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    Get joy out of giving and receiving love & not from material things! That should be all our mentality!

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    Skip to 4:41 on this link it’s a old video of her swea😳😳

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    Someone question me pls. I'm seeking truth x

  35. Real Earl

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    “Take everything he has away I was viewing him for the person he is” well said

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    Nothing but respect 😌

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    I know no one is perfect and errbody has his or her flaws but in my eyes you are a rare specimen one that deserves to be treated as such not with just money or material stuff but the things that really matters in ones life being their for each other caring for each other creating moments that five years from now when you look back you can say tht it was an great history but we’ll be looking forward to greater future ...

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    You was so nice and sweet we couldn’t help to be drawn to you.

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    You seem like a really nice girl and its refreshing to see someone so beautiful have respect for themselves. There are very few women like you that exist.

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    I like this channel. This seems like the type of person who is aware of the important things in life and those relationships.