1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorialsヶ月 前

    *O..M..G.. who wants to try this foundation??* 🤯

  2. Mitch Macam

    Mitch Macamヶ月 前

    NikkieTutorials i would love to but I can only afford drugs store makeup 😁😅

  3. Kendra Luster

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  4. Adria Cooper

    Adria Cooperヶ月 前

    I don't know if it is just my screen but the winning comment is not showing up

  5. jaleesah505

    jaleesah505ヶ月 前

    🙋🙋 Need this in my life!!

  6. Shayleigh Pappas

    Shayleigh Pappasヶ月 前

    Meeeee. Even if it says matte lol.

  7. Karen Sue  Pohlmeier

    Karen Sue Pohlmeier2 時間 前

    Another amazing video!! I must say, I LOVE your style! Your hair barrett's, your jewelry and clothes are so inspiring to me and after I watch your video's, I get up and put my face on, get dressed in something that makes me feel pretty and do my hair and I thank you for that!! EDIT; I forgot to leave some love for you!! 😘❤😘💛😘

  8. jasmine m

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  9. maria salinas

    maria salinas5 時間 前

    hey nikkie can you do my makeup for prom? please ?

  10. Rodriguez vibes

    Rodriguez vibes7 時間 前

    Can you zoom in next time when you are trying to "demo" products

  11. Melissa Renteria

    Melissa Renteria8 時間 前

    Diversiteit diversity😗

  12. kira tipton

    kira tipton8 時間 前

    Dermacol:most full coverage foundation in the world Juvias place: Hold my coverage

  13. Laura Marie

    Laura Marie9 時間 前

    I actually bought it after Jeffrey Starr approved it! LOL but after seeing this I am even happier I took the leap I have not used it yet. I did not buy the concealer with it so I hope the Jeffree star concealer works with it. Thank you so much for a real review

  14. Lourdes Veegil Bala

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  15. Pod

    Pod13 時間 前

    why cant women just be natural and wear no makeup? it's totally not real to cover ur face with paint.

  16. RoseMarie Mastro-Watanabe

    RoseMarie Mastro-Watanabe16 時間 前

    Hi Nikkie, I'm so very sorry for the loss of your brother! Love, Light and Blessings to You and your family hon! Xo Hugs.. ♥️🕯️🙏🏻☮️🌼🌻🌹🌸🌷🌼🌺🌻🥀💐 🌹 Rose from Connecticut USA

  17. Makenzi Edwards

    Makenzi Edwards18 時間 前

    Nikki: "I'm gonna go off camera, do my brows, and do A LITTLE makeup." Also Nikki: *Comes back with full glam look" YAASS

  18. autpa Asif

    autpa Asif日 前

    which shade u have used ? plz mention the shade name

  19. Giuli Bliss

    Giuli Bliss日 前

    What shade u use of this foundation?

  20. kikakiw

    kikakiw日 前

    Just bought both!! Thank you so much for your honest review!

  21. Abbs 💋

    Abbs 💋日 前

    “Oh my - flipping flip flops! this is good!” Lmao 😂 you have such an amazing personality and SO talented 🥰

  22. Eriz Pulido

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    I suuupppper like you Nikki. ♥️

  23. TodV

    TodV日 前

    4:05 - I love you! I only just found you! I came from 'others' after realizing that I really don't care about 'beauty drama'. Thank you! 😍😍😍

  24. iKarlene

    iKarlene日 前

    Cancer really sucks! Lost my mother to cancer when I was 19. Still hurts and I miss her terribly. I can imagine how you miss him.

  25. Dziam Dziam

    Dziam Dziam日 前

    But that chin implant...bitch no

  26. startube for the week

    startube for the week日 前

    Korean make up please

  27. Soph 06

    Soph 06日 前

    Test its coverage with Dermocol

  28. KAR E

    KAR E2 日 前

    Hi I was wondering What shade are you wearing?

  29. mercy Khan

    mercy Khan2 日 前

    I want this foundation

  30. mercy Khan

    mercy Khan2 日 前

    Your makeover is fabulous

  31. Ayla P

    Ayla P2 日 前

    My name is Ayla

  32. Maryam Ali Naqvi

    Maryam Ali Naqvi2 日 前

    "that I ever be a supermodel but we can dream" life😂😍

  33. Melissa Chavana

    Melissa Chavana2 日 前

    Thanks Nikkie!! I just bought it with your code, yayyy!!!!

  34. Gracious Rosebud

    Gracious Rosebud2 日 前

    Can I just say the hair is KILLIN IT LOOK AT THOSE TWO FROMT CURLS YAS

  35. I Luv Hou

    I Luv Hou2 日 前

    So so sorry for your loss. :( Wow. I've Rosecea and tried a lot of foundations. 🙄 My skin is very sensitive. I'll try this. 🤞

  36. R H

    R H2 日 前

    Can we please talk about how Holland won the Eurovision Song Contest 2019?!?! *YAASSS TO NIKKIE AS HOST PLEASE!!*

  37. Daria Kiezun

    Daria Kiezun2 日 前

    I wonder which shade did Nikkie use?

  38. miriam castellanos

    miriam castellanos2 日 前

    Ducth of day diversitite

  39. thingymiggig

    thingymiggig2 日 前

    has anyone noticed the classical music playing in the background lmao

  40. Hannah jhon

    Hannah jhon2 日 前

    Is it just me, or does she sound like Khloe Kardashain ?

  41. Marina Merlo

    Marina Merlo2 日 前

    Your skin is stunning and looks so so healthy!

  42. Hessa Aldereih

    Hessa Aldereih2 日 前

    Omg I need to try this foundation😍😍

  43. sandrarthornton

    sandrarthornton3 日 前

    I will never use anything from this despicable company. Two thumbs down👎👎 atrocious customer service and dissing theie own race. Please. Other than that, you're makw up is awesome!😍

  44. Sadie Drummond

    Sadie Drummond3 日 前

    I’m going to school in the fall and I don’t have anything to donate right now. I’m so sorry about your brother and wish I could directly donate right now. I just wanted to let you know that I’m a photo assistant for a photographer and videographer who started a branch of a childhood cancer foundation. I just wanted to let you know that I work directly with a foundation that is constantly raising money both for research and to support cancer families. Also, I don’t know if this sounds interesting to you or not but every year in Washington DC an event called CureFest takes place and it’s basically an event for childhood cancer families but also meant to raise awareness for childhood cancer and stuff like that. It’s mid September every year. If you want anymore information on that or any other stuff with cancer foundations I’ve been involved with you can just shoot me a DM on Instagram @s.drumman

  45. crazylove1977

    crazylove19773 日 前

    Your lip line is just a perfection!!!

  46. crazylove1977

    crazylove19773 日 前

    Could you please tell where did you buy your beautiful blouse?? Please please please

  47. Ruth Velazquez

    Ruth Velazquez3 日 前

    I want to have it in my hands omg 😲I meant of course to put it on my face lol 😆 yeah I wanna have right now 😩

  48. Analy Flores4

    Analy Flores43 日 前

    Is it me or all foundations in general look so good on you 😣😫😍

  49. kaylee wolf

    kaylee wolf3 日 前

    How did you do your cute hair?!

  50. hanaa khalil

    hanaa khalil3 日 前

    i know this foundation its 😍

  51. Essmat El Kholy

    Essmat El Kholy3 日 前

    I am going out to buy this foundation and concealer tmrw. SOO EXCITEDD!!

  52. Shelby Avender

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    She is so drop dead goreogus ❤️❤️ I love how her makeup always turns out

  53. Chloe MoonsYT

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  54. Lovely Reviews

    Lovely Reviews3 日 前

    OMG you make it look extra perfect!!! I love it :)

  55. Jen Golat

    Jen Golat3 日 前

    can you show it to us on someone with very large pores?

  56. Alicia Dawn Miranda

    Alicia Dawn Miranda3 日 前

    Only one Ulta store in all of Washington had it all the way in Kirkland. I traveled an hour to try it. Let that sink in first. Now how would you feel if none of the colors matched? They were orange and mud all of them. I tried all in my color range. Now let it sink in that they are black owned. Dont support this brand.

  57. Ilayda Amk

    Ilayda Amk3 日 前

    No wonder why its so full coverage u put on the whole bottle

  58. Laura Ford

    Laura Ford3 日 前

    Which shade did you use ?

  59. Chloe Cameron

    Chloe Cameron3 日 前

    7:59 When I flip through my math test 😂😂

  60. erjona kera

    erjona kera3 日 前

    What is your shade please?

  61. Holiday Inn Green Bay Stadium

    Holiday Inn Green Bay Stadium3 日 前

    I'm sorry to say that there has been a cure for cancer for a VERY long time, it's incredibly sad that the world would rather treat something to make a profit then to cure it. Big Pharma kudos to you!

  62. Irianeth

    Irianeth日 前

    Lol. Stop woth your dangerous belief. No pharma are keeping the cure for cancer. And no, peeing on your cancer or using plants wont cure it.

  63. Vani Vlogs

    Vani Vlogs3 日 前

    Do a video on juvia full coverage vs maybelline super stay 24 hours please ❤😍

  64. Amber Lanzieri

    Amber Lanzieri3 日 前

    Didn't know you were from Holland, totally thought you were from the U.S.A this whole time. You only have a very slight accent

  65. Juana Garcia

    Juana Garcia4 日 前

    I want to try this foundation u gave me inspiration 😍❤❤

  66. Myn

    Myn4 日 前

    u can be a super model.... what do u mean NIKKIE!!!

  67. Sahm

    Sahm4 日 前

    Tifjef and her followers are bashing JP because of Jeffree Starr. Like please just because they thanked him for giving a positive review. Give me a break.

  68. It’s Private

    It’s Private4 日 前

    How old is her boyfriend??? He looks like he’s a teenager lol 😂 has a baby face for sure (unless he is a baby 😂)

  69. sandra bullock

    sandra bullock4 日 前

    So juvias place has affiliates? ☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕

  70. o0JaeAllDay0o

    o0JaeAllDay0o4 日 前

    She has the most odd voice I've heard in a long time. She sounds like a man who is trying to sound like a woman.

  71. ICKON Beauty

    ICKON Beauty4 日 前

    I hear Juvias place are now shitting on Black You tubers who helped them get to the top?

  72. Deliahla Smith

    Deliahla Smith4 日 前

    Love it and love you and the posts💖👍

  73. Mauricio B Lattmann

    Mauricio B Lattmann4 日 前

    "la isla bonitaaa" HAHAHA

  74. Runa Kanom

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  75. manon guinchard

    manon guinchard4 日 前

    Tomorrow i will be donating my hair to make wigs for people suffering from cancer. I hope it will go well and that my dear hair will make someone as happy as it makes me donating it ! Love your videos like always

  76. Dark Carousel

    Dark Carousel4 日 前

    I didn't know you were Dutch. Wow you have no accent. Do you use Grimas? It's my favorite. Love the Anti-Shine.

  77. Park Chaeyoung

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  78. Dian Ayu

    Dian Ayu5 日 前

    can I talk a little bit about cancer? For all I know, our metabolism could fight the malignant cells in our body. If I may share a little bit knowledge that I know, all we could do is just fixing our metabolism. By nurturing it with healthy and what's needed in our body. What malignant (cancer) cells eat is sugars/glucose. We only need to cut those sugars and take just a little bit carbs intake into our body. So our healthy cells could "eat" those "unhealthy" cells by its own. There are lots of people with cancers and praise to God, survived by doing this method. I hope this info is useful to whoever need it. Lots of love

  79. Mia González

    Mia González5 日 前

    Hahaha I’m Dutch but I’m not fluent I love this

  80. Stephanie Redding

    Stephanie Redding5 日 前

    how do I make my large pores disappear? I exfoliate moisturize I use witch hazel what am I doing wrong please?

  81. 吃宵夜冠军

    吃宵夜冠军5 日 前

    Girl what brushes ur using for bronzer and blush I’m like 😍😍

  82. tiatula973

    tiatula9735 日 前

    As a person of color, Juvia’s Place is Cancelled.

  83. Kylie Skaggs

    Kylie Skaggs5 日 前

    I know she said she was between two shades but did she say which shade she decided to use? Maybe she mixed them?

  84. Kylie Skaggs

    Kylie Skaggs5 日 前

    Did she mention that it oxidizes? Maybe I missed it

  85. Katie x

    Katie x5 日 前

    Can someone PLEASE answer!!! 1. Can u get this in the uk? 2. Does anyone know if it covers tattoos?

  86. Ioane SL

    Ioane SL5 日 前

    Once my mom let me put makeup on her to be exact a “Smokey eye look”. So put eyeshadow on her thinking I was a pro. Then she look in to the mirror and she said -I look like a bitten up , we both broke down in tears. That is my best memory! She loves makeup ! She’d love too own this palett. Instagram : ioane_sl

  87. Hadley Hawkins

    Hadley Hawkins5 日 前

    would love to see a video about the Juvia's place highlighter powders bc I'm super curious about purchasing some when I purchase the foundation from their website! do you have an opinion? thank you x

  88. Orlanda Guilande

    Orlanda Guilande5 日 前

    Hi Nikkie,loved the tutorial, your make up and that Juvia's foundation,but I can't find it here in Portugal 🙁. They don't sell it on Beauty Bay... Do you know any other sites that work with European orders and € currency? Thank you 🙏🏽💖

  89. Lolo Aleks

    Lolo Aleks6 日 前

    I need this foundation omg!

  90. Kim K.

    Kim K.6 日 前

    I’m so incredibly sorry for you and your families loss 💗

  91. bernadette rogers

    bernadette rogers6 日 前

    Waiting anxiously for her to rub the foundation off her lips

  92. bernadette rogers

    bernadette rogers日 前

    It’s Private yeah I got that. I commented this once she finished applying it haha

  93. erin the egg

    erin the egg日 前

    bernadette rogers sorry i accidentally disliked your comment lol

  94. It’s Private

    It’s Private4 日 前

    bernadette rogers no! It helps lipstick stick and have better color payoff and coverage!

  95. Mary Varnadore

    Mary Varnadore6 日 前

    Nikki does it transfers on your clothes? You look beautiful Nikki.

  96. lola bigcups

    lola bigcups6 日 前

    I swear I thought she did "damn sponge" lol!

  97. Mua Vlogs

    Mua Vlogs6 日 前

    I neeeeeeed it !!



    Why do you put the foundation on the lips too?

  99. Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes

    Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes6 日 前

    Dutch looks like German

  100. Nerida

    Nerida6 日 前

    yes the foundation has more coverage than the concealer, What are your thoughts on Juvias place setting powder?

  101. Nerida

    Nerida6 日 前

    yes the foundation has more coverage than the concealer, What are your thoughts on Juvias place setting powder?

  102. Nerida

    Nerida6 日 前

    yes the foundation has more coverage than the concealer, What are your thoughts on Juvias place setting powder?

  103. Nerida

    Nerida6 日 前

    yes the foundation has more coverage than the concealer, What are your thoughts on Juvias place setting powder?

  104. Destiny Taylor

    Destiny Taylor6 日 前

    She knows what’s she’s talking about effortlessly!!!

  105. madfoot

    madfoot6 日 前

    Do whole face juvia's place makeup challenge

  106. ThisWasAMistake !

    ThisWasAMistake !6 日 前

    Everyone shut up about James Charles and Tati and donate to this gurl, god bless you like damn 😔❤️

  107. Amy Rossouw

    Amy Rossouw6 日 前

    What foundation shade are you in the juvias?

  108. Amal Farouk

    Amal Farouk7 日 前

    Huda beauty faux fillter is shaking

  109. Mariam Machaeva

    Mariam Machaeva7 日 前

    Why is you face red?