THE TIME HAS COME!!! - One Piece Chapter 904 Live Reaction/Discussion


  1. jdeckard16

    jdeckard16年 前

    I love watching your videos but I have to speed through when ty start talking

  2. TheOriginalLuffy

    TheOriginalLuffy年 前

    *BDA Official Discord invite:* is no longer working.

  3. N Maalo

    N Maalo年 前

    you sound a little like comic book guy. Not sure if you have gotten that before.

  4. Sticky Loaf

    Sticky Loaf年 前

    Holon holon holon keep this in mind Ty speaking facts.

  5. Altair76

    Altair76年 前

    Thor 1 is fine. Iron Man 3 sucks.

  6. C 4

    C 4年 前

    I actually somewhat agree with ty, just on the part where you guys were discussing admirals and right hands, I feel besides akainu and aokiji, right hands beat the rest of the admirals, high diff though.

  7. Shanks Dragon

    Shanks Dragon年 前

    So, the whole Blackbeard alliance has a colored beard names

  8. Stevenado14

    Stevenado14年 前

    id take laws fruit with GOD enels fruit second choice

  9. DeathGod Dejon

    DeathGod Dejon年 前

    I don't think dragon would waste the time and resources to fight off Blackbeard the yonko when everything dragon is doing is to oppose the celestial dragons and world government. Especially with the war that he's been working on since sabo was a kid maybe even before that is right around the corner. Dragon got tunnel vision . But ppl get mad at ace for taking Akainus bait instead of escaping to fight. Dragon sees the bigger picture he's not turning back to fight Blackbeard he has bigger fish to fry. Dragon will worry about him in his free time

  10. RC

    RC年 前

    Alkiji is cp-0/black beard double agent

  11. Infamous1021

    Infamous1021年 前

    Ah yeahhhh Ivanko is not underwhelming in the slightest

  12. Lando checkingin

    Lando checkingin年 前

    *Lando checking in* This chapter completely revolved around the long awaited introduction of the commanders of the revolutionary army and i must admit that this isn't the best introduction of a group that Oda has done in my opinion. Even the hype and symbolism around the ordeals on skypeadia was better executed from a combative standpoint than the revolutionary army but..from a characterization standpoint, this was the perfect introduction of a group that advocate for a cause like the Revolutionaries champion the need for freedom. *Lando checking out*

  13. Stereoraptor

    Stereoraptor年 前

    i think the reason dragon just decided to flee from baltigo is cuz they are trying to be stealthy. fighting someone of similar powerlevel to them, even if they could ultimately win, would still make their main goal to overthrown the WG much more difficult and/or delay it. people are saying they took an L or whatever. i dont think its like that. i think theres a lot more grey area is dragon stronger than BB? we dont know. i think they're about the same level or dragon is a little stronger. dragon's definitely a lot smarter.

  14. Joy Boy

    Joy Boy年 前

    Ty always making my day lmaoooooo

  15. jan bataga

    jan bataga年 前

    RA's lost to black beard at baltigo is tactical. made world gov. drop their guard.they wont see what dragon has coming for them. sabo, ivankov, kuma are RA commanders. this guys are 2nd tier underlings.

  16. Jay Croix

    Jay Croix年 前

    Toxic TY

  17. ZBoy2000

    ZBoy2000年 前

    Joining a new religion called Goda

  18. BlueHedgehog

    BlueHedgehog年 前

    Hey Brago, The Incredible Hulk (2008) is canon to the MCU. General Ross from that movie appears in Civil War again.

  19. Daquan Wright

    Daquan Wright年 前

    Lmao, Jack went to fight Sengoku/Fujitora and got raped. I respect his......guts and sacrifice. lmao Jack should've been smarter though, you can't just roll up on two admirals like that lol. He is one yonko commander and his henchman probably weak too.

  20. Daquan Wright

    Daquan Wright年 前

    Lmao, 7 admirals vs. 5 yonkos. Yonkos take it mid-diff. Then you got 4 commanders under each yonko.....which makes for a total of 20 commanders who can tango with admirals, lmao. That means 2 - 3 commanders can take on each admiral and the yonko don't even have to move. Even if combined forces clash, commanders still fight admirals so the vice admirals will be devastated while the yonko get backed up if shit gets hairy. Remember Marco ALONE clashed with all 3 admirals at marineford and was besting Kizaru low-diff because Marco's regen was negating Kizaru's beam attacks. Jozu slightly injured Aoukiji when he caught him offguard too, while Ace completely fodderized Aoukiji's blue peasant attack. It takes more effort on the commander's part, but they can put in the work and get it done. Only Akainu was really bulldogging his way through the commanders relentlessly (he gets my respect though).

  21. TOM

    TOM年 前

    I swear one day Dragon gon be the Wakanda father to Luffy, saying IMA take you there one day. LOL, cuz may want to show him the other Wills of D. 😂💀 #WatchThisHeadCanonGetALike

  22. Walterlee

    Walterlee年 前

    TY is the mimir of our realm, he know's everything.

  23. Tyquan1000fanboy

    Tyquan1000fanboy年 前

    ty speaking fax as usual

  24. Daquan Wright

    Daquan Wright年 前

    Lol Itachi up in this bitch? Oh, summabitch about to get reeeecked!

  25. Daquan Wright

    Daquan Wright年 前

    Ivankooooooooov is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~!!! OMG, I love his character, lol! Also, someone said Kuma made an appearance? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, WG better giddy up cause they about to be folded up.

  26. Hansel John

    Hansel John年 前

    Crow guy has officially replaced katacory as tys most hated character

  27. ZakariaZakZoro

    ZakariaZakZoro年 前

    Hansel John I like Katakuri

  28. Raul Carr Jr

    Raul Carr Jr年 前

    smh The ONLY way i will acknowledge the Revolutionary Army as a legitimate threat now is if 1. Kuma somehow has his free will and still serves them 2. Aokiji somehow joins them . 3 . Vegapunk is apart of them . they need a WHOLE new lineup of commanders smh .

  29. Raul Carr Jr

    Raul Carr Jr年 前

    You mean to tell me these 4 clowns are over Kuma ?? Im not hearing it . Kuma would 1 v 4 these commanders mid diff .

  30. ZakariaZakZoro

    ZakariaZakZoro年 前

    Based on what?

  31. Stevenado14

    Stevenado14年 前

    bro tai a beast

  32. ParadoxAttax

    ParadoxAttax年 前

    it would be cool if crow guy had some hair cuz we already got a guts for one piece so why not my boy overhaul

  33. Stevenado14

    Stevenado14年 前

    second time watching fell asleep thru the first one last night whoops

  34. Prem Prakash

    Prem Prakash年 前

    The following chapters are going to be exciting

  35. Bruno Oliveira

    Bruno Oliveira年 前

    dude, exists more people in the revolutionaries... dont forget, for example, the guy that was with nico robin in time skip...

  36. majukun

    majukun年 前

    of course fujitora is going to the reverie..he wants to abolish the shichibukai system, the reverie it's the only place where that can actually happen.

  37. V

    V年 前

    @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="112">1:52</a>:00 Blu Ray disc is higher quality/bit rate than streaming. No questions asked

  38. Daquan Wright

    Daquan Wright年 前

    Lmao after what Big News Morgan did......I wouldn't believe it either.

  39. Eric Blakemore

    Eric Blakemore年 前

    Did anybody notice that revolutionary commanders weren't actually fighting the pirates they wanted civilians to fight back and they just give them the power to do it. Now the civilians will have the courage to defend themselves and possibly want to join the revs

  40. Anthony Perry

    Anthony Perry年 前

    Why would dragon get into it with blackbeard. He's not a pirate, if luffy would retreat vs blackbeard then yeah that would be a L cause he said he would never run. Dragon has different objective

  41. white america's worst nightmare

    white america's worst nightmare年 前

    Sabo is probably smoothie level.

  42. Bruce King

    Bruce King年 前

    HMMM, Lindberg looks like he's using some sky island tech to fly, I think its called milky dial if i am correct. So maybe hes from a Sky Island of sorts. Ps Ussop over everybody

  43. AnikiSmashFSP

    AnikiSmashFSP年 前

    Hold up Brago, y'all lied. Ty was right, Kizaru said "it's your turn" or something close to that to Onigumo. That's how they got the cuffs on Marco.


    LUNCH BOX年 前

    dragon definitely wouldnt want to leave evidence of their base or existence there, the government and paper would have no idea how the base was destroyed unless they were there. we dont know for a fact if BB and dragon fought lol

  45. maximal99334

    maximal99334年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a>:00 Ty is right about that! Jack only suffered minor wounds and didn't get captured!

  46. Altair76

    Altair76年 前

    He was also right about Kizaru having Marco cuffed.

  47. Danteangelo15

    Danteangelo15年 前

    I'm amazed people are saying they are weak when they did basically nothing every character isn't gonna have a crazy bad ass character design

  48. ZakariaZakZoro

    ZakariaZakZoro年 前

    Danteangelo15 I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  49. maximal99334

    maximal99334年 前

    Fun Fact: If Morleys powers come from a Devilfruit he ate, he's the first giant with Devilfruit powers in the series!

  50. maximal99334

    maximal99334年 前

    lol? No Morley is a giant (or a very very tall human).

  51. Stereoraptor

    Stereoraptor年 前

    oda sucks at perspective, even tho i think its intentional so that he can be a little more abstract with his panels and how they present characters i think hes more katakuri height

  52. maximal99334

    maximal99334年 前

    The Chapter was super Hype in my opinion. Really like all 4 commanders!

  53. Neil

    Neil年 前

    This was an excellent chapter and as someone who loves the Revolutionary Army and wanted to see more of them; I am like a kid in a candy store. That said, if I am to offer critique it is to Ty. I appreciate his passion; I really do. But he can come off as very presumptuous and rude, especially when talking about Blackbeard and how he would act. I do think he should tone down his antics. For to be honest, I appreciate Ty being around. Differing voices/ opinions are important in group discussions for they prevent echo chambers. Just be a bit more respectful; that is all. Great discussion as always.

  54. Fire Fist Ace

    Fire Fist Ace年 前

    i was right dragon and revs are such scrubs

  55. Fire Fist Ace

    Fire Fist Ace年 前

    i was never hyped to see dragon i dont give a fuck about him

  56. Fire Fist Ace

    Fire Fist Ace年 前

    i always thought bb was stronger then dragon

  57. Fire Fist Ace

    Fire Fist Ace年 前

    no Im not trolling Im being dead serious i don't give a fat turtle fuck about dragon or the revs not hyped to see them at all

  58. Stereoraptor

    Stereoraptor年 前

    Fire Fist Ace ur trolling right?

  59. ZakariaZakZoro

    ZakariaZakZoro年 前

    Just another fool who jumps to conclusions about power levels because we haven’t seen anything from them.

  60. waLDo

    waLDo年 前

    These commanders are strong af

  61. Omar Ben Sassi

    Omar Ben Sassi年 前

    Boop betty lol

  62. Nicko Alex

    Nicko Alex年 前

    This bruddah name TY right?? 🤣 he LO V E !!!!!!!! to argue 🙄

  63. Ongo Gablogian

    Ongo Gablogian年 前

    Morley is the guy who dug out level 5.5 in Impel Down!!!

  64. Bit 01

    Bit 01年 前

    Made me always wonder how Ivankov wanted to leave Impel Down if it wasn't for Luffy. He must have had some sort of plan to get away.

  65. Quack

    Quack年 前

    How is ty gonna say blackbeards cares about his crew after what he did to the white beard pirates

  66. fishmonkeyfromhell

    fishmonkeyfromhell年 前

    Ty stfu you stupid fuck

  67. Gon Burgundy

    Gon Burgundy年 前

    The declaration of war could come in many forms, attacking the celestial dragons at the reverie would be considered a declaration of war

  68. Babacar Dieng

    Babacar Dieng年 前

    That wasn't in the NW btw it was in the GL

  69. Amal M

    Amal M年 前

    Bello Betty looks like Hina.

  70. Ed U

    Ed U年 前

    First, Oda just want to show what Belo Bety got, Second, Oda want to show that Blackbeard is not the type of ppl that cares of his mates, Oda wont show their full capabilty now if there will be a big fight in the soon future

  71. Alexis Edwards

    Alexis Edwards年 前

    How can i get one of those Marine hats

  72. Gmac

    Gmac年 前

    Commanders should look way cooler

  73. TehThxsis

    TehThxsis年 前

    Did you guys not notice them say "black doesn't care about his crew members" or something close to that in those words kinda points in the way they got worked in balitgo

  74. Altair76

    Altair76年 前

    Is anyone else pissed off by the fact that the most wanted man in the world's no. 2 only has a bounty of 600 Million??? Tell me I'm not the only one out there that finds this ridiculous.

  75. ElfenLiedLucy

    ElfenLiedLucy年 前

    This is the most interesting stream (funny and welcoming), to tune in on when you want 🔥 reactions/reviews lol

  76. EX Gr33n

    EX Gr33n年 前

    I appreciate @Drizztthetheorist for being the voice of reason by telling @Tyquan1000finest to Stfu every now and then

  77. ObsidianHaki Titan

    ObsidianHaki Titan年 前

    Elijah Green preach my dude

  78. Josh Woodard

    Josh Woodard年 前

    The stream was great until Ty got started...he is conversation cancer!

  79. Zakariya Abdullahi

    Zakariya Abdullahi年 前

    Indeed he is

  80. Gohanangered

    Gohanangered年 前

    Nah sry but drizzt is wrong about sabo. If he was weak he wouldn't have gone toe to toe with a admiral. Plus fujitora commented he can't take him likely at all.

  81. Zakariya Abdullahi

    Zakariya Abdullahi年 前

    I did not coherently understand your first to replies. But he was impressed by Sabo, that doesn't mean they are on equal footing. As I said before if you read the chapters again it is evident that Fujitora is having an easier time.

  82. Infamous1021

    Infamous1021年 前

    Zakariya Abdullahi he was clearly impressed with sabo and could tell if things progressed further then who knows what would happen that's why he called for a cease fire

  83. Infamous1021

    Infamous1021年 前

    Zakariya Abdullahi so why couldn't he do the same he wasn't worrying about any of that when he put zoro into the ground so why not sabo

  84. Infamous1021

    Infamous1021年 前

    Zakariya Abdullahi so your say when he put zoro into the ground he exerted less strength

  85. Zakariya Abdullahi

    Zakariya Abdullahi年 前

    Gohan, It was clear Fuji was holding back a lot.From the way Oda drew it it seemed that Sabo was exerting himself while Fuji put in literally bare minimum effort.

  86. Gohanangered

    Gohanangered年 前

    Yeah some are crushing on betty already. They better hope she wasn't changed by ivankov. lol

  87. Stereoraptor

    Stereoraptor年 前

    she probably was imo. that would explain her being so proud of her body

  88. Blakaveli X

    Blakaveli X年 前

    Doesn't matter. Still a woman.

  89. Gohanangered

    Gohanangered年 前

    0_o not if she was a man before, no thanks.

  90. Telluhwat Boy

    Telluhwat Boy年 前

    Gohanangered still would

  91. Neo Xiao Long

    Neo Xiao Long年 前

    Ty is a moron lol a cancerous moron

  92. shadowgrave7

    shadowgrave7年 前

    As far as we know Dragon could have been gone when the black beard pirates arrived there.

  93. MangaMarley

    MangaMarley年 前

    Ty your dumb af

  94. Marvin C.

    Marvin C.年 前

    I’m on that #BeloBae Hype!

  95. Shadow57

    Shadow57年 前

    the chapter felt very short but it was full of hype from the war to the commanders

  96. fishmonkeyfromhell

    fishmonkeyfromhell年 前

    Yet another Ty takeover. So annoying and ignorant

  97. Kalondi

    Kalondi年 前

    Remember when Ivankov asked Dragon why he always kept looking towards East blue? Just saying...

  98. Stereoraptor

    Stereoraptor年 前

    inb4 luffy's mother theories

  99. André Vila Franca

    André Vila Franca年 前

    Good chapter! I think The Reverie is gonna be really good now that it's confirmed the revolutionaries are gonna crush it. The design of Belo Betty is fantastic, sexy as fuck, top 5 sexiest female characters in the series. So i think The Reverie is gonna have aproximately 6 chapters of only politics, then the rest of the arc will be a revolution, ending it in a big claustrophobic fight. Possibly Dragon will have a fight and a big win, then they move to Mariejois with their allies. Let's see what Oda-sensei does. Keep up the great work !!

  100. Jon P.

    Jon P.年 前

    LMFAOOO LAZ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2161">36:01</a> "I'll get the VIZ." Please, fam, save Ty from mangahood.

  101. D. Jamz

    D. Jamz年 前

    Kamabaka kingdom and the Lulusia kingdom is not even in the new world so pink beards bounty makes sense ;) expected more from you 😂

  102. TheEvilRohanite

    TheEvilRohanite年 前

    Glad to see the Revolutionaries care about the smaller issues as well #FreeTheNipple

  103. Yurum Fernandes

    Yurum Fernandes年 前

    the chapter was NOT to introduce the commander's strength but rather their identity, personality and how they operate. I thought that was obvious

  104. Beyond Solace

    Beyond Solace年 前

    It's more Mask D Masculine from Bleach than La Brava from My Hero Academia. La Brava could only activate her quirk once a day, she has to love the person that shes boosting, and the boost is relative to how much she loves them. Bella Bae can cheer people as much as she likes, she can cheer on anyone, and the boost isn't reliant on the booster, but the boostee's potential. It's similar, but opposite. Mask D Masculine is a better comparison to Bella's Cheer Cheer fruit. I guess it's recency bias.