The NICEST girlfriend prank EVER | Yes Theory


  1. BC Serna

    BC Serna3 年 前

    THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! She's worth every second!! Best day ever!!



    @PointlessSheep LMAOOO

  3. Shahin Sha

    Shahin Shaヶ月 前

    @El Rose i think that guy is not grown enough to realise that relationship is not all about sex.

  4. Shahin Sha

    Shahin Shaヶ月 前

    Not Cool Dude.

  5. Lwaiy Y

    Lwaiy Yヶ月 前

    BC Serna she broke up with you

  6. Bianca Mariabelle

    Bianca Mariabelle2 ヶ月 前

    Update yall, sorry to break the bad news but they broke up. His girlfriend is married to another bloke now, and he’s back to being single.

  7. Shudip Chakma

    Shudip Chakma4 日 前

    So emotional...

  8. Liam Greene

    Liam Greene4 日 前

    Ahhhh you knew it was coming S I M P !

  9. Coopster

    Coopster4 日 前


  10. Kim Jong Fun

    Kim Jong Fun4 日 前

    What if Ashton Kutcher really came ?

  11. John Nino

    John Nino6 日 前


  12. Henry McElroy

    Henry McElroy10 日 前

    She probably thought he was gonna propose

  13. AngryGam3r

    AngryGam3r10 日 前

    Damn he got laid that night!

  14. Simon- HK- Vlogs and films

    Simon- HK- Vlogs and films10 日 前

  15. Devika S

    Devika S10 日 前

    I remember doing the exact same things for one of our best friends who turned out to be not so good person and now shes become a complete stranger.. Thanks for reminding me the good old days😊

  16. Reina Rutaquio

    Reina Rutaquio11 日 前

    Any updates?

  17. SonicHuboSquid

    SonicHuboSquid5 時間 前

    They broke up, Taylor is now with another man



    Damn if B.C lived in India 😂

  19. Vking Patel

    Vking Patel12 日 前

    Imagine her leaving after doing all this

  20. SUJU

    SUJU14 日 前

    Imagaine BC's girlfriend kissing her 6year best friend in front of him

  21. Michael Groskopf

    Michael Groskopf17 日 前

    Best video ever!! I love it so much!!

  22. VojtěchVoe

    VojtěchVoe19 日 前

    Thats so wholesomeeee

  23. Andrew Oleszczuk

    Andrew Oleszczuk20 日 前

    Mission passed. Respect++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  24. mliaj_rahad

    mliaj_rahad21 日 前

    13:50 *_when you try your best but you dont succeeed_*

  25. Justin Lau

    Justin Lau21 日 前

    imagine doing all this and then she breaks up with you the next week

  26. Dhanesh Shah

    Dhanesh Shah12 日 前

    I think they broke up...check their instagram

  27. Ryan Dunsford

    Ryan Dunsford21 日 前

    What a simp lol dating a model like okay that's totally gonna last forever...

  28. thanos

    thanos22 日 前

    he got laid frl

  29. __mylifeisameme__ 69

    __mylifeisameme__ 6922 日 前

    13:51 goes for the high-five Bc: ima simp now see ya chads ✌🏻

  30. ginger

    ginger22 日 前

    simps am i right

  31. Varnika Shree

    Varnika Shree22 日 前

    She is honestly so precious ❤️

  32. rovert mwenye

    rovert mwenye22 日 前

    But in the end... it doesn't even matterrrr... I tried so hard... And got so far...

  33. itsnick 3134

    itsnick 313422 日 前

    Should have given her like a good luck bracelet before and then got her friend to ask her to borrow it cause she was jealous and have her loose it and make people bump into her and stuff

  34. Clint Eckerman

    Clint Eckerman22 日 前

    is she really crying because he had the Lyft driver bring her favorite snack?

  35. SnapAim

    SnapAim23 日 前


  36. Twitch c0li0

    Twitch c0li022 日 前

    a man of culture

  37. Kiana Aurel

    Kiana Aurel23 日 前

    im not crying

  38. JaiJai Calla

    JaiJai Calla23 日 前

    13:50 is that supposed to be a high five? Lmao

  39. roz123

    roz12324 日 前

    man is getting it good later

  40. Lauren Schultz

    Lauren Schultz25 日 前

    Just me or Is anybody else watching in 2020

  41. I'm watching You

    I'm watching You21 日 前

    I turned comments to new just to see all the simp comments

  42. Lauren Schultz

    Lauren Schultz25 日 前

    Lol I prob just me lol

  43. Taegen Klein

    Taegen Klein25 日 前

    i hate when people make this mistake. aka the biggest mistake in life... THOSE ARE MACARONS NOT MACAROONS

  44. Hafiizh Nariyama

    Hafiizh Nariyama25 日 前

    13:51 REJECTED!!!!!!

  45. Emmy Fox

    Emmy Fox26 日 前

    greatest simp of all time.

  46. It's Rohitness

    It's Rohitness26 日 前

    Bc is a short form of a slang in my country

  47. Jonathan Amran

    Jonathan Amran26 日 前

    Like who the fuck would give you a 500 dolar gift card... so unreal

  48. alexander paul

    alexander paul26 日 前


  49. Zoidvoid

    Zoidvoid26 日 前

    if he proposed at the end that would be golden

  50. Akash Jindal

    Akash Jindal26 日 前

    You guys are the best.. This is the best channel on whole fucking youtube

  51. Jerome Seidl

    Jerome Seidl26 日 前

    How could you not like this?

  52. yuuriko gaming

    yuuriko gaming27 日 前

    so hes a simp? lol jk

  53. Just Some Rat In a Pie

    Just Some Rat In a Pie27 日 前

    I know who's getting laid later that night

  54. Spaghetti Man

    Spaghetti Man27 日 前

    holy shit good for them hope they're still together

  55. Jackie

    Jackie27 日 前

    anyone else thought they were using snapmap

  56. Josh Perez

    Josh Perez28 日 前


  57. A Psvita Owner

    A Psvita Owner28 日 前

    Poor thing, she probably thought she was gonna be proposed.

  58. Darth Maul

    Darth Maul26 日 前

    A Psvita Owner well she’s married to someone else now I’m pretty sure sooo

  59. OatmealBruh

    OatmealBruh28 日 前

    Kinda simpy if you ask me

  60. Riley Perna

    Riley Perna29 日 前

    this shows you money can in fact buy hapiness

  61. I'm watching You

    I'm watching You21 日 前

    Money = Freedom Freedom = Happiness

  62. Steven Dicksun

    Steven Dicksun29 日 前

    The best wingmen ever haha

  63. Benzz_ YT

    Benzz_ YT29 日 前

    At 12:52 BC didn’t High 5 back

  64. mandy dakila

    mandy dakila29 日 前


  65. Dollar store content

    Dollar store content29 日 前

    Aw this was so sweet

  66. Nawaf Mohammed

    Nawaf Mohammedヶ月 前

    Who’s cutting onions 😢

  67. Someone Else Alvaro Ahmad

    Someone Else Alvaro Ahmadヶ月 前

    I trade a puppy for a phone best trade ever

  68. Someone Else Alvaro Ahmad

    Someone Else Alvaro Ahmadヶ月 前

    Best simp vid ever

  69. Spencer Jewesson

    Spencer Jewessonヶ月 前

    my mans got layed so hard i bet

  70. AVm YT

    AVm YTヶ月 前

    you did girlfriend not boy

  71. Caleb Zapata

    Caleb Zapataヶ月 前

    That was fucking epic

  72. Nadeen Alkhoja

    Nadeen Alkhojaヶ月 前

    there is a video were theory comes in beast video and beast: hey yes theory what is your theory theory: not much of a theory

  73. Rapilol

    Rapilolヶ月 前

    and i am sitting here, masturbatin after no tindermatches :)

  74. Agus Corradini

    Agus Corradiniヶ月 前

    I'm waiting for the marriage proposal now

  75. BiggestEpic Not

    BiggestEpic Notヶ月 前

    Imagine if they crashed lmao

  76. Vaibhav Singh

    Vaibhav Singhヶ月 前

    *The most common statement in this video -* *AWWW MAIIIIII GAAAAADDDDD!!!*

  77. MemerMan 1

    MemerMan 1ヶ月 前

    Dude thats logan pauls old camra man

  78. Melle Hofstede

    Melle Hofstedeヶ月 前


  79. Friendly reaper

    Friendly reaperヶ月 前

    They broke up 😔 2020 is fucked

  80. xBc4

    xBc4ヶ月 前

    Does anyone know if they got to keep a puppy

  81. -Pastelle Qween-

    -Pastelle Qween-ヶ月 前

    "She's looking so cute today. She has like this yellow top on. She looks so beautiful" 🥺🥺🥺

  82. Chloey Runchey

    Chloey Runcheyヶ月 前

    I thought that he was going to o propose to her.

  83. Yash Kapoor

    Yash Kapoorヶ月 前

    Honestly i did not expect this to be soo smooth

  84. praneet patil

    praneet patilヶ月 前

    i feel sad for the best friend

  85. Prasenjit

    Prasenjitヶ月 前

    Only we MEN have the superpower to pull of such great surprises without spilling even a bit of it!

  86. Sumit Yadav

    Sumit Yadavヶ月 前

    Movie name scene at 5.15??

  87. yotube personal

    yotube personalヶ月 前

    yes indeed

  88. Odi Achi Alex Pap

    Odi Achi Alex Papヶ月 前

    People who disliked just missed the like button

  89. Aryan Rao

    Aryan Raoヶ月 前

    what the heck.... they aren't together......

  90. Elle 5E

    Elle 5Eヶ月 前

    She's very precious gorgeous being, 🍀🍀

  91. KsiLogiczzz

    KsiLogiczzzヶ月 前


  92. zach

    zachヶ月 前

    what is the outro song they used? if anyone could tell me that would be awesome!! :)

  93. Mees van Kessel

    Mees van Kesselヶ月 前

    13:51 Nice recovery lol!

  94. Leggo MyEggo

    Leggo MyEggoヶ月 前

    13:50 lol rip the high five XD

  95. Pato Araya

    Pato Arayaヶ月 前

    that S13 tho 13.55

  96. Yvan Sainathan

    Yvan Sainathanヶ月 前

    Can you imagine if one of the strangers just ran off with the gift card😂😂

  97. Shyam Sundhar Muruganantham

    Shyam Sundhar Murugananthamヶ月 前

    all singles hit a like RIGHT HERE.

  98. By Diz

    By Dizヶ月 前

    Don't kiss and drive kids.

  99. Stiles

    Stilesヶ月 前


  100. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumakiヶ月 前

    Her: gets a $500 gift cards Also her: get macaroons OmG iM goNnA CrY

  101. cc

    ccヶ月 前

    ya'll already know, the boyfriend bouta get some sweet head later that day

  102. samu

    samuヶ月 前

    Renember when we were allowed to shake hands. 4:50

  103. samantha pimil

    samantha pimilヶ月 前

    I challenge them to attend to a women giving birt

  104. sOber

    sOberヶ月 前

    what if they break up rip

  105. Manish Suvedi

    Manish Suvediヶ月 前

    They did break up. The girl is married to someone else and the guy was on James Corden live tinder

  106. Emre Sağır

    Emre Sağır2 ヶ月 前

    1:22 why is there a Turkish flag, is anybody of them Turkish?

  107. Emre Sağır

    Emre Sağırヶ月 前

    @Kiwi McMango Yup, i find out later, thx

  108. Kiwi McMango

    Kiwi McMangoヶ月 前

    Yeah, Derin, but he had Visa problems so he is an unnoficial member of Yes Theory

  109. Broken Back Pack

    Broken Back Pack2 ヶ月 前

    *BEAUTIFUL* ❤️

  110. Big Ben bob Christensen

    Big Ben bob Christensen2 ヶ月 前

    I thought of this as nice Pokemon go

  111. L. J. Black

    L. J. Black2 ヶ月 前

    This is why i dont believe in love, man did all this shit and they aren't even together anymore. I dont know the "why" behind their split but i can tell you that the new guy never did anything this in dept and he still won her over.

  112. L. J. Black

    L. J. Black2 ヶ月 前

    @Aadi SN Thats true, thats literally 90% of every famous relationship.

  113. Aadi SN

    Aadi SN2 ヶ月 前

    @L. J. Black no, I'm saying that staying in a relationship that is superficially perfect but has a lot of problems inside is not really the best idea; even if he gives you puppies

  114. L. J. Black

    L. J. Black2 ヶ月 前

    @Aadi SN So basically the best thing to do is to never give 100% of yourself to anyone cause you dont know if they're juust wake up one day in the long run and say "eh dont feel like dating you anymore" ??? yikes

  115. Aadi SN

    Aadi SN2 ヶ月 前

    sometimes some ppl aren't meant for each other in the long run as long as they parted amicably that's all that matters hope they're both happy😊

  116. El Androide Jose

    El Androide Jose2 ヶ月 前

    Someone’s getting laid

  117. Jenna Kuebler

    Jenna Kuebler2 ヶ月 前

    That awkward moment when she 100% thought she was getting proposed to lol

  118. Arique Mujtaba

    Arique Mujtaba2 ヶ月 前

    It's sad that they broke up

  119. Adam Piotrowski

    Adam Piotrowski2 ヶ月 前

    Brendan from logan yea