The Netflix Series That Was Also Scary for Adult James


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    It’s not scary I’m 12 and watched it and I wasn’t scared

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    Héy jámës hãvè yöû sèéñ thîs vïdêó

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    Damn I hope they don’t take your feedback on world building moments or characterization moments like the one at the beginning of episode 2. These moments where the world is just allowed to breath is part of what makes this series great.

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    The first time I saw the dark crystal on Netflix I though of TheOdd1sOut

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    Danplan is drama Stephen left

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    Hello TheOdd1sOut :v

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    That voice James used to describe the scene where the unknown character gets ready for his day, that low and slow voice. I WANT MORE OF THAT!

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    Hey James did you know they just made a dark crystal video game!

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    I am watching the last episode rn, ty for telling me abt this 💫💜💜

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    JAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEEES nintendo is making a dark cristal game pls make a video or something

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    i dont want one video in one year i want more videos maybe with a down quality but more maybe with adam and jaiden i love the videos when u and ur friends draw

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    Hey james there is coming a game for nintendo switch game about the dark crystal age of recistance

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    Nintendo Switch Dark Crystal game is releasing.

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    Hey James did you know that Nintento is making a game about it

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    Hey james the dark kristal game trailer just released

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    Hey james did you know they’re making a dark crystal video game

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    Omg there is a dark crystal game coming out

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    Who's here after the game trailer and waiting for a part 3

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    Dr. sonic240 yt I know I am

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    Hey James didn’t you know that Nintendo is making a dark crystal game it’s real go to Nintendo channel it’s real I tell you it’s real!

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    why did you choose the name theOdd1sOut

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    Where did James go?

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    Just landed in Arizona pretty depressing

  28. likepiee

    likepiee17 時間 前

    Just landed in Arizona pretty depressing

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    Я РУССКИЙ!!!😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

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    I want to die

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    Hey can u sub to me plz... I have 6subs

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    Hey James really like you video I literally watch all your videos like over 50 time and still love it❤️. I have an idea! Can you make a story about all the injuries you got and how you got it?

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    Make a merch that says soubway

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    I'am look season 1 and this birifol xd i'am latin american :)

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    try to shoot a video in Russian

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    The show on Netflix I like so far. Also love your vids

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    Hey I'am brasilian and like your video

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    Should james make an asmr channel?

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    James "and some of the names are made up" me "aren't all names and words made up"

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    Hey when will you make another plushie of you

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    R u a furry? °^°

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    Thank you for inspirate saiko Moldulra

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    Oh, so you like practical effects too? John Carpenter’s The Thing: *rises from the ground*

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    Its pretty long my comment

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    James honestly honestly there's a lot of animators and things I want to talk about one thing a lot of them a lot of people a lot of people a lot of parents are hate JPreporterrs they will respect my raw and even some parents go as far as literally as literally likes as blind dream I was like I don't really going to quit making a video of themselves being like I hate this guy he deserves to die anymore that I'm at I meant to say all of that but I am just I'm just I'm just confused like and it is just a fair James you have been around for 3 years or 5 I can remember sorry but if parents are actually realize you look o copper combined with the combined with Demonte station combined with ADD combined with ad running out of resources pretty good but there's one thing that JPreporterrs have behind your pocket sponsors sponsors are 50/50 in each World companies are based in the lot of companies are sponsors for meteors are getting sponsors from JPreporterrs in honestly honestly only had conflicts were struggling and the companies that do new were sponsoring them respond to me and be like in there and then they were telling them be like hey hey just hate just recommend our products in and what we do MN Speaker mrbeast gets along with products I mean a lot and I'm super glad that this whole complex only does it don't listen to get rid of a lot of the inappropriate videos are still going to make videos that are there not for kid because Cuppa can give King can give to what the Copper king kitten can take a middle finger to the face because honestly honestly just enough JPreporterr seriously PewDiePie made his own app so if people don't know all this and then he'll make his own JPreporter you want to get on JPreporter so everybody can go there and stomach content for his own for all his friends and every single JPreporterr copper McCabe if hey if you been on JPreporter for every Band JPreporter they're still there is still going to do this there is still like there is still not PewDiePie news on app so you could practically make JPreporter again but different so just respect to disrespect the JPreporterrs that could make

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    hello james first of all I want to say that I adore your videos, man you are amazing and I can ask you a question ... thanks, you have never thought to make a series with Jaidens animations and SomethingElseYT, a kind of multiverse, I ask for curiosity nothing more

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    He hasnt been posting for 1 month Now what happened...?

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    Hello odd ones out I think you’re the best JPreporterr in the world 😃😄😁

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    I find it adorable that he hasn't directly said hes a furry or anything yet from what I'm aware of, but he hints at it and makes it obvious to completely avoid anything crazy. It works, I did the same and its perfect

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    Are you furry? If you are That’s ok with me :3 :D


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    At the end of the video Odd1sout:I’m finally finish Me:did he actually said that hmmm 🤔

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    Make a video about the dark crystal series on Netflix

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