The Swedish Job | Sundance Rejects


  1. Fer Calories

    Fer Caloriesヶ月 前

    This man deserves to retrieve the password of his main channel.

  2. Oshabot 16

    Oshabot 162 日 前

    His character is Harold, Harold is an old man, old people cant read very tiny words, he cant read the forgot password button

  3. Pigy 563

    Pigy 5632 日 前

    Oh that's why last one is from months ago

  4. Theodore Arndt

    Theodore Arndt7 日 前

    Hey IH? Any updates

  5. Some Game Devs

    Some Game Devs8 日 前

    Internet Historian: Incognito Mode have you contacted the cyber police

  6. Some Game Devs

    Some Game Devs8 日 前

    Internet Historian: Incognito Mode oh crud

  7. Sean Callahan

    Sean Callahan時間 前

    submit this video as proof of concept for a movie idea and you'll be able to afford some more realistic explosions for your nord vpn ads

  8. Calvin Schalch

    Calvin Schalch7 時間 前

    The ads are the best part of this

  9. Andrax

    Andrax8 時間 前

    You sir deserve your own website

  10. Dan Bobby

    Dan Bobby8 時間 前

    I love you used Fredrik face! 😂😂😂

  11. Cayde 6

    Cayde 616 時間 前

    Is that Shaolin Monk Ranton?

  12. Patryk Michalik

    Patryk Michalik日 前

    Wait but what about that 200k

  13. Krat

    Krat日 前

    i bet if shia got involved, and somehow the reddits and 4chan were gonna mess him up by finding these paintings, they would have done it in a day or two.

  14. Half Alive

    Half Alive日 前

    14:52 Read the box

  15. Iron Iron

    Iron Iron日 前

    This is most intense detective case ever

  16. Dragan

    Dragan日 前

    He used a picture from my city in the video at 14:58. It feels like i'm in a video, but better, because I'm not.

  17. The ketamine Train

    The ketamine Train日 前

    Like the fact you used the big lez show cop voice, pissed myself laughing

  18. Badia Bak

    Badia Bak日 前

    I was here again because I wanted to know how the music from the beginning, that with the trumpet. Also this is the 4th incognito profile I made

  19. FanFicnic

    FanFicnic2 日 前

    This is the only format I want my documentaries in.

  20. uncle bubblegum

    uncle bubblegum2 日 前

    Looks like you're.... Caught by the police

  21. uncle bubblegum

    uncle bubblegum2 日 前

    I like how the hamburgler was Einsteins killer

  22. IYAD LI

    IYAD LI2 日 前

    5:29 hello ranton

  23. Just an egg

    Just an egg3 日 前

    Your boyfriend wont know 2 minutes earlier: Imagine your single

  24. Blurple

    Blurple4 日 前

    I can’t help but think the robbers were the true heroes here

  25. Wounded Lion

    Wounded Lion4 日 前

    The painting was hung up once more (but this time behind class) Well that is good news because everyone,, even the dumbest of criminals,, knows that glass is inpenetrable ;p

  26. gamg _d

    gamg _d5 日 前

    Anyone know the song at 2:46

  27. Jack Napier

    Jack Napier5 日 前

    How is this not a Payday 2 heist?

  28. fat cat

    fat cat5 日 前

    Lmao, I really want the sound of the burglar when they're robbing the bank. They're killing with that sound.

  29. Tomatoes4life

    Tomatoes4life5 日 前

    Someone needs to phone up Edgar Wright, movie of the year material right here!

  30. LastofAvari

    LastofAvari6 日 前

    That Nord VPN integration is a bomb :D

  31. Dirty Dan

    Dirty Dan6 日 前

    That NordVPN ad was good enough to be its own video. This is the only way I will ever willingly watch an ad.

  32. Just Doing My Thing

    Just Doing My Thing6 日 前

    Love that Ocean's Eleven reference at the begi... You know what, never mind

  33. SloppyJoe8208

    SloppyJoe82086 日 前

    I loved how you made the detectives colt from L. A. Noire.

  34. Randomdude 27

    Randomdude 276 日 前

    Imagine only getting 6.5 years for stealing 30 million dollars

  35. anonymous person

    anonymous person7 日 前

    Can you make a vid on kid nation?



    7 lives were destroyed for a f'ing dyed paper

  37. ryan g

    ryan g7 日 前

    3:03 I always thought Epstein didnt kill himself.

  38. Moonzombie1

    Moonzombie18 日 前

    This is the one video I wish pewdiepie can do a reaction video on

  39. BananaBuns

    BananaBuns8 日 前

    having the whang made me like it more

  40. splinterchaos1

    splinterchaos18 日 前

    I'm digging the citations at the bottom. Also, cool story.

  41. Apple Cheesepie

    Apple Cheesepie8 日 前

    That's the best ad read I've ever experienced

  42. Agob

    Agob8 日 前

    I was there just last week and saw the Young Parisian lmao

  43. Alex Tocco

    Alex Tocco8 日 前

    Datsun 510 is a risky get away car lmaoo

  44. Arnold Clock

    Arnold Clock8 日 前

    My man watches tbls

  45. Kioriin

    Kioriin9 日 前

    i fucking hate sweden but this is pretty great

  46. still tchweiger

    still tchweiger9 日 前

    i love how he makes even the adds funnny and this nord vpn guy kind of looks like a kkk vpn member

  47. Lvl1Magikarp

    Lvl1Magikarp9 日 前

    So what is the opening song called? 0:02

  48. The Duffpig

    The Duffpig9 日 前

    That background music at 07:40 I recognize it but can't remember where from!!!!

  49. The Josh Channel

    The Josh Channel9 日 前

    I like this. I would like having more of this. (:

  50. Aldous Kent Alemania

    Aldous Kent Alemania10 日 前

    Someone should hire you for your PROFESSIONAL add thyme

  51. Weftin

    Weftin10 日 前

    I'd love to hear the conversation between Internet Historian and TRO as he's asking him to voice an art thief trying to sell a painting to an undercover cop

  52. Thomas Briscoe

    Thomas Briscoe10 日 前

    Big lez show "get the fuck down on the ground" best sample.

  53. Josh H.

    Josh H.11 日 前

    Upload to main channel you Sasquatch.

  54. Angel Moreno

    Angel Moreno11 日 前

    Internet historian should use the bruh sound affect more

  55. W

    W11 日 前

    As a swede this was appreciated lol

  56. juanma9511

    juanma951111 日 前

    Honestly this video is a bigger treasure than those pieces of painted rags

  57. Xilas Jenkins

    Xilas Jenkins11 日 前

    Please make a mash-up of all your advertisements for the masses to enjoy.

  58. Code Monster

    Code Monster11 日 前

    Your ads are too FUCKING Good man! I hope The Nords are paying you 70% more.

  59. Code Monster

    Code Monster11 日 前

    That's you right? IH?

  60. Mr Bencroft

    Mr Bencroft11 日 前

    17:42 hilarious

  61. hert_man

    hert_man11 日 前

    4 years for stealing $30k of art, armed robbery, and blowing up 2 cars. but 30 years for drug possession? the legal system really is fucked

  62. Felsbrocken

    Felsbrocken11 日 前

    TRO in his videos: 😚🤔🙂😯 TRO when doing VA: 😡🤪😱🤬😈

  63. Bo Holland

    Bo Holland12 日 前

    Never thought I'd come back for a rewatch for that add.

  64. Anthony Rivera

    Anthony Rivera12 日 前

    The fucking slapping bit was funny af

  65. Honey Yadav

    Honey Yadav12 日 前

    This guy makes coolest ads on JPreporter.

  66. Guardian15

    Guardian1512 日 前

    5:29 is that ranton lol

  67. Guardian 7

    Guardian 713 日 前

    Why does nord von look like a kkk member

  68. liz

    liz13 日 前

    please make more videos like this!!

  69. Cameron de Kriek

    Cameron de Kriek13 日 前

    pffh amutauras

  70. Zotac 1060 6GB

    Zotac 1060 6GB14 日 前

    This is some CSI MIAMI stuff Hiyeaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!

  71. Justin Marbury

    Justin Marbury14 日 前

    You are the ONLY producer of quality commercials I actually WANT to see and look forward to. And what an epic lineup

  72. Ervin Dahlén

    Ervin Dahlén15 日 前

    Leif GW Persson: A N G E R Y NOISES

  73. Darshan Hankinson

    Darshan Hankinson15 日 前

    I was born in the right generation

  74. Daria Bogomazova

    Daria Bogomazova15 日 前

    Music from invisible inc playing in the background is pretty neat

  75. Major

    Major15 日 前

    It's never a dull story with the Internet Historian.

  76. Ignite Light

    Ignite Light15 日 前

    These guys have the capability to blow up two cars but not the capability to destroy the bloody boat?

  77. thezman9001

    thezman900115 日 前

    How are you so smart and yet so dumb!?

  78. darKnektoR

    darKnektoR15 日 前

    Does anyone know the song at 5:07 ?

  79. no

    no15 日 前

    i hope that nordvpn pay u more than other channel for the ad content

  80. Channel Discontinued.

    Channel Discontinued.15 日 前

    I love this. The gamer from mars cracked me up with his costume 22:43

  81. Darshan Hankinson

    Darshan Hankinson15 日 前

    I want to see you actually submit one of these to sundance.

  82. D3w10n

    D3w10n15 日 前

    @ 10:10 "Do you know what time it is?" Me: SWORD WEEPEEN SHADOWMAN Historian: It's time for a montage Me: Oh...

  83. Al Koholik

    Al Koholik15 日 前

    Epstein killer... Nice!

  84. Lurake

    Lurake16 日 前

    That ad was actually entertaining

  85. Carlos VentRon

    Carlos VentRon16 日 前

    That's actually a pretty accurated TRO impressi-... I- I mean, TRO performance was fantastic, yeah that.