The Most Ridiculous Moments On Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Amber Accola

    Amber Accola31 分 前

    One thing Amy has right It *is* ridiculous Her behavior I mean

  2. eggy binks

    eggy binks時間 前

    1:29 I swear he's laughing when he covers his face. I wonder if he dropped the lobster in there by accident

  3. Noah Aleman

    Noah Aleman3 時間 前

    9:17 god bless America

  4. Nova Lynn

    Nova Lynn3 時間 前

    I love how there apparently is a camera right there when that one chef talks about how they need to be honest about the mice but then after that they try to blame Gordon. Like did you not notice you were being recorded and also are wearing a freaking mic?

  5. Eliseo Guadarrama

    Eliseo Guadarrama3 時間 前

    The mouse died from the food XD

  6. QuirkeyNetworK

    QuirkeyNetworK4 時間 前

    1:18 even the pigeon is insulting the food lmao 😂😂😂

  7. Renny

    Renny4 時間 前

    Everytime he just pours the meat juice out of the boxes makes me wanna puke

  8. Blu Girl

    Blu Girl5 時間 前

    Waiter:I’m so sorry Gordon: it’s not your fault Me:make this man the pope

  9. fqntqstic lcgcnd

    fqntqstic lcgcnd6 時間 前


  10. CupcakeVe

    CupcakeVe9 時間 前

    Now do you believe that he is telling the truth ? A mouse in front of the door and you cannot believe it

  11. Tabitha

    Tabitha9 時間 前

    I felt so bad for Alan ☹️

  12. jakuli jukuli

    jakuli jukuli10 時間 前

    Gordon: theres a mouse! Them: no

  13. LionMaster88

    LionMaster8810 時間 前

    8:43 - 9:22 is my favorite part.

  14. Alex Ockenden

    Alex Ockenden15 時間 前

    As an Australian , yeah we like meat pies from the local bakery, a decent one for $4. Not that wank on a plate. We don't go to a RESTAURANT for one either xD

  15. OkayEra MSP

    OkayEra MSP18 時間 前

    fuck off *fly*

  16. Ceaire Jones

    Ceaire Jones18 時間 前

    Ctfu reading comments how y'all take a man comment out of contact someone said dude was talking about a different mouse and like dude who comment mouse all the damn same it's disgusting and they are lazy ass workers you seen it but left it there

  17. Kyla Doloroso

    Kyla Doloroso19 時間 前

    *Gordon makes the Porkchop stand and starts naming the states in it* "God Bless America... Fuck off fly" I CAN'T 😂😂

  18. Daft 909

    Daft 90919 時間 前


  19. Kai Rose

    Kai Rose20 時間 前

    It’s ratatouille for real except the rat died ☠️

  20. DancinPigeons

    DancinPigeons21 時間 前

    That's not an Australian meat pie

  21. The mighty Duck

    The mighty Duck21 時間 前

    If you touch ai fucken

  22. Kresh

    Kresh21 時間 前

    10:12 joe mama

  23. galaxy boi

    galaxy boi21 時間 前

    Bruh that just me or Alan from 7:40 sound like Trump :/

  24. Unknown Immortal

    Unknown Immortal21 時間 前

    Whenever You see Gordon putting down his fork,knife,or spoon and laugh you know something is wrong

  25. Sam Flemming

    Sam Flemming21 時間 前

    I honestly believe that the people from Burger Kitchen (minus the chef, the son, and his wife) are slightly worse than the owners of Amy's Baking Company.

  26. C2.CaitoMXD

    C2.CaitoMXD22 時間 前

    Fucking pigeons

  27. -ˏˋmxddyˊˎ-

    -ˏˋmxddyˊˎ-23 時間 前

    That fact that they sit there and bullshit a professional chef just baffles me-

  28. Sarah Bagsby

    Sarah Bagsby日 前

    Stands up pork chop and gives lesson in geography 🤦😄😄

  29. Ronin1628

    Ronin1628日 前

    Use some common sense. The exterminator lays down poison to kill vermin. The mouse gets sick and dies. The mouse did not want to die, nor did he choose where to die. Again, use some common sense... the one worker said there were mice all over the place - infested!

  30. Kastellan

    Kastellan日 前

    the last 2 shook me to the core.

  31. k h

    k h日 前

    I just wanna give some respect to the one employee who stopped and said “how tf is he supposed to help us if you’re all gonna keep bulshittin him” !!! Because that whole rest. was a fucking joke

  32. 刻詩옛각시

    刻詩옛각시日 前

    언어는 못 알아 들어도 빡친건 알겠다

  33. ComicWriter 2020

    ComicWriter 2020日 前

    The McDonald’s I work at is cleaner then these kitchens

  34. Haytham Omar

    Haytham Omar日 前

    That mother fu*ker pay for those workers to end up making deals for owners, he absolutely behind all those fucking troubles in every single restaurant there's is always someone working in those restaurants stand with him...

  35. Billy

    Billy日 前

    Where’s the front door in you mind !!! hahahahaha

  36. Juan Rivera

    Juan Rivera日 前

    I would of knocked the last dude out.

  37. Yogi Demis

    Yogi Demis日 前

    Waitress, anything else I can get for you. Ramsey, a Wheel for that Bike so that way can get the fuck out of this place!

  38. Matthew Behling

    Matthew Behling日 前

    That old man in the last one, needs to get his ass kicked

  39. Erick The Red

    Erick The Red日 前

    You wan to fuck wit me, I will fuck wit you

  40. Jason Barry

    Jason Barry日 前

    The best for last, the legend amys baking company....whatta dumb bitch.

  41. Lianna Melody

    Lianna Melody日 前

    I've heard of Roches rats But a fucking pigion

  42. Andrew Knock

    Andrew Knock日 前

    The pigeon is clearly the mascot

  43. Stranger Guy

    Stranger Guy日 前

    Nobody: Gordon Ramsey: *"Fuck off fly"*

  44. T W

    T W日 前

    "the smell is horrific" - proceeds to pour chicken liquid on the floor for no apparent reason. What a prick

  45. person lastname

    person lastname日 前

    I would pay to stand next to a Gordon Ramsay freak out (uninvolved of course)

  46. john resmus

    john resmus日 前

    me: oh, that looks nice. Gordon: that's gross. me: that's gross.

  47. Park Justin

    Park Justin日 前

    where is the front door in ur mind? HAHAHAHAHA

  48. Brenden Montgomery

    Brenden Montgomery日 前

    All Sammy needs is a real ass street nigga to walk in and beat the fuck out of him when he gets crazy; he’ll learn 😂

  49. Park Justin

    Park Justin日 前

    never going to any restaurant ever.

  50. Hamadanners

    Hamadanners日 前

    5:40 very very sad theyll ignore it and blame others for their mistakes.

  51. Elaine Everhart

    Elaine Everhart日 前

    So many hungry people and this is left to

  52. dino nugget

    dino nugget日 前

    13:58 “Dont fuck with me” Big Sean : “I DONT FUCK WITH YOUUUU”

  53. Christopher Cavazzi

    Christopher Cavazzi日 前

    I'm sorry that is not a fucking Aussie meat pie 🤬.... Boiled beef in undercooked pastry



    I really want him to get some gloves

  55. aRELLA

    aRELLA日 前

    I hope the owner paid for the ambulance

  56. TaterNoggin

    TaterNoggin日 前

    Can I get you anything else? Yeah a wheel for that that bike so I can get the fuck out of here!

  57. TaterNoggin

    TaterNoggin日 前

    Fuck off fly!

  58. TaterNoggin

    TaterNoggin日 前

    Legend has it Gordon is still trying to fit that burger in his mouth to this day.

  59. Duy Pham

    Duy Pham日 前

    Gordon : there’s a mouse at the entrance!! Owner : what’s a mouse?

  60. Kelly Lunar

    Kelly Lunar日 前

    Now thats what you call lobster sauce