The Side Of Tana’s VidCon You Didn’t See | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21 | Episode 6


  1. lol lol

    lol lol11 時間 前

    8:38 : me when i need food and someone else has food. uwu

  2. mia saint

    mia saint22 時間 前

    This series honestly just made me dislike Tana even more lmao

  3. girly girl

    girly girl2 日 前

    poor tana. cmon girl listen to ur friends!! they will be there when there is no clout to use

  4. Becca Lendl

    Becca Lendl2 日 前

    wow the definition of blinded by love. this is something shes "wanted for so long" and is just down to throw it away for jake paul. hes about to do the same thing she did to vidcon 2 years ago for not making her a featured creator, just show up. thats pretty telling of her character

  5. Carlee Vondire

    Carlee Vondire2 日 前

    Thing is tho... Tana is so real... is gross and lazy and she probably farts a lot, but dude that’s just real...and that’s what is likable about her ... she is just young but Jake... ugh no man. No

  6. KKFranco.

    KKFranco.2 日 前

    The guy at 15:56 lowkey looks like a young cameron dallas

  7. Alyssa Scola

    Alyssa Scola3 日 前

    imari pointed out some true facts

  8. Mary

    Mary4 日 前

    Jordan: **goes out of his way to buy tana breakfast** Tana: I dOnT lIkE eGg MCMUfFiNs!!!!

  9. Elizabath Zachariah

    Elizabath Zachariah4 日 前

    MTV can u allow tana turns 21 in Dubai UAE

  10. yangster lively

    yangster lively5 日 前

    Seriously?you guys give her, a show??? Wow..

  11. Jesse Jay

    Jesse Jay5 日 前

    ngl i liked tana before i watched this series

  12. Jesse Jay

    Jesse Jay5 日 前

    i feel bad for jordan, tana is so rude to him...

  13. Streuselsturm

    Streuselsturm7 日 前

    Tana Mongeau is an awful person

  14. Danielle Rosendahl

    Danielle Rosendahl7 日 前

    I need that Tana Jordan relationship in my life

  15. Lindsey Rose

    Lindsey Rose8 日 前

    I liked tana until this episode like seriously. Brat ass bitch.

  16. Jose Diaz

    Jose Diaz8 日 前

    "tEaCh YoUr d0g n0t t0 bArk Br0o0o" biiitch STFU with yo botch lookin ass face

  17. Jose Diaz

    Jose Diaz8 日 前


  18. Mickieyy16

    Mickieyy168 日 前

    All I’ve learned from this is that FaceTune is a crazy app

  19. Emma Jean

    Emma Jean11 日 前

    tana friendzones jordan so much

  20. Audrey Ryan

    Audrey Ryan11 日 前

    Omg I used to like her but Tana is an absolute brat jesus

  21. Uhhmazinqq Saraaa

    Uhhmazinqq Saraaa12 日 前

    I don’t like tana’s manger he’s so shady honestly I see what he’s doing it’s fucked up

  22. Young Hus

    Young Hus12 日 前


  23. Young Hus

    Young Hus12 日 前

    Bruh clout chasing

  24. Tabatha Billings

    Tabatha Billings12 日 前

    AT like 15:50 or somethin this girl in the front lol was holdin her mans hand and props to her lol bc hes sexy and looks like cam

  25. Nakita Raulerson

    Nakita Raulerson13 日 前

    8:37..... the look u give when u ready to slap a hoe😂😂

  26. Garrett Cain

    Garrett Cain14 日 前

    How did I get here? This shit is retarded what is wrong these kids? Seriously though..

  27. TheGlamourGhoul

    TheGlamourGhoul14 日 前

    That girl is only 21?! She's very pretty but looks my age and I'm 36.

  28. Yasmeen Khader

    Yasmeen Khader14 日 前

    Jake is so god damn jealous he cant take anyone else being in the spotlight .. always trying to steal tana's thunder!! 👿

  29. Yasmeen Khader

    Yasmeen Khader14 日 前

    Jake did not wanna support tana he wanted to use her for a way in, not only got clout but because he was banned and also cuz he thinks he can just do whatever he wants!

  30. Halla Eliason

    Halla Eliason14 日 前

    She treats her manager like trash, and it’s disgusting to watch. It reveals her selfish and superficial personality.

  31. mackenzie

    mackenzie15 日 前

    tana already had bad history with vidcon, jake trying to force himself there & tana going along with it is just bad and immature not to mention how late she was

  32. Viggo

    Viggo15 日 前

    Fcking SAAATAAAN Plz kill all 100%

  33. Chyaniss Pate

    Chyaniss Pate16 日 前

    Bro I swear 16:39 stfu let them share the moment your just mad that she talks more love about him then you LET THEM SHARE THE MOMENT THERE ENGAGED!!! 🥵🙄

  34. rae monty

    rae monty16 日 前

    honestly what an entitled little brat? ‘Idontwannahavethisconversationanymore’ like ok you’re not three. Calm down. You’re late. That’s on you, bc you slept in til 2:00. get over yourself and stop taking it out on jordan

  35. BrightEyedAngel416

    BrightEyedAngel41617 日 前

    Jordan’s face at 8:38 oh my god 😂

  36. Holly Gibson

    Holly Gibson17 日 前


  37. Holly Gibson

    Holly Gibson17 日 前

    ** live

  38. Holly Gibson

    Holly Gibson17 日 前

    I live you and Jake so much and I hope one day I get to meet you both love you

  39. Liz

    Liz18 日 前

    Please add clout to the overused vault along with lit, and tea content cunt brained creators have the shortest vocab. Wow.

  40. Painlessgirl 2806

    Painlessgirl 280618 日 前

    is she using jake

  41. Nicole Horsley

    Nicole Horsley19 日 前

    This is almost too fake for me.. ive been around for too long. This dowsnt seem like the actual tana im used to.

  42. Melanie Rosales

    Melanie Rosales19 日 前

    it’s honestly embarrassing how ungrateful and rude tana can be to jordan ..

  43. Asha Hodgkin

    Asha Hodgkin19 日 前

    tana is fucked

  44. Cynthia Landrau

    Cynthia Landrau19 日 前

    Yooooooo Jordan's face at 8:39 is an entire mood LMAO

  45. Jimothy Jams

    Jimothy Jams19 日 前

    Last episode made me hate Jake even more now this episode makes me see how fake tana is

  46. Paola2003

    Paola200320 日 前

    You guys say that tana is bad person but do you see the way she treats her fan and tries to make those 10 seconds better for them

  47. lilshortytoodope love

    lilshortytoodope love20 日 前

    4:52 Tana sleeping why other people are trying to get things ready be me asf at times😂😂😂

  48. river Rain

    river Rain20 日 前

    Tana is a perfect example of my shit don’t stink

  49. Mads & Mands

    Mads & Mands21 日 前

    The fact that Jake needed to pull up on stage and try to make himself the center of attention when it’s Tanas stage really annoys me

  50. xxJacksPirateGurlxx

    xxJacksPirateGurlxx21 日 前

    Jordan is so hot & has an amazing personality like ...... date me ?

  51. Alex Buckley

    Alex Buckley21 日 前

    tana acts like a spoilt bratty 12 year old???? how and why is she famous??

  52. Alex Buckley

    Alex Buckley21 日 前

    this show is just making tana look like even more of an asshole. she's horrible to. Jordan who is the only one who is truly kind and genuine to her. really disgusting to see how awful she is to him

  53. allie steele

    allie steele21 日 前

    love how tana was on tinder

  54. Shelly Liban

    Shelly Liban22 日 前

    MY HUSBAND and I went through HELL and BACK to save our marriage and these fucking idiots treat marriage like a joke! Its a commitment between two people that truly love eachother. This is a MOCKERY of everything I’ve gone through the past few years. I’m literally so grossed out by these two! This “marriage” is 100% fake and DESPERATE! Literally gross!

  55. Wat IsDit

    Wat IsDit22 日 前

    Who is this I don’t know her

  56. Tracie H

    Tracie H22 日 前

    "1, 2, 3 DICK" 😂

  57. Isabella Kate

    Isabella Kate23 日 前

    Everyone is upset with the way Tana treats Jordan. But like. You don’t know beyond the screen. Try again. You don’t know their relationship CHILL. If he felt so neglected he wouldn’t work with her

  58. Italia and Fabian

    Italia and Fabian23 日 前

    Jordan needs his own show! So interesting everything he does!

  59. Lindsey Aceves

    Lindsey Aceves23 日 前

    The fact that she made the makeup artist wait THAT long biiiiiitch 😒

  60. Iona Clarke

    Iona Clarke23 日 前

    the looks that jordan gave when tana was on the phone with jake is priceless