The Park 3 - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts


  1. LeGeek™

    LeGeek™8 時間 前

    Jpp je vous aime 😂😭

  2. jake Buchholz

    jake Buchholz2 日 前

    When T rex hit rapter i thought it was argio

  3. Vault Boy

    Vault Boy3 日 前


  4. Ashish Kinge

    Ashish Kinge8 日 前

    Vpn ad is like unprotected s@x ad😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

  5. sarkan hasan

    sarkan hasan8 日 前


  6. starrychloe

    starrychloe9 日 前

    Upvoted the commercial. It was funnier.

  7. Nojus Kiūdys

    Nojus Kiūdys9 日 前

    Where is that part where mosquite flies with him away ?

  8. Lwazi Molepo

    Lwazi Molepo11 日 前


  9. King Ijaz MaliK

    King Ijaz MaliK11 日 前


  10. King Ijaz MaliK

    King Ijaz MaliK11 日 前




    u even made a funny advertisement very impressive

  12. Wildcard Productions [ADHDgonewild7]

    Wildcard Productions [ADHDgonewild7]13 日 前

    But surfing the web without a vpn feels so much better

  13. Evan Tchernine

    Evan Tchernine15 日 前

    or tor

  14. Preston Heit

    Preston Heit15 日 前

    2:35 if i waste my money on a shitty vpn, yeah i might become penniless

  15. gacha man FR

    gacha man FR15 日 前

    Cant wait for part 4

  16. Nikolay Nikolov

    Nikolay Nikolov15 日 前

    Keep in mind that a VPN does NOT protect you from viruses and malware, so you still need an antivirus program.

  17. Matthew Glass

    Matthew Glass15 日 前

    Un conventional things with your *data*

  18. Fubukio

    Fubukio16 日 前

    Better than Jurassic Park 3.

  19. Sakura Gacha

    Sakura Gacha16 日 前

    Condom for thé internet!

  20. Egg Dog

    Egg Dog17 日 前

    The nordvpn comic is the best one I’ve ever seen

  21. hadi karaki

    hadi karaki17 日 前

    he is using tor though

  22. Tanner McCoy

    Tanner McCoy17 日 前

    He kill the dog

  23. Lee Oh

    Lee Oh17 日 前

    why, when darknet got waaaaaaay more interesting porn

  24. Genma Saotome

    Genma Saotome17 日 前

    Yay... they got sponsored

  25. Hayet Matri

    Hayet Matri17 日 前

    THE human park

  26. SasukeUchiha

    SasukeUchiha18 日 前

    Jesus, 75% off?! How much is it worth anyway?!

  27. coherent doggo

    coherent doggo18 日 前

    Don't worry dad I'll get the neighbors ladder and take care of it

  28. H20 fire Guy i

    H20 fire Guy i18 日 前

    0:24 Me showing my booty

  29. Lucius Janovich

    Lucius Janovich18 日 前

    Stay away from the dark web seriously dont even go on there theres murder, rape child porn cannibalism and other fucked up shit trust me stay away from it

  30. Arthur Jensen

    Arthur Jensen19 日 前

    Almost 10,000,000 subs

  31. Kentoi Patiño

    Kentoi Patiño19 日 前

    2:46 I want this protection

  32. Sam Jones

    Sam Jones19 日 前


  33. 6 Face

    6 Face19 日 前

    Yo they really did it, they actually made a genuinely good skit for a shilling advertisement. Nice.

  34. Elbert Rush

    Elbert Rush19 日 前


  35. Raemon Williams

    Raemon Williams19 日 前

    can you do more tead bear plz :)

  36. Prototype Divio

    Prototype Divio19 日 前

    Why did these videos just start showing up on my feed I’m not even subscribed

  37. claude guilleuvic

    claude guilleuvic19 日 前

    Ptn mais ya nordvpn partout (X


    DAN STEIN20 日 前

    The park 4?

  39. TR - Turtle094! ツ

    TR - Turtle094! ツ20 日 前

    Could u do next short like "sad larry get wife" because I'm feeling him really sad

  40. Raul Arizpe

    Raul Arizpe20 日 前


  41. Shiela Joaquin

    Shiela Joaquin20 日 前

    • • ------

  42. Rex_Random_Wolf

    Rex_Random_Wolf20 日 前

    Frank NordVPN

  43. JNoir J

    JNoir J20 日 前

    Giving an ad at the beginning of a video ass, creating an animated short for the same ad, uploading a 3 min and 48 second video only for 1 min and 35 seconds worth of viewing ass, you! Shieeeeeet......

  44. Skrnrjdj Diejejcjfir

    Skrnrjdj Diejejcjfir20 日 前

    Nord=Trojan ok

  45. Mount. Claude

    Mount. Claude20 日 前

    I bet he's gonna use regular pet or something more exotic. 0:21

  46. 79 BEATZ

    79 BEATZ20 日 前

    2019: park 1.15 just a bee park

  47. Dale Schultz

    Dale Schultz20 日 前

    Lol. “Amber alert”

  48. Mr. Awesome

    Mr. Awesome20 日 前

    Anyone notice the website is called CoinSluts?

  49. ahmedo Ahmed

    ahmedo Ahmed20 日 前 hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  50. richard rodriguez

    richard rodriguez20 日 前

    Welcome to human Park it’s funny to me

  51. Daniel Smith

    Daniel Smith20 日 前

    Best ad ever

  52. THE . DESIGNER المصمم

    THE . DESIGNER المصمم20 日 前

    poop and really goodat football game

  53. True Gamer

    True Gamer21 日 前

    But what is a cyanamide and happiness long?

  54. PixelGaming With LittleZairah

    PixelGaming With LittleZairah21 日 前

    Life finds a way

  55. NotFunny ButFunny

    NotFunny ButFunny21 日 前

    See this ad is way easier to understand and more tempting

  56. ahmad ad

    ahmad ad21 日 前

    :\ -_-

  57. William Ferguson

    William Ferguson21 日 前

    Put a trademark on your videos

  58. ThaC00l Kid

    ThaC00l Kid21 日 前

    Welcome to amber fap

  59. David Pelaez

    David Pelaez21 日 前

    Welcome to regular ass human park

  60. skipjack91

    skipjack9121 日 前

    Your sponsored ad was so nice that it was almost better than the clip! XD