The Tinseltown Murder Of Thelma Todd


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  2. Uchiba Uki

    Uchiba Ukiヶ月 前

    BuzzFeed Unsolved Network poor Shane and Ryan they don’t have haircuts 💇 maybe because of pandemic 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Evelyn Patino-florese

    Evelyn Patino-floreseヶ月 前

    I love that music...background....

  4. Fishcakes the Umbrella

    Fishcakes the Umbrellaヶ月 前

    Do you think she pissed off the mob? #postmortem

  5. Arthina Selchow

    Arthina Selchowヶ月 前

    I was thinking, what if West got mad at her, beat her up some, and then locked her in the garage. Then she, drunk, cold and upset, got in her car and turned it one where she then passed away. Just a thought I had and wanted to share. Love the show!

  6. Stephanie Ulloa

    Stephanie Ulloaヶ月 前

    Obviously she was killed, but if you had to fake your death, how would you do it?

  7. katherine collins

    katherine collins6 時間 前

    Such a fascinating case, full of amazing information and interesting theories. The banter between Shane and Ryan is brilliant

  8. Mohammed Parker

    Mohammed Parker18 時間 前

    Check the lady who replaced her on the big production she signed. Something to see there.

  9. Andreia Janeiro

    Andreia Janeiro日 前

    Shane is being so remus lupin this season

  10. Aurelio Rubio

    Aurelio Rubio日 前

    It was the chauffeur

  11. Ghaz

    Ghaz日 前

    OKAY WTF happened to them...they never used to make dirty jokes and stuff but now...

  12. Ghaz

    Ghaz日 前

    ...Do they Live together ...i mean aren't they in Quarantine and stuff...?

  13. Fnaf Fnatic

    Fnaf Fnatic日 前

    I feel like this case would make a good Netflix series

  14. dumbbrowngirl

    dumbbrowngirl日 前

    Thelma Todd and The Black Dahlia are two people involved in Unsolved cases and both of them have the same birthday as me omg

  15. dumbbrowngirl

    dumbbrowngirl日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1258">20:58</a> I KNEW the name Gloria Vanderbilt from somewhere, imagine my surprise realizing that she was Anderson Cooper’s mom!

  16. Average Alien

    Average Alien2 日 前

    My theory is that it was the mob, or the person sending threatening letters. They ambushed her, knocked her unconscious, put her in the car and turned the engine on for a silent and almost unsolvable death. Makes the most sense.

  17. The Lord Doctor

    The Lord Doctor2 日 前

    I bet they're self isolating together

  18. Cherry Black

    Cherry Black2 日 前

    I really like how they are so amazed by the three fingers. I've drank a whole bottle my sweeties.

  19. Oh yah mr krabs

    Oh yah mr krabs2 日 前

    “Love your body everyday” don’t worry we do 😉

  20. Psychroclasm

    Psychroclasm3 日 前

    Wait, why was the chauffeur not a suspect? An hour and a half is a huge window of time unaccounted for. Maybe he tried to take advantage of her drunkenness and she resisted.

  21. Lumorniel Sycamore

    Lumorniel Sycamore3 日 前

    The thing is, the mob thing sounds the most probable one but then at the same time it seems kind of... shady? I mean if what the mob was really after was money why kill her? Threatening her would've worked way better. Additionally, isn't the point of mob killings over money like that to set an example so others would be willing to pay up without much resistance with the mob using the threat of 'You don't want to end up like Todd'. Or something like that? So then why would they go through so much trouble to make it look like a suicide. I feel like if this was a mob killing they would've made it an obvious greusome murder in order to shock and set an example.

  22. TY

    TY4 日 前

    Forget her, I see luciano in the thumbnail and I click.

  23. Katrina Whiting

    Katrina Whiting4 日 前


  24. Katrina Whiting

    Katrina Whiting4 日 前


  25. Anna Molina

    Anna Molina4 日 前

    shane: "me, i don't like talking to people i care about, that's my personal preference." ryan: "wait, you never talk to me. do you care about me?" shane: "yeah! clearly!" me: :) ryan: "that's crazy bc i don't care about you." me: :(

  26. Zach Brown

    Zach Brown4 日 前

    Ryan says he’s drinking 10 fingers of rye. *stacks 8 fingers together.

  27. hailey grey

    hailey grey4 日 前

    I'm 5 minutes in and Thelma Todd seems very awesome ♥️

  28. rivoli carvalho

    rivoli carvalho4 日 前

    Thelma Todd thought way ahead of her time and I respect her for it

  29. Ladnavar

    Ladnavar5 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="784">13:04</a>

  30. Madison

    Madison5 日 前

    f i r m

  31. Harriet McCabe

    Harriet McCabe6 日 前

    I believe that she was had a lover/ boyfriend and he beat her and she couldn’t handle it any more and killed her self

  32. Hunter_sama UwU

    Hunter_sama UwU6 日 前

    This so lacked any class or respect for the woman that it was about

  33. Susanna Banana

    Susanna Banana6 日 前

    Suspects tend to engage themselves in to the investigation

  34. GRAY

    GRAY6 日 前

    Quarantine edition.

  35. Maxwell Shedlock

    Maxwell Shedlock6 日 前

    Could you make a caylee anthony unsolved.

  36. Astro Wolvez

    Astro Wolvez6 日 前

    Hell blacklisting still happens, like brandon fresher spoke out about being sexually assulted and for about ten years wasn't in any movies. And just recently is finally back.

  37. Bella Metoyer

    Bella Metoyer6 日 前

    TRIGGERING: Is it possible that since she was a beautiful young actress who was somewhat incapable of defending herself, because of her size, she could have been raped and beaten (broken ribs) and she felt so ashamed and alone that she went and did the unthinkable. It would explain why she was quieter than usual in the car ride home.

  38. Gaming Lunala

    Gaming Lunala6 日 前

    Mixing business and pleasure gets you FakeTaxi

  39. Sara Moore

    Sara Moore6 日 前

    Shane kinda looks like Remus Lupin

  40. Redora Cameron

    Redora Cameron6 日 前

    I think the reason they killed her is because she mention the casting couch n if she didn't mention the casting couch she will be alive today.

  41. Howdy Yall

    Howdy Yall6 日 前

    todd carmen and west were obviously polyam

  42. xX_SpillThe-OrgansSis_Xx

    xX_SpillThe-OrgansSis_Xx7 日 前

    i cant be the only one who thinks of DC jason todd when he says her last name ._. but fr she sounded epic

  43. Esther Lüscher

    Esther Lüscher7 日 前

    I like her.

  44. Loura Marks

    Loura Marks8 日 前

    agent with UNDERWORLD connections hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  45. Loura Marks

    Loura Marks8 日 前

    "I'd eat free food off a-well nevemind I don't want to get into it" w h a t d o y o u m e a n s h a n e ,w h a t a r e h i d i n g ,s h a n e

  46. xxxexpired lol

    xxxexpired lol8 日 前

    Dang she was a thotty. Das tuff! She one of those🤣

  47. Bi Cycle

    Bi Cycle8 日 前

    "Firm, firm." "Yes yes." "Firm."

  48. Pigzlikebacon

    Pigzlikebacon9 日 前

    I literally just listened to the podcast My Favorite Murder and they were talking about this, which is funny because its pretty much the female version of this

  49. Young SAV

    Young SAV9 日 前

    The car was a transformer but he didn’t realize there was a person in him while he was transforming and broke her ribs and nose

  50. Алена Абросимова

    Алена Абросимова9 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a>

  51. Slater Gaming

    Slater Gaming9 日 前

    I wonder what happened to the presents. Were they delivered? Were they thrown out? Were they returned? I guess we’ll never know. 😕

  52. Angela Pfeil

    Angela Pfeil9 日 前

    Rest In Power Thelma

  53. jose deleon

    jose deleon9 日 前

    Are they under covid house arrest? Looks like they never left the office

  54. L2 BBOC

    L2 BBOC9 日 前

    BTW...three fingers of rye is NOT bourbon.....rye whiskey is made from rye....bourbon is made from corn...completely different tastes.

  55. Satan

    Satan9 日 前

    The only Lucky Luciano I know wears a pink polo and khaki shorts.

  56. Zach Hurd

    Zach Hurd10 日 前

    Why was this never addressed - carbon monoxide poisoning can cause seizures which is not uncommon to break your ribs from the convulsions. She could have easily broken her nose and ribs from carbon monoxide poisoning. I'll take it from here bois ... mystery solved.

  57. piece of shit

    piece of shit10 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> 👏👏👏✊

  58. WarriorWolfeh

    WarriorWolfeh11 日 前

    Firm, firm..........FIRM

  59. James Durrant

    James Durrant11 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="370">6:10</a> 420 haha lol

  60. nikkie

    nikkie11 日 前

    it could be that the cracked ribs came from coughing, maybe, if not a fall.

  61. KH Marie

    KH Marie11 日 前

    Not realizing Lucky Luciano was a mobster before the "I had to do it to'em" meme, sent me to another astral plane

  62. Catelin Russin

    Catelin Russin11 日 前

    he slept in a trunk?

  63. shroomeditz

    shroomeditz12 日 前

    The broken nose isn't normal. She could've hit her nose on the wheel after she got intoxicated. If it wasn't working fast enough, she could've hit herself with something to break her own ribs. But, if you research now, it was ruled as a suicide and her official cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning. So if you think about it, it's solved.

  64. Lay Smith

    Lay Smith12 日 前

    Shane really rocking the Greg heffley haircut 😂

  65. Vincent Video

    Vincent Video12 日 前

    It's controversial to say this but only a cinema historian can be sure to say it, Back then you needed a hook to be an actress, if you were blonde you practically we sold to nasty producers to get a role in films, that's the sad true, Remember Mansfield and Monroe were not blondes before being famous, that's the control some producers (The Weinsteins of the classic era) had over some newcomers actresses, eventually some of them were girlfriends of famous politics and/or gangsters, of course, I'm not implying only blondes suffered, hollywood is more obscure than what you will never know, if you reunite all your cases with only blonde actresses, the list grows, the problem is that they were attracted to gangsters from back in the day, just like females are attracted to Snoop dogs, eminems and Dr. Dres, it was too dangerous for them and sadly it was easy to get rid of them when they knew too much

  66. Idhika

    Idhika12 日 前

    “I don’t know. i have never been accused of murder befo-“ “Yet”

  67. Mitch McQuinn

    Mitch McQuinn12 日 前

    It was definitely Gloria; I've never seen a more villainous hair style

  68. Paige Mullis

    Paige Mullis13 日 前

    I love Shane omg 😂

  69. Vicky Ho

    Vicky Ho13 日 前

    yuhh get into it

  70. Professor Time

    Professor Time14 日 前

    I love the chemistry of these two guys. They have perfect chemistry for the show.

  71. Gurbinder Sekhon

    Gurbinder Sekhon14 日 前

    Roland West did it...he admitted that on his deathbed...that's a dying declaration..admissible in a court of law

  72. Sammi B.

    Sammi B.14 日 前

    ive often heard the "$1 in the will" thing is so that close relatives or other acquaintances cant argue they were forgotten in the will, because people have argued the estate out of money that way. good on her.

  73. Saniyah R

    Saniyah R14 日 前

    They need to cover Marilyn Monroe!

  74. Danie Caparids

    Danie Caparids14 日 前

    Shane looks tired. :(

  75. firekind1980

    firekind198014 日 前

    Harvey will likely get blamed for this.

  76. Alex Bujak

    Alex Bujak14 日 前

    Shane and Ryan work together better than Cheech and Chong

  77. bluerosegurl

    bluerosegurl15 日 前

    lol really y'all?

  78. Shane

    Shane15 日 前

    the more you make fun of Shane's facial hair the more you grow your own. now i know you're just a sociopath or android pretending to be a normal human man but you gotta watch your hypocrisy.

  79. Sagie Wagie

    Sagie Wagie15 日 前

    Y’all need to do a Sharon Tate/Charles Manson and talk about her, and her being pregnant, as well as Charles and his cult of women and all to that and the fateful night of the murder of Sharon Tate

  80. Anusha Nayak

    Anusha Nayak15 日 前

    *firm...firm.firm.....* Me:Oh her hair was...firm?

  81. angel27

    angel2715 日 前

    I really wish back then they already have security cameras. It makes me sad every time I watch about how the victims died

  82. angel27

    angel2715 日 前

    The figure of a man in their room always creeps me out

  83. Rylie Santos

    Rylie Santos15 日 前

    Am I the only one who think Shane kinda looks like Remus Lupin from Harry Potter

  84. ragecage of Sneezing Dragon

    ragecage of Sneezing Dragon15 日 前

    Shane: "I'm not a demon" Also Shane: "I'm an agent with underworld connections"

  85. Hollis Costa

    Hollis Costa15 日 前

    these guys both look like there wives just left them, vid was good tho.