The Most Ridiculous Moments On Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Theo Elias Skorstad Nygaard

    Theo Elias Skorstad Nygaard43 分 前

    Like i agree with ramsay but i feel so bad for the chefs even though theyre worse than me

  2. Javier Latorre

    Javier Latorre47 分 前

    The pork chop killed me

  3. Kaylee Calzada

    Kaylee Calzada59 分 前

    Gordan Ramsay: ¨EWW that´s disgusting¨ Also Gordan Ramsay: *Puts his whole hand inside and stirs it around*

  4. Get_ Lost

    Get_ Lost時間 前

    Pigeon chilling and sipping the tea probably agreeing with Gordon Ramsey, and Ramsey gonna tell the pigeon to fuck off. 😂

  5. Get_ Lost

    Get_ Lost時間 前

    8:58 I'm a 13 year old and could make a better pork chop. 😂

  6. Preston Garvey

    Preston Garvey3 時間 前

    “Fuck off fly.” One of my favorite lines.

  7. Mr.famaous awsome

    Mr.famaous awsome3 時間 前

    Why is the buger meat bigger then the buns and the etc on the top

  8. Juleliriv

    Juleliriv3 時間 前

    "God bless America. Fuck off fly."

  9. beilic 04

    beilic 043 時間 前

    9:19 "fuck off fly"

  10. Hakim Othman

    Hakim Othman4 時間 前

    where can i watch the full episode of the last one "fk you fk you"

  11. TinyFox2

    TinyFox25 時間 前

    Amy reminds me of some of my teachers

  12. Norbert Jámbor

    Norbert Jámbor5 時間 前

    Badlands Chugs would tell him "don't touch that mouse!"

  13. Māori Goku

    Māori Goku6 時間 前

    “You fuck me i fuck you” ~ Some Italian owner

  14. Frences Althea Lafiguera

    Frences Althea Lafiguera6 時間 前

    Cowboy with a small hat 🤠

  15. Alyssa Davila

    Alyssa Davila7 時間 前

    WHEN THE LADY SAID: “THIS IS- you guys, I make excellent food” AND THE MAN KINDA HALF LAUGHED HALF SCOFFED 😭 14:48

  16. Virtus

    Virtus7 時間 前

    A burger worth 39 dollars... In some countries you can eat properly for a week with 39 dollars

  17. Sander Van Hove

    Sander Van Hove7 時間 前

    Breathing, eating and drinking are 100% basic necessities for every human being and somehow many so called 'professionals' fuck it up one way or another.

  18. order 66

    order 667 時間 前

    What episode was that last one?

  19. oppa kayo

    oppa kayo8 時間 前

    lol🤣fk u fk u

  20. Adria Jenkins

    Adria Jenkins9 時間 前

    Does he not believe in gloves or something...

  21. Raoul Duke

    Raoul Duke10 時間 前

    Knowing how the media industry operates, having someone drop the mouse right there before gordon walked in is not far fetched.

  22. jokst4 _808

    jokst4 _80811 時間 前

    13:57 Gordon Ramsey’s rival

  23. Syntonic 02

    Syntonic 0213 時間 前

    If Ramsay went into a cod lobby, those kids would reconsider all of their life choices, even the ones without a mic

  24. ghost 43

    ghost 4314 時間 前

    “F*** off fly" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Marylene Hall

    Marylene Hall15 時間 前

    This man is hilarious especially when he says fuck off 😂😂 A wheel for that bike so I can get the fk outta here 😂😂

  26. Nazib Khan

    Nazib Khan15 時間 前

    Just struggling to see him eat that burger was just too funny

  27. Arlene Galvez

    Arlene Galvez15 時間 前

    10:05 What the fuck?

  28. vak animates

    vak animates15 時間 前

    Gordon still has a humanity, cus he did not slap a single person across theyr fucking face! Sorry do bad spelling))

  29. A very smart Human

    A very smart Human15 時間 前

    Scary thing is we have probably ate at these places before

  30. Big Chungus

    Big Chungus16 時間 前

    Ratatouille awakens ft. Gordon Ramsey

  31. A C

    A C16 時間 前

    We seen him like almost plant the vermin...

  32. p j s

    p j s17 時間 前

    That ‘what..?’ was very hard to hear. That man truly believed his Australian meat pie was going to smash.

  33. p j s

    p j s17 時間 前

    She really said ‘HUEH?!!’ to the camera.

  34. Mike Scarborough

    Mike Scarborough17 時間 前

    That’s some crazy shit

  35. copy_zz likes Roblox

    copy_zz likes Roblox17 時間 前

    14:38 du nu du nu F*** YOU F*** YOU Me: This person curses more than 69 and Gordon combined O_O

  36. f3Dseizures

    f3Dseizures17 時間 前

    Alan Never come back to Australia.. what a disgrace to the nation

  37. TheRealOctane

    TheRealOctane17 時間 前

    5:28 that hairline though

  38. Dawg

    Dawg17 時間 前

    I swear, that one fly is always following him.

  39. Uncles_Shotgun69

    Uncles_Shotgun6918 時間 前

    1:03 When country people go to subway stations

  40. Mr -eatzz

    Mr -eatzz18 時間 前

    That mouse 100% played dead

  41. ChanceLily

    ChanceLily18 時間 前

    13:57 that’s a fucking fight

  42. Mutar Fuqueer

    Mutar Fuqueer18 時間 前

    Old man or not, that old bastard laid hands on me, we would have a problem

  43. The communist cannable 420

    The communist cannable 42018 時間 前

    9:19 fuck off fly

  44. Alexia Bellones

    Alexia Bellones18 時間 前

    Who are the last ones? They look so desrespectfull...

  45. Ray - Ne

    Ray - Ne19 時間 前

    Gordon Ramsay: Who in the hell.... Me: PUT THE MUFFINS IN THA FREEZA

  46. Human51

    Human5120 時間 前

    He looks like my dad looking around my room in the first one

  47. Something Strange

    Something Strange20 時間 前

    The respect Mr. Ramsay has for the poor customers is wonderful. I admire this man more everyday.

  48. Laura Kelly

    Laura Kelly21 時間 前

    Nobody : Gordon : fuck off fly

  49. Cowboy Thomas

    Cowboy Thomas21 時間 前

    He really sat there and though that GORDON RAMSEY would take the time out of his day to put A MOUSE in the front door they should be ashamed

  50. ZYLLZ

    ZYLLZ21 時間 前

    Leave the best for last am I right haha

  51. ZYLLZ

    ZYLLZ22 時間 前

    $39 for that burger. Wtf better off at Maccas

  52. DutchNexus

    DutchNexus22 時間 前

    Black people lmfao rofl L000000000000L xD

  53. david guerra

    david guerra22 時間 前

    9:17 had me dying........ fuck off fly

  54. MeganGmz

    MeganGmz22 時間 前

    8:47 Gordon standing the porkchop up and just looking at it LOL

  55. I Hammer 78

    I Hammer 7822 時間 前

    That’s it, I’m never eating out again 🤢

  56. generic orange cat

    generic orange cat23 時間 前

    If someone tells your food is shit Bring them shit to wash of the taste

  57. Diego Wuvs you

    Diego Wuvs you23 時間 前

    This man is worthy to touch anything...

  58. pen pal

    pen pal23 時間 前

    That last one was a bit too much

  59. generic orange cat

    generic orange cat23 時間 前

    Meow Cat 3 block away:guys i just heard gordon calling me a donkey

  60. generic orange cat

    generic orange cat23 時間 前

    The dead mouse be like: Please don t call me a donkey

  61. generic orange cat

    generic orange cat23 時間 前

    Fucking pigeon Plot twist thats the cook

  62. John Keiser

    John Keiser23 時間 前

    I love how he pours mystery liquid on the floor always

  63. Sakujo

    Sakujo23 時間 前

    "I make great food" Random guy: "pfft"

  64. B REAL

    B REAL日 前

    Well that is y i dont like to eat in restaurant!!!! I dont kow bhind my back or bhind the sin!

  65. Jeff Wilson

    Jeff Wilson日 前

    Him trying to eat the burger was hilarious lol

  66. brazyyy emelyyy

    brazyyy emelyyy日 前

    "Fuck off fly"

  67. Ben Hart

    Ben Hart日 前

    14:50 the guys "pfff"

  68. Alex The Air Monk

    Alex The Air Monk日 前

    I'm so ashamed that one restaurant was in Pittsburgh

  69. n_mayz

    n_mayz日 前

    Restaurants that are shown on Kitchen Nightmares waste a ton of food when a lot of people don‘t even have anything to eat. That‘s just disgusting, sad and I‘m infuriated.

  70. Jorge Burrito

    Jorge Burrito日 前

    Gordon should of pulled the ratatouille joke: “ even your best chef is dead at the front door!!”

  71. ThePepperChallenger2

    ThePepperChallenger220 時間 前

    He should have said Your Sous Chef is dead at the door

  72. 守约小迷妹ღ

    守约小迷妹ღ日 前

    I love how gordan screws all the fuckers and see them get into a mess by their own mistakes lol

  73. The Awoken Couple Black Star & Silver Moon

    The Awoken Couple Black Star & Silver Moon日 前

    You know it'a bad when the fucking CHEF with a mumble is the smartest employee

  74. Chloe Annis

    Chloe Annis日 前

    I honestly dont understand how these people get licensing to open restaurants when they dont even know basic food hygiene and can't even cook properly

  75. Cool Vids

    Cool Vids日 前

    This guy is like Simon calvo

  76. Lindsay

    Lindsay日 前

    right here, seeing him go off on these chefs and the employees responsible for the recipes and food, I'm no longer shocked or think it's cruel and unnecessary for the way he goes off on the contestants in master chef, or hell''s kitchen or any of the other shows where it has adult participants. He has EVERY reason to be outraged and tear into these people because some of these things, can either be health code violations, ignorance of a customer's dietary restrictions (allergies, religious), or just plain horrible cooking which is something people are paying money for. And sure that may seem extreme but some if not many ingredients if cooked or prepared incorrectly can lead to illnesses or food poisoning. Like if you wouldn't eat this shit yourself if you had the option, why should you expect other people to want to?

  77. Mokono

    Mokono9 時間 前

    Lindsay some people don’t get it until you yell it at them

  78. Kye UK

    Kye UK日 前

    The last restaurant tho

  79. Jin He

    Jin He日 前

    After seeing this i am definitely not gonna eat at restaurants. Me: definitely must learn cooking

  80. Shubham patel

    Shubham patel日 前

    Foking pigeon - gordon ramsay

  81. Wolfblade G

    Wolfblade G日 前

    5:32 the fuck is on his face did he tape his pubes to his gead

  82. Gymnastics DIY And more

    Gymnastics DIY And more日 前

    i love how many times gordon uses the word “fuck” 😂

  83. Leclerc Martin

    Leclerc Martin日 前

    9:20 f*** off fly 😂😂🤣😂

  84. Max Walker

    Max Walker日 前

    i live in australia and i love meat pies that is not a meat pie i’m sorry to anyone who is not australian and. think we make shit food

  85. iibluey

    iibluey日 前

    9:19 f of fly.

  86. Syn- ergy

    Syn- ergy日 前

    "Fuck off fly"🤣🤣🤣

  87. Telvin Rosser

    Telvin Rosser日 前

    What episode is the last clip?

  88. Hegan

    Hegan日 前

    Why a fuckyng duking pigeon is in the my mother faker kitchen ?

  89. Juan Cagang

    Juan Cagang日 前

    After watching this, it makes want to go to mcdonalds

  90. Jose Munoz

    Jose Munoz日 前

    The last people where mentally disturbed

  91. Jose Munoz

    Jose Munoz日 前

    They ruined that vegetarian lady’s career 😂😂

  92. Princess Aurea Jaquilmac

    Princess Aurea Jaquilmac日 前

    Gordon:Godbless america..f@ck off fly

  93. DustPan

    DustPan日 前

    their reactions to the mouse was so faked it made me laugh. Especially when the girl said "a... a baby mouse? A mouse? No way"

  94. Ace Moreno

    Ace Moreno日 前

    9:37 theres a glitch right behind her head

  95. l l

    l l日 前

    Gondon: What is that? A fucking pigeon Pigeon: :(

  96. Sara Gh

    Sara Gh日 前

    That black woman(shelly)was annoying as fuck. Being sassy doesn't always work. Just accept it

  97. J Morgan

    J Morgan日 前

    That last one seems sooooo staged.

  98. J Morgan

    J Morgan日 前

    That owner that takes the tips need two to the back of the dome piece.

  99. Kathy Anderson

    Kathy Anderson日 前

    i seriously nearly vomited watching 👀

  100. J Morgan

    J Morgan日 前

    Your restaurant is balls, and the one thing you focus on is a dead mouse at the front door. Smh worthless

  101. J Morgan

    J Morgan日 前

    That black dude whining about the mouse is a worthless POS

  102. Legitskitgit

    Legitskitgit日 前

    I have learned, if a man asks "2 seconds please", *run*