The Sims™ 4 Realm of Magic: Official Trailer


  1. Whistler 97

    Whistler 976 時間 前

    Bout to voldermort the shit outta this

  2. elle E

    elle E6 時間 前


  3. Katarina Bergqwist

    Katarina Bergqwist8 時間 前

    Did you notice that Morgyn looks at Áine's butt, and she snickers, at 0:25?

  4. xX Ender Xx

    xX Ender Xx9 時間 前

    Hopefully Next Up is a auto save function because I really need it

  5. Whimsical Wish Unicorn

    Whimsical Wish Unicorn10 時間 前

    Im waiting for the fairies pack...

  6. Jessie SOne

    Jessie SOne11 時間 前

    sims 4 seem too fake compare to sims 3 and the gameplay's bored, waiting for sims 5 with better gameplay and graphic :(

  7. Little Snap girl

    Little Snap girl16 時間 前

    I'm here because of K. Flay 😊

  8. Mystery Cass

    Mystery Cass16 時間 前

    Me, with my 25k OC fic about witches *sweat intensifies*

  9. EchoMyParty

    EchoMyParty18 時間 前

    Anyone else notice how this said September 15th for console when it came out and then after the ps4 trailer that said October 15th came out they removed it from the description

  10. ahh chuu

    ahh chuu20 時間 前

    ...great bg song

  11. immortal nyan cat

    immortal nyan cat21 時間 前

    I gotta know what song they used I love it

  12. ahh chuu

    ahh chuu20 時間 前

    blood in the cut

  13. AJ B

    AJ B日 前

    honestly i just want the wardrobe items

  14. Kalyani

    Kalyani日 前

    We need sims 4 disabilities, that would make sims 4 more realistic

  15. Debu Neko

    Debu Neko日 前

    The pack itself is a blast , ended way too soon tho. Unlock both spells and potions all way too easy under like half an hour. Then it get dulls real quick. /// and no the magic realm isn't that much populated , i'd say it's an upgrade from Sims3 which is comepletely desolated. Still many rooms to improve btw.

  16. sophia delarosa

    sophia delarosa日 前

    Looks amazing but I don’t want to pay 10 dollars for it

  17. Lyserg Moonlighting

    Lyserg Moonlighting日 前


  18. Baron35

    Baron35日 前

    Harry Potter!!!

  19. Larry Boi6

    Larry Boi6日 前

    ye olde times

  20. Rue Sun

    Rue Sun日 前

    One question I have is what would happen if you put all the master spellcasters in the same household, like you’d literally have the entire world of magic at your hands since all three of them would be together, plus add a master vampire into there, you literally have a bunch of people who are powerful enough to probably kill someone if they wanted to

  21. Isaac Landin

    Isaac Landin日 前

    The song they chose though! :D

  22. Nisa B

    Nisa B日 前

    @Isaac Landin thanks!

  23. Isaac Landin

    Isaac Landin日 前

    Nisa B K.Flay blood in the cut

  24. Nisa B

    Nisa B日 前

    Do you know what song it is?

  25. Ilydowa

    Ilydowa日 前

    only 1 earring :(

  26. Borsi Andris

    Borsi Andris2 日 前


  27. Emilia Janus

    Emilia Janus2 日 前

    Omg what is this music in backyard??

  28. Ceylin Kılınç

    Ceylin Kılınç2 日 前

    *The most exciting thing is spiral staircase*

  29. Blablabla W.

    Blablabla W.2 日 前

    Pls make sims 4 horses. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️

  30. Arkane Amelia

    Arkane Amelia2 日 前

    HEY SIMS TEAM.....why are these sims in the trailer NOT IN THE GAME PACK? It makes NO SENSE to have them in the trailer but be TOTALLY DIFFERENT in the game. Ridiculous.

  31. Sayira Silverio

    Sayira Silverio日 前

    Arkane Amelia what do you mean? 3 out of 4 of the main sims that appear in this video are in the game pack. Although, I don’t see the female green-haired aim in the pack. I was kind of hoping she would be one of the sages :(

  32. Beau Messmer

    Beau Messmer2 日 前

    why is that not the building we got when it comes to the magic realm or the same sages though.

  33. Liv C

    Liv C2 日 前

    The sims making magic is still the best expansion to ever exist ✌🏻

  34. Marcela Sauceda

    Marcela Sauceda2 日 前

    No me gusta ya que se supone que los sims es un juego muy parecido a la vida real! Que tiene de real esto?

  35. Vladir

    Vladir2 日 前

    check out Paralives, EA is in for their money with Sims.

  36. Ronyae A

    Ronyae A2 日 前

    “It’s leviOsa, not leviosAA”

  37. Melanie Schmidt

    Melanie Schmidt2 日 前


  38. Mirania

    Mirania2 日 前

    Time to make fillory!

  39. Mirania

    Mirania2 日 前

    The sims 4: Three Houses?

  40. Tasso Demo

    Tasso Demo2 日 前

    The pack should be called “Sims 4: Harry Potter”

  41. Tasso Demo

    Tasso Demo2 日 前

    Holy crap I thought my game was broken with that logo but I guess I’m good

  42. Midgee

    Midgee3 日 前

    EA would probably try and sell my own life back to me if I had one, why anyone is supporting them at this stage is beyond me.

  43. A'narah

    A'narah3 日 前

    They giving us everything but university

  44. Skzncxox •

    Skzncxox •日 前

    A'narah It’s been confirmed for November 15th

  45. Samuel Gomes

    Samuel Gomes3 日 前

    I don't know if they are all games, but just passing information about the eyes of the wizards are with BUG in the cas when will change ... The advantage level does not exceed 18 BUG points.

  46. hiccupo exists

    hiccupo exists3 日 前

    i bet the next summer we're getting the uni

  47. Samuel Gomes

    Samuel Gomes3 日 前

    não sei se são todos os jogos mas só repassando as informação os olhos dos feiticeiros estão com BUG no cas quando vai mudar... e o lvl de vantagem não ultrapassa de 18 pontos da BUG também.

  48. Leaf Less

    Leaf Less3 日 前

    *harry potter fans enter chat* Them: OMG yes! Me: I NEED THIS FOR MY BUILD!! *logs into bank account* My bank account: 50p 😓

  49. MJ tv

    MJ tv3 日 前

    Can you get realm of magic on the Xbox?

  50. ISRAEL Leon

    ISRAEL Leon3 日 前

    this dlc is super but i like see superhero in the sims 4 *-* the superhero is the new in the world

  51. Ali Lee

    Ali Lee3 日 前

    So this song isn't actually in the game? That's a damn shame! I was hoping it would be. Unless I missed something

  52. Sabrina Cardoso

    Sabrina Cardoso3 日 前

    we need CARS

  53. Shannon Murphy

    Shannon Murphy3 日 前

    Okay.... is the song in Simlish or is it actually K Flay?

  54. Lee OwO

    Lee OwO3 日 前

    I wasn't going to let them have my money but then they made this so.. :shrug:

  55. Blade OwO

    Blade OwO3 日 前

    You can always let them have my money <3 mwah

  56. animallover93

    animallover933 日 前

    Sims 4, you've done it again

  57. Life is ugly

    Life is ugly3 日 前

    Jim Pickens di qua, Jim Pickens di là; tutti ignorano che con questo pack possiamo finalmente creare il mago del dolore Enrico Favasi

  58. Sean Gotts

    Sean Gotts4 日 前

    5 lots yet another bare bones over priced rip off from EA .. go figure

  59. Snow Black Queen

    Snow Black Queen4 日 前

    Look all this retards supporting EA greedy. Fuck you, you were the ones who ruin The Sims saga.

  60. No0bm YT

    No0bm YT4 日 前

    0:54 Jacksepticeye when he used to play happy wheels

  61. G-Stallion-Boy

    G-Stallion-Boy4 日 前


  62. Robin Lee

    Robin Lee4 日 前

    Can you tell me the title of the song on this video?

  63. I'm a zebra

    I'm a zebra4 日 前

    *sees a random portal in the woods* Him: *SeeMs LeGit*

  64. Camila de los angeles pillarella

    Camila de los angeles pillarella4 日 前

    O por dios creó que esto es el mejor que trailer que e visto en mi vidaa

  65. Francesca Fidelio

    Francesca Fidelio4 日 前

    I created good and evil wizard twins!! Go watch the video on my channel if you want ❤️ (no cc used)

  66. mathias havaas

    mathias havaas4 日 前

    So their first reaction was to go through a portal that literally just appeared, drunk a weird potion and become a wizard? Honestly same, not gonna complain.

  67. DreamToAspire

    DreamToAspire4 日 前

    I love how they just used the “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Promo song. Haha