The Try Guys Make Plushies Without Instructions


  1. The Try Guys

    The Try Guysヶ月 前

    Re-stock alert! You can pre-order our Tryceratops plushie on now!

  2. Lila Sternoff

    Lila Sternoff30 分 前

    does anybody else get the sense that keith is mad at zach in this video?

  3. Bells

    Bells22 時間 前

    fuck that. i want an ugly keith

  4. Alaina Constantine

    Alaina Constantine10 日 前

    Could you guys also try to sell these plushies lol

  5. Blank

    Blank11 日 前

    @hi hi kazoo hid is annoying

  6. ella

    ella13 日 前

    Ned stop with the annoying toddler voice

  7. Marissa Lisette

    Marissa Lisette18 時間 前

    “Keith deserves the best head, and imma give it to him” -Zach

  8. Megan Campos

    Megan Campos19 時間 前

    I thought keith should've won

  9. Esther O.

    Esther O.23 時間 前

    Ned's ugly Keith needs to come to life! I would buy it. Chicken noodle is cute. Gay horse is meh and the octopus looks like a sperm. Sorry.

  10. Rexy singh

    Rexy singh23 時間 前

    7:35 that shark fin really haunted my dreams.

  11. Angel Tisa

    Angel Tisa日 前

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  12. tom joe

    tom joe日 前

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  13. Madison Keogh

    Madison Keogh日 前

    I’ve never heard the term plushie. I have only heard them called stuffed animal...

  14. Kiara Animefan

    Kiara Animefan日 前

    Am I the only one squealing over how big the twins are getting?!!! They're walking now! Someone pay Eugene so he'll watch Lilly and Poppy again! He said he'd do it for money! 😆 The eyes were a little off-putting (try going with all black), but I liked Keith's octopus! 🐙

  15. natalie b

    natalie b2 日 前

    “It takes me back to 2016” MY DUDE. THAT WASN’T THAT LONG AGO. Or was it?

  16. walker fleming

    walker fleming3 日 前

    i need an ugly keith doll

  17. Eclipse_Eternal

    Eclipse_Eternal3 日 前

    And I'm here sitting next to my inkling girl plush :D

  18. Mira G

    Mira G3 日 前

    Can they PLEASE make these designs and put them on the merch site I would buy ALL OF THEM

  19. Amelia Grymel

    Amelia Grymel3 日 前

    I do not like stuffed animals, i Find them creepy. Why am i watching this video?

  20. fakhouri Alaai

    fakhouri Alaai3 日 前

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  21. Hannah Sears

    Hannah Sears3 日 前

    I want a chicken noodle

  22. Hannah Sears

    Hannah Sears3 日 前

    Keith misses the opportunity to make a raisin plush

  23. Esse Contractum

    Esse Contractum3 日 前

    That girl needs to stop, UGLY Kieth is dope asf

  24. pawan kaur

    pawan kaur3 日 前

    "how could something basic be disturbing"

  25. Emerald Cordova

    Emerald Cordova3 日 前

    I would repeat Keith's ramp about 5 times and laugh every single time lmao

  26. Caitlin Grover

    Caitlin Grover3 日 前

    You guys should try horse back riding

  27. Caroline Li

    Caroline Li4 日 前

    why does ned's mustache and outfit give me peak project runway contestant vibes

  28. Wednesday Apollo

    Wednesday Apollo4 日 前

    13:06 sleipnir the 8 legged horse. birth child of the deity loki.

  29. Wednesday Apollo

    Wednesday Apollo4 日 前

    9:08 there is a square chicken plushie called cock block.

  30. Naya V

    Naya V4 日 前

    anyone else find Laura really annoying

  31. SlightJudgement

    SlightJudgement4 日 前

    Ugly Keith is a vibe

  32. citroken

    citroken4 日 前

    Ugly Keith "sitting" is me laying in bed watching youtube videos lol

  33. caty therese

    caty therese4 日 前

    I loved all their stuffed animals, but Zach’s was the best!!!!

  34. Paprika Devil

    Paprika Devil5 日 前

    0:49 is that Poppy and June, holy crud they’ve grown

  35. Jemana J

    Jemana J5 日 前

    Rachel’s twins are gorgeous 😍 x

  36. Claire Almond

    Claire Almond5 日 前

    the argument that ugly keith wasn’t even a plush and octopus jones lost to him

  37. Lily

    Lily5 日 前

    Wait so unicorns are the gayest animal in the world? oh well I may be sleeping with a plushie unicorn in my bed...

  38. Ten ‘n Two

    Ten ‘n Two5 日 前

    Ugly Keith should’ve won. I won buy Ugly Keith if it was better made

  39. XxIrene AngelxX

    XxIrene AngelxX5 日 前

    eugene talking about his stuffed animal memories is me but with barbies and monster high dolls. i dont know how i didnt know i was gay.

  40. Staci Fong

    Staci Fong5 日 前

    Loved Zach’s Keith plushie and chicken noodle.

  41. Beck

    Beck5 日 前

    I want a chicken noodle so bad

  42. HuskyMer

    HuskyMer5 日 前

    Now I dont like the judging. I dont agree. My judging is - Eugene 4th, Ned 3rd, Zach 2nd and Keith 1st

  43. Peaches Bp

    Peaches Bp5 日 前

    Gay horse is all I ever needed in life

  44. Justice Millz

    Justice Millz6 日 前

    Gay horse 🐎!

  45. Tamaki Amajiki

    Tamaki Amajiki6 日 前

    A Gay horse is a *Yay* horse.

  46. BTS X ARMY

    BTS X ARMY6 日 前

    2:54 chicken noodle soup with the soda on the side~~

  47. Lainey Bales

    Lainey Bales6 日 前

    "Keith deserves the best head. And im gonna give it to him."

  48. HisoKu

    HisoKu7 日 前

    Ned’s Chicken Noodle looks like a knockoff of Stitchmind’s Cockblock plushies 😂 I’m a little surprised nobody’s brought it up

  49. MaryB98422

    MaryB984227 日 前

    Please make a chicken noodle to sell! Love him!

  50. Yasminy Lukeny

    Yasminy Lukeny7 日 前

    Gay horse

  51. Juice

    Juice7 日 前

    Gay Horse runs the show now

  52. The Asian Advocate

    The Asian Advocate7 日 前


  53. Andrea Taplin

    Andrea Taplin7 日 前

    Adam Johnson

  54. Jackson Riley

    Jackson Riley7 日 前

    I fuckin hate Jamie 😂 also “something about him that just upsets me”

  55. Mikayla Rosenbaum

    Mikayla Rosenbaum7 日 前

    Zach and Ned: **Bullying Eugenes gay horse** Eugene: **being petty and salty** "Lemme just get rid of this white material, there is already enough whiteness in media" Ned: **feelings hurt** "oK- pLeaSe dOn't"

  56. Heide Witzka

    Heide Witzka7 日 前

    how the boy made the 'sit on my lap' pose - it's phenomenal

  57. Jmac241401 Jmac241401

    Jmac241401 Jmac2414017 日 前

    TRY GUYS! You should try to build a model kit w/o instructions. Like a gundam model or try painting warhammer 40k like the pros w/o instructions!

  58. Barbara Vang

    Barbara Vang7 日 前

    Eugene’s reaction to rotary cutters are my same feels. Scissors win.

  59. Dabi Simp

    Dabi Simp8 日 前

    Ugene is the definition of Gen Z, prove me wrong.

  60. salomé

    salomé8 日 前

    Damn this kid is too young to be this sassy XD

  61. Declan Kelly

    Declan Kelly8 日 前

    They have sworn in the room of a child the whole time

  62. Nesha Cruz

    Nesha Cruz8 日 前

    I want eugenes hoodie

  63. Leviathan Quinn

    Leviathan Quinn8 日 前

    Ned just made a c0ck block

  64. sabrina in the sky with diamonds

    sabrina in the sky with diamonds8 日 前

    okay but i genuinely want octopus jones for my room so bad. keith, octopus jones is number one in my heart he could be my trip sitter

  65. safalafagins

    safalafagins8 日 前

    LOLOL This episode had me crying out of laughter - Jimmy going "You're torn. Gay horse IS torn." 27:45 - The editing at 27:13 to 27:27 xD

  66. Ragne Seilenthal

    Ragne Seilenthal8 日 前

    I am 11 and i even know how to hand stitch plushies. Yes they aren't perfect bechause i don't have suplies but still pretty good.

  67. eye guess

    eye guess8 日 前

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  68. Hazzy Luv

    Hazzy Luv9 日 前

    0:10 omg Wes got so big!! 🥺

  69. jaegerjaqson

    jaegerjaqson9 日 前

    octopus jones deserved better

  70. Gurmehar Kaur

    Gurmehar Kaur9 日 前

    1:17 oh boy...... Zach really does love that Celine Dion t shirt.... Like seriously I've seen him wear in more than three videos

  71. darcy storme

    darcy storme9 日 前

    did anybody else get sperm vibes from the octopus? cause i kinda love it....

  72. Loki

    Loki9 日 前

    I would totally buy Ugly Keith

  73. Kay Chutaprutikorn

    Kay Chutaprutikorn9 日 前

    is the rotary tool like a non-food pizza cutter?

  74. Patrycja Dragan

    Patrycja Dragan9 日 前

    Next craft idea : Wet felting

  75. peen iz

    peen iz9 日 前

    why is the chicken shaped like a tooth

  76. EdenX08 S

    EdenX08 S9 日 前

    ok let's get this straight the boy is prob my age and is acting like he's like 35 😂😂😂

  77. Dmag

    Dmag9 日 前

    Ugly Keith I say no more

  78. YellowWendigo

    YellowWendigo10 日 前

    Can gay horse please be on the merch shop?

  79. Emerald Cordova

    Emerald Cordova10 日 前

    "1 2 3 STUFF ME!" ok 😂😂

  80. Plippy :p

    Plippy :p10 日 前

    tbh make chicken noodle happen with all the ramen plushies!

  81. Plippy :p

    Plippy :p10 日 前

    octopus one looks good sewn. the eyes should be changed

  82. Dino Hoops

    Dino Hoops10 日 前

    Ugly Dolls Plushies! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖🌈 3:49

  83. Shelby Dively

    Shelby Dively10 日 前

    eugene: there are no tiny horses timotheè chalamet: 😐

  84. SecretGardenDesign

    SecretGardenDesign10 日 前

    i love chicken noodle way too much

  85. Julia Edson

    Julia Edson10 日 前

    ✨Gay horse✨ Also Chicken Noodle is my favorite

  86. syeda kazmi

    syeda kazmi10 日 前

    Keith’s meltdown: ICONIC

  87. Jenna Teigland

    Jenna Teigland10 日 前

    Day 66 of requesting Try Guys Try Professional Swimming/Springboard Diving (once it’s safe to do so)

  88. Lily Elliott

    Lily Elliott10 日 前

    Its funny how obsessed with Keith Zach is XD

  89. Valentina Vargas

    Valentina Vargas10 日 前

    Ned didn't have the right to look this hot here :-)

  90. Ellie Fletcher

    Ellie Fletcher11 日 前

    The thing I want to know is did Jamie leave with ugly Keith

  91. Haley H

    Haley H11 日 前

    hearing Ned say “skinnty, hunty” was hilarious omg

  92. Bea Peikert

    Bea Peikert11 日 前

    I just wanna know if jamie got the ugly Keith doll. This is all I care about

  93. Glenda March

    Glenda March11 日 前

    "You should loose your show, you need to go back to school, & you should go to bed with that bear" 😂🤣

  94. Carol Moura

    Carol Moura11 日 前

    Keith kinda looks like Coraline's father

  95. Cole Burner

    Cole Burner11 日 前

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  96. Leilah Jogee

    Leilah Jogee11 日 前

    No just no.

  97. demigirl

    demigirl11 日 前

    g͛a͛y͛ h͛o͛r͛s͛e͛

  98. Olivia Zimmer

    Olivia Zimmer12 日 前

    has eugene ever heard of tiny horse??

  99. Iain Macdonald

    Iain Macdonald12 日 前

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  100. Jade Zack

    Jade Zack12 日 前

    no one: absolutely not a soul: Eugene: "Gay Horse"

  101. Hailey Budach

    Hailey Budach12 日 前

    Octopus jones deserves so much better. Ugly Keith was a doll, not a plushie. Im angry with keith right now

  102. Malia Adamson

    Malia Adamson12 日 前

    I would literally buy a chicken noodle plushie, that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!

  103. Laura Trainor

    Laura Trainor12 日 前

    where can i buy ugly keith

  104. L0VEY V1BES

    L0VEY V1BES12 日 前

    Gay house. I rest my case. - y e s I did forget his name

  105. adyychan

    adyychan12 日 前

    Honestly didn't expect keith to get 3rd place so that rant was 100% expected 🤣 love how he didn't care about swearing in front of the kid too lol