Nguyen9 日 前

    raw fish sushi originated in Norway

  39. ParkMoonWae 123

    ParkMoonWae 1239 日 前


  40. If you don’t relate then Bruh

    If you don’t relate then Bruh9 日 前

    Ned and Eugene definitely smoked a blunt before filming 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. Ded Elmo

    Ded Elmo9 日 前

    5:16 pause the video. its a beautiful moment in history.

  42. Santhosh Gopalakrishnan

    Santhosh Gopalakrishnan11 日 前

    It's FRANK the Level 3 Chef!!!!

  43. Catalina Barrera

    Catalina Barrera11 日 前


  44. John Caleb Flores

    John Caleb Flores11 日 前

    Ow Franks here... Level 3 chef coming here

  45. Alessio Teoh

    Alessio Teoh11 日 前

    2:07 Eugene: “...spanking Asian children” Me: *hides under my bed*

  46. Sophia Zhang

    Sophia Zhang12 日 前

    anyone recognize frank from those 4-level "insert food type" videos? No, just me?

  47. kaspa

    kaspa12 日 前

    Australians too, Eugene...not just Asiams...or at least my mum did, anyway! 🤣

  48. Justin Dai

    Justin Dai13 日 前

    nobodys talking about how they got FRANK to teach them.

  49. Yun zhong

    Yun zhong13 日 前

    It’s not just for scooping rice from rice cooker. It’s been entitled as one of the weapons for spanking your Asian children.

  50. Poppy Pipopapo

    Poppy Pipopapo13 日 前

    a few years ago, The Try Guys took a psychological test and the results was Eugene and Ned were the least compatible and look at them now... goofing around like best friends

  51. Meeska Mooska

    Meeska Mooska13 日 前

    Chef: 1:19 Me: *giggles in Danganronpa V3*

  52. FairbrookWingates

    FairbrookWingates14 日 前

    1:06 How odd to see what appears to be the same teapot I have sitting on my shelf. Can't be sure of this one, but mine is a cast iron museum replica piece so I don't actually use it, but it /would/ look awesome in a proper Japanese tea ceremony. Say, Try Guys attend (and then host) a proper tea ceremony, Japanese style! That would be a terrific video.

  53. Sierra Lobo

    Sierra Lobo15 日 前


  54. risa bondoc95

    risa bondoc9515 日 前


  55. M3ISZACK !

    M3ISZACK !15 日 前

    Can relate kinda Eugene (Asian stereotype) LOL

  56. 딸기 딸기

    딸기 딸기16 日 前

    The chef should taste it too

  57. llama prana

    llama prana17 日 前

    I'm gonna be Hermione, it's makizushi :))

  58. Gio

    Gio17 日 前

    Are these dudes bi-sexual ?

  59. lola cruz

    lola cruz18 日 前

    California Roll is everyone's gateway sushi. Its how I started sushing at 11 yrs old, its now how my adventurous 9 year old nephew is getting hooked on the sushi lol . I made kim bap the other day ( i fill mine with egg, tofu, carrot, spinach, cucumber and avocado) and he wanted to try them because he sees rolls and thinks maki sushi. I'd say the California Roll is a fairly easy way to introduce sushi into anyone's culinary experience. Nothing in the California Roll is actually raw other than the cucumber and avocado, the "crab" meat is usually prepared white fish. I think if parents give their kids the opportunity to try california rolls, they will enjoy them while being introduced to cuisines from another culture.

  60. Narnian Slytherin

    Narnian Slytherin18 日 前

    Keith wins when his food isn't called "daddy's favourite". Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  61. Kayla Jomarron

    Kayla Jomarron18 日 前

    I love Eugene 🤣 all my asians our there blowing up the comments