THE REVOLUTIONARY ARMY COMMANDERS! | One Piece: Chapter 904 - Po D. Cast


  1. Comprehend's IRL Garbage Disposal

    Comprehend's IRL Garbage Disposal5 ヶ月 前

    Hippo read the manga it's good.

  2. LoudWaffle

    LoudWaffle年 前

    The fact that Kamabaka is associated with the revolutionaries isn't supposed to be a real-world parallel to trans people and left-wing policitcs as I see it. It's just an association of people focused on the freedom of their gender and identity with the people focused on freedom of peoples and states.Also Morely's fruit is nothing like Pica's powers, they can both ultimately move through stone and the visual of the cobblestone shifting for them look similar, but aside from that it's different. It's way more similar to Senior Pink's, but if anything it's a straight-upgrade of his fruit, since it allows the stone to be permanently molded and give access for other people, whereas Pink could only swim through by himself.

  3. Andres Arancio

    Andres Arancio2 年 前

    From my point of view Betty's power sort of makes sense in an in universe perspective, as it answers the question of "Well how the fuck a bunch of silly peasants and common folk beat the shit of supernatural powered marines and pirates when the Revolutionary Army comes in" the answer is "Betty makes them superhuman too" Seeing her more as a equializer of power really

  4. Zane

    Zane2 年 前

    Tekking >>>>>> This Since someone's probably gonna say it I'll do it first: Kek.

  5. Mystery Personthing

    Mystery Personthing2 年 前

    If Karasu's fruit is the Muda-muda fruit, then that is perfect. (Murder/Muda is a group of crows) Karasu's attack names can be a bunch of "useless" (muda) puns, while he's always accused of muttering/muda-ring.

  6. Mystery Personthing

    Mystery Personthing2 年 前

    Yes, if you have the innate desire to "pump up" a 14 yo girl, then BB's fruit would enhance your desire... and your libido. I am of the opinion that reason can always win-out against emotion, and thus you would be able to fight your desire even then by focusing on emotions like actual respectful love, rage that BB would interfere in your personal life to this degree, or that even while being pumped up, you wouldn't be able to fight off a police task force.

  7. Mystery Personthing

    Mystery Personthing2 年 前

    In short-- Even then BB would not be forcing you onto the girl, they would still be your own desires, and (imo) you would still have a chance to reject your desires.

  8. Mystery Personthing

    Mystery Personthing2 年 前

    The painting "Liberty Leading the People" heavily inspired Be-Liberty's design. The strength that these people show when influenced by her fruit is theirs, because it is their own potential. Big Mom may be amazingly powerful, but she's obese and never works out. Betty's power would mean way more to people like BM or fishpeople than to normal humans. Also, Betty just "pumps people up", she doesn't change what their desires are (mind control). If one of the people she pumped up wanted to punch her in the face, then they'd go right ahead and (try to) do so.

  9. Abel S. Phoenix

    Abel S. Phoenix2 年 前

    I don't get what is so bad about BB using her Devil Fruit to give literal strength to those people so they can fight back. She didn't "mind control" them or anything, they already wanted to do something, they were just too weak and scared. Also, what makes you think she isn't strong? Don't you think she can use her DF in herself, and probably way more effectively than upon others?

  10. Omnilisk

    Omnilisk2 年 前

    Morley's fruit is not Pica's. That's like saying Ace's fruit is Sakazuki's fruit or Katakuri's is Luffy's. The properties are different. Pica could assimilate and become stone. Morley seems to just be able to turn substances into a type of clay and then use his pitchfork to inflate/mold/fold etc. He can't actually assimilate himself into that clay. Also Lindbergh is a Cat mink...dunno how y'all messed that up.

  11. TheEvilRohanite

    TheEvilRohanite2 年 前

    I fucking love Sabo's design, but I don't really like that it's a general style for the revolutionary army rather than just his thing, just cause he dressed like that as a kid so it feels forced. Unless he specifically knew that revolutionarys dress like this and did it cause he was a rebellious kid, but Im pretty sure that wasn't stated, I mean he was gonna be a pirate with Luffy and Ace.

  12. Sandalwoodrk

    Sandalwoodrk2 年 前

    Her name is Belo (like a bellow) because she Stokes folks fires

  13. Don Chalant

    Don Chalant2 年 前

    Its literally just Bastilla's Battle Meditation from KotR, calm your tits. You always pick small nothing things to go crazy on.

  14. ZaWarudo

    ZaWarudo2 年 前

    Her design is fine you're just gay nate

  15. Tai Mohamed

    Tai Mohamed2 年 前

    There is no indication in the chapter that her Cheer-Cheer fruit forces them to act only that it gives them physical power. How that, in any way, could be construed as "mind control" is beyond me

  16. Edwin

    Edwin2 年 前

    try to respect japanese culture you deepshit

  17. The_Echo

    The_Echo2 年 前

    Betty's fruit isn't mind control, it's literally just a buff Her fruit awakens the hidden strength in people. That's it. The townspeople are like "we're weak, we can't do this" and Betty's like "you have the power to do this, let me show you"

  18. Juan Perret

    Juan Perret2 年 前

    Karasu Murder murder zoan fruit (as in the plural of crows) he can turn into a group of crows

  19. Juan Perret

    Juan Perret2 年 前

    Are we not pointing out that a girl boosted by the stats of the cheer cheer fruit defeated a 52 million beri bounty pirate. That's a huge boost

  20. Juan Perret

    Juan Perret2 年 前

    Idk if the cheer cheer fruit persuades them to rise up or if it boosts up the stats of those who choose to rise up. And I'm saying that because they pick up the sticks first and then get strong

  21. Juan Perret

    Juan Perret2 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1785">29:45</a> Damn I hadn't though of that

  22. Juan Perret

    Juan Perret2 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1261">21:01</a> when he realized

  23. Djdjjd

    Djdjjd2 年 前

    Comparing power to be able to cheer people up and encourage them to mind control is like comparing raw meat to a gourmet dish in a five star restaurant. (when someone takes a idea from a manga turns it into a conspiracy theory about mind control)

  24. DERADI30

    DERADI302 年 前

    The best thing to happen with Betty would be that, at some point, it turns out she dosnt have a devil fruit and everyone is just pretending she has one as a placebo.

  25. PablitaOrtega77

    PablitaOrtega772 年 前

    i need nate's genius intelect to answer this question, what happens if robin rubs daifuku'es stomach?? does she control the genie??

  26. Ernesto Torelli

    Ernesto Torelli2 年 前

    Nate you stupid fuck, always making up shit and jumping to conclusions. I'm not even gonna explain cause all the other comments are already doing that. Still, WHERE THE HELL IS THE MIND CONTROL YOU KEEP RAMBLING ABOUT?!

  27. Ernesto Torelli

    Ernesto Torelli2 年 前

    Apologize to Betty. Now.

  28. lance5445

    lance54452 年 前

    Betty's power is not mind control idiots, it's literally just steroids to punch better

  29. JohnH X

    JohnH X2 年 前

    Similarities are there but pika can control and become one with Stones having something like a golem fruit where this guy manipulates earth and its properties.You know scrach that they are no real similiarities at all they are distinct enough and the aplications are diffrent.Senior pink also can swim and dive in any material not just earth and buildings.

  30. Hans van wyk

    Hans van wyk2 年 前

    On the subject of Betty's power, on the Jaimi's Box translation the direct quote from Morley on what her power does is "She's able to awaken the latent power in every person!" That and the panel where a guy gets SWOLE seems to indicate statboost more then mind control.

  31. Hans van wyk

    Hans van wyk2 年 前

    I think another big factor in the intimidation factor of being associated with Blackbeard's crew doesn't just have to do with whether or not Blackbeard will actually do anything. It also has to do with whether or not someone is willing to risk it. Take for example you're walking down a path and there's a crocodile chilling out. Logically you'd go around, because who's gonna fuck with a crocodile. But let's say you're a huge badass, who goes around wrestling crocodiles for fun, you're gonna walk straight down the path bare eye contact with the crocodile daring him to have a go. Or, let's say you know a lot about this crocodile, you know its a big pussy who's in fact a vegan crocodile and hasn't bitten anything meaty in his life. The revolutionary commanders in this case are both examples. They're huge badasses who are totally capable of taking on the Blackbeard crew if it came to that, but they also know that he won't do anything if they fuck with this guy. But the majority of the people are neither of these examples, the vast majority will just walk around because they aren't going to risk fucking with the proverbial crocodile.

  32. SteevLaw

    SteevLaw2 年 前

    Oh boy. Take it as you wish but I'll say it anyway. You are the least "qualified" people to do this. Like, you both are bad fans. It's not a capital sin but it's annoying. BGE apparently has reading comprehension issues or pretends to so there can be discussion but it's bad either way and the point is usually missed. Hippocrit dismisses everything and while this can create a neat dynamic between him and the overexcited BGE, more than often this comes off as annoying. But hey, keep doing what you're doing, as long as the patreon goes. My freeloader opinion sure doesn't matter but you're getting worse week after week. Please work on that.

  33. Fidelio

    Fidelio2 年 前

    SteevLaw that’s fine, I just thought the way you went about it was lame

  34. SteevLaw

    SteevLaw2 年 前

    Fidelio I'm a fan that pays fucking attention to a manga for kids. It's not rocket science, there's no need to be geniouses to understand One Piece. But if someone bothers to do podcasts about it and gets money for them, I believe they should at least put a little more effort to get it right.

  35. Fidelio

    Fidelio2 年 前

    "bad fans" oh give me a break. You could bring up your criticisms of them without being a condescending elitist prick about manga discussions. Like I agree with some of your base criticisms of their discussion style, but the way you go about addressing it is just so snobby and above it all. Like who the hell are you?

  36. King The Inferno

    King The Inferno2 年 前

    Im glad yall touched on blackbeard because he's planning something big!

  37. DopeAnimeMind

    DopeAnimeMind2 年 前

    That's not how fleets like that work. The fleet is his he's just funded by the king. As long as Orlumbus has money to pay his ppl and keep up maintenance he's good.

  38. Darmalarm777

    Darmalarm7772 年 前

    The Kamabakka kingdom okama (the caricature ones, not Ivankov) specifically are kind of just shitty joke characters, as opposed to the other okama who have been portrayed as heroic from the start (Bon Clay's initial sacrifice, etc). I think you're stretching pretty hard with your "far left activist" comparison. Edit: Absolutely with you on the "let the women in One Piece fight" sentiment.

  39. Juan Koeraus

    Juan Koeraus2 年 前

    "Maybe it's a logia" <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3054">50:54</a> LOL WTF

  40. cellP8

    cellP82 年 前

    tbh this was an average chapter, bring on the fire!!!

  41. Gonzalo Tiezzi

    Gonzalo Tiezzi2 年 前

    Camon BestGuy, Betty is cool as hell

  42. Jameson Ball

    Jameson Ball2 年 前

    The design of lindberg kinda looks like Ziggas with Heima's gear from lol

  43. twil ftw

    twil ftw2 年 前

    oh my god steam punk has ruined all victorian astetics

  44. Fidelio

    Fidelio2 年 前

    honestly I love steam punk, its just barely any media handles it well. I think Bioshock Infinite really nailed that style or some of Ghibli's early stuff like Castle in The Sky. Most modern shit that tries it fails and makes it cringy.

  45. Ronald Jacob Maderazo

    Ronald Jacob Maderazo2 年 前

    the thing about bello bettys devil being relevent is because revolutionary people are usually normal people without battle trainning without literally capability in fighting but their burning desire to revolt against something is their latent power. with bello bettys DF she awakaning that desire of people who think they are weak and powerless that they have the a dormant power inside of them. if its just an ordinary motivational speech that for me that would just be another cliche. in game reffrence its like a strenght buff like Sven of dota but AOE but it only activates once she starts motivating them nice a moving battle drum Oh and fun fact Betty Bello is a refference from "Liberty Leading the People" painting by Eugène Delacroix

  46. Jesus Burgess

    Jesus Burgess2 年 前

    I would agree with you BestGuy about Betty's power IF your interpretation was correct. But It's not mind-control at all BestGuy. The literal quote is "That's right that's the power of Betty's cheer cheer fruit. With one wave of her flag shes able to awaken the latent power in every person. Betty is the flag bearer of freedom". Their choice to attack is still their own, inspired by Betty's words alone, not her powers. Her power just made them physically stronger and able to take more damage. That naturally also made them more confident to attack since they physically felt powerful. But in no way did her power make them choose to fight. I think you fear your interpretation so much that you projected it onto this chapter but there's no evidence to support it.

  47. Jesus Burgess

    Jesus Burgess2 年 前

    To illustrate with your fucking a 14-year-old girl scenario. She will make you physically invigorated and probably make you better at having sex. But it won't make you want to have sex with the 14-year-old girl more; that's still your choice. She might convince you with her words but that's the same as her not having a devil fruit and convincing you anyway.

  48. AFuckingWeeabooDegenerate

    AFuckingWeeabooDegenerate2 年 前

    I really think that Betty essentially gives people the Mystic Gohan treatment. She unlocks their latent power, that's it.

  49. Papa Aeon

    Papa Aeon2 年 前

    I kinda think Blackbeard is about to roll up on the RA Belo Betty looks like trash

  50. Shiny_Gliscor

    Shiny_Gliscor2 年 前

    History motherfuckers, did you have it in school?

  51. vinnythewebsurfer

    vinnythewebsurfer2 年 前

    The last time we had a female showing off like Betty does....... his name was Smoker and he had his heart switched out with his assistant. Just saying.

  52. vinnythewebsurfer

    vinnythewebsurfer2 年 前

    Linbaung is fucking Torbjorn and Junkrat.

  53. Garrett Carter

    Garrett Carter2 年 前

    The Cheer-Cheer fruit is 'Survivor' from Jojo Part 6.

  54. C M

    C M2 年 前

    I dont think Belo Betty's power is to inspire...just bring out latent potential. So her inspirational speeches just may be that. Just speeches. I prefer to think of it like that so it doesnt cheapen the rest of her character

  55. Zeemod155

    Zeemod1552 年 前

    MangaStream just literally calls him Peach Beard. So no accounting for subtlety.

  56. Umor

    Umor2 年 前

    Sailing under Blackbeards flag also gives Pinkbeard protection FROM Blackbeard (maybe he was coerced) and the chance to rest in Blackbeards territories, plus it makes people more reluctant to fuck with him, but Blackbeard an the Revolutionaries are already basically at war. Plus if a subordinate is too pathetic he might just get ignored or even disposed of by Blackbeard, like Doffy did to Bellamy.

  57. Magnus the Rad

    Magnus the Rad2 年 前

    betty's power probably has more to it then is explained here.... i see it like it could easily be explained thus: she probably needs to first give a convincing peptalk that resonates with the target on some level to begin with, after which the fruit activates and gives the buff to whoever felt inspired giving them a melee attack boost and adrenaline rush which gives them the physical means to fight, where if they arent inspired enough it doesn't do anything.... more like giving a hobo a job and a good talking to, rather than giving him drugs that make him compliant to do the same job... depends on how oda decides to phrase the eventual rundown of the mechanics. with the limited info it could go either way. bottom line dont get your panties in a twist just yet, have a little faith in our odaboi.

  58. Artur Vicente

    Artur Vicente2 年 前

    I think Belo Betty power is more like a Buff(in FF for example she would be casting haste, shell and all this shit on the people) and this buff is powerful enough to make that little girl beat that 50 millions guy.

  59. Fiton H

    Fiton H2 年 前

    I can't wait for Law to come back in the story so I can listen to Nate shitting on him for eternity.

  60. Pakuyasa 16

    Pakuyasa 162 年 前

    Mushishi Ginko I cant understand how anyone doesn’t like law

  61. OurUniversalLaughter

    OurUniversalLaughter2 年 前

    To be fair we literally just scratched the surface of who these commanders are so its hard to judge anything about them other then their physical appearance. Its the equivalent of if luffy was a random character we didn't know and he started stretching, we wouldn't know about his gear 2 3 4 or what he's devil fruit is exactly...... I think betty and all the commanders are gonna have some insane abilities when they're actually trying, here they literally only helped normal citizens fight off pussy pirates, it was some baby troubles. Gotta wait to see what Oda does with these commanders' abilities

  62. Crazy Diamond

    Crazy Diamond2 年 前

    It doesn't really matter whether the citizens would be helpless without Betty. In real life, certain revolutions wouldn't have happened without specific individuals doing something or other.

  63. Elvis AmazonVEVO

    Elvis AmazonVEVO2 年 前

    oda said luffy would be from brazil? dats very interesting

  64. Igor Löwen Sahr

    Igor Löwen Sahr2 年 前

    I thought Betty's power was just to strength boost to those she inspires, nothing about mind control. But whatever, I think the characters introduced this chapter were pretty shit. And all these personalities and powers remind me of secundary Bleach characters.

  65. Caleb James

    Caleb James2 年 前

    The Revs have always felt weirdly out of place beyond wanting to be free of the WG in One Piece. What's with all the wankery about bloodlines with Luffy and Dragon when a core theme of OP is that blood ties don't matter that much?

  66. MugenHeadNinja

    MugenHeadNinja2 年 前

    Come on Nate, you pretty much sucked Katakuri off and he (pretty much) started off by copying Luffy's devil fruit abilities because his is just a better version, it's not the first time Oda has done the whole "similar fruit but better/worse" thing.

  67. leo sky

    leo sky年 前

    also this guy's power is more akin to Senor Pink rather than Pica

  68. MugenHeadNinja

    MugenHeadNinja2 年 前

    Plenty of people do, I do. He's a good antagonist with room to become a great one.

  69. JohnH X

    JohnH X2 年 前

    MugenHeadNinja How is katakuris fruit just better he doesnt have gears nor he has the natural durability of rubber.Also i really dont see any real similarities between those fruits.Pika can stack rocks together and fuse with them where do we see anything similar in this chapter?

  70. MugenHeadNinja

    MugenHeadNinja2 年 前

    What are you trying to argue exactly? Akainu's DF is literally better than Ace, that was even stated in the series, there's no discussion for that.

  71. Hussein Elkhatib

    Hussein Elkhatib2 年 前

    Donquixote Doflamingo yes DF wise

  72. Nate C

    Nate C2 年 前

    I interpreted bellow betty's fruit as giving a stat buff to the people her words inspire not that the fruit is mind controlling people to fight back. I figured if she could not inspire them with her words the fruit would do nothing.

  73. ChipHand Z

    ChipHand Z2 年 前

    The only reason Blackbeard attacked Baltigo was because Jesus Bergus found the place and they had a weapons stockpile. There was no other reason that we know of. Also, Bello Betty isn't using mind control. That is never stated in the chapter. She just made the towns people swol af. Get your heads on straight boys. You're losing it.

  74. Pakuyasa 16

    Pakuyasa 162 年 前

    Chip-Hand Z is there any reason Blackbeard does anything We know jackshit about him

  75. Lars Caesar

    Lars Caesar2 年 前

    the joke is that she wears so much stuff but still frees the nipple

  76. Lars Caesar

    Lars Caesar2 年 前

    as close as it's gonna get in one piece

  77. AFuckingWeeabooDegenerate

    AFuckingWeeabooDegenerate2 年 前

    Except she literally doesn't. She ALMOST frees the nipple.

  78. Lars Caesar

    Lars Caesar2 年 前

    and her power just gives strength as far as i can tell

  79. Lucas Homem

    Lucas Homem2 年 前

    BestGuy, I think you're exaggerating Betty's powers. It's not mind control. The people are raging because they want to protect themselves from a pillaging pirate and found the latent strenght to do so. If it were mind control, the people would just abandon the Tenryuubito and join the revolutionaries immediatly, instead of the idea being planted for them to contact the Revolutionaries if they ever desire.

  80. mystic1410

    mystic14102 年 前

    Chip-Hand Z I think you just stems from him getting over hyped about something but I’m sure like after this podcast he took a minute and like re-read the chapter and understood

  81. Pakuyasa 16

    Pakuyasa 162 年 前

    92ospe11 he is a chad. Don’t you forget that.

  82. CabalT

    CabalT2 年 前

    Exactly it, there's even a panel showing a guys muscles growing and he says "Because of her rallying cheers... power is welling up inside me!" Her fruit gives people the strength to fight, not the will to fight

  83. Lucas Homem

    Lucas Homem2 年 前

    Zeemod, I also understand what BGE means. As a matter of fact, I don't think the execution in this chapter was particularly well done, but there's a clear difference between critiquing the quality of the writing of OP in contrast to becoming legitimally worried about the meaning of that scene when there's no need for such. On a side note, it's worthy noting that the chapter was only 15 pages long and some people are supposing that the mangakas were rushed this week because of the schedule of WSJ during Golden Week, since other series were also affected in this WSJ issue too.

  84. Zeemod155

    Zeemod1552 年 前

    I understand the Spirit of what BGE is saying, again he knows it's not literally mind-control but for the purpose of the story and the characters who are being powered up by encouragement it might as well be. I think I can finally tell if there's consistency as to when BGE uses real-world logic versus when he uses One Piece logic. I think it's just what he wants out of the medium. When the One Piece logic isn't interesting or satisfying enough to deliver upon and idea or character. And in that case I think it's fine when people don't agree, it's not worthy of a pushes-glasses-up-bridge-of-nose moment to explain what Oda *truely* meant.

  85. The One And Only True Holy Man

    The One And Only True Holy Man2 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a>:39 who ?

  86. MugenHeadNinja

    MugenHeadNinja2 年 前

    Goddammit Hippo I'm super fucking tired and you have to start out the video yawning.....

  87. Lucas Homem

    Lucas Homem2 年 前

    Belo Betty's design is cool in my book. Her displaying of all body parts reminds me a lot of the feminist movement and she's a clear reference to Delacroix's painting of freedom.

  88. Ronald Jacob Maderazo

    Ronald Jacob Maderazo2 年 前

    oh yeah the free the nipple movement men that rally is full of titties

  89. Shiny_Gliscor

    Shiny_Gliscor2 年 前

    So it's not just me who immediately thought of that painting.

  90. kevin rugama

    kevin rugama2 年 前

    Revs were disappointing. After all the hype what do we get-great value vegapunk, Mr. merry Christmas, Regina George,and Overhaul

  91. Menage

    Menage2 年 前

    whooaat!? Princess Momo in MY One Piece?

  92. SonOfEd

    SonOfEd2 年 前

    Laboon is the final ancient weapon

  93. RedAbitbol

    RedAbitbol2 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2351">39:11</a> its based of the French Marianne painting by Eugène Delacroix. Marianne is the symbol of french revolution & republic, she got a flag & her titties out which is a good excuse for Oda

  94. Garrett Carter

    Garrett Carter2 年 前

    Here comes four terrible looking characters.

  95. BuckarooZoo

    BuckarooZoo2 年 前


  96. Jeffu

    Jeffu2 年 前

    Miss me with that weak bait

  97. Daniel Mais

    Daniel Mais2 年 前


  98. Joshua Scott

    Joshua Scott2 年 前

    BB attacked for weapons

  99. Dojee

    Dojee2 年 前

    Ah geez yes!