The Most Ridiculous Moments On Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Silveryear

    Silveryear3 分 前

    “What’s your mood?” “Gordon Ramsay

  2. BobaTae

    BobaTae19 分 前

    *F u c k i n g p i g e o n*

  3. Ben Ward

    Ben Ward2 時間 前

    I get the manager messed up in buying the products and the lobster was mouldy but the chefs should also notice if they cooked a mouldy lobster

  4. Deluxta

    Deluxta2 時間 前

    I fking love Ramsay.

  5. Yariee Moore

    Yariee Moore3 時間 前

    Lol do they have to add the sound effects when he moves the food 😂

  6. gigabyte studios

    gigabyte studios3 時間 前

    Exactly I'm an Aussie from Melbourne (I'm the eshay type) and I can confirm that if anything like that got served down here I would take out my shank and fucking stab the cunt who served it in the head. Meat pies do not be like that.

  7. tarael86

    tarael863 時間 前

    The guy who got sick eating the lobster reminds me of Colin Mochrie from Whose Line Is It Anyway

  8. Rayan Iban Saif

    Rayan Iban Saif3 時間 前

    This is A waste Of ChICkENN

  9. Rocker12 abfan1

    Rocker12 abfan14 時間 前

    Glad Gordon never came to my the place I worked, I would’ve lost my job

  10. Crazy Critter

    Crazy Critter4 時間 前

    5:26 what the fuck is on his face?

  11. e w

    e w4 時間 前

    DELIVERY GUY: how much of this meat do you want? CHEF: yes

  12. Niggward Tentacles

    Niggward Tentacles5 時間 前

    9:18 '' Fuck off fly " What I said at that moment

  13. Pedro

    Pedro5 時間 前

    That last guy!!! hahahah PLEASE if you live in that area, go to that place and just fuck with the considering an international flight just to ruin this guys whole week.

  14. Zander Armstrong

    Zander Armstrong6 時間 前

    How dare they offend the Australian pie I such a way

  15. Brandon Gardiner

    Brandon Gardiner7 時間 前

    13:24 "the guy had some lobster, and hes having a reaction to it" they paramedics, fucking tell them you served him decomposing lobster you dumb fuck

  16. Indiana Valle

    Indiana Valle7 時間 前

    that attempt of the Australia meat pie just let down the whole country. The meat isn’t even right.

  17. Scarlett’s Skool

    Scarlett’s Skool7 時間 前

    That meat pie is an abomination, four twenty is the way to go.👍🤣

  18. Maya Mayer

    Maya Mayer9 時間 前

    Gordon: sees dead mouse Also Gordon: licks mouse „it needs more salt“

  19. Chance Cruise

    Chance Cruise9 時間 前

    He taps the crab legs together like there not gonna be hard.they would be hard even if there not frozen

  20. unicorn power

    unicorn power10 時間 前

    Customer: *gets sick* Call an ambulance School nurses: GET THE ICE PACK

  21. Haruka Nanase

    Haruka Nanase10 時間 前

    Sometimes I feel like Gordon ramsay and simon Cowell are brothers

  22. Jojo Luciano

    Jojo Luciano11 時間 前

    So fake and staged 😔

  23. Drfate 786

    Drfate 78612 時間 前

    Chefs need to taste the food they serve, especially if it gets returned. Gordon Ramsay for example had always done that, if a dish was returned he tasted it to try and figure out why.


    DJCRAZY12 時間 前

    that meat pie is a disgrace to Australia

  25. Travis Bishop

    Travis Bishop12 時間 前

    Black folk a trip, "the mouse you planted" bitch, are you for real? foh.

  26. Loloma Alisha

    Loloma Alisha12 時間 前

    “Fkn pigeon” I’m ded 🤣🤣🤣💀

  27. Ally Bby Gorl

    Ally Bby Gorl12 時間 前

    This is how many times Gordon tried to put that cowboy burger in his mouth 👇🏼

  28. Fkzc

    Fkzc13 時間 前

    I live in Australia and the pie don’t look like that shit

  29. Manley, Gregory

    Manley, Gregory13 時間 前

    13:57 got me hard ngl

  30. Paris Perez

    Paris Perez14 時間 前

    “god bless america........ foq off fly” lmfaoooo mood

  31. Josh _ 925

    Josh _ 92514 時間 前

    What is that ?... A f..kin pigeon 🤣🤣

  32. Axcernity

    Axcernity14 時間 前

    Where us that last restuarant located i want to go there and talk trash about there food

  33. BlackHawkGamer

    BlackHawkGamer14 時間 前

    Top 3 words of Gordon Ramsay: 3. Bland 2. Dry 1. Dreadful

  34. Alexander Moss

    Alexander Moss14 時間 前

    9:36 Anyone else notice the ko from street fighter?

  35. TheMarkstabatorDownUnder

    TheMarkstabatorDownUnder14 時間 前

    Honestly though; he probably did plant the mouse. Or at least production did. The mouse just happens to be next to the front door, when they're open, and no one sees it until Gordon does? That's suss af. The GM and other staff all repeated the same story of having the exterminators in every month for prevention (which isn't uncommon in the restaurant industry since there's food EVERYWHERE), and even the guy who said he had seen a mouse said that was over a year ago. Reckon Gordon was definitely lying about the mouse. His attitude changed when he got called out for it completely. Definitely lied for production value imo.

  36. PianoGamer47

    PianoGamer4714 時間 前

    8:26 😂

  37. Light Bulb Dealer

    Light Bulb Dealer15 時間 前

    Baby Gordon: F-f-f Gordon parents: hes gona say his first word Fly: exists Baby Gordon: fuck off fly

  38. Jamie Brown

    Jamie Brown15 時間 前

    No body: Literally no one: Not a single soul: Gordon R: "Fuck off fly" LMFAOOO!!💀😂😂🤣🤣

  39. Michael Cams2017

    Michael Cams201716 時間 前

    10:57 he’s wanking it

  40. Melissa 831

    Melissa 83116 時間 前

    Respect to the chef at 5:28 who apparently is the only one who can tell the truth

  41. Gabriel Salyer

    Gabriel Salyer16 時間 前

    At 4:43 why she hang that phone up like she made a deal or sold a 8th or some lmfao.

  42. Charlie Hyde

    Charlie Hyde16 時間 前

    That wasn’t a proper beef pie


    ZA WARUDO16 時間 前

    The "meat pie" in the video is a fucking disgrace to REAL meat pie

  44. Bunz

    Bunz16 時間 前

    what ep was that last scene?

  45. Jaimie Bowers

    Jaimie Bowers17 時間 前

    If I ever start a restaurant I’ll be terrified to where I’ll try my best to meet Gordon’s standards

  46. Jaimie Bowers

    Jaimie Bowers17 時間 前

    I actually feel bad for the man that got sick because of the crappy lobster, how can one be so negative with the stock you purchase

  47. redbull456ful

    redbull456ful17 時間 前

    I love that gordon realizes that if the food is bad it's not the waiters or waitresses faults.

  48. Jaimie Bowers

    Jaimie Bowers17 時間 前

    “Do you have it on camera” he says as the camera is looking at him, he’s aware of that camera he is in Denial that a mouse was at the front door🤣 It’s actually hilarious 😂😂

  49. Isaiah Walls

    Isaiah Walls17 時間 前

    I swear Chef Ramsay has the biggest balls ever

  50. LiaStone

    LiaStone17 時間 前

    Which season and episode was that mouse one??? 🐭🐭🐭

  51. Jaimie Bowers

    Jaimie Bowers17 時間 前

    How can people run their establishments in such a poor way.

  52. Jose Arredondo

    Jose Arredondo17 時間 前

    Wich season and episode is the one with the mouse. 😂🤣😄I got to see that one

  53. Nitro Zeus

    Nitro Zeus18 時間 前

    9:25 fuck off flye lmao

  54. micaela sampaio

    micaela sampaio18 時間 前

    Ele ainda é fosse o chef Jackin já ia dizer: "você é a vergonha da profission"

  55. Jenna Molina

    Jenna Molina18 時間 前

    any time I feel like a stupid piece of garbage, these videos always remind me I'm doing okay in the grand scheme of things.

  56. Shadore

    Shadore18 時間 前

    2:23 ouch

  57. ItsTheXanimal Blazing

    ItsTheXanimal Blazing20 時間 前

    Which episode is the second one with the mouse?

  58. Mariah Axtell

    Mariah Axtell20 時間 前

    When the girl said that the tips she earns goes to the owner I got SUPER upset. Like what kind of bastard takes away his employees' tips and gives them to himself???

  59. -ChangkyunsSunshineSmile -

    -ChangkyunsSunshineSmile -21 時間 前

    This makes me never want to eat anywhere ever again

  60. Kiàn Siaf

    Kiàn Siaf21 時間 前

    How can you all lie so blatantly, on camera???