The Most DISGUSTING FOOD EVER on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Ameenah Adam

    Ameenah Adam時間 前

    He ain't smiling , FUCK MY LIFE

  2. Asanté

    Asanté4 時間 前

    During this whole COVID thing, I CANNOT handle people preparing food with no gloves. I feel itchy just watching this

  3. Hahns Alconera

    Hahns Alconera7 時間 前

    They Are Just Not Dedicated On Getting Better And Lazy Ass People That. Espescially That Woman That Said "There Are Allot Of Starving People In The World". I Mean She Knows That, But Did She Help Or Did Anything?. She Just Said It So She Can Roast Him

  4. White Noobies

    White Noobies8 時間 前

    Gordon is not rude or mean he is just brutally honest

  5. FuxiiGuy3000 gaming

    FuxiiGuy3000 gaming8 時間 前

    Gordon: Starts tasting Owner: Pleasealittlesmilealittlesmileanythingatallpleaseeatitfuckmylife!¡

  6. g austin

    g austin10 時間 前

    Get Gordon to review their food: Managers and chefs when Gordon doesn't like something about their food: "F*ck him", "He's an absolute arsehole", "There's nothing wrong with the food, you cook it instead then"

  7. ッPewDieFan

    ッPewDieFan11 時間 前

    6:30 Yo that man is SERIOUS

  8. Srdjan Dakulovic

    Srdjan Dakulovic16 時間 前

    i like how the woman the didn't want to try her food

  9. James Helena La Una

    James Helena La Una16 時間 前

    I don't know how my brother had lost in that restaurant and how he could eat that food.I am worried about him.He has his own restaurant and he is a great cooker.

  10. Srdjan Dakulovic

    Srdjan Dakulovic16 時間 前

    damn that chicken is older than me today

  11. James Helena La Una

    James Helena La Una16 時間 前

    It's not for everyone to work everything.

  12. blazin cotton

    blazin cotton16 時間 前

    But the thing is that place actually got better after he left they started everything from scratch and then they started to make everything by buying the ingredients and making it

  13. Dijiboss

    Dijiboss16 時間 前

    People:mm this looks delicious Gordon:disgusting People:disgusting

  14. Danielle Harrison

    Danielle Harrison16 時間 前

    My parents used to own and run a garage and we had a fast food restaurant attached to it and we always had fresh ingrediants

  15. C. Voll

    C. Voll17 時間 前

    fresh frozen outa tha can...MALAKA

  16. Jan E

    Jan E20 時間 前

    Like the dudes from little nightmares

  17. Sage

    Sage日 前

    8:38 the greek waitress is fresh !!

  18. Xpro Excalibur

    Xpro Excalibur日 前

    Fresh frozen out of the can, cuts to the chef laughing at his bs

  19. koni aleamotua

    koni aleamotua日 前

    I feel sorry for the guy tho,but he had one JOB!!

  20. default sherab7

    default sherab7日 前

    ‘he can kiss my stars’ well then gordon doesn’t have to kiss anything

  21. Corn Flaek

    Corn Flaek日 前

    "He's so British he doesn't know anything about pizza" B R U H

  22. Corn Flaek

    Corn Flaek日 前

    2:29 Oh ma gawd tweedle dee and tweedle dum

  23. Corn Flaek

    Corn Flaek日 前

    Gordon needs to try Corn Flaek

  24. ShidouAST

    ShidouAST日 前

    Fresh frozen out of the can

  25. Bobby Joe

    Bobby Joe日 前

    Never say frozen to gorden Ramsay ahaha

  26. Wilfred Hebron Moses

    Wilfred Hebron Moses日 前

    Me: well that looks good Gordon Ramsay: Disgusting Me: Disgusting

  27. Flor Precioso

    Flor Precioso日 前

    Are those guys twins?

  28. Pvz2Lovers The 2nd

    Pvz2Lovers The 2nd日 前

    No shit

  29. jamie Marshall 6

    jamie Marshall 6日 前

    "Fresh-frozen" now, get ready any moron chefs who may or may not give a toss. Fresh-frozen, doesn't exist. Food is either fresh or frozen. I work in a pub and all of the food comes in fresh. Even when I did work experience, I was working at a PRIMARY SCHOOL and they had deliveries twice a week, mondays and Thursdays to be exact. It says something, when a PRIMARY SCHOOL knows what what the difference between fresh and frozen, yet RESTAURANT OWNERS AND CHEFS just put the put the word together to make sound better and convincing!!!!!! Grow up!!!!!!!

  30. Ryu !

    Ryu !日 前

    Imagine you are so hungry and sit down in a restaurant nearby and you're about to munch on some food but you just see gordon ramsay and his cameramen walk in

  31. Tara S

    Tara S日 前

    'How old is the chicken'. 'About 14, it died of old age' - should have been the correct answer to the awful twins.

  32. - 3 -

    - 3 -日 前

    My poop uhh i think its better

  33. - 3 -

    - 3 -日 前

    I just got diarrhea

  34. - 3 -

    - 3 -日 前

    The fried ravioli looks good thoo but its ruining italy porcaputtana THE GNOCCHI WHAT THEEE

  35. Bertha Lopez

    Bertha Lopez日 前

    A la Cici le trono el negocio por creerse la gran chef!!

  36. Bertha Lopez

    Bertha Lopez日 前

    Gordoon ayudame...mi restaurante está casi en la quiebra!!!! Gordon..: la comida apesta!! Yo: como te atreves!! Mis " clientes" no se quejan...!!! Gordon..cuales clientes!!???? 😂😂😂 Que estupidez pedir ayuda y luego decir que tu comida está buena... Por eso se va la gente..! Yo no regreso por 3 razones: mala comida, mal servicio, mala higiene. Prefiero pagar $$ más pero comer bien y a gusto.

  37. J3NNA

    J3NNA2 日 前

    i like how the people get mad because their food is shit

  38. PyroBoyzAPD

    PyroBoyzAPD2 日 前

    10:07 when you are eating in a restaurant and Gordon is there too

  39. el hocin

    el hocin2 日 前

    The owner really don't give a fuck 😂 😂

  40. mrsisha87

    mrsisha872 日 前

    Did they not taste all of that food before they sell? Here i know one restaurant that really good food and good price....but they closed for the reason i dont know. Before this i noted they keep changing staf...somthing about management i think. Bit really too bad you know. Food there is really all is good. Too i dont know where to eat nice carbonara or nice western or eastern food...nasi goreng ikan masin...nasi ayam penyek...😢😢😢 I'm missing it. I can't cook it the same taste. Except carbonara...thanks god. At least right.

  41. ThatDominikGuy

    ThatDominikGuy2 日 前

    I just love how nice he is to the serving staff.

  42. ellis hilton

    ellis hilton2 日 前

    i would not eat that shit ever

  43. Mikael Viklund

    Mikael Viklund2 日 前

    Well i've worked up an appetité thanks Kitchen Nightmares! :;D

  44. Matej Gocevski

    Matej Gocevski2 日 前

    I felt bad for the granny when she said: He's not liking anything 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  45. GalangxD

    GalangxD2 日 前


  46. raul yanez cortes

    raul yanez cortes2 日 前

    I just don't understand when I watch this crap. How people starving would be so happy with that food they call "disgusting". To me, calling food "disgusting" it's the disgusting part.

  47. LegendxHeart 64

    LegendxHeart 64日 前

    That's right, u don't understand everything lmao

  48. Zero .Karma

    Zero .Karma2 日 前

    I spent the whole video yelling "Please spit it out, don't swallow that, please Gordon, please don't die, just spit it out"

  49. cloudyrowdy

    cloudyrowdy2 日 前

    Me: damn that looks yummy Gordon: what the fuck disguting Me: damn thats disgusting as fuck

  50. Marcjames Whelan

    Marcjames Whelan2 日 前

    Food doesn't sound like that, sound effects in this do my head in, squelch poop ploop, fuck me

  51. Vcvb Rrory

    Vcvb Rrory2 日 前

    She says he’s British he doesn’t know anything about pizza Whilst being the knock off version off British and pizza being very Italian

  52. CaseWalker2201

    CaseWalker22012 日 前

    Owner:"Fresh frozen out of a can" *SPEECH 100*

  53. N Pelehacs

    N Pelehacs2 日 前

    I think the pizza looked really nice

  54. Dumb Bitch

    Dumb Bitch2 日 前

    The waiter looks so scared 💀💀

  55. corrupted foox

    corrupted foox2 日 前

    i feel so bad for that woman at the beginning

  56. Inspire

    Inspire2 日 前

    Omg this guy is joke

  57. mia

    mia3 日 前

    the american owners are so delusional its not even funny.. the british version is more chill and the restaurants do well

  58. Samuel Chamberlain

    Samuel Chamberlain3 日 前

    Gordon: Chef the food is frozen! Chef: The way I see it, the food if fresh frozen!

  59. Sebastian DiStefano

    Sebastian DiStefano3 日 前

    Gordan is sitting their saying the greek sampler is shit and there is a couple in the background enjoying.

  60. Student - Eva-Marie Fernandez

    Student - Eva-Marie Fernandez3 日 前


  61. Matteo

    Matteo3 日 前

    As an Italian I really can't stand that people say that they cook Italian dishes when they aren't, or they do it totally in the wrong way. Most of the dishes' names have mistakes in them.

  62. Jaedean Driedger

    Jaedean Driedger3 日 前

    14:28 “I don’t care how many stars he has, he can kiss my stars” Bruh, you have no fucking stars.

  63. Emperor Palpatine

    Emperor Palpatine4 日 前

    " fucking disgusting."

  64. MortyMcMuffin

    MortyMcMuffin4 日 前

    Me: Doesn’t look terrible, I would eat that Gordon Ramsay: Disgusting Me: Disgusting

  65. Oonga Boonga

    Oonga Boonga日 前

    Creativity in the comments people!

  66. iHeng

    iHeng2 日 前

    Very creative joke I never see this such masterpiece in my life

  67. yuotueb

    yuotueb3 日 前

    such a unique creative thought

  68. Scoot Tuch

    Scoot Tuch4 日 前

    When Gordon Eats the Meatball sandwich The DAMM Sound Is like Eating a Sh t

  69. Thái Sơn

    Thái Sơn4 日 前

    8:57 "fresh frozen out of the can"

  70. Thái Sơn

    Thái Sơn4 日 前

    0:51 is he beating the meat in the kitchen ?

  71. Dawiggliestone

    Dawiggliestone4 日 前

    "he's British he doesn't know anything about pizza" wtf is that meant to mean?

  72. Annushka Noor

    Annushka Noor4 日 前

    why is there teriyaki filet mignon at a greek restaurant...thats like 3 different countries

  73. Annushka Noor

    Annushka Noor4 日 前

    Owner: Fresh frozen! Waitress: um- Owner: Fresh frozen out of the can! Waitress: 👁👄👁

  74. Forty

    Forty4 日 前

    I love how gentle Gordo is with the servers. Must be a freaking tough gig to have to deal with shitty customers with no ability to really make any change.

  75. Buck'z Tipe Benaning

    Buck'z Tipe Benaning4 日 前

    My idol chef Ramsay is my idol☺️i hope one day he teach me lot

  76. nicolae hristu

    nicolae hristu4 日 前

    Gordon : it's MUSH ME : it doesn't look that bad..... Gordon : M U S H ME : m u s h

  77. Petar

    Petar4 日 前

    Where are you from? *uhh.. uh... uuuuuuuhhhhhh..*

  78. Orla Davis

    Orla Davis4 日 前

    chOnA NOT cHiNa

  79. Константин Георгиев

    Константин Георгиев4 日 前

    It's fresh-frozen. Fresh-frozen out of the can.

  80. Miro Emin

    Miro Emin4 日 前

    At the beginning my man literally said *oops*

  81. trev p

    trev p4 日 前

    With a lady that fat leave the stars. You wont be able to see the moon from behind her rear😂😂

  82. Lalalisa

    Lalalisa5 日 前

    I want to know what happened afterwards in the last clip

  83. Luca Zaniboni

    Luca Zaniboni5 日 前

    even if Gordon said my food was alright, I would take that at the biggest compliment of my life

  84. dubochain

    dubochain5 日 前


  85. Dumb Child Aaaa

    Dumb Child Aaaa5 日 前

    The woman at 13:08 pisses me off so much istg-

  86. Lee Stanley-Gonsalves

    Lee Stanley-Gonsalves5 日 前

    Cook:He didn’t like the pizza? Waitress:He’s not liking anything...*Walks off* Cook: Oops.