1. twaimz

    twaimz年 前


  2. Lubna edits! Roblox gamer

    Lubna edits! Roblox gamer7 日 前

    Hey bitch , what’s good girlie

  3. Leah the Lion!

    Leah the Lion!16 日 前

    twaimz ok

  4. Audriee Kingsberry

    Audriee Kingsberry17 日 前

    twaimz yass

  5. laurens puta

    laurens puta17 日 前


  6. CB TV

    CB TVヶ月 前

    He is soo funny I can’t 😂

  7. Kids Brigman

    Kids Brigman時間 前

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas bitch

  8. Lou Dort

    Lou Dort4 時間 前

    They should just rename the video “Twaimz and Larray being crackheads for 24 minutes straight”😭

  9. 山岡凛YamaokaRin

    山岡凛YamaokaRin9 時間 前

    im not recording, im snapchatting. so iconic.

  10. He He

    He He12 時間 前

    “3 , 2 , 1” *Commercial pops on* me:-_-

  11. Jorge Avendano

    Jorge Avendano12 時間 前

    This is when Larry became better then Issa

  12. Guusje Verweij

    Guusje Verweij13 時間 前


  13. Lucie Greyson

    Lucie Greyson18 時間 前

    who that man in yellow he creepin me out

  14. Gladis Molina

    Gladis Molina20 時間 前

    Who was that man

  15. Gladis Molina

    Gladis Molina21 時間 前

    Did you guys kiss ooooooo you guys are more then friends

  16. Sweet.Cølorz

    Sweet.Cølorz22 時間 前

    Bro I wish I had a best friend like Issa 😂😂

  17. Itz Me Diana

    Itz Me Diana23 時間 前

    fuck this

  18. Brianna Parsons

    Brianna Parsons日 前

    Loooove pete davidson by Ariana Grande

  19. Zahra Rahman

    Zahra Rahman日 前

    issa and larray wearing makeup and a wig is a dream come true

  20. lisa trieu

    lisa trieu日 前


  21. Marco Ruiz

    Marco Ruiz日 前

    I check your card just like a visa

  22. stranger nerd08

    stranger nerd08日 前

    Forget Ghetto Dora, make room for Drag Possible.

  23. Mani Turney

    Mani Turney日 前

    Why do I keep seeing some boy in a yellow shirt

  24. m i k a

    m i k a日 前

    Can someone tell me me why they’ve got no pads ? They re fucking flat as fuuck

  25. Shanda Burnett

    Shanda Burnett日 前

    You guys are gay you know how I know I have your nails done and you’re talking like a woman

  26. Jamilla Omer

    Jamilla Omer日 前

    issa looks mighty fine tho

  27. Jamilla Omer

    Jamilla Omer日 前

    shego sheno

  28. Amanda Aaron

    Amanda Aaron日 前


  29. nugget nugget

    nugget nugget日 前

    Why would you kiss

  30. nugget nugget

    nugget nugget日 前

    Yeah to like each other 😂

  31. Kitty Flower

    Kitty Flower日 前

    There honestly so pretty as girls

  32. isabella hurtado

    isabella hurtado日 前

    so no ones gonna talk ab how Issa kissed larray 😹🙀 3:54

  33. Suki Boba

    Suki Boba日 前

    This is how many times the said the b-word 👇🏾😂

  34. Kourtneeevans 08

    Kourtneeevans 08日 前

    if me and my best friend ain’t like this ion wanna be best friends with them.

  35. Dan akee

    Dan akee2 日 前

    10:33 so what i got u got it too

  36. GGbanana

    GGbanana2 日 前

    OK BUT WHEN THEY WERE WALKING ROUND THE STORE THAT GUYY IN THE YELLOW JUMPER/ TOP WAS FOLLOWING THEM THE WHOLE TIME you can see him in the background like legit following them edit: lmoa wait i think he's with them im an idiot :)

  37. lndryboy

    lndryboy2 日 前

    I swear they ran over the homophobd at 12:35

  38. Megan Sheridan

    Megan Sheridan2 日 前

    All tHe tArGeT WorKeRs HeRe aRe uNdeRcoVer Larri tHeRe HomoPhobic

  39. Megan Sheridan

    Megan Sheridan2 日 前

    When tbat guy prayed for them and Issa started yelling in a deep voice I died

  40. Dante Ferrise

    Dante Ferrise2 日 前

    Twaimz turns into ghetto fab it’s a man MAURRRY...And Larray turns into 100% soft fem womanya!

  41. sunflower gamer

    sunflower gamer2 日 前

    He just kissed his best friend 🤭

  42. cookie kid 168

    cookie kid 1682 日 前

    Why is Larry hot though wtf?!

  43. •Sweet Blossom•

    •Sweet Blossom•2 日 前

    Noooo, the music got copyrighted!!

  44. Depressed B!tch

    Depressed B!tch2 日 前

    If i cant have a friendship like this were u can basically almost kill each other and still barge into their house without invite- i dont want it

  45. 내 오빠 야.ChimChim

    내 오빠 야.ChimChim2 日 前

    0:34-0:38 gave me Carlos Pena Vega vibes😨😍 A year has passed and I barely noticed.

  46. lisbeth trujillo

    lisbeth trujillo2 日 前

    period was a thing in 2018 what

  47. Liah & Lauren

    Liah & Lauren2 日 前

    We love how the words dead and pants rhyme now

  48. emilie jones

    emilie jones2 日 前

    Issa:you not gitting this nacho bitch Also issa: he pulled out his taco Me:😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀

  49. Naudia White

    Naudia White2 日 前

    Issa that hair was getting messy and looked like a rats nest

  50. Naudia White

    Naudia White2 日 前

    Issa:I'm Kim shes shigo who the fuck are you! Me:I'm that bitch

  51. Naudia White

    Naudia White2 日 前

    Omfg he literally gave them a prayer but issa that man voice though 😶✋

  52. Bella Fink

    Bella Fink2 日 前

    This is how many times they said Snitch

  53. Naudia White

    Naudia White2 日 前

    Bruh Issa stage kissed larry in that intro like dam


    ROSA MARTINEZ16 時間 前

    It look like he did but he didn't he put his thumbs in Larry lips so that their lips don't touch

  55. Tammie Fehring

    Tammie Fehring2 日 前




    Issa there are these people that copied u called Kim possible

  57. -v- B̆̈αŧаn̆̈ -v-

    -v- B̆̈αŧаn̆̈ -v-2 日 前

    5 or 4 years... Me:54 years

  58. -v- B̆̈αŧаn̆̈ -v-

    -v- B̆̈αŧаn̆̈ -v-2 日 前


  59. flipmip chickendip

    flipmip chickendip3 日 前

    This is them 🤡😄

  60. flipmip chickendip

    flipmip chickendip3 日 前

    Omg that kissed

  61. flipmip chickendip

    flipmip chickendip3 日 前

    Omg thay kissed

  62. Edwin Apelado

    Edwin Apelado3 日 前

    What was the song at 22:50? I've been searching for it and I can't find it

  63. Aneliya Valeva

    Aneliya Valeva3 日 前


  64. Jesus Jimenez

    Jesus Jimenez3 日 前


  65. Jesus Jimenez

    Jesus Jimenez3 日 前




    ㅣlol did y’all see that 20:19 there was BTS fake love playing Who else here and Army!!

  67. LightBluSkyz

    LightBluSkyz3 日 前

    Larray: He would be hungry for something else ;) Me: Chicken nuggets

  68. LightBluSkyz

    LightBluSkyz3 日 前

    "i hope you get puller over-" "shut the f*ck up"

  69. Jacqui Esprit

    Jacqui Esprit3 日 前

    He said I’m Kim and larray said I’m shego Then they said who the f are u bish

  70. Jacqui Esprit

    Jacqui Esprit3 日 前

    Like I have dam name bish like ur the bish here so yea

  71. a s t h e t i c y x

    a s t h e t i c y x3 日 前

    *Why is this better than kim possible?!*

  72. London Thomas

    London Thomas3 日 前

    Your wig fell off

  73. Yadrien Andres

    Yadrien Andres3 日 前

    Larrays face im dying 6:02

  74. Yadrien Andres

    Yadrien Andres3 日 前

    Did he actually kiss larray

  75. Sabrina Rogers

    Sabrina Rogers3 日 前

    20:19 im dead fake love was playing on the tv 😂

  76. Mady

    Mady3 日 前

    2:05 is me after my crush tells a joke

  77. madison Sapp

    madison Sapp3 日 前

    they look like those two bitches that chill in the mall and don't socialize except for themselves

  78. Glitzi globe

    Glitzi globe3 日 前

    3:14 larray looks like a real girl My brain: this bitch is a model Also my brain: whos watching 2020 leave a like

  79. Ashtyn Mitchell

    Ashtyn Mitchell3 日 前

    yassss babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  80. o delgado

    o delgado3 日 前

    when they were in the store bts fake love was playing

  81. AlexisBaybe Da Finesse Queen

    AlexisBaybe Da Finesse Queen3 日 前

    King of never driving Elon musk is shaking

  82. Loan And Lien

    Loan And Lien4 日 前

    larray wasent ready for the kiss

  83. Pawel Rzeszutek

    Pawel Rzeszutek4 日 前

    Who felt ugly for a moment 😐

  84. I ship everything be gone thots TwT

    I ship everything be gone thots TwT4 日 前

    That song snapped tho

  85. Sarah Arshad @ GS Student REP 2020

    Sarah Arshad @ GS Student REP 20204 日 前

    Omgggg You guys are da best

  86. Harmonix

    Harmonix4 日 前

    Larri: We should go to earth! issa: HUh!? Larri: we should go to earth like this ahahaha issa: BiTCh we aRE on EaRTh, Tf, Dumbass -_- Larri: **Having a seizure**

  87. TaeTaeMayday

    TaeTaeMayday4 日 前

    Do a bish count lol

  88. princess tiara aka queen weird

    princess tiara aka queen weird4 日 前

    This video would be kim possible and shego if they were..................... BADASS BITCHES