The Museum of Death Part 2 - Escape the Night S4 (Ep 2)


  1. Liz Linayo

    Liz Linayo7 時間 前

    And Gabbie

  2. Alexandra Rita

    Alexandra Rita日 前

    Gabby look like she’s singing *sO wHat If I’m thE MONSTERRRRRRRRRRRRRR* in the thumbnail (I also like that some of the most problematic people are in the thumbnail lmao)

  3. It called food !!!

    It called food !!!日 前

    What’s up with all these supernatural people and their love of puzzles man😂

  4. lavender_bee honey

    lavender_bee honey日 前

    Whoever did the intro good job and I Shook😭🤧

  5. Miss Cookie

    Miss Cookie2 日 前

    “And all of the sudden a beef jerkey man starts chasing us around” ICONIC



    Knowing that Rosanna and Justine are close friends they didnt even have much interactions

  7. Cyber Lyn

    Cyber Lyn3 日 前

    “Oh woah look at thAaAat”

  8. alonso ochoa000

    alonso ochoa0004 日 前

    can yall plz make a season with the society againt evil an all the people that escaped the night from all seasons

  9. Arsolo Plays

    Arsolo Plays4 日 前

    mummy mummy come to life count to 3 then come alive 1..2...3 come to life, nevermind

  10. Mirab Imran

    Mirab Imran5 日 前

    did anybody see the like and dislike button under the video


    HECTOR E. ROJAS6 日 前

    Um..... Joey, Hun, Did you just vote for your "friend" Justine to go into the death challenge after Justine died and "Wait guys, you can't do this to her, she's my friend"? Wow Joey wow. Justine should not have died this early RIP The Adventurer

  12. Quan Ngu

    Quan Ngu6 日 前

    Where’s Lauren???

  13. Harmony Green

    Harmony Green6 日 前

    Please get him on netflix with this and let it go on forever

  14. Guilo Phang

    Guilo Phang6 日 前

    I watch this 5billioooon time

  15. Alishoe minhoe

    Alishoe minhoe6 日 前

    4:28 I have the same exact rug at home, it's from ikea😂

  16. Hong Nguyen

    Hong Nguyen7 日 前

    Who’s watching this and ACTUALLY know and study egyptian mythology

  17. mikey

    mikey7 日 前

    ngl i watched this just for bretman.

  18. keke Roblox 4l nickeisha Francis

    keke Roblox 4l nickeisha Francis7 日 前

    You , re so load

  19. Sean's gaming channel

    Sean's gaming channel8 日 前

    15:0 "what if im the monster"

  20. Piper Updates

    Piper Updates8 日 前

    Beef golden guy: *chase Joey and his friend* Me: wtf could you see all that sh*t

  21. NotSoSirius

    NotSoSirius9 日 前

    Oof Justine didn’t even get to prove herself

  22. - lilii .

    - lilii .9 日 前

    Am I the only one who feels season three was just amazing, I loved the concept of a mission in the 70's. All the deaths gave me chills, especially Colleens. I'm so excited for season 5, each season gets better, and joey never disappoints.

  23. Esai 650

    Esai 65010 日 前

    When Tim said Tana found “The super big and obvious Onk” I am immediately like so why didn’t you find it if it was so big and obvious 😂

  24. Tabassum Jemi

    Tabassum Jemi10 日 前

    Why Justine always die's so early? Even in the 1st season she was in, she died so early😭😭

  25. natali bediashvili

    natali bediashvili11 日 前

    I love Justine

  26. Sofia Herbert.

    Sofia Herbert.11 日 前

    Timmy saidwhere we going mortimer he says it as if he’s his tour guide

  27. Gd Dna

    Gd Dna11 日 前

    Lmfao gabbie said the name of her song what if I'm the MONSTER

  28. x-x

    x-x11 日 前


  29. Lillia Mwagiru

    Lillia Mwagiru11 日 前

    Aren't Egyptians black?

  30. Trishla Singh

    Trishla Singh12 日 前

    ngl but I started watching escape the night because of bretman

  31. john reyes

    john reyes13 日 前

    can destorm literally shut up he's so full of himself 📜📄📰📬📰📰📰

  32. Nugget Queen

    Nugget Queen13 日 前

    Everyone voting: i hottest the strongest people alive! Destorm: ima got for Ro to ruffle some feathers Me: TeAaAa

  33. jarryd world

    jarryd world13 日 前

    You know they could have just took the keys case smash it on the ground and boom they got the key and no one dies.

  34. ManGotAGun

    ManGotAGun13 日 前

    Justine: I eat and I speak. I have no idea what that could possibly be.

  35. Sandro roslinda

    Sandro roslinda14 日 前

    I love escape the night

  36. Theodore Stonechild

    Theodore Stonechild20 時間 前

    Me too I can't believe they made it for free 😭😊

  37. Sandro roslinda

    Sandro roslinda14 日 前

    Oooooooo beef jerky

  38. Maddie Lee

    Maddie Lee14 日 前

    RO why RO whyyyyty

  39. Elliot Nicknamed

    Elliot Nicknamed15 日 前


  40. Ryder Mason

    Ryder Mason16 日 前

    Gabbie said that she was never wrong but she said that tana wouldn’t come back and she did

  41. Finger licking Good

    Finger licking Good17 日 前

    11:55 when destorm said”that’s how you did it THATS HOW YOU DO IT” and Bretman screamed XD💀

  42. cooldude 61

    cooldude 6117 日 前

    Who do u think will be in s5

  43. {Rhiannah Andrade}

    {Rhiannah Andrade}17 日 前

    I'm addicted to escape the night

  44. Ashlie Redd

    Ashlie Redd17 日 前

    26:46 lol

  45. the pasgetti nugget club - roblox

    the pasgetti nugget club - roblox18 日 前

    We love when tana mean mugs the mummy 😂

  46. Nyah Moua

    Nyah Moua18 日 前

    I was like “but couldnt tana tell the mummy to kill Mortimer”

  47. Galaxy Gamer

    Galaxy Gamer18 日 前

    Omg at 12:57 when the light blinked once the captions siad that liza was saying yes idk if its a glitch or that was a SeCrEt

  48. Jonathan playz rObLoX OOF

    Jonathan playz rObLoX OOF19 日 前

    3:51 was funny to me

  49. Jenalyn Tanchongco

    Jenalyn Tanchongco20 日 前

    16:30 when you sleep while smiling lol

  50. Conan Gray lover

    Conan Gray lover20 日 前


  51. Anthony Johnson

    Anthony Johnson20 日 前

    Gabbie has no chill lol she was like “for sure but we loved having you here” lol 😂




  53. josephine economy

    josephine economy21 日 前

    6:58 did anyone here the tiny stroke joy had

  54. Jake Daniel

    Jake Daniel21 日 前

    Isn’t the song right at the end of season 4 ep 2 Lana de Rey Video games but reimagined.

  55. Arvindh G.

    Arvindh G.21 日 前

    15:10 Gabi: "What if I'm the monster?" Me: wHat iF iM tHe mOnSsSsttTeeeR!??!?

  56. Madison Piche

    Madison Piche22 日 前

    Give this comment a like if you are subscribed to Joey's channel

  57. Red Earaser

    Red Earaser22 日 前

    Save Justine and Ro next season please

  58. YellowBlox

    YellowBlox23 日 前

    Stay At Home Bish!

  59. Chloe Masri

    Chloe Masri23 日 前

    Istg I want JC to come back tho :(

  60. JXXPH

    JXXPH24 日 前


  61. JD Macias

    JD Macias24 日 前

    Joey hinted who died this episode in Justine’s Rice Krispie Pyramid video! 😂

  62. HiMyNameIsKristin

    HiMyNameIsKristin24 日 前

    Does anyone else love the collectors accent?????? Like I think it adds so much depth to the character and kinda sets her apart from past villains as the worst one yet

  63. TessaCake

    TessaCake24 日 前


  64. Gamer Boi

    Gamer Boi25 日 前

    Tana voice crack during the death challenge

  65. MAC D

    MAC D25 日 前

    Add miranda sings in a season 5

  66. Bøbą Ängęl

    Bøbą Ängęl25 日 前

    Bretman was just so funny and made the series better

  67. RITO

    RITO26 日 前

    Will there ever be a time were no one dies

  68. Tahkeyah Teng

    Tahkeyah Teng26 日 前

    Gabbie: What if I’m the monster Me: immediately thinks about her song, Monster

  69. Nutsa Gvelesiani

    Nutsa Gvelesiani26 日 前

    i died when the collector said finding the keys wont be izi (easy)

  70. Ako Brooklyn

    Ako Brooklyn26 日 前

    no one: Bretman: he needs lotion me : faints in laughter

  71. Germino, Alwena

    Germino, Alwena26 日 前

    Rosanna going, "Boop, boop, boop, boop. I'm following them, I'm following them" We love that cinnamon roll😊😊

  72. Germino, Alwena

    Germino, Alwena26 日 前

    I love, love, LOVE their sarcasm, like I love the attitude you go gurl😉

  73. sunflower

    sunflower27 日 前

    that moment when it's you're 5th time watching escape the night

  74. midnitef0x2oo3

    midnitef0x2oo327 日 前

    And Liza?

  75. midnitef0x2oo3

    midnitef0x2oo327 日 前

    Wait.. What about roi? (Guava) what happened to him? He died in s 3. And he isnt bavk in here..

  76. midnitef0x2oo3

    midnitef0x2oo327 日 前

    Daystorm changed.

  77. chimmy :3

    chimmy :328 日 前

    Me saying I remember seeing the door outside Ro:I remember seeing the door outside

  78. Moonx Sky

    Moonx Sky28 日 前


  79. Layla Adli

    Layla Adli28 日 前

    tana do done be doing nothing

  80. Jennifer T

    Jennifer T29 日 前

    when gabbie said so what if im the monster she should have said so what if im the monstaaaaaah

  81. Jennifer T

    Jennifer T29 日 前

    in one of the captions when colleen said are u insane it came up as tana and when justine said whats this the caption came up as liza

  82. Peyton Marie

    Peyton Marieヶ月 前

    When they were placing the urns I turned on closed captioning and it called Colleen Liza! What?!?!

  83. nana oop-

    nana oop-ヶ月 前

    This should be on netflix 😬😬😬

  84. Emma

    Emmaヶ月 前

    15:10 Gabbie Low key promoting her song (monster)

  85. One Chance Gaming

    One Chance Gamingヶ月 前

    Joey looks like Harry Potter this season lol

  86. Vivian Scelsa

    Vivian Scelsaヶ月 前

    When will Liza be in the show again

  87. Aaron Koplovich

    Aaron Koplovichヶ月 前

    Bretmen”he needs some lotion” lmao

  88. FaZeBlu Blah

    FaZeBlu Blahヶ月 前

    2020 anyone?😏

  89. Ha Thu

    Ha Thuヶ月 前


  90. Vanessa Erass

    Vanessa Erassヶ月 前

    NO the girl doied hahhhhhahahahha bitvh

  91. Maddi Pinky

    Maddi Pinkyヶ月 前

    the next season should be based on the 7 deadly sins

  92. Wow 2

    Wow 2ヶ月 前


  93. Mei Hatsume

    Mei Hatsumeヶ月 前

    Okay but the intros just get cooler and cooler



    dude i miss matpat..

  95. Zack Playz Undertale 2

    Zack Playz Undertale 2ヶ月 前

    Such a good show

  96. • Çhärlï •

    • Çhärlï •ヶ月 前

    Ro:poop poop im following them im following them 3 Secs later Bretman:i was like "alex draw me one of your french girls" Meanwhile... Mah mind:Titanic~

  97. GamerGirl Princess

    GamerGirl Princessヶ月 前

    Honestly, Justine wouldve won had there been another top piece of the pyramid. There was only one

  98. Smøkyqvarts

    Smøkyqvartsヶ月 前

    Lol where Lele-

  99. Luna Haleraven

    Luna Haleravenヶ月 前

    "So, what do we do go back and talk to him?" Everyone Ever: HELL NO!!!!! Me: ....why not? Just gotta know the right safeword.

  100. Adhyeta Sharma

    Adhyeta Sharmaヶ月 前

    Where's the twerk dier I just realized now.

  101. Adhyeta Sharma

    Adhyeta Sharmaヶ月 前