The Most DISGUSTING FOOD EVER on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Rishujeet Rai

    Rishujeet Rai2 時間 前

    "He shrugged his head. I'm dead." Yup, that's Gordon Ramsay's rep.

  2. World Breaker

    World Breaker2 時間 前

    I kinda feel bad for woman. She is a cute lady.

  3. Mojjek swe

    Mojjek swe2 時間 前

    I don't care if it's bad food. If it won't kill me i will eat it.

  4. nana

    nana5 時間 前

    what I find ridiculous and funny at the same time is how the chefs are always offended and say that, chef Ramsay, a world-wide recognized chef, has no idea what he's talking about and their food is great lol

  5. CupcakeVe

    CupcakeVe9 時間 前

    Thanks Chef Ramsey for saving us from these type of restaurants.

  6. Akshay Sunil Bhadage

    Akshay Sunil Bhadage13 時間 前

    Gordon sends back canned food... Old lady: Yeah, I'm surprised Gordon: I'm shhocckked! XD XD XD

  7. Guy Incognito

    Guy Incognito16 時間 前

    _Buys meatballs_ _Microwaves meatballs_ I iz chef!

  8. Matt 2805

    Matt 280516 時間 前

    10:14 lmao

  9. Lost Keys

    Lost Keys17 時間 前

    The food is so disgusting I don't have to wait for Gordon's verdict to decide for once

  10. Shweta Gupta

    Shweta Gupta18 時間 前

    *hears the word microwaved* Cameraman: MY TIME HAS COME

  11. Humanmn

    Humanmn19 時間 前

    Waiter: He’s not liking anything... Chef: ..oops

  12. chirag Sethi

    chirag Sethi23 時間 前

    Skimmed cheese in fried ravioli almost like Rachel ordering thin crust pizza with extra cheese😅

  13. Pine Trees

    Pine Trees日 前

    We all gonna ignore the fact that they were prodding and preparing all of his food with their BARE HANDS 🤢

  14. Solaina Sjoukens

    Solaina Sjoukens日 前

    They like the twiedels of alice in wonderland 😂😂😂

  15. Hackerxx spacex

    Hackerxx spacex日 前

    7:21 The waitress looks like Davina from the show " THE ORIGINALS " , and even her voice is like Davina

  16. shrinivas swami

    shrinivas swami日 前

    Only Indian food is good

  17. AussieDong

    AussieDong日 前

    A woah a day keeps Gordon Ramsay away

  18. Nirupama J

    Nirupama J日 前

    Anybody else listened to "ninoo" At the end? 😂

  19. goodbadbill

    goodbadbill日 前

    Who the hell is that Susan @ 8:09?

  20. Dr D

    Dr D2 日 前

    Fan: *comes over* “can I get your...” Gordon: get the fuck outta here! I’m filming a fucking programme! Piss off, if you were food, then I’d send u back. Fucking scrounger”!

  21. buttplugs and mastadons 1988

    buttplugs and mastadons 19882 日 前

    How did he pull the blonde

  22. Sugar Baby

    Sugar Baby2 日 前

    Oh that fish was special alright lol

  23. ILoveMySupraa

    ILoveMySupraa2 日 前

    I'm Surprised I'm Shocked

  24. ILoveMySupraa

    ILoveMySupraa2 日 前

    3:38 - 3:42 it doesnt taste like cheese, CHEESUS


    XxBLACK MAMBAxX2 日 前

    Dumb and Dumber can't cook hahahaha or B1&B2

  26. Ashly Sherief

    Ashly Sherief2 日 前

    Fresh frozen *Out of the can*

  27. gdjicaDelRey

    gdjicaDelRey2 日 前


  28. Dogramen

    Dogramen2 日 前


  29. Lily Clarke

    Lily Clarke3 日 前

    lmao listen to the outro

  30. Cronos090693

    Cronos0906933 日 前

    i need a Gordon Ramsay soundboard at my disposal at all times with an insult for every occassion. * That, is ghastly * It's raw! * Do you have a dog? Don't feed him this! * What a pile of sh*te * f*ck me * It tastes as horrible as it looks * Jesus Christ, that's dreadful

  31. City Point

    City Point3 日 前

    Is he trying to make a filet of a Schnitzel by hammering it apart!? Gosh, please go on, avenge Nagasaki now. :P "i dont know" in a kitchen? is like shooting hail into a fully packed restaurant. How irresponsible to safety ánd that judicial dog-eat-dog situation there. Well no need to sterilize them, their food 'll do that.

  32. City Point

    City Point3 日 前

    Seeing that sandwich...makes me think: The Germans shouldve won the war....look how degenerated. Hope Nasa is better with rockets... lol glad that's a joint venture.

  33. Kevin Schwarz

    Kevin Schwarz3 日 前

    Me: ,,the dish doesnt look that bad" Ramsay: ,,Its disgusting" 😂

  34. Report Rich2u

    Report Rich2u3 日 前

    The last one should just close down. Suppose to help you? by how? saying your food is good even if it taste horrible? The waitress should get a new job.

  35. EXCOTO

    EXCOTO3 日 前

    “Chef Ramsay.... I’m surprised nobody has broke his legs yet”

  36. Potato Army

    Potato Army3 日 前


  37. Mollie Smith

    Mollie Smith3 日 前

    If I made that chicken and pasta thing my house my family would disown me

  38. Diamonds Are Forever

    Diamonds Are Forever3 日 前

    Is from Greece... Struggles to remember where from Greece he's from Honesty I doubt he has ever been to Greece



    How to make the best prawn curry!

  40. Pen' em

    Pen' em3 日 前

    Saw him splitting the bread by hands I almost puked

  41. Brian Chueng

    Brian Chueng3 日 前

    Thats blendddd

  42. Shae Murray

    Shae Murray3 日 前

    The customer at 9:16 looking to see what Gordans eating. Good call. Rather Ramsey then him.

  43. Elyne Hanie Gueriña

    Elyne Hanie Gueriña4 日 前

    "its fresh frozen" HAHAHAHA

  44. Polly Roko

    Polly Roko4 日 前

    Gordon: is that fresh? Woman: Ummh


    PALANG NAR4 日 前

    As like most of them, shity kitchen.How people eat anything garbage,and keep coming back.

  46. Mia W.

    Mia W.4 日 前

    ,,please a Little smile,, ,,please eat it,, ,,he shook his head,, ,,FUCK MY LIFE,,,

  47. Eph-Jay Music

    Eph-Jay Music4 日 前

    15:21 🤣

  48. Leah Kelly

    Leah Kelly4 日 前

    9:32. THAT IS NOT TERYIAKI SAUCE. I’m Greek and I know

  49. Pietro Tamani

    Pietro Tamani4 日 前

    Ma perchè la maggior parte sono ristoranti che cercano di copiare il cibo italiano fallendo miseramente?

  50. Gameing Corner

    Gameing Corner4 日 前

    I watch this cuz I like seeing the other chefs get angry af

  51. Ravi Sharma

    Ravi Sharma4 日 前

    Damn people call this food!! Deplorable

  52. peppa is smexy

    peppa is smexy4 日 前

    Normal people at 2am: sleeping Me at 2am: *watches gordon ramsey’s horror kitchen*

  53. Dylan Raziel

    Dylan Raziel時間 前

    who watches Gordon Ramsay at 2am?

  54. Jack Bennett

    Jack Bennett5 日 前

    The chefs remind me of the little nightmares chef guys

  55. Klaudia Ślepowrońska

    Klaudia Ślepowrońska5 日 前

    The waitress looks at the greek chef like: do I really have to tell Gordon all that shit?

  56. Klaudia Ślepowrońska

    Klaudia Ślepowrońska5 日 前

    Me next time in the restaurant: *sees small flaws in the dish* Pls can you tell the chef these words? MUSHY DREADFUL DISGUSTING. thank you darling

  57. Diamonds Are Forever

    Diamonds Are Forever3 日 前


  58. dark souls

    dark souls5 日 前

    Wife cooks for Ramsey: Gosh it tastes like shit it’s a tragedy!

  59. Tommy Hunter

    Tommy Hunter5 日 前

    Normally I don’t feel sorry for the chefs but I do feel sorry for these ones

  60. dizzefux

    dizzefux5 日 前

    That last woman is a nasty fat ignorant hore that still acts like a fucking child, taking everything to heart because she is so unstable. What a lazy cow

  61. Lauren Murphy

    Lauren Murphy5 日 前

    that first place game me weird vibes

  62. CottonGacha Wolf

    CottonGacha Wolf5 日 前

    The last part they don't seem to care what he thinks