The Sneaky Plan to Subvert the Electoral College for the Next Election


  1. Yoga tonga

    Yoga tonga時間 前

    The EC is so dumb.

  2. maa-iin-gun B

    maa-iin-gun B2 時間 前

    Where do I sign?

  3. DaveyTheDJ

    DaveyTheDJ2 時間 前

    I say get rid of the Electoral College and go based upon the popular vote by passing the states! However if you want to keep the Electoral College the Electoral College must match the popular vote if not we go back and vote again until it does keep doing it until it does then the government might decide to get rid of the Electoral College!!!

  4. Lorgar64

    Lorgar644 時間 前

    If you're wondering why the U.S. desperately needs an electoral college, look at California. Debt, poverty, crap in the streets, the state is a master at what not to do. The electoral college means their voting power is limited. Just because your state is large doesn't mean it gets to dictate what others do.

  5. Lorgar64

    Lorgar644 分 前

    @Quintinohthree "Yes, a popular vote gives California more power than the Electoral College gives "California", but it gives "California" a whole lot less power". This might just be the cold I'm shaking off, but I'm not sure that sentence is entirely coherent...

  6. Quintinohthree

    Quintinohthree15 分 前

    The Electoral College gives "California" quite a bit more power than it gets in a popular vote. Of course, that's because "California" represents only the plurality of Californians, while all the other Californians are entirely powerless in the Electoral college. Yes, a popular vote gives California more power than the Electoral College gives "California", but it gives "California" a whole lot less power and it seems you're arguing that would be a good thing.

  7. ZakAshChan

    ZakAshChan4 時間 前

    1,000 generations? Your mathematics is off.

  8. cypherpunk

    cypherpunk6 時間 前

    This plan is entirely predicated on small states being willing to give up their own representative power - why would they ever want to surrender their own disproportionate representation?

  9. Quintinohthree

    Quintinohthree分 前

    Vermont, DC, Delaware, Rhode Island and Hawaii already have, all states with only 3 or 4 electors. That's 5 out of the 16 so far, that's a greater proportion than similarly small states within the US. It's not a question of why, it's a question of why not more.

  10. Dog Speak

    Dog Speak6 時間 前

    Special guest appearances by Mr. Garrison.

  11. judah macneely

    judah macneely13 時間 前

    I think it’s important to realize that the idea of the electoral college was to provide support for smaller rural states who contributed largely to the economy and had to compete with the far more densely popular urban states. However, now farming and agricultural jobs only make up around 2% of jobs as opposed to the original 50%, and most of these states have urbanized as well. If we want a legitimate democracy we need votes by the people to matter. Every vote counts

  12. J Kyle

    J Kyle17 時間 前

    Step your land game up, bro.

  13. Taruden Taruhito

    Taruden Taruhito18 時間 前

    Need to spread the word that we live in a REPUBLIC so less people are willfully ignorant of this fact

  14. Eli Egbert

    Eli Egbert19 時間 前

    If something attempts to subvert the constitution, isn't it, by definition, unconstitutional?!

  15. bsnxenogear

    bsnxenogear20 時間 前

    The initiative is very much democratic which raises some problems since its their decision on when to trigger this thing. It's a sort of 'I win button' in case the horse you bet on suddenly loses via electoral college. No sane democrat is going to trigger this thing if a person sitting on the top is also a democrat. That's what didn't get put across. That this benefits one side more than the other.

  16. Manek Iridius

    Manek Iridius22 時間 前

    Sounds like a timer on a civil war to me.

  17. JustusGregorius

    JustusGregorius日 前

    "A 1000 generations" lol. What a tool.

  18. phennec

    phennec日 前

    Electoral College - an antiquated system that needs to go. Let the people's vote count, not the corrupt politicians.

  19. Al Quinn

    Al Quinn35 分 前

    but voters are stupid and irrational

  20. fisharmor

    fisharmor日 前

    The entire states rights argument has been meaningless since the passage of the Seventeenth Amendment anyway.

  21. Wtwarrior

    Wtwarrior日 前

    Democracia doesnt work

  22. buddy lee

    buddy lee日 前

    statistically insignificant act becomes more insignificant

  23. D3RP K1NG

    D3RP K1NG日 前

    @CGP Grey you sound like you want another civial war for my country at 5:30

  24. David Vargas

    David Vargas2 日 前

    I love how at 5:27 New York is the only one holding a bat!

  25. Honey Badger

    Honey Badger2 日 前

    With the electoral college if a state joins the union they can continue to run their own election.

  26. Jorge Castillo

    Jorge Castillo2 日 前

    Rbg is almost out for the count. Meaning the Supreme Court, if trump wins re-election, will have another conservative supreme justice and the Backdoor will get swatted down so fast it’ll just be a footnote.

  27. Karen Wang

    Karen Wang2 日 前

    When did rian Johnson become a lawmaker?

  28. Sci Dog

    Sci Dog2 日 前

    The Electoral College exists because you get your opinions from Facebook and Twitter. Further, you think you possess facts. You do not. I do not. None of us do. But you are too stupid

  29. treehugger0241

    treehugger02412 日 前

    5:30 Anyone else notice that Wyoming seems detached from her dress on the far left?

  30. Hello Good

    Hello Good2 日 前

    This means small states will never see I repeat never see a presidential candidate campaigning .. only California new york can select a president for the whole country .. awesome logic

  31. Gregg Hill

    Gregg Hill3 時間 前

    Terrible math.

  32. Fundamentalist American.

    Fundamentalist American.2 日 前

    Oh sounds fun. I for one can’t wait until Chicago, los Angela’s and New York get to elect our president. Especially when they start to dictate how the rest of the country live. That won’t end in Balkanization. Nope... not at all....

  33. Bulwark AC

    Bulwark AC2 日 前

    4 worst words in the English language. For the greater good.

  34. Bulwark AC

    Bulwark AC2 日 前

    I wish all states split by percentage

  35. Owen Konsmo

    Owen Konsmo2 日 前

    Highly disappointed that no one has said this yet, so I will. I USED THE STONES TO DESTROY THE STONES

  36. BadW01f 2

    BadW01f 22 日 前

    Nah. I love the electoral college. It keeps the big cities and states with a much larger population from being tyrants to the more rural areas of the country. It's well know that different geological areas have different cultures, principles and needs. The only amendment i would be willing to vote for is that the state can divide its votes proportionally to the way its citizens voted and never vote against its cutizens. Even proportional voting would be risking that big left leaning cities would out vote the majority right leaning part of a state. (Virginia for example)

  37. SandWitchGamerZ

    SandWitchGamerZ8 時間 前

    BadW01f 2 couldnt the same argument be made against it though?

  38. Tim Combs

    Tim Combs3 日 前

    yeah im not a fan of that

  39. dd410

    dd4103 日 前

    @CGP Grey How did u animate flag that good at 2:29 ?

  40. palindromia

    palindromia3 日 前

    All this because of orange man bad. Jesus lefties are pathetic.



    why are people so bent out of shape over the EC? if it was a problem then well over half the president's elected would have won the EC but lost popular vote. only 5 presidents in history has won the EC and lost popular vote. 3 in the 1800s, 1 in 2000 and 1 in 2016. so the EC is not a problem at all its working as intended to allow the minority to have some voice over the majority at times. this whole "anti EC" movement is just an "orange man bad" movement because their arguement is relies on a "maybe." if anything the EC has had little impact on who was chosen considering the ratio.


    TWINKLE TITS6 時間 前

    Ultimately, a debate in a JPreporter comments section is pointless. i won't convince you and you won't convince me, itll just waste both our time. i respect your opinion and viewpoint but i disagree entirely.

  43. Michael Lin

    Michael Lin9 時間 前

    Why have 5+ failures if we could have 0? _Yes, those were failures._ You can't justify giving a minority of the population significantly higher voting power, nor can you justify electors not being forced to vote according to the population they represent/nationwide (pick one). The minority (nationwide) *does not matter*. If they want to matter, the correct approach is to convince members of the majority to change their viewpoint, causing the % to flip. This already happens, it's a theory known as the political pendulum. The minority inherently doesn't matter, that's how politics is. Artificially giving them a voice is not justifiable, that's how classism forms. All the rich and influential will move to a less-populus state. It may not have been a problem yet, but consider that this country is only ~250 years old; anything can happen and we have no way to accurately predict it one way or the other. Further, putting a political valance on an argument is counterproductive and just shows that you are biased. If we flip party lines and beliefs, would you still be against the scheme?

  44. bob smith

    bob smith3 日 前

    So there trying to go from a republic to a democracy ,because history shows that's a good idea right (just so you know that's sarcasm democracy is a terrible idea it's called mob rules for a reason)

  45. Josuke Higashikata

    Josuke Higashikata37 分 前

    Yeah pretty much.

  46. Al Foster

    Al Foster3 日 前

    Get ready for the B list actors to do another plea to the Electors.... 🧐 they could use the work. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  47. MisterHughes

    MisterHughes3 日 前

    Difficult balancing act between preventing city-dwellers occupying tiny amounts of the country, but in high-densities, who know little of life outside cities forcing policy on people living difficult realities usually made worse by statist interventions, and people feeling their vote doesn't count because the focus is always on swing-states (or here in the UK, marginal seats), meaning they have no faith at all in democracy.

  48. master of none - quick tips for better gaming

    master of none - quick tips for better gaming3 日 前

    So the plan is to hope politicians work together for the good of the citizens instead of, say, taking a fat bonus check to the bank? Sure, good luck with that. In the mean time I’m going to not vote because it still seems pointless to bother trying. Also this plan pretty much makes it so nobody running outside of R or D parties will ever get elected as those are the only two parties the majority of the country would vote for. That would kill every other party.

  49. Adam Lacy

    Adam Lacy3 日 前

    Top ten anime votes.