The Try Guys Bake Bread Without A Recipe


  1. Liz Bane

    Liz Bane8 時間 前

    Ok but can we talk about Zach wanting to put breadcrumbs in his bread B R E A D C R U M B S

  2. Jennifer Hey

    Jennifer Hey8 時間 前

    I thought this episode was on their own channel

  3. Meera Berryhill

    Meera Berryhill11 時間 前

    every without a recipe: -Eugene: Weird spices and too much alcohol (also too many eggs) -ned: always wins -zach- adds too many ingredients -keith: DADDY"S FAVORITE

  4. krabboy

    krabboy日 前

    Now we know that Eugene was actively sabotaging his own dishes and yet he still won

  5. Baeked BaekonS

    Baeked BaekonS日 前

    *"It feels a lot like im massaging a really squishy butt''* -Eugene Lee Yang 2017

  6. WillofWham

    WillofWham日 前

    The only bread I would have eaten was Ned’s.

  7. Benjamin Moreno

    Benjamin Moreno日 前

    neds gunna make poison

  8. peacendpola23

    peacendpola23日 前

    Lesson for life: Daddy's favorite never prevails. First Ned, now Keith

  9. Mickey Johnson

    Mickey Johnson日 前

    So Eugene has literally been making drunk/spicy food from the get go

  10. Jacky

    Jacky日 前

    Im a german thinking "nothing americans call bread, is actually bread" 😂

  11. Fabio Zmugg

    Fabio Zmugg2 日 前

    Eugene would be drunk if you made this all in one day

  12. Katori Files

    Katori Files2 日 前


  13. trash can

    trash can2 日 前

    "Like math, i can look at a problem and know its algebra, but im not gunna know, what the answer is." same

  14. Isabella Vitrano

    Isabella Vitrano3 日 前

    Ned made daddys favourite

  15. Jak Monroe

    Jak Monroe3 日 前

    I really want the bread that the Zach judge made

  16. Sydney-Paige Hernandez

    Sydney-Paige Hernandez4 日 前

    Today on how much alcohol can Eugene put into a recipe?

  17. Oatmealfreak

    Oatmealfreak4 日 前

    Once again one of the only non-cancer buzzfeed videos

  18. Charlie Dinerman

    Charlie Dinerman4 日 前

    Zach they didn’t forget they didn’t have time for it if you recall they were being chased out of the desert. Also you should have made challah

  19. Langston Toedter

    Langston Toedter4 日 前

    You should put zack on worst cooks in America

  20. random person

    random person5 日 前

    I love how eugene puts alchohol everywhere

  21. B Hiệp

    B Hiệp6 日 前

    "I would almost swallow this" LOLLLL

  22. Will Joyce

    Will Joyce7 日 前

    I love that the beer at 2:24 is Stone Delicious IPA, not pulling punches

  23. Ash Wild

    Ash Wild8 日 前


  24. Blake Sparks

    Blake Sparks8 日 前

    It's the og Daddy's favorite

  25. andy

    andy8 日 前

    you mean to tell me that NED started daddy's favorite???

  26. MHA 430

    MHA 4309 日 前

    When she said, “oh, I hope they don’t f**k it up.” 🤣

  27. fernandez wijayantiz

    fernandez wijayantiz10 日 前

    4:34 its the chef 4:40 its the.... witch make poison

  28. nadine

    nadine10 日 前

    literally zach hall was so rude

  29. Ananya Sanyal

    Ananya Sanyal10 日 前

    When you realize that Ned made Keith’s “Daddy’s Favorite” EDIT: When you realize that everyone already commented this 😬

  30. Some Dude

    Some Dude11 日 前

    Eugene is literally the definition of “there’s always an Asian better than you”

  31. KyleLee Bowers

    KyleLee Bowers11 日 前

    As a culinary proffesional, everyone is really good at feeling their way through this stuff...but zach Zach gives me anxiety every time he does anything, honestly. Amazingly he does almost every wrong 😂

  32. Alanna Gleason

    Alanna Gleason12 日 前

    Daddy’s favorite ;) made by Ned.... scandleeee

  33. Alex'Salty Galaxy

    Alex'Salty Galaxy13 日 前

    Is it just me or did I just realized that Ned's bread replace Keith's daddy's favorite streak

  34. Harrison Freeman2854

    Harrison Freeman285414 日 前

    Favourite things Nutella Gummy bears BrEaD cRuMbS

  35. Madame Extraordinaire

    Madame Extraordinaire14 日 前

    I don't know if it was on purpose, but Eugene made a very direct point of openly admitting he's not naturally good at math.

  36. Ayshia Rafiq

    Ayshia Rafiq14 日 前

    Are you even allowed to be drinking at work lol 😂 😂

  37. Ro Go

    Ro Go15 日 前

    Is this video why Ned learned how to make bread for real??

  38. Jasmine Trinh

    Jasmine Trinh17 日 前

    i love how ned and kieth have completely switched personalities on this show

  39. Trisha Lennex

    Trisha Lennex17 日 前

    It sucks the judges didn’t count cinnamon raisin bread as bread... I understand why though his also did look like a cake

  40. Ava Windecker

    Ava Windecker17 日 前

    5:52 Doesn’t even need a description... 😂😂

  41. Charity •

    Charity •17 日 前

    they're so much more tame on Buzzfeed's network than with their own company 😂😂

  42. Ivy99999

    Ivy9999918 日 前

    Me during the entire first 10 minutes: Oh no no no no no

  43. Injeela Shehwar

    Injeela Shehwar18 日 前

    Nutella and buckweed Poisoooonnnnnn

  44. Injeela Shehwar

    Injeela Shehwar18 日 前

    Why is no one talking about zach putting candy in bread

  45. Celtic Angel

    Celtic Angel19 日 前

    as a baker the fact that they left the dough to proof overnight in the bowl they used to mix them just makes me want to toss a rolling pin at them. the time ratio from weigh up to bake off is 5 min at most to weigh up all ingredients, 2 min to mix hydrating the mix(adding water/wet ingredients to the flour,salt and yeast mix), the 8-12 min intensive mix(kneading), cover and let rest for 1h-1h 30 min folding once or twice either at the 45min mark or the every 30 min(this is for bulk fermented (dough without bread improver(a fermentation accelerant))(10-15 min (if bread imp used), scale then let rest for 10 min then/or if already at desired weight, mould to shape(add fillings or coating of flavourings (i.e. cinnamon sugar)and placed in or on appropriately sized tin/tray and then the dough is proofed if it is a dough without an accelerant then 8-12 hour (overnight) is correct but not left out in open/ if an accelerant was used its 45 min-1h 30 min, then placed in a appropriately temp oven until baked to a caramel brown crust colour

  46. Celtic Angel

    Celtic Angel19 日 前

    for a simple bread dough the % ratio is: 100% flour (i.e. 1000g) 3% yeast (i.e. 30g) 2% salt (i.e. 20g) 58%-74% water dependent on the dayand on the flour so ( 580ml-740ml give or take) asume lower % first as it is easier to add water then to remove it % are dependent on the total weight of the flour after it has been rounded up to the next 100 g so 900 g of flour becomes 1000g, 2300 g becomes 2400 g and so on. this is so we can account for what is lost to the bowl or to our hands to get total weight of flour it is the total weight of dough (i.e. 3 loaves at 800g =2400g) divided by the total % ( 100% + 3% + 2% + 58% =163% in this instance) so it is 2400 divided by 163% (remember to press the % button) =1472.3926g which is then rounded up to the next 100g to the total flour weight (TFW) is 1500g or 1.5kg sorry but this was something i apparently had to say

  47. TrollHunter North

    TrollHunter North19 日 前

    Wait, Ned, you made “Daddy’s Favorite” 2 yeard before Keith.

  48. Patrick Beardsley

    Patrick Beardsley19 日 前

    Why do I keep watching this video

  49. as Ds

    as Ds19 日 前

    No Keith butter butter not egg

  50. Miguel Ángel Pérez Labarcena

    Miguel Ángel Pérez Labarcena20 日 前

    I laughed my ass off LMAOOO

  51. JonTheBon

    JonTheBon21 日 前

    *accidentally make bread*

  52. Lukas Holsinger

    Lukas Holsinger22 日 前

    10:43 HAHA no you are most DEFINITELY not winning

  53. Ashley Price

    Ashley Price22 日 前

    Ned literally is making daddy’s favourite. Why isn’t Keith rioting

  54. TheGoldenNuggetYT

    TheGoldenNuggetYT23 日 前

    The judges should’ve made sure the try guys knew medics were on standby.

  55. Biggo Smiggo

    Biggo Smiggo26 日 前

    Eugene puts alcohol in everything

  56. Zoey Kimmet

    Zoey Kimmet26 日 前

    I was inspired when I was about 11 and made bread for the first time ever.....I didn't use a recipe. It was still great (not just me being biased, my family said that) and it was fun. Just know the basics of baking before trying things like this.

  57. Nutsa Beridze

    Nutsa Beridze26 日 前

    I just realised that Ned was first to make daddys favourite

  58. Jennifer Kirker

    Jennifer Kirker27 日 前

    every new episode I watch I ask myself "hmm how will Eugene put alcohol in this?"

  59. ioe ia

    ioe ia28 日 前

    Daddy's favourite, "cinnamon raisin".

  60. Harija Meatball

    Harija Meatball28 日 前

    I didn't know post malone has brother that can bake

  61. Melayna Murrietta

    Melayna Murrietta28 日 前

    so no one is gonna talk about the fact that eugene literally broke the beer bottle in the beginning of the video