The Return of Eugenia Cooney


  1. shane

    shane6 時間 前

    This video means so much to me. Thank you Eugenia for letting us in. I love you so much. :')

  2. Bryan Gallagher

    Bryan Gallagher53 分 前

    Happy Birthday Shane!

  3. Annie Bare

    Annie Bare時間 前

    I love you Shane

  4. Ariyah Walton

    Ariyah Walton5 時間 前

    Happy birthday Queen!

  5. Lucu Martin

    Lucu Martin5 時間 前

    @Emilee Autumn reported😊

  6. Allynd Sy

    Allynd Sy52 分 前

    *" a knife..... cool"* 😂

  7. Brook

    Brook52 分 前

    A viral video that actually matters.

  8. Piano Tiles Queen

    Piano Tiles Queen52 分 前

    Eugenia is really pretty thoughhh

  9. 52 分 前

    I don’t know how someone could be that nice. Like I would lose my shit if people said the things to me they said to her. She is such a kind sole. And I am so proud of her ability to communicate her emotions to Shane in this video. She is so young yet so strong.

  10. Hannah Guzman

    Hannah Guzman52 分 前

    Omg #1 on trending

  11. Rudy Flores

    Rudy Flores52 分 前

    Return of Shane Dawson and Eugenia Cooney.

  12. Ashley

    Ashley52 分 前

    Sweetest girl alive. I love her so much

  13. Daisy Xox

    Daisy Xox52 分 前

    KARUNA!! my amsr mother is at the start. so proud x

  14. eelyk 99

    eelyk 9952 分 前

    I’m so glad she’s doing better! It used to crush my heart when I would see such a sweet and kind hearted girl go through that!

  15. 52 分 前

    The first time I ever heard of eugenia was last month, when my sister was in a mental health institution for bulimia and schizophrenia. When I went to visiting hours, my sister told me she wanted to look like eugenia cooney. When she said that, I had no idea who it was. I went home, looked her up, and my heart sank. My sister has had this problem for over 12 years now, and it's so difficult to grow up with your older sibling slowly killing themselves like this.

  16. No sub yes Gay _

    No sub yes Gay _52 分 前

    Onion boy is gonna lose his shit

  17. zaira q

    zaira q52 分 前


  18. S R

    S R52 分 前

    I have no clue why people are disliking this video because it is positive and will help other people and Eugenia.

  19. Chelsea Kush

    Chelsea Kush52 分 前

    Shane you did this beautifully and I think you handled it well ❤️

  20. Bluebear

    Bluebear52 分 前

    You guys making a video together was so precious

  21. XxXx XxXx

    XxXx XxXx52 分 前

    Wait so this isn’t a conspiracy video

  22. Danielaa

    Danielaa52 分 前


  23. Daddy kermit

    Daddy kermit52 分 前


  24. Han Banan

    Han Banan52 分 前

    Okay but she is so beautiful. Her smile is so gorgeous

  25. sinhalite

    sinhalite52 分 前

    really disappointed kati was brought back.

  26. jeffrey melgar

    jeffrey melgar52 分 前

    Bro I was waiting for a conspiracy video not a documentary

  27. 52 分 前

    Wheres her sweater from??? I love it! 💖

  28. Jordan Thomas

    Jordan Thomas52 分 前

    This was made 5 hours ago and it already had 4 mol veiws. Happy birthday Shane

  29. Roberto Lerma

    Roberto Lerma52 分 前

    How bout the return of Shane Dawson yes I have been waiting for another video

  30. Reesie Piecie

    Reesie Piecie52 分 前

    Holy sh-

  31. Madison kk

    Madison kk52 分 前

    this made me smile so much jdjdidbs ily guys

  32. Sara McClernan

    Sara McClernan52 分 前

    Eugenia is a wonderful beautiful person INSIDE AND OUT and I could not be more happy to see her this way. She deserves the happiest healthiest life and all the positivity in the world. She is a diamond in the rough and so so brave

  33. Hailie Ingraham

    Hailie Ingraham52 分 前

    shes so cutely awkward omg ^.^

  34. kinda wanna die

    kinda wanna die52 分 前

    Im so happy for her

  35. Jaden Rose

    Jaden Rose52 分 前

    As someone who struggles with body image issues this means a lot to me and shows me that it’s possible to get better!! Thanks you both💖💖

  36. Brooke Barks

    Brooke Barks52 分 前

    Gave me goosebumps. You guys clearly worked hard on this and it paid off, again, way to go Shane crew

  37. Claire H

    Claire H52 分 前

    you know u haven’t recovered when you are very triggered by this but watch it anyway😭

  38. Mason White

    Mason White52 分 前

    Yes mam #1 on trending like the legend you are sis tea

  39. sarah caparos

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  40. Sr Shg

    Sr Shg52 分 前

    watching this and getting ads for "noom" in order to lose weight?? srsly not the video to be advertising on

  41. Amelia

    Amelia52 分 前

    She’s literally so pretty wtf

  42. Brittney Gonzalez

    Brittney Gonzalez52 分 前

    She is a super hero. So brave to tell her story and keep a smile on her face through everything is awesome.

  43. Ivan Gonzalez Delgadillo

    Ivan Gonzalez Delgadillo52 分 前

    This is definetly one of the most deep, emotional and amazing videos EVER. As an eating desorder fighter myself I find this story really moving and it just really made my day. GREAT GREAT WORK Shane, and all the great vibes to Eugenia! 😍

  44. Eliza Owen

    Eliza Owen52 分 前

    Shane. You're amazing. Thank you for being you and helping her tell her story ❤

  45. hopelessy me

    hopelessy me52 分 前

    Wow she is so sweet

  46. Yuli Zhng

    Yuli Zhng52 分 前

    love her and her personality!🥰

  47. ur mom

    ur mom52 分 前

    she is so pretty omg

  48. Heather Warren

    Heather Warren52 分 前

    Shane tiptoeing around trying not to hurt her feelings shows that he has a heart of pure gold 💖 we need more people like him in this world. Never change Shane! 😘

  49. Lulu Medina

    Lulu Medina52 分 前

    THIS MADE MY DAY!!!! You two are such sweet people! Missed you Eugenia ! 💛💛💛 hbd Shane 🎂🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  50. Smirgoose

    Smirgoose52 分 前

    Next do one on belle Delphine

  51. Carson Watts

    Carson Watts52 分 前

    Happy Birthday Shane!!!! Amazing video as always!

  52. 413 Sporting

    413 Sporting52 分 前

    I don’t know what the fuck this is, but this needs to not be trending over Maverick....

  53. Andrew B

    Andrew B52 分 前

    JPreporter blocking my comments I won't let them do it hahaha


    13BRAVO REDLEG52 分 前

    First World Problems!

  55. Andrew B

    Andrew B52 分 前

    Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers JPreporter you will not win hahaha