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The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior (2008) (Vietsub) - Vua Bọ Cạp 2: Chiến Binh Trỗi Dậy (Full)


  1. Rhean rose Sagang

    Rhean rose Sagang3 時間 前

    June 17,2019 tainan taiwan..from philippines 🇵🇭

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    Jelita Saratao日 前

    Study hard

  4. Jelita Saratao

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    Soleh Udin2 日 前

    sing komentar eong ndi dih kiye aku ya ngapak bae

  6. Abdiraxmaan Barre Cismaan

    Abdiraxmaan Barre Cismaan2 日 前

    I am watching from Toronto Canada

  7. Hamida Hannan

    Hamida Hannan2 日 前

    I am watching from Bangladesh!!!! Good movie!!!!

  8. Taneeya Moosafer

    Taneeya Moosafer3 日 前

    From Mauritius

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    holly & bolly bids3 日 前

    Watching from pakistan

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  11. Dorcely Herard

    Dorcely Herard3 日 前

    I'm watching from Haïti thi is a good movie even if I watching each day

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    Ara Ribeiro3 日 前

    Watching from Timor leste

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    Fadhili Boy3 日 前

    I'm watching form Tanzania nice move

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    solomon Mamo3 日 前

    watching from Ethiopia

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    Ranjodh Zaffarwal124 日 前

    Watching from India my great country,

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    Naeem Ahmed4 日 前

    Watching from Dubai 13.06.19

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    Khaerun Nazri4 日 前

    13/06/2019 Hadir......

  18. faisal khan

    faisal khan4 日 前

    Wow..muaaach movei..watching from malaysia

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    احمد يحيى5 日 前

    Watching from Sudan 🇸🇩 I love it

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    Mungujakisa Patrick5 日 前

    From Uganda here

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    Fromm Columbia

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    watching from Bangladesh

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    Watching from Jordan

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    Watching from indonesia. 11.06.2019

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    11/6/2019 Abu Dhabi

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  28. Sashana Brown

    Sashana Brown6 日 前

    I love this movie I would watch it a thousand times the star is sooooo!!! handsome 😚😘😘😘😘😘 sweet

  29. Nana kofi

    Nana kofi6 日 前

    Watching from Ghana I love this movie

  30. Lilis Sukr

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  31. Regine Ecal

    Regine Ecal6 日 前

    Daebak! I love this movie! Mathayus is y*mmy (hahaha,kiddding!) A Hero indeed, suits Mathayus character. Vengeance is real. #howtobeyourspo! thanks for the upload! Gracious!

  32. Abang Adik

    Abang Adik6 日 前

    Whatcing from Malaysia

  33. Agus Sirajuddin

    Agus Sirajuddin7 日 前

    Fucking watching

  34. Yahia Rabhi

    Yahia Rabhi7 日 前

    Waching from Algeria 09 june 2019 at 18 : 30

  35. Petra Lucie Žaloudíková

    Petra Lucie Žaloudíková7 日 前

    This is not what is meant by breast plate. This only works for movies, you don´t need to protect, what´s already protected by a rib cage, you need to protect your belly, that´s what makes this just a stupid wannabegood tale. The truth is that every tale like this need to have some truth to it, because there might be a writer like me watching it and I know how things like this works or don´t. Ofcourse I do realize it´s just a fairy tale, but even so you need put some logic in that. As a woman yes I do appreciate the view, but the story not so much, but the upload is excellent, so just take my own opinion as it is and thanks for the sharing.

  36. Didie Ciplak

    Didie Ciplak7 日 前

    watching from sabah..



    Watching from Dubai

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    Lona A8 日 前

    Watching from Philippines 😍

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    VIJAY BHAN8 日 前

    I am watching it from India It's really amazing

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    Yakobe Flavian8 日 前

    i am watching from zimbabwe... Flavian

  42. Xerxes marcus Luchavez

    Xerxes marcus Luchavez8 日 前

    Watching here in pasay 06-8-19

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    Fdsa Ddss9 日 前

    Watching from Bosnia 07.06.2019

  44. John Richard Lon kiss

    John Richard Lon kiss9 日 前

    I love the movie, sooooh lovely

  45. Ma. Teresa Barola

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  46. blue heaven

    blue heaven10 日 前

    bullshit movies non sense.

  47. Joseph Ghartey

    Joseph Ghartey10 日 前

    Watching from Ghana

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    Saroj Mandal10 日 前

    Nice watching from nepal

  49. Mariel Ondong

    Mariel Ondong10 日 前

    Best ever movie

  50. heidenburgh lim

    heidenburgh lim10 日 前

    Great movie 🎥 was so amazing and i love it

  51. Ashkan .K

    Ashkan .K10 日 前

    13:53 Those griffins are only in Persian Architecture not Semetic architecture

  52. melben teruel

    melben teruel11 日 前


  53. Sherine Mcpherson

    Sherine Mcpherson11 日 前

    Am watching from Jamaica. Real good movie

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    Manoj Behera11 日 前

    watching form india

  55. Rizave _10

    Rizave _1011 日 前

    06/06/2019 Tajikistan (Central Asia)

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    Jocessie Codilla11 日 前

    Sunga sunga

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    HUONG NHU HO12 日 前

    Stupid translation. No one speak properly vn-ese now a day ?

  59. bambi lu

    bambi lu12 日 前

    2019 yay still awesome

  60. Husna Alamsyah

    Husna Alamsyah12 日 前

    Good movies

  61. Robin Lim

    Robin Lim12 日 前

    My pagkahawig sila ni Juan karlos Labajo

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    imanu Fatiaki15 日 前

    I'm watching from fiji now. it was a nice

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    Watching from Nederland

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  65. About Me

    About Me16 日 前

    I thought this was The Rock

  66. Leo kingsley

    Leo kingsley16 日 前

    As this month is coming to end, ur problems are also coming to an end, U will never lack anything, tomorrow will be the best day of ur life. June shall bring blessings, prosperity & new achievement. Amen

  67. Georgina Darkoa

    Georgina Darkoa16 日 前


  68. Osas White

    Osas White17 日 前

    Nice movie

  69. L Doungel

    L Doungel17 日 前

    Watching frm India, God Jesus Christ is only one who is immortal. Got it.

  70. lucas talam

    lucas talam17 日 前

    30th may 2019 from Nairobi kenia

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  72. Immortal Firefly06

    Immortal Firefly0617 日 前

    nice movie👍

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    Jun Lawford18 日 前

    Watching from dubai

  74. damamwa KE

    damamwa KE18 日 前

    Any Kenyan in the house 2019..

  75. محمد اشباك

    محمد اشباك19 日 前

    مغربي مر من هنا 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

  76. Dezső Csonka

    Dezső Csonka19 日 前

    Tisztelt JPreporter.Nekem csak olyant ajánlj ami szinkronizálva van!(Köszönöm)

  77. Margarita Pagusara

    Margarita Pagusara19 日 前

    Watching May 29,2019

  78. Margarita Pagusara

    Margarita Pagusara19 日 前

    From Philippines

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    Junil Quilario19 日 前

    Dgte. City phillipines

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    Mike Keimshens20 日 前

    Wpow... Watched may 27 2019...from Kenya

  81. Doreen's Everyday Life

    Doreen's Everyday Life21 日 前

    Watching may 27..2019

  82. deo roldan

    deo roldan21 日 前

    watched from belfast, u.k. 25/05/19. enjoyed it, many thanks!

  83. Nasim Nasim

    Nasim Nasim3 日 前

    Goyang dua jari

  84. Suman Kunwar

    Suman Kunwar21 日 前

    Watching from Nepal, it's good...may26,2019

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    Dopamine agonist21 日 前

    May 26, 2019 Baguio City, Philippines

  86. Fuck Boy

    Fuck Boy2 日 前

    Pake namin

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    Mulugeta Mengstu22 日 前

    Great movie watching from Ethiopia

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    Meli Lay23 日 前

    Start watching ...

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    Rhina Gaudiano23 日 前

    such a waste of time🙄

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    Emeldah Mwangi23 日 前

    Watching from kenya nyce movie

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    Watching May 24 2019 from Thailand.

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    Alloyce3 Boniphace23 日 前

    Watching from Tanzania l love it pliz keep going revenger strike.

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    Vhongski Bench Jeweller23 日 前

    Watching May 24 2019...phil

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    Romy Wondal23 日 前

    Watching on May 24th,2019

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    Sokea Oeurn24 日 前

    Watching on May 24 2019 from Cambodia Siem Reap Angkor Wat !!!

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    me too watching Somalia beach Liido Beach 🏖

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    Watching frm Jamaica May 22 2019

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    Moses Domingo25 日 前

    13:35 anybody noticed the ear?

  102. take me to your heart

    take me to your heart25 日 前


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  104. Witty Manase Mhina

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    Hajia Salima26 日 前

    Where's my Ghanaian people Watching from the United Arab Emirate